Why Do I Drink? : An Artists Experiments With Alcohol

Gotta pee a lot for sure! Disorder appears in everything rational. Great things are accomplished, and I hope to see a great tomorrow, if my practice tonight doesn’t close the gate!

Have you ever come to the realization that you are capable of many great things, but something is keeping you locked out of the mind set needed to manifest these things? I think many of us have. For the artist, the problem becomes extremely obvious because our welfare depends on our inspiration. If I have difficulty writing and painting, then I will soon have a big difficulty with life! What price would one not pay to open the flood gates of inspiration, allowing raw, unfiltered perception?

Please allow me to share a poem by one of my favorite writers, Jim Morrison.

Why Do I Drink

“Why do I drink? So that I can write poetry.

Sometimes when it’s all spun out, and all that is ugly recedes into a deep sleep,

there is an awakening, and all that remains is true.

As the body is ravaged, the spirit grows stronger.

Forgive me father for I know what I do.

I want to hear the last poem of the last poet.”

Alcohol is a hard drug, and likely the world’s favorite! It’s ability to produce utter mayhem is excelled by none. Even cocaine and crack can’t touch this, nor does heroin. Why? The other hard drugs cause blatant changes to personality and overall behavior, unemploying it’s devotees frequently, and thereby dividing the users from the non-users. Alcohol, on the other hand, may be managed by many, and though it’s effects on society are extreme, we are used to these extremes, and so they are tossed into a pile labeled Sociopath!

Let’s take a trip around the block, to a couple of kids helping each other grow up. Let’s get drunk enough to have sex!

One of our worst problems is that we don’t feel comfortable living our lives, and alcohol cures this! It takes us to a place where we are comfortable enough to bring in our higher being to the practice table!

Does this statement my friends, resemble you? If it does, guess you’ll see, it resembles me too.

An artist becomes one, because first, they are an explorer. Their quest will soon turn toward finding the highest truths, the workings of the mind, the dream state, psychology, and the “meaning of it all”. Frequently we will turn to Eros, where our dream imagery is highly clarified. Alcohol aids this in three ways:

1. We are soon catapulted to the cauldron, “sex bed”, of inspiration.

2. Once there, we will align with the awareness of many.

3. Our minds are temporarily freed from inspiration destroying mind constructs.

Now, the problem is that we find that we have to be drunk to get to that place! This is the same problem faced in the acid tests, with two more problems…

  1. Alcohol is toxic. Though it offers some health benefits, it often does a body harm. So to use alcohol in a healthy way to cultivate inspiration, we have to create cycles of use, and abstinence. Addiction is very possible, and for some, it becomes physical.

    2. Like steroids, most of the benefits evaporate along with the drug.

 In addition to these problems, one will often find that alcohol erases psychological problems temporarily, but gives them back threefold when the drunk is over.

Shy and inhibited people are likely to develop panic attacks. Aggressive people may find their violent or reckless streaks worsen. What is happening is that alcohol, and many drugs, eventually exaggerate the psychological nature of an individual. The wise gain wisdom, the timid become fearful, the bold get bolder, and the stupid get stupider. the huge problem, is that in reality, we all have some degree of these attributes, and so chances are that anyone:

  1. will gain some insight

    2. contract a new phobia

    3. become aggressive in some way, good or bad.

    4. do something incredibly stupid!

    Personally, I believe drug use is safest under some form of organization, religious, intellectual, or revolutionary. Why?  In this bardo state of substances, you will need direction, or a lot of luck. You will need something to drive you to the levels of Aleister Crowley, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, or any one you can think of that won at this! Social order allows one freedom from conventionality, which may easily be lost.

    Vincent Van Gogh contributed so much to art and awareness, but he never really benefited from the miracles of his brush. How sad to die feeling yourself a loser, when you made the world a better place.

    I wish I had been there, took that great man to the hospital, and as he recovered, showed him how much he will mean to the future. Wish I could have helped him with those demons in his head. Wish his story ended differently. Never the less, he made the grade by contributing so much to awareness, spirituality, art and passion!

    What would have happened if I did? Who knows! It could have been good, or perhaps all of his work would be lost!

    I am giving a warning here that drug use may be fatal, and often is. On the other hand, I understand why people go here, and I am among them. I would prefer to die than to leave my truth in the closet. Further, I would hate to see a world without Van Gogh paintings.

    Many successful people I know have said that without drug use, they would be nowhere, and for that reason would not regret if their path should cause early death. That is their value judgment, and we all hold our own.

    For people like us, The Staff Of Dionysus hovers over our heads. We never like the mundane stuff. “Good enough”, is seldom good enough.

    We understand that death is a part of reality, and no punishment for error.

    We seek fulfillment over time measurement and even personal satisfaction, because truthfully, we are journalists of ” The Great Continuum”!

    On his deathbed, Salvador Dali was curious and pleased that the media was still following him. He was more concerned with public image, and the preservation of his body, than he was his health. I understand this, as a creative mind. We all will die, but what have we accomplished here? If we have something to say, will it be heard, to establish how we remain.

    I think to most artists, the worst curse they could get is to be forgotten, but this is not an ego problem. If you seek everyday, for the betterment of all, so much pain to feel your life quest is lost!

    Artists, like all good journalists, will do whatever it takes to make their awareness public, so drink or not, I will do all of this for you and me.

    Do you have to drink and use drugs to be an artist? No, of course not. Life has no “one size fits all fixes”, I’m just paying homage to my brothers and sisters who used this path, and said what they needed to say.

    How would you express it? how do you get out of your mind? The world is our stage. Speak your truth!

    Cosmos for awareness!

Cauliflower And Cheese Recipe

I’ve loved pasta for as long as I remember. I think it’s just how you feel when you have Italian blood! It would be wonderful to me, if I could eat it three times a day, every day! Unfortunately, that would probably be a very unhealthy decision. Like ice cream, breads, and really all grain products, pasta gives many a culinary euphoria that can be habit forming. What makes it worse is that pasta is relatively cheap, easy and quick to prepare, and most kids love it. Unfortunately, it will probably be a long time before a healthier food will provide pasta with any competition. Excessive grain consuming is unhealthy, especially for anyone who is not extremely active. Diabetics should run from it like crazy! Those who have a hard time with eating small portions should do the same. These kinds of foods are largely responsible for the health and obesity problems in our country. What can a pasta lover do?

Control your portion sizes: avoid eating more than a cup of cooked pasta. Once a day is plenty. This works well for unique people! My mom and dad had a friend named Moreska, who walked to Central Park every day of her life, to smoke one cigarette. She sat on a bench, lit it, and savored it’s high. When her buzz came down a little, she would talk to her friends, and invite them to her house for tea. She lived to 93! She always smoked one cigarette a day, but never more than one. If you are like her, eating pasta is great!

2. Investigate pasta alternatives! Many of these fall short of pasta, though still good. Some get pretty close. At the top of the list are:

A. Carb Free Noodles! Yes, they exist and are great, but quite expensive! When the price comes down, these will rule!

B. Sea weed noodles, zucchini noodles, spaghetti squash, various animal products such as pork skin and intestines of pork, beef, and chicken. Once I heard of a fish intestine pasta. These are great ideas, though I have an easy fix for many people. Try Cauliflower.

Cauliflower is low carb, high protein, delicious, and well, very similar to pasta when cooked right. So  let me introduce you to my recipe for Cauliflower And Cheese! I think you will love this!

Two large cauliflower heads

Two cups bacon bits

One pint heavy cream

One pint water

One half cup minced garlic

Four cups shredded Cheddar

One cup feta cheese

Two tablespoons salt

One tablespoon white pepper

One half cup butter

In a crockpot, or dutch oven, heat heavy cream and water. Add butter.

Cut cauliflower into about one square inch chunks, and toss into pot.

Add salt, and all seasonings. Cook for one minute on high.

Add cheeses and stir well.

Add bacon bits

Once cheeses have melted, remove from heat, and let sit for thirty minutes.

Reheat if desired, or just go at it!

This yields about six servings, more or less, according to portion. One cup portions would yield about eight.

This is an excellent side for just about any meal. It could be the main course!

Cauliflower tastes better with some age, so consider prepping about an hour before needed. Next day: even better!

I think this dish comes the closest to imitating good mac n cheese. This is an extremely healthy dish for most diets.

I would suggest serving with pork chops, steak or chicken.

Finish with a cup of stir fried green beans, and mushrooms.

Happy Full Moon! : 2/22/2016

Nadia 2 15 16





When we celebrate holidays, or seasonal equinoxes, what we are actually doing is attaching our awareness to segments of the circle of existence. This very circle is represented throughout the cosmos, as far as I know.

Yes, I have read scientific reports suggesting the possibility of static universes, and I agree that they do, but for now they are off topic. I will get to them later. I mention them mainly because they play a big role in our conception of reality, though there is probably no way we can live there! Enough about that.

One of the simplest and effective ways we can attach to segments of the circle is to celebrate moon phases. By doing so, we connect ourselves to points of efficiency. I know that moon phases control human and animal behavior, as well as tides, and the behavior of our planet.

There are studies claiming that this is not true, but every time I read these, I’ve noticed that the argument was very simplistic, and eventually defeated it’s own point. I felt sorry for the authors, as I do for antiquated astronomy. [ You know that weird feeling you get when someone proclaims something you know is wrong, but there is no dispute, so you say nothing?] Guess they will probably feel that way to me:]

I don’t need a moon calendar to know a full moon is coming up! I know because my thoughts become intense and condensed. My heart rate and blood pressure increases. Most importantly, my dreams become very elaborate, and often disturbing. Furthermore, my sex drive not only increases, but becomes laden in compulsive fantasies. Yup, full moon coming soon! It sounds crazy because rational thought has of yet to prove why the moon can cause such changes in behavior and perception, but it does.

After spending so much time outlining the premises of this post, I will deliver the full.

So I celebrate moon phases, as if marking the passage of cogs in a watch. I pay attention to moon cycles so I can determine the best times to take appropriate action toward my goals. The practice of life is to fulfill goals, and in order to do so, timing is extremely important! Goals are time and case sensitive!!! Do what you will is the whole of The Law, but think carefully, to keep the law of love alive. ” Thou shall not expose avocado trees to freezing temperatures, lest you lose guacamole!” You get my point? Don’t forsake Solomon in favor of Crowley. They work together in passages of the circle.

This full moon will be a Big One!

There could be a lot of violence and terrorism in this cycle because spring is coming soon to a world of upheaval!

You might be asking, “so why is this full moon happy?”

It will be to many people who have got their goals and plans together! It is a strong one! Spring is coming, and the world is heating up, so please use these factors to your advantage.

Know that our cycles are supported by a “Higher Power!”

And mainly for the magicians here, this higher power comes from

Static Universes!

Consider “The Circle”, it never really happens in organic reality, what we see as a circle is really a spiral. It is an erring representation of “The Circle”, produced by organic means.

“The Circle” Does Exist, just not in or organic reality.

Yet it guides us on, spurs us on, keeps guiding us. So what really is the circle?

Organic beings have ideas and plans, at least some form of aspiration, because they have something to lose. We work on our lives for the sake of having something to feel good about, knowing that we won’t last.

Our error is thinking we won’t last, because we are an intrinsic part of the process that kills us.

Will we die? Yes!

How will we die and when? We will summon the process.

In between that, what remains? Ourselves. Individuals within the circle.

As individuals living this life, what does this mean?

For one, discovery! We will learn what we are about, when we accept that we are a markable, time and case sensitive item. We are not only our own perception of the world: We are the world.

So this coming full moon:

1. Give thanks to the world, and yourself, for existing.

2. Know that you are representing a higher cycle of existence.

3. Universal laws, the ” inorganic World”, is real, and eventually leads us to the source.

4. ” The Source”, cannot be realized through simple means, though eventually, it should be actualized.

5. A simple plan can be followed to get it all together!

Happy Full Moon Yall, what should we do?

My suggestion:

Work on the party, and party on the work!

May I ask that this full moon, we all work on our lives, and kill anything inside us except for our success. “Do what you will is the whole of The Law.”

Sam’s Homemade Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

I’m adding another cooking post, yup! This one is about one of my own tomato based spaghetti sauces, and it’s my favorite. It also makes a great pizza sauce, and for low carbers, try this on a bed of grilled romaine lettuce hearts, and top with parmesan! In my opinion, spaghetti sauce is a real winner in the culinary world because it works well with almost any food, and dish.

My recipe makes a little over two gallons of sauce. Of course, it could be broken down for smaller portions, but sorry for any inconvenience, I make my recipes as my mind and needs work, and write them the same:]

You will need:

A. a medium soup pot, or something like it that holds three gallons.

B. two quarts of tomato sauce.

C. two quarts of diced tomatoes.

D. one fourth cup butter, plus one fourth cup olive oil. Extra virgin is best!

E. one cup of fresh garlic, minced.

F. One cup of finely chopped bell pepper.

G. one cup diced mushrooms.

H. one half cup dried basil, plus one cup of dried oregano.

G. two tablespoons salt, two tablespoons black pepper.

This recipe is really very simple, and it gives a strong flavor to anything you add it to. People who hate garlic probably won’t like this much, but please bear with me, as you are always free to experiment, and replace or eliminate ingredients you don’t like, but that is your experiment!

Let’s get back to that soup pot.

1. Add olive oil and butter to pot, set on a medium heat. [See, what you want to do is melt the butter, and allow these oils to saute well, but you do not want oil to burn. This is bad for you, and doesn’t taste too good either!]

2. Add garlic and bell peppers, stir frequently, add other ingredients as they start to get a slight golden color.

3. Add all veggies and seasonings except for diced tomatoes. These you should add only after all the other stuff sautes well.

4. Continue on high heat, stirring constantly until all ingredients are bubbling to a strong sizzle.

5. Remove from heat and blend well.

6. Add back to soup pot, along with tomato sauce, stirring well until sauce acquires a mild simmer.

7. Turn off heat, but continue to stir until sauce cools past the risk of burning. Scrape sides of pot often.

8. Cover and let sit for thirty minutes. Flavor combine and evolve this way.

9. After initial cooling, transfer to a vessel capable of storing, and use immediately or refrigerate.

This sauce keeps for a long time in fridge, but as it has no chemical preservatives, it shouldn’t be kept at room temperature.

Earlier, I mentioned that this is an easy sauce recipe. Some might disagree, because there are a lot of steps. What I meant, is that this sauce contains almost unique, but few ingredients. Feel free to add more if you like. In the future, I will probably post sauce recipes with more of those intricate, high flutin’ ingredients, yet still, I like this one best!

Btw! Just a side note here!

Many people, including the owners and staff of some successful restaurants, don’t know how to cook pasta right! You don’t want to:

1. Cook pasta well unless serving it immediately!

2. Cook pasta without salt! Less than two tbs. per gallon is bland. Except for dietary concerns of low sodium diets, this is a rule!

About these points, I’m about to rant!

Restaurants that produce bland, unflavorful food, unless a customer requests this, just plain suck! When I go out to eat, I don’t want a mediocre product, lacking flavor, that tastes like a late night snack on a drunken binge! Fast food joints know this, great restaurants know this, and I think the mainstream places better learn, or step aside! Food doesn’t need to be unhealthy to taste good. Cooks should be food artists. You want your audience to experience a full flavor, complete flavor sensation.

I encourage great cooks to journal better, and two bit, status quo managers to quit and find another way to make life boring. These guys have a lot of silly head images, but enforce the mediocrity of product.

My stance is to worry less about cost, but create a more expensive product. The audience will pay, if they like it. That’s just me.

I often give my inspirations for free though, because I like the feel of a free world. I will stop ranting now, please try my recipe and tell me what you think.

Who Is The Illuminator? : A Study Of The Miracle Of Inspiration

Someone sees the light, and she or he extends this light through even their most indulgent of actions. I have often asked myself, “Why didn’t I think of that. Why didn’t I come to that decision? It was so simple, how come they got it, and I didn’t?”

When we ask ourselves questions like these, I think we should try to go beyond our egos and ask another question. Someone got the point, and they received it from somewhere, someone, something. How do we call it?

The real question is:

Who is the illuminator?

We know this much: that our minds responded to a situation, and did so quite well! When these openings occur, we lust for them, not only because we like to do well, but we feel the presence of a guiding force in our lives. What more can anyone ask for? Those who say, ” a billion dollars”, check this out, how long will that last if the light leaves the picture? It could be gone in a day, or even seconds! Furthermore, why do some people have billions of dollars, and others, not even enough currency to survive. We should question,

Who made that call?

The richest of the rich are not necessarily any wiser than those who fail. Their ethics may, or may not surpass our own. What they do have is a great recourse to produce changes they desire. Where did it come from, and why?

I’m about to dig down real deep into this question, but before I do, I would like to offer a personal observation.

When I have seen people failing in life miserably, what I noticed in all cases is that these people looked to a higher power to bring them success, but were unengaged with their life situation. Herein a great clue is dropped.

Have you ever heard someone say, “At least I tried!”, or, “At least I did my best!”? Yadda Yadda!

1. The first statement holds a tiny bit of value. Ok, I believe you probably tried, and either lost interest in the goal, [ which is completely excusable], or fell victim to fear. Fear may mask as laziness, apathy, or depression, but myself having to deal with it daily, I can tell you otherwise! Fear is dis-belief in yourself, due to dis-belief in anything! Some great authors got it wrong, at least to an extent, yet they agree that, “Fear Is Failure!” I say that some got it partly wrong because they establish fear as an entity, of some sort. It is just what consciousness feels when it knows what it wants, but doesn’t believe that anyone or thing, including themselves, can get it for them. It’s a awful place to be! Worse yet, fear easily evolves into


just an extreme version of the cry, “I’m helpless and completely alone!”

Sorry, it’s just an inner drama, and it won’t earn you a dime, nor salvation.

2. “At least I’ve done my best!”

What a

ridiculous statement! You have failed, but did your best, and you are still alive?

When you do your best, you don’t stop until you get what you strived for, or die.

Tattoo this statement to your soul!

What isn’t worth dying for, isn’t worth living for!

Please don’t fool yourself into thinking the force isn’t with you, it is. Inside that beautiful zone of resignation to other outcomes, success reigns!

The radicals of our world have it right. They know that to gain success, you have to leave your ego form. You have to face fear, and conquer it daily!

I may not agree with all of their premises and strategies, but they really have the key to being alive.


That which isn’t worth dying for, is not worth living for!

That’s how we find our ultimate niche.

Taking this back to the world of desires and business, please tell yourself,

that what you are doing is what you want to do, or not.

and if not, change channels!

Let’s take a quick break, and think about this for a minute……………………………..

If you connect to your name, and can speak it with absolute power, then here you go, else

Speak the name of God.

When you ask that magical question, ” Who is the Illuminator?” Remember:

“Never speak the name of the Emperor!”

Who is the Illuminator? Can’t say, but their power guides our actions every second of every day, when we give ourselves over to the Absolute Law of which we are a part.

I mentioned radicals earlier only to stress the point of commitment to a project needed to make it happen.

When kind people are radical about their personal endeavors, the results are revolutionary!

Be aware that summoning the power makes no one outside the scope of the law. Great effort is rewarded by great results, regardless of karma, but great evil is always rewarded with terrible results, even for great people.

Don’t believe this? Don’t take my word for it, but ask history. Hell has sometimes snuck up on earth, but is soon put down. Young empires have fallen in little over a decade due to misuse of the illuminating force, which was summoned, to shed light.

This light calls us it’s master, but it is merely the spark of consciousness and life. It leaves our lives when we rage the word “I!”

Go to the edge of reason, fall off into yourself, and make your dream be answered. It may be for great fortune, or for something else, it doesn’t matter, the light honors the truth.

The job we all share is to work for this truth. It is not a weekend project, and our employment doesn’t end until we do.

Many try for the goal of self mastery. Many will fail. Those who do fail do so because they get scared and give up. No one who dies living their life is a failure. Even if they pass before all their goals bear fruit, their decaying remains will fertilize the ground that fruit grows on, and in ultimate reality, they will continue to live.

What some don’t get is that what we can physically perceive as reality is only a small part. What they call an abstract, or subjective world, is actually reality. This is the “Tree of Life”.

We are it’s branches!

An Ode To Winter: Winter Vacation Ideas

Spring is coming soon, and is usual, I am holding on to these last chilly days, which I know that soon will be missed deeply. See, I am a lover of Winter. All seasons hold their beauty and magic, but none touch my heart like the season of deep frost! I love the mystique and quietude of the cold months, and find them a great opportunity to do the things I love doing, while avoiding the drudgery of spring and summer’s manic expectations. The hot months are for those who love lots of noise, enjoy sweating, and prefer to bake on the beach instead of fish, walk, explore, and think. While many start rutting when bikini season hits, the thought of huddling in a warm room with a lover gets me started:]

What it really boils down to, is that winter people enjoy close intimacy, introspectiveness and exclusive togetherness much more than the “sun and fun crowd”. They further love sports and activities that put them in touch with themselves. I love fishing, both in fresh and salt water. Many fishing people have told me, and I can’t agree more, that they like the beach better in winter, “cuz the big fish run, and the cold chases away the noise!” This is my idea of some great out door fun.

Building bon fires is lovely all the time, but the feeling it gives to feel it’s warmth against the icy air is psychedelic! It brings to the fore-front of consciousness the universal flow between hot and cold, darkness and light, expansion and contraction, and all that good stuff.

Even if you don’t care for the outdoors much, imagine that you and your lover come home, freezing cold, run inside, and close the door. The house is warm, but not quite enough to fight off the winter chill, so you both get under the blankets and hold each other. Soon, becoming aroused, you decide to make love. The heat in each of your bodies warms the other. Yes, you probably forgot about the shower, and great, your scents arouse and blend into a beautiful abandonment. You copulate like bunnies! It doesn’t end there. When pouring yourself into the other, and taking all they give, you both will soon grow hungry and or thirsty. What better time for your favorite brew, liqueur, or mead. Make yourselves a hearty soup together, investigate winter food recipes. [No hams and pineapples here please!:]

Read a good book together, make love like there is no tomorrow, paint or write poetry together, or maybe just cuddle up and go to sleep. Please don’t waste your time at the bars! You have it all here, why dabble with perfection?

What I’m getting to, is that if these ideas seem romantic and beautiful to you, than you probably are a winter person. Why not take your vacation at a time you will best enjoy it?

Most people take their vacations in summer, or spring, so a winter vacation probably will not be resented by your boss and co-workers. If you are your own boss, or financially free, so much the better! You can take your vacation when you are usually less needed.

There are so many ways to spend a winter vacation! I suggested previously, some of my favorites. There are a lot more. In general, super active and thinking people become very active in winter. This is a great time to see plays, art shows, or go skiing. If you live in the “Great White North”, ice fishing could be for you. If you live in a temperate zone, such as the Carolinas, you will be rewarded not only with great spot fishing, but some huge fish! Hunting is also best in winter. If you want to spent some time at this hobby, what better could occur than a freezing climate to keep your meat fresh? Winter taught me how to live. I’ve caught fish, gutted and washed them, and put them in bags, where they soon froze. Meanwhile, I go inside to a warm place, and enjoy a vacation from my vacation!

For hunters, what is more welcome than a frozen outdoors? Meat rots quick in warm temperatures, but in frozen lands, you only need to keep yourself warm. This challenge is crazy fun. Point is, you can hunt longer, and bring back a larger conquest. On top of that, cooking and eating wild game outdoors is so rewarding! Imagine slicing off a chunk of your favorite game, and cooking it on an open fire, until almost black on the surface, but bubbling with flavorful juices.[ Eating that meat hot as hell without burning your mouth!]

Best case scenario: You do all these things with another, [friend, lover, or both], and experience on your vacation, the true value of being alive.

Winter is a great vacation time for those who value physical activity over leisure. If you prefer to get tired before you relax, if you love with such abandon that you don’t need to ask if you were “good”, or if you just need some time to read a good book, or do something you like, a winter vacation could be right for you.

For artists, winter can be a terrific retreat. Winter backgrounds are inspirational for so much, because such terrain usually offers broad symbolic detail, with limited distractions. I have found myself standing by a beautiful shore, almost freezing, but unable to resist a round of photographs, or a chance to paint a wonderful world despite the mild discomfort.

Between the two, I would prefer to freeze than burn. It’s subjective, I guess. My preference is not for sweating, and foul summer stenches. Bugs and rodents creep me out. Summer is full of them, along with loud noise, and high competition. Once, I was making love to a woman, when suddenly I noticed her bed room was full of bugs. Bugs of all sorts. Some were just ugly, while others were biting me, and I considered running away, but didn’t want to hurt her, so I ran to the convenient store for huge amounts of beer, because then I wouldn’t care.

Just give me some freezing temperatures, and someone to enjoy them with, and I’ll be ok. Will want a vacation then…

Easy Broccoli Cheese Soup Recipe

Winter is my favorite season. I find it invigorating, mysterious and at the same time cozy. It really causes one to appreciate a warm bed, the hot skin of a lover, time spent at the grill conducting modern versions of hunter gatherer rituals. How wonderful that cold beer goes down with chunks of smoky meat! Yes, all these things are great, but what feels better to warm your bones than a delicious, indulgent soup?

Today I am posting a recipe for one of my favorite soups: Broccoli Cheese Soup. I’ve titled it, “Easy Broccoli Cheese Recipe”, because for a good soup, it is quite easy to make! This is not a “soup from a can”, kind of recipe though. Cooking is an art, and expression of oneself. When I post a recipe, I do so for people who love cooking. Not only am I offering an idea, but a challenge to become engaged in the process of preparing your food, and perhaps take it in your own direction, if you wish.

The only person you ever have to please is yourself! On that note…

Easy Broccoli Cheese Recipe Ingredients

1. Three pounds of broccoli, either fresh or frozen [if frozen, thaw]

2. Two quarts of heavy cream

3. Two cups of diced onion

4. One fourth cup minced garlic

5. One fourth cup butter

6. One fourth cup bourbon

7. Three cups shredded cheddar

8. One cup feta cheese

9.Two tsp. black pepper

10. One tbsp. salt

11. water, as needed


In a large pot, add butter, onions and garlic. Saute well. Add two quarts of heavy cream, stir well, add bourbon. allow the liquid to start to simmer, but not boil. Add broccoli, cheeses, and all spices, seasonings. Set heat to low and relax. Stir occasionally, especially toward the bottom to avoid cheese sticking and burning.

Broccoli will release liquids as it cooks, so you may not need to add much water, but keep it on hand. The broccoli you buy, fresh or frozen, florets or stalky, will yield different liquid ratios. Compensate with small amounts of water added over time, to keep the soup from drying out and burning. This is a heavy soup, “eats like a meal style”, so take care of it. Never the less, for a gourmet soup, it’s pretty easy.

After thirty minutes, broccoli should be soft and mouth watering. Remove from heat, serve immediately, or cool and refrigerate until needed.

Top with scallions and fried onions if you wish.

This soup seems to get better with age, no joke! It has proved itself terrific at first, then even better later, as ingredients mix, and broccoli breaks down. It will be good for two weeks or longer, if handled well.

When the soup ages until it appears mushy, like a bad stew, blend well, heat and use as a pasta sauce, or topping for another dish. It’s crazy how many places this soup can go!

I’ve used it as a broccoli cheese pasta sauce, as a pizza sauce, as part of a marinade for meats, and even as a flavor ingredient in some of my hot sauces.

It would be difficult to find a recipe as useful as this one, because it hits the mark almost all the time, and is so adaptable that it’s possibilities are close to limitless!

It could be refined, corrected, given infinite additions, but the original product is great, and I love to see where it can carry itself.

Here’s a visual, or better a life scenario, I would like to create for you.

It’s a cold day in…, your town. You make this soup. The bitter cold air chills your bones. You are in your home, a lot warmer, and you take a thick heaping bowl of this soup. You spice it up or not, as you see fit, and endulge in a thick flavorful meal that slips down your throat, and warms your insides. Drinking your brew afterward, you taste the broccoli, and know all is good!

As summer approaches, I will post more about broccoli and cauliflower sauerkrauts. For now, I rejoice in winter, and it’s beloved chill. I really hate to leave this season, but good flows through all.

If you use this recipe, please tell me how you feel, and think about it.

The Pros And Cons Of Living Your Life On Auto Pilot

I am so excited about this post, and believe this topic should provoke much productive thought. It came to me at work tonight, while on auto pilot! Most of us have been there, and recognized their state of mind. All of us have entered auto pilot  mode time and again. So let me define what it means to be “on auto pilot”, then further to explore how this mental function likely came into being. Lastly, I want to explore the benefits and downfalls of this fascinating experience, which has greatly shaped our world!

Newborn infants interact with the world through direct physical and mental contact, save perhaps preprogrammed reactions such as crying. There are probably a lot more we know little about, but don’t want to go too far with that. As an infant matures, their acquisitive mind rapidly begins to develop an internal map of what reality is about. As their situation evolves, their internal map evolves also, at least to varying degrees.  So all of us absorb images of our world, and develop strategies of reacting to these images, to incur pleasure and avoid pain. With the passing of time, our internal maps become so accurate, that we may function in reality even if we were blindfolded!

Most of us wake up, perform some act of our personal fixation, shower and put on our armor to face the world. We are wearing it by the time we leave our bed rooms. So the walk to your car, the bus station, to work or whatever, is no longer a conscious mental effort. It’s as simple as eating or using the bathroom. It just happens.

Human beings are highly evolved, and our complexity seems astounding, yet our base drives are exactly the same as those of one celled organisms. This may sound absurd upon careless or subjective analysis, but it is true! We don’t act like amoebas because we are not, yet we desire and are repelled by the same scenarios. Granted, you may go for a burger, while the amoeba engulfs some little critter, or some sewer slime, but not only do we eat for the same reason, but we are unconsciously compelled to do so!

Insects provide another great example. Most insects have not only a brain, but highly developed nerve tissue in certain areas of their bodies, which make it possible for them to react to stimuli in pre programmed ways. Because of this, If a bug sees a bird approaching it, it will fly away, drop to the ground, or something that will increase it’s chances of surviving. So the brain of the bug perceives the danger, and translates this information down it’s nervous system, to “guide brains”, programmed to control behavior according to perception. Do we humans not do this as well? Sure, we do it our way, but what is going on within us is exactly the same!

Perhaps we have “Guide Brains” as well, but just don’t know where they are, or even understand the concept well enough to make that determination. Bet the bugs can’t either!

Leaving the technology and science of the situation aside, all forms of life contain an internal map of their world, and will not survive much longer when they fail to. The reason why is that direct perception is not usually competent to react to a world of vast possibility. The only reason I added the word usually, is that direct perception, combined with a constantly updated reality map, is ideal.

So now, the benefits of living on auto pilot

1. If we had to carefully think about every interaction we make in the world, we would do little, and soon be eaten up by competitive forces! Those who care not to think first! Sad, huh?

2. What that really means is that we are not smart enough to travel the universe alone. I’ll leave why til later.

3.Stress blinds everyone and everything! By giving your authority over to “Auto pilot”, you will be less apt to act in panic. Panic is non productive, and only a condition of system overload.

4. Auto Pilot extends to it’s ancestors: cell memory, and genetic memory, both of which drive your life to some degree. Some would say they do this absolutely! You need their help, trust this as truth!

You need to know that pain is caused by damage, which could result in death, and death is counterproductive to you being alive. Auto pilot takes care of all that stuff.

So what’s wrong with living your whole life on Auto Pilot?

Here’s the catch: Auto Pilot only can tell you what you already know. It is not divine intervention. If the world changes in a way your instruction manual doesn’t cover, you are on your own! No investments in knowing yesterday will help you if change is great enough. Great change will come, sooner or later.

The worst part about living most of your life on “Auto Pilot”, is that even if you function adequately, you will never perceive your life. That would be tragic indeed, as it is all you have. Consider the case scenarios of people who find their days growing longer, and their years shorter. Many will attribute this to aging, but they are only partly right.

Our internal maps evolve greatly over time, so, many of us in our “golden years”, may seldom need look at the world anymore, as we have the condensed version at our disposal!

This is a terrible thing. At our time of dying, should we not be our most alert? Shouldn’t there be one last thing we need to add. Shouldn’t we be our best then?

I’ve watched time travel at crazy speeds. Sometimes it’s been to my benefit. Ultimately I see it as detriment, for the beautiful experiences and interactions I could have had, if I was living, while still alive!

We perceive time moving faster because we progressively appreciate less

This is the main downfall of living your life on auto pilot.

When my mother died, I was somewhat there. When my father died, I was somewhat there.

I’m warning you not to let this happen to you!

Use auto pilot mode as needed to get though the mundane stuff, but engage in life like an infant.

You don’t want to miss your life, you don’t!

Hold tenderness to your heart, and apply it to the worthy. Don’t be afraid of tears and personal pain. We are at a higher stage of evolution now, which we will need to save ourselves and our world. Keep love alive, and it will keep you alive one day. We have done all we can “In the blood of Eden”, it’s time to begin again. [” Blood Of Eden”, Peter Gabriel] I want to make the call that this is the age of the witness. Eyes and heart open, and ready for whatever!

Southern Style Creamy Potato Salad : The Best Potato Salad Recipe

In the culinary world, I have established some bragging rights to several recipes of my design. Most of these evolved over time, as I have been a professional cook for almost thirty years. Food wise, my passion is for southern and soul food. I love intense flavors, rich ingredients, artistic spice arrangements, and over all mouth watering indulgent dishes! The last recipe I posted about was “Cheesy Chitlins”, definitely a winner. The recipe I’m posting today would be a great side dish to the previous, or almost any other dish. I take great pride in this recipe! I don’t think I’ve ever had a complaint, and in the restaurant industry, this is very rare.

Many people love to complain even if they love their food. Why? Beats me, but if you are a part of this industry, you know!

Southern Style Creamy Potato Salad, is in my opinion the best potato salad recipe!

How to make Southern Style Creamy Potato Salad…

A. Around twenty large baking potatoes

B. One gallon of my potato salad dressing

C. Paprika, just enough to make the surface of the dish a nice red color.

So, I will describe in detail two things, 1. How to prep and cook the potatoes, and 2. How to make the dressing.

Prepping and cooking the potatoes.

Wash bakers well to remove dirt. Coat with a cooking oil of your choice, I suggest lard.  Put the bakers on a large baking tray, and put into oven set to 500F for twenty minutes. Remove after that time and check the softness of a few bakers. They should be about squishy inside, the skins loosening. If not return for five minutes more, until done. Throw the cooked bakers into an ice bath, and return in twenty minutes. Skins will be loose and wrinkled. We called that “shocking the potatoes”. Remove from ice bath, drain , and begin removing skins from pulp. Save the skins for making fried potato skins! Cut the potato pulp into one inch squares, or close to it, refrigerate until needed. Add Southern Style Creamy Potato Salad Dressing. Enjoy!

How To Make Southern Style Creamy Potato Salad Dressing

1. One gallon Mayo, heavy is best!

2. Two cups of mustard

3. Two oz. salt, two oz. black pepper, two oz. garlic

4. Two cups of finely cut red onion

5. Two cups of finely cut pickles

6.Two cups of finely cut  bacon

Mix these ingredients well, in a twelve quart container, refrigerate until needed.

Combine potato pulp and dressing together. Mix well. Refrigerate for one day for best results.

Top with paprika

This is my Creamy Potato Salad Recipe, and I hope you will enjoy it. It’s fairly cheap to make, and such a good side dish!

This recipe may be used for other root vegetables like taro root, sweet potato, or even water chestnuts. Also, you can create a low carb version by substituting steak, pork or chicken for potatoes.

My Creamy Chicken Salad is made the same way, substituting chicken for potatoes. The same can be done with most meats. the dressing is the key!

Garden Towers, Vertical farming, and Vermiculture

Many people today are seeking healthy alternatives to the genetically engineered, pesticide laden, and toxic mold fouled produce found at the local super market. Often, they find themselves in a bind, as the alternative, organic produce from a health food store, is so expensive! I’ve heard the argument that the extra money we pay for good food is an investment in our health. Well, perhaps, but we won’t be healthy at all if we only eat once in awhile! Many people just can’t afford to eat healthy.

There is a solution to this problem, and even though it will take a little work, it’s well worth it. The advice I’m giving is 100% free, though it saved me over $2000 at the grocery store!

Until 2015, I lived in a historic house in downtown Wilmington, N.C. There was really no yard space, just an unpaved drive way. I worked on farms before, and dreamed of growing all my own produce. According to common sense, and any form of logic, this would be impossible. Sounds like a dream of complete science fiction, right?

Well, for over five years, I grew all my own produce! What’s even crazier is that my start up cost was, well, about $200!

If you are wondering how such a thing is possible, it’s likely that the society you are a part of has fooled you into believing that things can only be done one way, and that way involves pouring your money into your incentives.

Don’t be duped!

What you do need to pour into your incentives are creativity, time, passion, effort, and a little money. The amount of money you save, and the health benefits gained may seem bewildering.

Let me stress again, that I am not trying to sell you any product whatsoever, physical or virtual. Just sharing a great idea. So here it is!

Most of us, unless we have a farm, and the money to sustain one, will have a hard time growing self sustaining amounts of food, because we view our growing space as fields, flat acres. It doesn’t have to be this way. What if you could grow an acre worth of produce in vertical space to compensate for your lack of horizontal room? It’s very easy, and you may improvise on my plan in a way your neighborhood will accept. Even if you have a lot of space, I challenge you to go vertical, and accomplish more!

Here’s a shopping list, just to get the process rolling. You will need:

1.  Some large stackable tubs

with lids. The size is up to you, and your confines, plus what you want to accomplish, but bigger is usually better:]

2. A drill or knife to cut holes

3. Two inch wide pvc pipes, cut to three inch lengths. The number of these depends on how much you want to grow. They will hold your plants.

4. Steel wool, or coconut shell shreds, etc, to plug the holes at the end of each pvc pipe.

5. Yard waste, shredded cardboard, and all of your organic trash. Coffee grounds, yesterdays dinner, egg shells, pretty much it’s all good. coffee grounds and paper wastefood scrapsAvoid onions, garlic, or hot pepper parts. Don’t use a lot of tomato scraps. Some are ok.

6. A huge amount of earthworms. Red wigglers are great, so are night crawlers, and even blue worms. Wigglers and Tiger worms suit most peoples geographic locations best. When in doubt, investigate. Spend some time with your worms, as they are the backbone of the whole project. Some worms love heat, while others love cold. You want a lot of happy worms.

This is my indoor worm bin. It is designed almost exactly like my garden towers, except I used pickle buckets instead of tubs. The side holes here are just for ventilation, as this bin is only for worms. I could make a garden tower like this, for a green house. Anyway, these worms my dinner scraps, a little card board, and whatever. This way, I always have a back up supply of worms.indoor worm bin inside view

indoor worm bin

Get the idea? Ready to get started?Trash To Produceworms

1. Drill one half inch holes in the bottoms of all your tubs. Drill three quarter inch holes in each lid, except for one. This will be your top lid. Along all sides, cut two inch holes in each tub for every pvc pipe. Drill many one eighth inch holes on the sides of each tub for ventilation. These can be covered with fine mesh to prevent fly infestation, and help prevent baby worms from escaping. This is wise, but optional.

Set the first tub down, in a place it can remain for a long time. Push pvc pipes through the two inch holes in the sides of the tub. Push some organic waste ,or potting soil into each pipe. Begin adding trash and yard waste to the tub. Chip in plenty of shredded cardboard  and a little soil, if possible. When tub is over half full, introduce worms. Keep all compost moist, but not soaked. Keep the undrilled lid over this tub until it’s time to stack a new tub.

You may now introduce seedlings into each pvc pipe. They will grow according to their requirements for light. Keep this in mind.

Remove the undrilled lid, and add one with holes, followed by a new tub, hopefully filled with some compost. Worms will travel to the highest level of food. Still, you probably should add more worms, at least on your second tub. Put the undrilled lid over the highest tub. Proceed with all tubs as the first.

Eventually, most of the worms will travel from the first tub into the second, third, and so on… Soil from the first tub may be used for more gardening projects. So the first tub emptied can become the next on top.

Since all tubs are cycled, you will be growing a large amount of food for years before needing to reinvest.  Keeping your worms healthy will keep you healthy, investing your trash into valued produce! Tub towers can be stacked for as high as is stable and manageable.

The biggest problem you may have with this plan if you live in the city, is that you could get a good share of complaints about your yard having a “country appearance”, in fussy, richy wannabe neighborhoods. Should you be so lucky to live in one of these, you probably will have to spend some more money to make it look like you’re doing this as a statement, uh, against world hunger or something. I’ve seen some designs available that are pretty good. Honestly, they are less productive than my tub system, but you can make them work. Better yet, if you’re good at designing things, and have an artistic temperament, you could build something beautiful and productive, which will yield organic produce for as long as you wish. When your neighbors ask what you are doing, tell them that this is a copy of your latest masterpiece, sold in Paris for five million. Call it “The Self Sustaining Reality”, and proudly give tours. Heck, maybe I’ll design something like this! It’s Functional Art in the truest sense. Right?

So in review…………………..

My system for growing my own produce involves: 1. Large plastic tubs with lids, or their equivalent. 2. Earthworms. 3. Organic trash. 4. Seeds or seedlings. 5. Dedication and sometimes hard but also very enjoyable work. 6. Some ice cold bevs to amplify the fun. [optional]

Using this system, my dinners were delightful, but that was just one benefit. I always have something to look forward to when I come home from work. I don’t feel the need for tv, games, or any artificial entertainment! This project is my collaboration with God and Nature! If you try it, I think you’ll see what I mean. Many evenings while preparing compost, cycling tubs, or gathering the yields, I listened in euphoric wonder to the songs of birds, bats, and so much more. Universal consciousness logged in, spoke it’s peace, and logged out. I was, and am, there to listen! Furthermore, having a fridge filled with good food, and knowing there will soon be more, is truly a blessing.

Within five years I’ve grown broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, artichokes, pinto beans, sun flower seeds, asparagus, edible and medicinal mushrooms, cabbage, bok choy, napa, arugula, egg plant, ochre, sweet peas, celery, mints, medicinal herbs, grapes, bitter melons, water melons, cucumbers, ornamental plants, water chestnuts, sweet flag, basil, epizote, onions, garlic, various green peppers, hot peppers including ghost, scorpion, and Carolina Reaper, thai chilis, taro root, carrots, fennel, and wild fennel, parsnips, watercress, ginger, pumpkins, edible lichens, duck weed, spinach, asparagoides, collards, and probably a lot more! I am always adding more to this list.

How did I do this? I used every space I had to create a food growing machine. Two small examples: grapes and beans like to travel toward sunlight, so I hung fishing line from my second story bedroom window to the ground. they grew upward, and when harvesting time came, I just cut the lines went out to my yard and harvested. Then I would throw down more line, and start again. Also kept a garden pond for water veggies.

Best composting worms, and the attributes of each.

1.Red Wigglers- This worm in my opinion is the best composting worm. They are small, but eat a lot, and are highly prolific and adaptable. They can thrive in septic tanks. They can endure temperature extremes from freezing to 105F! You can buy a pound of these for about $25, and soon you’ll have about fifty pounds of worms, tiny but sturdy and voracious!

2. Tiger Worms

 are very similar to wigglers, but are fatter. Their segments have distinct stripes, from which they get their name.

3. South African Night Crawlers-are big worms! I’ve seen them grow to almost a foot! They are great composting worms, ranging in color from red to indigo. Filthy conditions and heat are tolerated, but cold is not. They will begin to die in temperatures under 40F. These worms will get around. I can’t give them props for indoor composting, because they will crawl all over your house. If you live in a mild climate, they are awesome composting worms.

4. Lob Worms- are American Night Crawlers. They are good composting worms, but are best in compost piles.  They are not domestic at all, and just go with the flow. They are not a trash eating worm. In confines, high levels of ammonia or methane will kill them, but usually it won’t, they’ll just leave!

5. Blue Worms- These worms are big, agile and somewhat scary. If you keep them indoors, and I do, you may find them snuggled up with you during a thunderstorm or rainy period. They can get very big, and are quite beautiful for a worm. Their color ranges from sky blue to light pink. Their tolerance for cold is nil! If you live in the tropics, these may be your best bet. Blue worms can eat more, and quicker, than any worm I know. Give five blue worms an average size banana, and the banana is gone in a week or less! I have about 500 of these guys, and they run through all my household waste, turning it into rich soil.

6. Alabama Jumpers- are a very strong, aggressive worm that works wonders in compost piles, but not so much in containment. They like to “work the land”. They can be used in bins, but usually, they will leave in search of the next great adventure.

There are a lot of great sites to buy worms from, and in the future I may recommend some, but for now, here’s my advice: google buy worms, and do your research based on results.

So what else?

Em,,, how about oyster mushrooms growing on beds of cardboard, and sterilized yard waste? Mushroom culture in general? A yard pond for raising minnows, a good anchovie substitute. I will cover the details in future posts. As for now, work on that tower! It’s fun, gratifying, and will save you a lot of money. Your produce will be organic, with nothing added that you didn’t. Pretty cool huh? Glad to answer any questions.