Automatic Drawing And Painting

Automatic Art is a very interesting subject to me, as it fairly well proves, or disproves the power of human consciousness to access beyond human aspects of reality. Through numerous methods, I attempted, and succeeded in feeling and being in the consciousness of a rock, a wall, a sunset.

What some would say is a premise, is that these things possess consciousness. It does not appear a premise to me, because I have done the work, and found that consciousness is really the ultimate expression of form, so realized or not, everything has it!

Anyone interested in this quest has probably tried in some way to test random subjects for consciousness, or perhaps disprove their own. Sorry if this is disappointing, but so far these tests hold few objective results. This is why: We cannot look at our own situation devoid of our own reality map! You can say, ” my consciousness is thus, because”, but can you prove you have consciousness?

Give up trying! Consciousness is form, and it’s realized according to the ruler used by the investigator.

The easiest way to access a realization of consciousness, is to investigate methods of accomplishing physical works without physical guidelines, as much as possible. Automatic art is a great vehicle for this pursuit.

Ever worked with a Ouija Board? Automatic Art is a Ouija Board in the truest sense. Discard the mumbo- jumbo, these things work because they take us beyond our egos, to a place where awareness exists without personal identity. Try em all, but don’t get stuck in what things mean for you. Just record information, and study it carefully. Awareness will not only be demonstrated, but expanded.

Automatic drawing is a great technique for making this opening. Just move a pen or pencil, or a brush, over a paper or canvas, letting impulsiveness drive direction. Avoid analyzing results, just keep going. If forms begin to appear, reinforce them with further work, but do not try to produce any form. When ego takes over, awareness gains borders. If applied at all, do so at the end stage, anchoring vision to “ectoplasm”. This is what I mean by “Freeze Frame The Free Flow, And Photograph The Vision”. This technique was inspired by “The Paranoiac Critical Method” of Salvador Dali.

I really don’t like to reference the work of other artists often, because I feel that one’s art should be their personal journey. However, should I use another artist’s techniques, I will give them credit for their discovery. Art is a science of the discovery of awareness, in the least, and attempts to create new awareness, or space. In my opinion, Dali was responsible for most of the evolution of art in, and since his time. He was a pioneer of experimental quantum physics, and non- theistic mysticism. His work expanded beyond the borders of the subconscious, to that of the Super Conscious. As is true of all great prophets, he paid the price, but[ I think that he, as well as I], believe it was worth it!

“Automatic”, and “Accidental”, is where it all starts. The value of technique is to build it from there.

 So, how is this done? Where do we begin?

I have found great success using the game- technique known as “The Exquisite Corpse”. The goal of this exercise is to create a big image composed, perhaps accidentally, of many smaller images. Traditionally this is done by folding a piece of paper so that only some surface area is visible, and on these surface areas, each person playing the game draws something. the paper is then re-folded, allowing for new bare surface areas to be drawn on. When the artists have covered all surface areas, the paper is unfolded, unveiling the “bigger picture”.

As interesting and functional as the traditional version is, technology has made it even better!  Though working with others is wonderful, sometimes working alone is preferred. In digital art, the mediator may be eliminated if so desired. Remember that the basic rule is that the artist performs their work in conscious ignorance of a big picture. It could be inferred that the social conscious aspect of the work comes now from the selected images, instead of multiple players. Creating fractals from one image can quickly create a new image, which again may be expanded.

All that will probably make a lot more sense to digital artists. There are many other art forms that could benefit from this technique, including tie dye, wabi sabi, primitive or savage art, sculpture, art-deco, political art, poetry, journalism, etc. This technique can be used effectively by one person, or many!

Collage is another great technique. This is probably one of, if not the oldest methods of sampling. The admired flexibility it holds is that not only may one create a new picture from multiple sources supposedly unrelated, but as the artist progresses in skill, the fragments of older concepts may be employed to give suggestions and nuance to a new picture! In music, rap has demonstrated this well. Anyone who disrespects this art form does so in ignorance of the fact that in ultimate reality, everything has already been done. Recombinations are what make the individual. This is even true in genetics, so why should it be disrespected in art?

New forms may be created from pre-existing subjects. For example, a male model, thin and muscular, could be transformed into a voluptuous woman, either by digital means, or traditional painting. The point is that creativity and technique can eliminate the need for specific images, but only as much as the artist is able to visualize. Give me some chicken bones, a lizard skull, and I will give you a dinosaur! Everything is relative, but creative consciousness chooses the relativity.

I would now love to address the value of floating mediums. Have you ever seen smoke rings form amazing images? Have water damaged tiles ever demonstrated themselves as something way more profound, and of amazing beauty or ugliness? There are ways to utilize these things in art, and they should be, but floating mediums are a practical guarantee of success for artists who delve into such territory.

The first floating mediums were made from substances such as egg whites, oil and water, mucus and other viscous materials. The point was, and is, to divide the way colors are spread. Furthermore, the best of them hold the pigment above the canvas, giving depth. By spreading paint over a floating medium, numerous images develop, and the artist remains in control to perceive, and decide which images are seen, and how.

For ages, artists have achieved great results by painting on wet clays, oiled substrates, etc. The possibilities now are enormous! To say it best, by resistance, tone and depth are established.

Beyond all that, here remains the greatest challenge! By means of your art, are you creating new spaces? This, only you can answer, but historically, your truth will be demonstrated. Remember it all begins with the visual, linking meaning to the flow and energy of something that without you, will remain a mystery.

The Unknown Number One

Under the sun, beside the stars, sniffing at the Moon. He is Extreme, wearing masks of Cosmic Consciousness, talking without thought or word.

He runs the Babylon Sex Bed, sells Used Automobile Parts, and licks his lady with passion. I know of her, the product he sells, but him, He’s pretty invisible. Gotta respect, his tongue scrapes some prime stuff.

Sex, Death, and The Brave New World
Sex, Death, and The Brave New World

Inside my head, another age is dead, and memory is fading. The Unknown Number One remains. Who is He?

A lamp follows the heads of the faithful blind.

Users find comfort in the used. Cold in my tracks by the morning I face a great star, what is it?

There before us always, I set the koan…

Who Is The Illuminator?The Unknown NumberOne

December 25, 2015

me on christmas eveGood morning all, always so wonderful to be here! Many of you today will be celebrating Christmas, Yule, or something. Merry Everything to you, and everyone.

I celebrate Winter Solstice first. This is when I was born. I love to celebrate everything, because having special days gives me something to look forward to, and an opportunity to build my New Year. I thank the small moments, the crazy times, the abominable and the beloved, for creating me today.

Wish a huge stocking filled with abundance for all of you!

Don’t Let Our Enemies Change Who We Are

adolf hitlerused automobile partsOur country, and the world in general, is going through a very difficult period. In many ways, we are getting a taste of what pre-Hitler Germany was going through. First of all, we have reached a point in time where our old concepts of personal liberty will be greatly challenged. The right to own weapons is being reconsidered. Our attitude toward immigrants has largely changed. Many now are eagerly willing to sacrifice our civil liberties for a vague concept of national security. More than ever, the corporate world is tightening it’s grip on the balls of the individual. Behind the scene, our country, and even you, are being bought up by Big Money!

Call this “crazy talk”, yea, well go ahead, if you honestly believe that the direction our nation is going will serve you. Corrupt government, and big money interest has tried to bring us to this point long ago, but now the actions of obscure fascist groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS have given new life and power to our devils here. I understand why conspiracy theorists believe that all these elements are one entity, whose sole purpose is to enslave the world. They have a good point. The game appears to be, to start some trouble, and let your friends abroad finish what they never could, due to distance and cultural difference.

We, The United States, have always been a nation who thrived, and acquired our strength through cultural diversity, and the collective ambition for personal freedom. Ask our enemies how they feel about these concepts. They are revolted by our values, but that should be no surprise. What should come as a shocker is that the factions here, who swear that they will defend us from these evil terrorists, have more in common with them, than they have with The American Dream!

I will mention no names, at least not right now. If you don’t get it, you wouldn’t even if I name dropped. I don’t care to. The name of a Nazi, the location of a Nazi, and the clothes of a Nazi, vary according to time period and social custom. The words of all these creeps, and their ultimate agenda, has never changed, and always will remain the same. These things accurately define them.

Here are my suggestions for getting to know your current Adolf’s. 1. Our country was founded by immigrants. How do the politicians of today feel about this? 2. We embrace the right of religious freedom, once again………3. We embrace the right to bear arms, hmmm….4. We are a country built from all races, nationalities, and creeds. How does your current hero value these things? 5. What do they have to say about gay marriage, and the rights of those who embrace alternative life styles? Do they embrace big money interest groups, or democracy?

I hope I’ve given you enough to think about for now. Surrealism is a fire which can’t help but burn brighter in the darkest of places. The evil of our time will eventually fund the process of it’s own death. The yin-yang principle in it’s basic form. Do I fear though, yes I do. I fear for the lifestyle I have come to feel protected by law. I fear for those whose lives could be turned upside down by the panicked words of idiots. I fear that lovers of slavery will steal our freedom, and claim it as necessity for the safety of all in the “Free World”. Lastly, I fear that freedom will be given a price.

The only price of Freedom is personal responsibility!

So ISIS, my scary brothers, and whoever else, here or abroad, who threaten the American Dream, You creeps that create bias instead of unification, you Nazis everywhere, go home and rethink your lives. Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Wicca,… etc. We come from the same source, and can exist in harmony with each other. If one should remember moments of injustice, we have the power to reconcile. We really don’t even need to understand each other, to see the value of all consciousness. What is enabled in one is so enabled in all. Strike the chord of prejudice, and we all are dis-favored.

Happy New Year!

Happy New YearHello there all you beautiful people, friends, family and all you seekers and technicians of Super Reality. I’m so glad you’re here! Today I want to talk about the new year coming up, some things I see in store with it’s coming, and New Year Resolutions.

First of all, election day is coming up, and I ask all of you to support your values, life style, and all you hold dear, by voting. I know some of you probably believe that voting is useless, or that all politicians are crooks, etc. I’m not here to challenge your beliefs. This I can say in support of voting. If you don’t vote, you really have no right to complain when things don’t go the way you like.

 Personally, I love and value my right to complain! Yes sir I protest, I swear I do! Yup:]

Moving right along now…………………………………….

So most of us I guess will take part in the yearly ritual of making resolutions, setting goals, and re evaluating life. This is actually an almost healthy tradition. For some it’s a real game changer, and that’s great! You know those folks who swear they’ll go back to school and get their degree, [after drinking a pint or two of vodka], and then actually do it. Good for you. You people rock! Then there is the rest of us. We set goals on the fly, because we feel the need to make changes in our lives, proclaim ourselves changed and saved for a few weeks, and fall back sheepishly into our repeating loops. Why? To begin with, we were not considering that we have to be ourselves. The amount of effort it takes to re program oneself is staggering! Remember also that life won’t give you a year, or even a day off to do this. So to say that you’ll be financially free in a year is great, but today you gotta flip burgers.

I would like to add to and modify our great tradition of making New Year Resolutions!

Please pat yourself on the back everyone. For better or worse, you’re still here, and still you. That is not a small accomplishment. On that note, I propose that first, instead of thinking about what we need to change about ourselves, we contemplate where we are right now, and how we’ve changed in the past year. That way, we can see to some degree, where we are going.

ie  Did I quit smoking last year like I said I would? Er,,, well,,,…No, but I landed a new job I love, which pays me three times as much as my old job…And yes, I have more money to invest in quitting smoking, if that’s still what I want!……….By the way, I used that as an example, because it’s a popular one. Personally, I don’t smoke, but sure do have my issues as do most if not all. Which leads me to…

We need to evaluate ourselves before resolving to do anything. Do you really feel wrong about how you live your life, or just think you should? This is so important, because it means the difference between personal evolution, or passing annoying laws against yourself.

See, here’s the thing, however you live your life, you were born, and you will die. So in the long run, it doesn’t matter in the cosmic sense if you are a health nut, or if you love smoking crack! Either will ultimately lead you to the same place. The question is, how do you like to travel? Every choice we make daily fills a rung on the ladder of our life trip. Every rung influences the shape of those to come. Let every day be New Years Day.

As an artist, and surrealist in particular, I advise that we conform to our highest aspiration, of becoming the architect of our lives. It is for each of us to paint our greatest painting, which is ourselves.

Take care and do it well.

So please consider replacing the tradition of new years resolutions, or at least adding to them

 by choosing this holiday as time for your own ritual to evaluate how your past has brought you here, and where you want to go next.                

Savage Art In Surrealism

The Greatest Challenge To Any Surrealist Is To Be One!

If one sets out to paint melting watches, or bizarre phantoms rending themselves, they surely can present themselves as a surrealist, but if these images are not a point of personal experience, that artist is a fraud.

Many surrealists denounced savage and primitive art. Perhaps at the time, they should have, though they lost a valuable channel in the process. Today, this channel is open to surrealists who should wish to expand their canvasses. The trick is to expand the nuance, while keeping to surrealist principles. Exaggerate the ambient, while upholding the rustic and vulgar.

So, when painting, I recommend mediums made with either oils or acrylic paints mixed with clay, ashes or filth applied for depth as well as pigment. Visuals created by dynamic movements of brush or palate knife need only be justified by sublime enhancements. Skeletal remains, plant materials and hair can be applied, but with care. In photography, pictures should be taken dirty, then cleaned up or modified as desired. Never too much though, for in savage mode, the dirt is 80% the ambience. In sculpture, form the visual into being. It should be shocking to the conscious, but not contrived. Any medium may be used.

Surreal Photographs and Surrealist Photography

My Photography employs two basic strategies, and a third which embraces the above two.

1. I try to stay ready to capture those magical moments when a scene of some sort transcends ordinary reality. They happen with greater frequency than many would believe! So I see it, and try to catch it. This is often a great challenge.

It’s funny that when I have tried to point these moments out to people, they frequently can’t see what I’m seeing, or if they do, they don’t understand what is so interesting about the subject. Yet, if I succeed in capturing it, then others see it as well. Quite curious, huh?

 2. I use the camera as my painting medium, editing as is needed to paint a painting from photographed images, samples, and painted touch ups.

This is often called trick photography, but I don’t like that term. I’m not trying to fool anyone! I’m painting using a medium of sampled images. These are used just as paint, pencils and rulers are in classic art.

3. The photograph is staged. If photographing people, they are posed. I seek locations to my desire. This strategy of photography often contains editing. I’m incorporating models into my concept.

So these are they ways I approach photography. I do so in accordance with my artistic principles. Once more, the plan is to Freeze Frame The Free Flow, And Photograph The Vision.

Of these three strategies, the first is my favorite. Not every day does inspiration come to you delivered! When it does, it takes a certain mind set to capture it. It’s a real challenge, but the payoff is art of your design, spirit induced!

My photograph, “Full Moon On Winter Solstice”, is a great example. It was taken on that date, by my android, and it was a transcendental masterpiece I didn’t want to only remember. There was no editing, but the picture was very difficult to capture. Clouds were rolling by, and I was drunk. That made the vision easier to see, but much more difficult to take a picture. Told myself it had to happen.

The superiority of Inspiration over Technique

Sky Sloth GirlFirst of all, let me say that I’ve lived in the “Art World” all my life, and love it with avid patriotism. I thank all the people who have been, or still are making their contributions to the arts, and living the dream. I know it isn’t easy. Heartfelt props to all of you!

As with any community, artists will have their disagreements, and this is healthy. It keeps things from getting stale and one sided. Today, I will offer my opinion about what constitutes art, and vocalize my peeve in regard to an annoyingly pervasive attitude in creative community.

Art is above all, the practice, a science you could call it, of creating new spaces. Although personal taste and public opinion will determine the success of an artist in the financial world, the true success of an artist must, and can only be self validated. In my opinion, no one else has the right to judge what superior, or inferior art is.

I really hate those snobby subjective conversations that many artists like to imbibe themselves with, claiming their art form, skill level, or art school, to be the only correct one, or at least the best one. Oil painters love to bash acrylic painters, many painters bash photography, collage and digital art. They become stuck on mediums, and forget that these trite details are a matter of personal taste, and are always changing. I have no problem with preferences, we all have them. I hate bigotry though, in the art world, as much as I hate it anywhere else! Musicians, photographers, painters, digital artists, collage artists, poets, journalists, novel writers, etc., are commanded by the only law of their profession, to create new spaces! Your medium is simply the way you like to get things done. We need all of you. We need to stand in solidarity with each other, rather than scheming about who should get thrown under the bus.

So let me explain what I mean by new spaces

By one definition, creating new spaces is the process of bringing three dimensions to a flat surface. This is a valid take. In music, that could translate to creating a flow through segments of sound progressions. For photographers, this could mean the unique shot. I could go on, but there is much more to cover. Though the above definition is correct, more should be considered. This level is a little more complex. It marries personal technique, social consciousness, and personal vision, to create ambience. Take for examples, the feelings you get, sometimes undefinable, when you see a work of art that invokes something inside you, when you buy that fancy car due to it’s advertisement, [yes, props to commercial artists!], when you attend a truly life transforming concert. Consider Woodstock. Time and space are the ultimate mediums of art, at least until another is found.

The Surrealist Movement has contributed more to modern social consciousness than The Bolshevik Revolution, psychology in general, quantum physics, and religion. Why do you think that is?

Artists are usually somewhat arrogant people. It can be annoying, but I get it! Of all trades, artists are often deemed unnecessary. Most artists need one or two extra jobs to pay the bills. They frequently are exploited by the corporate world, just to sell a product, yet are given least consideration. Social movements evolve from the artists hard work, though these movements all to often reject the artist once “their job is done.” The ironic thing is, that without the new spaces created by the artist, movements in general hold no ground. What would the American counterculture be without Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead, and numerous others? Where would religious vision be without Michelangelo,Da-Vinci and Bosch? Who could capture the love and simplicity of true divinity like Minnie Evans? The list could continue. Is this sufficient to demonstrate what I mean when I say the ultimate goal of the artist is to create new spaces?

Pick up your crayon, your paints, your guitar, your camera, your pen, your violin, your laptop, your dance, your body, and do so with pride. Let no one take that from you, and take that from no one else. Together, we are creating the future!


Recycling GodSPIDER GODContemplate with care, the possibility that the true nature of God is the

prototype of identity.  I  Am!

 So I suggest that this great identity is the ultimate goal, resting place, and home of everyone and everything! When I say everything, that’s exactly what I mean. Not only so called sentient beings, [for in reality, everything is sentient], rocks, alphabets, ideas, religions, anything with definition is striving for this place of ultimate ego. Those who say “I am not God”, are really saying that they believe they have comprehended a vehicle to take them there, and make it so. They are right! We become God once we surrender our form, and that form is the place we are God. Let’s call it our limited outline in the Great Unlimited. Everything consumes it’s way to it’s present form and destination, which is ever changing. This unifies all beings and things. Not only are man and ape related, but also man and tree, toad and nuclear power plant, Buddha and Al Qaeda. Yes, existence is a war to access the “Happy Hunting Ground”, and everything is fighting in it’s own way for this primal real estate, where they no longer need to exist, for everything is fulfilled. I suggest a God-Form Prototype which epitomizes the ultimate desire and goal of everything, and unifies the lowly and exalted to one and the same………….

 SPIDER GOD       

Everything plots its way back to the kingdom in predictable ways. The first command is to consume, the second command is to replicate, the third is to enjoy all this, and the fourth is to die. The spider deity fulfills all these rolls. In order to return, one must have a form to lose. Secondly, they must fill this form as long as  long as they can. We are all recyclers, and keep our identity best and longer when we do it well. We lay snares for others, though these are not always to harm, because we need to fill in more time-spaces into ourselves.

Perfected One, does this not describe you,…and Me?

Mad love, yall!

Spider Love!

A Thought Or Two About Dreams

Dreaming SorceressBear Mountaincharbroil gas grill partsBig BootyFor a good part of my life I’ve studied dreams, attempting to determine exactly where they come from, what they mean, and their connection to waking reality. Doing such, I must confess that most of what I’ve learned mainly revealed the nature of the ruler I measured my perception by. In my opinion, defining dreams challenges us in the same way as defining consciousness in general.


That being said, I found that one effective way to approach Oneirology is to observe the patterns by which dreams manifest and evolve throughout the sleep cycle. This begins with analysis of the days events, our internal dialogue instigated by these events, and how these affect our hypnagogic imagery as we fall asleep. Some say the last things we think about before falling asleep will have the greatest influence over our dreams. This is usually true, but I prefer to call attention to something I’ve observed, and that is the fractal effect which connects waking reality with dream worlds, and dreams to reality.

My observation is that when a particular concept dominates the conscious, or semi conscious mind, a fractal effect begins by which the mind evolves, and often fragments the concept, as if opening it up to separate color lenses, by which the said mental construct is played out through multiple agencies of the consciousness, and merged together in our recollection of the dream. This is more than just a way the brain analyses reality, it is the means by which it creates it.

To summarize, reality is a progression of events instigated by itself, and is self evolving. The dream state best connects us to our higher nature as a mechanism of reality. Conscious awareness of this is an act of magic and art, to be painters of our own design. Besides being aware though, we must also decide to adopt a strategy, and this strategy is only our personal way of “keeping our eyes open”. We don’t need to try to force our will on anything, but just follow the progressions of imagery in our own way, while staying aware that we are doing so. The highest nature of our aspirations will naturally open up.

Let me relate an example:

Several days ago, I found myself pondering a way to progress in my art career. I let my mind run over my formula, “Freeze Frame The Free Flow, And Photograph The Vision”. Doing so, I applied the formula to all the day brought me. Upon going to bed, the days events tumbled through my head. Focusing on progression and evolution, everything turned red. Black lines poured into the redness. As these rivers of black drizzled together, I thought of a need for water. Within the black lines, light blue appeared, and the lines curved, flowing into an unknown mass of undulating color. I thought of mortality, and the fear of not making for myself the life I wish, but the dream corrected me.

Sitting on a toilet, in an old room I thought would be dearly missed, I tried to do what I came for, but walls had been torn down, and the scenario, as well as all the people walking by, made it too uncomfortable.

Feeling fear, not of death, but of being seen. Seen dropping my baggage. Why would that be fearful? It’s revealed that the baggage is the self, which we are not only afraid to lose but afraid to be observed. In the dream state, what is, may be coded, but can’t be concealed. Instantly, I was on a floating pier, in a large tidal pool. Many people were there, and felt a turn on from most of them. That thought lead me to feelings of responsibility. On the floating pier, children were hanging out completely unafraid, as large waves came up from the bay. I wanted to scramble over them to get to shore! Refraining, I clasped the children in my arms, and huge waves drove us safely to shore. The children soaked into the background, and I returned to the floating pier once more. Suddenly, a big plastic bag drifted against the pier, and bones which emerged from the bag touched me. [My second concern here was that my passions would bring about dangerous forces] Sharks swam beneath the pier, which was often covered by large waves. Accepting the bones as nourishment, they turned into turkey bones, from which I was making bone broth soup. My passions were revealed as what they really are, my life drive. The bag of bones drifted away. I swam to shore, and the water turned into a swimming pool. I walked up from the pool, completely nude, and sat on the toilet.

From there, the dream could have repeated itself, but I chose it not to. People came and conversed with me as I sat there. No, I was not completely  comfortable, but permitted my unification into reality. The scene turned red, the rivers returned to tight geometric shapes, and daylight washed over.