The Practice Of The Apex


Girl posing as Blue Tara
Girl posing as Blue Tara

In many of my posts, I refer to “The Apex”. Reading those posts could give one a pretty good introduction to what I’m talking about. At any rate, I’m about to talk about “The Apex” some more:]

Apex work is the magical art of finding, creating, or transcending reality by the bringing together of opposing polarities.

Those who don’t quite get it might tell me, “Cant you see there is only one reality, and that what you believe are separate realities are only your perceptions tainted by a dualistic mind?” Interesting idea, but it’s validity is flawed, and ain’t worth squat!

First of all, what we call “reality”, is only an image of a ruler we use to guide our perception. We all have our favorite “rulers”, and that’s just fine, but take care to avoid calling them reality. Of course, we can only speak from our own information base, but it’s so important to leave this “personal creed” open! This means not allowing our dogmas to dominate our spiritual path. Be who you are, rejoice in it, love it, but don’t lock yourself in. Dare to live without borders!

Anyone familiar with the “Shem ha-Mephorash”?  This is the sacred name of God according to cabalism. Literally it translates as ” The Name In Detail”. So this extraordinarily long name describes God in all manner of circumstances and psychologies, and in accordance with the zodiac and innumerable case scenarios.

So we have, in addition to “I Am”, which really is the whole of the name and statement, ” He whose voice is low”, “He who has a temple”, ” He who knows the secrets of truth, “He who slays”, “He who seeks his place”, I could go on, but I think you get the point. The sacred name of God is really a statement of everything in our perception! I will add, that what was lost here, is that the “he”, is just as often a “she”, but let’s save that for another day!

After years of studying this, I first became disinterested, because I saw that what some call “The Holy Name Of God”, was merely a roadmap into what we are… Humans. A highly evolved animal. Yup… Yup…

What I didn’t get at that time is that we really are the god we are seeking! Our individuality is just the clothes we put on God! This is great. This is our mission in life, but that is, what it is.

Back to “The Apex”! We see that we have clothed god as we see fit. We should also see that god has clothed us as God see’s fit. We are “The Miracle” between “Creator” and “Creation”.apex

All the commands of God are valid! If you disagree, think about it for a moment. We are all equal partners in “The Great Continuum”. We decide how the sacred name of god is used in our personal lives, and trust it will be vice-versa! We are the space and place between duality. We are the validators of trinity, which turns two into one. It also turns one and zero into ten.

These statements are some of the foundation of “Apex Work”.

We could use this effectively if only in psychology, but I think people, myself included, would like to get a lot more… and we can! In order to do so, we have to make it a personal work to abolish divisions, and move fluidly through the space they once took.

First, we have to discover what we are about. Us personally! Next, we should seek ourselves in the truths of all things, and unite them! You will still find contradictions, so unite these as well.

Wake up to find out that you are the god you invoked! Your image the roadmap between the dark and light, then, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Crucified on the “Tree Of Life”, as who you are, and the continuation of yesterday, minus the past. Bow to, and meet yourself today.

A small example of some apex work…

1. I want to live, and fear dying. 2. I want to embrace the future. 3. Either way, I will.

 stonehenge, and the river of sacrifice

Let this circle in your being until all oppositions are lost to become your icon of identity.

What all this really means is that in each and every situation and scenario, we should seek to become the apex, balancing and travelling the dual paths. We do this when surfing, swimming, skate boarding, riding a bicycle, and even walking. These activities are miracles, though we are not accustomed to seeing them as such. Consider how many functions are going on in our seemingly effortless display of balance!

Imagine how much more we can accomplish. Clairvoyance, mind reading, teleportation, trans lingual communication, time travel, quantum travel, out of body experiences, dream divination, and just about any thing else, have, can and will be accomplished! That is far from all. Please don’t forget the simple, mundane miracles, such as living an engaged day, or going to bed without a price on your head. These are really the greatest acts of magic. All the wild , crazy accomplishments of a select few are just their unique way of making it back home to this beautiful world where you can really choose what you wish to experience.

 I love to take long, blissful walks on the beach at night. The first rush I get is from adjusting my balance from pavement to soft sand. Soon, I begin focusing on the sounds of the ocean, as they eerily bounce around the dunes, and through the brush and sea oats, distorting as they pass through spaces in these forms. They give the spaces shape, and a whole new world of form is revealed. Walking to the strand line, the sand is firmer, and I can move faster. I zig-zag with the surf, playing “You can’t catch me”, with the ocean. Bright luminous objects dot the wet sand like stars in the sky. I watch as one of them burns out, fading, coming back, then gone. I try to pick one up, but can’t see what it is really, as it’s foggy and dark. It goes out. “Rest in bliss little one.”…….Surprise! Cold waves crash against my back, and I am soaked. So hilarious, the ocean caught me, and all by it’s own fascinating design.

I go home cold and wet tonight, laughing myself silly. Even after a hot bath, I’m higher than the moon, full and glowing in the chilly late winter world. I took home with me a secret so personal that I don’t know how to share it, but this is my attempt. I know I will sleep well tonight, caressed by space and in the kind company of the stars. “Rest in bliss little one.”

About the 2016 Gallery

I’m about to start a new gallery. It will include all the new stuff I do this year. Any requests? My aim is to provide visions of this period. I will honor all comments, and produce art based on these and my vision. Lately, I have developed a love for digital art. Not that I’ll ever put down the paintbrush, but I’m enjoying what I can do here. Unlike in the past, photography and painting no longer need be different practices. This also allows me to collaborate with other artists, even if they’re across the world! For what I’m looking to accomplish, this is great! There are very few surrealists hanging out in one town. Guess that is how it ought to be. Meet with a surrealist in Iraq, and you can bet we’ll be on the same page, but with fresh input. That’s just how this works, and I’m loving It!

I hope that soon, I will be playing “The Exquisite Corpse”, with surrealists all over the world! We could create a great work together, and share the profits based on our contributions! I haven’t worked out all the details yet, but soon I will.

World wide collective art could just be the thing to bring us all together!

Getting together is really a must now. The revolution can not be won in one town or country anymore. Our new goal is the globe. Our problems hurt everyone on this planet, and vice-versa. Solutions solve problems no matter where they come from.

The first step is to abolish Nationalism!

This is not a call to abolish nations. Matter of fact, we respect the ethics of every nation, and believe that by creating a global solidarity, all may benefit by the freedom of being and celebrating who they are.

Isolationism just doesn’t work. It Seldom did in the past, and in todays world, it’s a joke! In order to create world union and peace, a socialism of individualists must be created. This is where the Bolshevik Revolution went wrong. Many of the ideals were good, but excluding the individual from the equation allowed dictators to flourish, and even with new ideas, it became business as usual.

By putting the individual in the center of the global dynamic, we can come to a point of abolishing leaders completely, and therefore, become able to relate to the world better. War will still be war, peace will still be peace, but the consumer of anything that happens will be the collective individual. By this I hope to unify Capitalism, Communism, and all that lie in between, by opening up the world to free discussions and trade. As an artist, I do this through art.

For anyone who has yet to figure it out, artists are universal ambassadors. Anyone around the world can feel the touch of Minnie Evans. You can perceive the freedom, joy and simple love of a great person. You don’t need to vote for her president. It’s about unique, straight from the heart transmission. That is what I’m striving for on this site

I’m invoking the community of the world, to become involved with the rights, concerns, desires and dreams of all people. I’m beginning this by asking for your input.


fffredbOnce in awhile I like to do a creative cooking post. The subject of today is cooking chitterlings. This is my favorite chitterling recipe. I developed it about a year ago. Chitterlings are a delicious food when cooked right! Unlike pasta or popcorn, they are not a ten minute dinner. Note: for people who do not eat pork, beef intestines or stomachs[tripe ], may be used. Be aware that tripe is tougher, and requires longer cooking to tenderize.

1. One gallon cleaned chitterlings. 2. A pot large enough to fit the chitterlings in, with at least two inches from the contents to the top of pot. 3. just enough water to soak the chitterlings. 4. One half cup salt. 5. one tablespoon black pepper. 6. One half cup red wine vinegar.7. Two tablespoons curry, two tablespoons cumin. 8. four cups heavy cream. 9. one cup finely chopped Vidalia onion. 10. two cups shredded cheddar. 11. One cup grated parmesan.

I cook my chitterlings twice, and for two reasons. First, chitterlings can be quite tough, if not given adequate cooking time. The first cooking contains a high amount of salt, which I use to add flavor, and get rid of some of the err..”wild taste.” Secondly, intestines are the home of many forms of bacteria, some of which are harmful, so I prefer to handle raw chitterlings as little as possible. After being cooked, they are safe to cut and clean. Speaking of cleaning, I don’t remove all the skirts, though you may if you like. To me, it still tastes good, and twice cooking removes a lot of fat. I like to keep as much of what I buy as possible. Chitterlings shrink a lot.

The first five ingredients are for the first cooking, except for the pot, which can be used for the whole thing! The last six ingredients are used in the second cooking. Let’s begin…

Pour the thawed chitterlings into the pot. If the fluid is ample to cover them, skip the water part. You will probably need some. Next, add salt and pepper to water. Cook on a low heat, stirring  at least every five minutes to prevent the bottom from sticking and burning. As the chitterlings shrink, they will give off more fluid. When water starts to bubble, cover pot, and allow to simmer at least thirty minutes. Continue to stir every five minutes or so. A give away as when to stir, is that a covered pot will boil harder, and probably overflow. When the boiling water rises, uncover and stir well. After Thirty minutes, you may remove a piece, and check it’s tenderness. The chitterlings are now safe to eat, but might still be tough. They don’t need to be really tender, yet. They will be cooked again. Still, if it’s hell to chew a piece, I would advise more time. When they meet your approval for “half way done”, pour the contents into a large strainer, and rinse until cool enough to touch. Cut chitterlings into bite sized pieces, and retain in a bowl or tray. Time to make the sauce!

The last of the ingredients are all for making the sauce. Pay attention to these well, as the final product depends on them. Moving on…

Pour the half cup vinegar into the cooking pot. Add the chopped onions. Bring heat to high and continue until vinegar starts boiling. Reduce to low. Add  the heavy cream, curry and cumin. Stir well. the cream will curdle. Add chitterlings. Increase heat only enough to get back to a simmer. Reduce heat, add cheeses, stir well and cover. Stir again every five minutes again for thirty minutes, but it’s very important that the chitterlings don’t come back to a rolling boil, otherwise, the cheese and curds could burn. Turn off heat, stir once more, and keep covered. If you are not planning on eating now, allow the dish to cool covered before refrigeration. Serve about fifteen minutes after removing from heat. The cheese will coat and flavor the chitterlings well.

Once I tried an experiment, and added to the sauce the powdered cheese from a mac-n-cheese box. The results were quite awesome. The same is true if adding queso sauce. Each modification yields specific results, yet my original recipe is almost carb free, and very safe for those on low carb diets.

PS! Speaking of low carb diets, wouldn’t you low carbers love a good bowl of ramen? You can. Go to an Asian food store, and buy a bag or two of shredded pork skins. They look similar to cooked ramen noodles, taste great, and are carb free! Just thaw, you won’t even need to cook, just add your favorite sauce, raging hot, and stir in! Peace Y’all!0 carb spaghetti with eggs, bacon and cheese

Waiting For A Miracle

Waiting For A miracle

 Hanging out at a rave party, which often is the only scene around to party with artists, and well… have a little fun. The air is thick and smoky, with the occasional hint of sex and patchouli. Hanging out, almost draped onto a large round table, talking in code to two of my friends, and watching vintage porn. Not sure if it’s sunset, or early sunrise, but hints of light invade a nearby window, it’s dusty curtains haphazardly parted. Naked girls are running around the room, and though I wish to interact with them, I’m trapped, hopefully just for now, in the conversation and smog. One of my friends jumps up from the table and screams, ” What’s the use, We’re dying! Can’t you see it? Can’t you feel it?”

I could. I was so thirsty, with this strange metallic feeling-taste in my throat. The girls pelted him with caresses, and he jerked away and left. I thought, “Good, less sausage in this convention!” Honestly, I found it difficult to shake the potency of his outburst!

The other friend at the table had his head drooped firmly on a placemat, his eyes open wide, expressionless, mouth agape, while feeling the curvy form of a girl whose beauty aroused me with brutal clarity. Suddenly we had a power failure. The tv-internet , lights went off, and all that was left was a chirpy little radio, tucked into a bunch of ruffled sheets, and the tune from it filled my mind. “It’s true,” I said, “We are waiting for a miracle.” Feeling near the point of nausea, I got up from the table when the girl, who was formerly feeling up my friend, arose, and asked me, “What is the miracle you’re waiting for?”powerfailure

I tried my best to answer, but everything in me pleaded to escape. I thought about my blood pressure, and how I forgot to take my pill. I thought about the impermanence of my life, and considered it could end soon.  I wondered if drinking more could help, at least for now. Especially, I concocted, that I had to get that booty, and it might be my last! I told her, ” I think that miracle is you.”

The light of day caught my attention from the window. I became so aware of my cheesy answer, and decided to apologize when the girl grabbed me, and walked me to the next room. We made out crazy and hard! It was a time of beautiful filthy abandonment. We scavenged the room for unfinished drinks, or whatever. We were very dirty, covered in whatever the floor provided, plus each other, just to say the least. I started feeling  tired and heavy, but otherwise, pretty good.

We took turns, massaging each other, and telling stories. Hours passed in a swirl of fractals. I found myself often touching her lips, rubbing my fingers on her teeth and gums, feeling totally absorbed by her. Heaviness set in, and my world sank into a beautiful buzzing vibration, from which I concluded that I could connect with all things. her heavy scent so comforting, as I felt myself dying.

Noise burst the stillness, and our friends broke into the room with beers, and all manor of party favors. It was night again! I felt confused, but the depression and futility of yesterday were both gone.  You know, that feeling that it’s too late to feel anything? That’s just how I felt.

That sexy young girl wrapped around me turned, looked into my eyes, and said, “Hi, I’m Sara. Sam, your miracle came true, you are still alive!”


Oh, those lovely moments when beauty and horror unite to become so deliciously edible! So wonderful when simplicity, paranoia, lust and spirituality meet to create a new and perfected form, pulsing, erotic, and so real.

Yes, Sara’s explanation of a miracle sounded a bit cheesy, as did mine, yet in both put together, there was great profundity! As individuals, we both live in self created worlds. In this, at least I confess to taking pride in. We are expanding aberrations within a collapsing universe. We seek alliance with others in order to share a broader field with kindred souls.

Yes, miracles do occur. Often they go un-noticed because we didn’t hear a booming voice say, “Your wish is granted!” That is because, in this reality, we create the miracles. They come true when our “mojo” is good. What I mean by that, is our personal power. It is an attribute, the same as physical strength, and it grows when we share it with others in a similar way that muscles grow in a gym.

I’m an introvert, and as such, it’s much easier for me to let my personal power shrink, because the arrows of my consciousness frequently point in. In one way this is good, because I can find the time to perfect my personal truth. The bad part is that I could just as easily die of starvation while in a month long lucid dream!

For me, in the short periods I connect with others, I save my life! I give infinite props to all my friends who tolerate a person who disappears now and then.

I dip out because I have important self work to do, but often find it hard to get back in. At times like these, I have to revert to imbibing in all kinds of stuff, just in order to come out and see the world again! It can get really weird.

So, just a short time ago, two people became friends, and likely saved each others lives. Hope somebody, or even anyone, gets the point.

Whatever it means, I’m still alive!

Becoming Aware Of The Beauty And Magic In The Little Things

Arrived at work this evening at 6:30 Pm. I work late night shifts. My boss was in a good mood, friendly, relaxed, and conversational. I felt good too, but in a strange way. Often, I find my head so loaded with things that I’m counting the hours until I can get back to my priorities, which are my site, and Wealthy Affiliate. Good goals, don’t get me wrong, but hoping for the passing of hours is a little unhealthy. I didn’t need to coax myself into feeling good today, it just was programmed into my auto pilot mode. Pretty cool, huh? Why this happened, I’m not sure, but for whatever reasons it did, it was well appreciated.

From the moment I arrived at work, I was filled with funny, spontaneous remarks to my co workers. My remarks surprised me, because they sounded like they came from another person. Nothing was loaded into anything I said tonight, or in my interactions, just free flowing conversations. Everything was easier, though nothing had changed from the night before. I just liked everyone better, felt where they were coming from more, and paid attention to everything in an interested state of mind.

The best part was that I got to know a lot of my co workers better. It’s amazing what happens when you open yourself to a flow.

I noticed that a friend of mine was going through a bit of a hard spot, nothing big, just random life frustrations. I picked up on it, and just listened. Found  myself very excited that I knew exactly what was going on!

How, I asked, how anyone might ask, everything was just clear. I remembered openings in my life before, such as this, when I began zen training. It has been awhile though. The hardest part of attaining an active Samadhi is that you have to work for it very hard, yet only will you find it when you are not looking!

I wasn’t! Today started off as a regular day for a most ordinary guy.

It ended in a most Extraordinary way!

I was left without conflicts, and who can ask more?

We are Starships lost in space, interacting with others though we really cannot receive any teaching on this subject that will really touch the mind of a “lone star state”. We ride through our lives with only random points of intersection with others. These few touchings are so important though. They mark the difference between war and peace. they even control how long many of us will live.

“With and Without”, is the law of a lonesome land, where the best that the horizon offers is overtaking. Wars won, instead of lost.

There are no wars here, only ideas, actions, and experiences. The hardest part of it all is you cannot remain here. Sorry to say, you can’t. That’s a good reason for the rest of reality to exist.

These moments are achieved through blood, tears, and a willingness of anyone to enter the apex, which holds two possibilities as truth! When you enter the apex, war and peace are friends. Everything leads to every other thing in a chain of kindness.

This is the miracle of art! There are no enemies here, just one thing leading to another. Yesterday’s storm becomes a back drop for todays peace, and the whole are but waves in an ocean of mind.

Should we want it any other way? I don’t know, but I don’t think we have an option, except perhaps… hell.

I was free of all of that today, and it was good. Today was a pretty good day.

Explain Your Religion, And What It Means To You And For All In Today’s World

Bear MountainHello All. I’m doing something a little different today. The purpose of this post is for you to tell the world about you, your religion, why you chose it, what your religion has to offer the world, and what it means for you today to belong to your faith. In other words, you are the entire point of this post!

There are no wrong or right answers, I’m looking for conduits of divinity. Be true to yourself, and there will be no way that your input will not help all who view it.

This world needs help! Within months, the status of immigrants could change brutally! Right wing extremists are attacking Islam as the author of terrorist attacks. This age could become the age of witch hunts. Another scenario could occur. We could expose our views to one another, discover for ourselves the truth in all creeds, while eliminating the skeletons packed into so many of our closets.

Word on the street says you’ve done dirt!piggy boy goes to market to buy our freedom

Let’s take it off the street, and deliver it to your living rooms! There is no dirt here, just revelation.Under The Rose

Put me on record now for saying that I detest the direction my country is headed. I feel pain in the knowing that soon many people, some of which I love personally, will be persecuted by ignorance and Nazis. Please understand that it burns me up to see people passing judgement on others they know nothing about! Even some people close to me are doing the same. My stance? In a very calm and strategically aligned way, I just won’t tolerate it anymore.

I’m just this guy who paints, thinks, and tries to put good things into action. You all are the stars I’m pointing to. You are my teachers, my gurus, don’t ever forget it!

I started this site as my art website, but it has become so much more. I did something, and you did the rest! So I implore you to join me, by just being yourselves, and do it here. I strongly believe that together, we can bring the world back into balance, and create a place for all to run with their dreams.Blue Lotus

First big point in this program is to eliminate extremists from positions of power. Please, vote for social acceptance. Secondly, without a world, we won’t be living long. Vote for environmental conservation. We all need something to do, and a place to do it in. Prevent big money from buying up our planet. Simple. Don’t sell! Make it clear to venders that you will not buy a product you don’t need. Be active in your community, in any way you can.cropped-1202150530-1-1.jpgEagles Island Camp, Wilmington,N.C. 1986

Fight terrorism by attacking injustice. You, we, or whoever, will not win the war on terrorism. If you even understand the concept you should know. Anguished hearts seek rectification, and will accept nothing less. I heard this in a soap opera, forgot the name, but the message so true. ” I’ll stop, when I stop hurting!”

I want to start this healing in the hearts of everyone. Trouble is, it isn’t really up to me. I can’t account for the actions of billions. Not alone. I can start…

Please leave copious messages to this post. I need your help. Without you, I’m just another voice in the wind.

Surrealism Today


As many are aware, surrealism is, and was, way more than just another art school. Surrealism is a movement. I have heard it said that this movement is dead, and that what remains of it is a catch all term for shock art. The premise is that if any artist does something weird, they can call it surrealism. This is merely another case of people commenting on subjects they know little about.

More and more, I’m finding it better to avoid references to the past, because it invokes nostalgia for the days of Andre Breton, and Salvador Dali, for example. The good ole days. Many artists try to adopt their styles as a supposed “magic carpet” to “Space Land”!Magic Carpet

What people need to understand is that the supposed “good ole days” were not so good. Practically everything we had come to accept as reality was falling apart. The monarchy became a failing institution. We came to lose faith in our leaders, and the permanence of “Golden Ages”. Even God was dethroned! The world shuddered in fear of devastation at the hands of the Axis powers. Holocaust was no longer an antiquated biblical term, it was modern day reality. Meanwhile Communism celebrated in the ripping down of what was left of the “Old World Order”.Waiting For A miracle

My point is that no age is really safe. Good people, and good ideas existed then and now! I see surrealism as a striving force to create an apex between all things. Our past heroes were a light of creativity in an age of destruction. Nothing has changed! Without the apex, all that exists is black and white in an unending battle to destroy the other. Within this system, fascism is God! The surrealist explores his, or her mind. They will also embrace the destruction, the contradictions, and pain of being human. This will be done joyously, because the surrealist is aware of the peril of all things, yet joyously celebrant of the miracle they are!Digital Sorcerer

The Buddha’s final statement was “To be a light unto thyself”. Where else can this be seen? Check out a tarot card deck. Study “The Hermit”. The hermit is the icon of the surrealist.


Don’t think though, that all hermits live in caves, or at best hard conditions. Many hermits live in mansions, and stay anointed daily in the loins of “Big Leg Lovers”! Life is a wild, beautiful thing. As you paint your destiny, would you strive for what you love, or what you despise? This is the true image of “the good ole days”.Cauldron Worship: Landscape With Hairy Pussy

Whatever way your pleasure tends, The Apex is the tool and path of reality. Contemplate The Apex every day, as long as you can, and all that time will be yours!Mother 3 30 16

When we speak of Surrealism Today, I believe that what we really are pointing toward are the applications of surrealism today. I think we are aware of most of the old techniques, and inventing new ones daily. The question being, what is the role of the artist and surrealism in modern life? The names have changed, technology has evolved massively since the early 1900’s, yet very little has changed. The Surrealist Revolution has of course touched consciousness, and brought awareness to places where free thought and intellect were once scarce. To this end, it deserves great credit! Now we must force an evolution of ourselves and our personal goals in art, to bring our revolution to a new age.strandline

Art and philosophy must go online. An artist today without a website is missing most of the opportunities available for successful self expression, and revenue. Because of this, what worlds they leave their mark upon will be extremely limited. Today, we have the entire Earth for our gallery! Back in the day, many artists hoped and struggled to be discovered by art promoters, and if they were lucky, might get the chance to exhibit throughout much of the world. Today we are our own promoters, and our skills in business, as well as on canvas will determine our success or failure. We must take advantage of all ways possible to market ourselves and affiliate products.

I’ve never been a big fan of the “starving artist” scenario. It’s very simple, we have to make money somehow. If our art doesn’t pay the bills, we will have to get a second job.

I want to work on my art full time, every day, every moment of my life! I don’t want to share my time with burger flipping!

So building a business from my passion is a small price to pay. It doesn’t have to be a compromise at all. We should consider business practice as a great new road for increasing global awareness, and promoting change. Isn’t this one of our higher goals?

I envision that surrealism will become a great force in advertising. Artists are actually great promoters of products and ideas. Why? Images and sounds speak straight to the mind. They create bridges of pure awareness between an object and it’s perceiver. Surrealists are masters of this skill by design!

It’s not about promoting any product, but rather shedding light on products and companies we believe in. “Props from a great artist to a conscious watch maker. This is the only way I like to view time…”, “I love music! When I paint, music fills my ears, mind and hands. Music of awareness is what I seek. Gateways from the heart of reality to the people.”

We must seek to perfect our skills and reputations as to become perfect mediums for communication between object and perceiver. As well, developing a reputation will align an artist with products and people with similar style and function.

Example: great seascape painter, master boat builder The two of you can share a symbiotic relationship based on mutual skill mastery.

I’ve never cared much for “coffee shop artists”. Do you know what I mean? The late night group of intellectual  depressed well to do’s that splash paint on canvasses and pizza boxes, and exhibiting them in little “hole in the wall” java shops and bars, where they hang out feeling lonely and misunderstood, yet very important. They are doing little or nothing, and all the while giving art a bad name. To give them credit, they possess the nuance and flair, but behind it their concepts are poor renditions of art clichés. No, I’m not saying artists shouldn’t drink coffee, or attend a local watering hole. The thing is, a true artist has so much to do, and very little time to do it! More work, more experimentation, more education, more meditation, more effort to create a business from their art, or even a good news letter. “Dude, that’s material crap, you capitalist swine!” Yea buddy, I can read your cards real quick! Growing up is gonna hurt:]

Please don’t let yourself become one of those folks. Put in a lifetime of dedication to your practice, while dissecting and reassembling reality from it’s pieces, spaces, and conditions.

Get over your preconceptions about image and money, build yourself a business that touches lives and shapes culture. Become a light to the eyes of youth, demonstrating the power and wonder of one of mankind’s oldest professions.

There is no competition here… This is your creation, manifesting into the world, in the very best way you can make it. Anchor to the source.

To our journey and success!Between Twin Pillars