A Garden Of Visions : 2010-2016

A Garden Of Visions, is a gallery of my art from 2010- 2016. The title came to me during a lucid dream in which the subjects drifted off the canvases and hovered as three dimensional hollow phantoms joined by threads of light. Within each, a brilliant oval danced and moved about. At times ovals would leave one image, then move into another. The threads of light ran from each oval to flowers growing throughout the grassy lawn next to my studio.

I sold most of my art from this period, and though I wished to make digital copies of these works, I have as yet to locate the photographs I made of them. From 2008 to 2011, the economy was in a state of near collapse, yet I sold around 50 canvasses in that time! They were beautiful pieces, most of which I’m sorry I parted with. Many were commissioned, so I had no choice!

If I find copies of some of my works from that period, I will include them here in this gallery. This was an amazing time for me! Although I had been a slightly accomplished artist since 2001, this period clarified for me that I was on track. Following my vision was my personal anthem, and it was validated!

Shamefully, from late 2013 to 2015, I took a break from my art practice. Deep personal losses took a serious toll, and I all but abandoned my artistic dreams. During this time, I hoped to become part of the corporate world, hang with some cool people to party with, and hope I could retire nicely! Maybe then, I would paint.

You know, there is an interesting turning point in life. Once you discover who you are, and where your bliss is found, you become left with two choices : You can follow your bliss, or you can betray yourself. If self betrayal becomes your path, you are doomed to fail. When you fail, you will be confronted by two possible choices : first you can fall apart and die, or else you can re-connect with your higher self. I chose the latter, thank goodness!

In 2015, I discovered Wealthy Affiliate while pondering possible ways to make money online. The idea filled me with a great hope for success! I considered niche after niche, but all my efforts to find a driving passion failed, until I decided to return to art! I am now here with something to do and say. Every day is an accomplishment, even if all I do is expose one person to the forces that created me! Every day is creation time, and I so relish the journey!

Since joining Wealthy Affiliate, not only did I rediscover my bliss, but I’ve evolved amazingly, as well as met some very wonderful, and incredible people. The journey continues! I am faced with the challenge of taking my art to a new level. After building “The Art Of Sam Celia.com”, I am addressing the world! How this goes is all up to me, and I’m loving it!

Ok, back to my art…

Mysticism and sensuality are the building blocks of my nature. They both are revealed in my works, to the extreme! For this I make no apology. My site will probably never be rated “a family site”. This is ok with me! There will be families who can identify with what I’m presenting. They are the families I want! My site is a bit extreme, and so am I.

My art is not about selling pretty pictures to those who need something to compensate for their lack of effort into discovering personal meaning. It is not for those who would hate me for throwing something scary or challenging in their face! The people I want to reach would thank me for this. They are people with an enormous desire for self discovery, and certain of the values that they hold dear. I never ask anyone to agree with me, unless they do. Fair enough?

I am proud to show all of you the artwork I still possess from the period of 2010 until New Years, 2015. There are some great works I couldn’t part with, and some digital art  composed in the later part of this period. All are available in digital form.

This site is a work in progress, and it always will be, at least as long as I’m alive! It really isn’t just about me, and my journey, but you too, if you’re reading my words. I wish to take my journey with you. I hope we are, or can become great friends! I seek to validate the beautiful voices of the past, giving them life again. I wish that you and I can be young together, get old together, and pass together into infinite realms of newness and self discovery.

I do sell my art work here, and want to succeed at doing so, but sales are not my bottom line. This is a movement!

I want to establish connection