The Tantric Sorcerer – Sexual Practice And The Dream State

1202150558-1She rides over me, laid in the road,    curved and clothless, counter intuitive.   Fleshy moistened arcs, tires grasp.   Was it blood or money, timeless sought?   Payments for the debt? Don’t think about it.   Sensuous gold calligraphy, gently scrolled,   sounds the signal, open the road autographing mind with memory. This dust is mine, I choose it.  Arriving from the high places, climbed well.  Lower buckets into the well, pulsing below me, and into the design.        Upward and forward eruption, reaching the sky spaces faces,  tasteless words, my mind is gone.   Drizzle sumptuousness,                      BE REBORN.  Above….Contract-Inhale-Draw Down-Exhale-Relax-Inhale-Draw Up-Contract-Exhale….Below  My art relies strongly upon visions, such as are seen, heard, felt, or otherwise experienced in hypnogogic imagery, and in lucid dreams. I utilize many lucid dreaming techniques to this end. One of my favorites are tantric yoga exercises and meditations such as rishi isometrics, Moola Bandha, tantric rejuvenation exercises, Yoga Nidra, tantric massage, and a personal variation of the Middle Pillar, or Cone Of Power techniques. The importance of Kundalini awakening exercises to lucid dreaming are four fold.  1. The rigorous movements of tantric rejuvenation exercises, Rishi Isometrics, and tantric sex itself strengthen the body, increase metabolism and vibrational field, while they also allow one to relax deeply. The result is that I can fall asleep or enter a trance state remaining calm and alert.  2. These practices induce self reflection and collective awareness.  3. Meditations such as Yoga Nidra induce lucid dreams by design.  4. I am thus able to use the energy of orgasm toward my painting, and life. Moola Bandha, or root lock is fundamental to my practice for building an “energy pump” allowing me to move energy through my body at will. The Middle Pillar Exercise [of Magick practice], The Cone Of Power [Wicca], create the same result. I combine them. Key to moving energy, are the willed contraction and relaxation of the pelvic control muscles combined with inhalations and exhalations. In this way, my body becomes a vessel for the intercourse of opposites, a finding of the balance between my own Shiva and Shakti.

Dark Night Of My Sanity: 2/23/13

1202150630-1Eros caresses Thanatos. They huddle together in a cave by the sea in vicious mutual masturbation. Climaxing over and over, not able to stop until the other is done. Storm fills the world, but the sleeping town never notices. The Sun Of Morning shines without mercy on littered streets broken dreams.

Notes on the painting: Dragon sentinel keeps watch over the shore, where a trap is set to keep the viewer in the unconscious realm while transmutation takes place. The whole world transforms under the influence of a delirium that tomorrow will not clearly understand, and therefore forget.

Beyond My Back Door

beyond my back doorBeyond my back door, a torrent of activity blocked by it’s opaqueness, wakes me to sounds of the outer world. The rain keeps pouring as it has for days.                                  Tonight the drops create sound-shapes, rushing to their destination like investors at a used luxury car show. There’s such a lack of apparent meaning. My discomfort seems unfounded. Wonder if this feeling is a sign, symptom of depression? It’s still too early for sunrise, in that I find hope!