Through The Portal: The Magic And Sensuality Of Lucid Dreams

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One of the main points of this post is to communicate the true power of lucid dreaming, and reveal why it is as much a practice as meditation, yoga, physical exercise and prayer. Lucid dreaming is a game for some [though I don’t recommend it], a research tool for scientists and psychologists, a part of some spiritual paths, and a spiritual path all it’s own for others. In this day and age, concepts are challenged constantly. The validity of religion is questioned, and scientific findings published, then shattered by the next finding!

By the way, please don’t take this as an anti religion rant. It is not at all. I am in no way trying to criticize or validate anyone’s religion or ethic code. I am simply laying the groundwork for

explaining why lucid dreaming is so important to the world today!

Lucid dream techniques have changed very little from shamanic times, from BC to AD. All the new strategies I have researched and experimented with, have proven themselves spinoffs on the original practices of people who discovered this goldmine thousands, probably millions of years ago!


Lucid dream supplements…are drugs used to promote lucid dreaming. Oracles of the past had huge arsenals of them! Today many use L-Dopa, caffeine, psychedelics, MAO’s, and so much more. Greek oracles hung out in caves of narcotic gasses, earning a living by predicting the future. Old school witches made flying ointments from the narcotic poisons of nightshades and other herbs. Artists have used many of these and added alcohol, especially absinthe to the bag of tricks. I’m wary of these practices to some extent, because drugs can be so dangerous. There is a lot of misinformation on the subject, and mistakes can be fatal. Want to take this route? Better know what you are doing. Mental hospitals are full of people who didn’t!

Sound recordings are sometimes used to induce lucid dreams. For example: Hemi synch, developed by Robert Monroe. These products work well for some people, and these in the past and up to today benefit from shamanic trance music.

All numbers of gadgets to prevent one from completely losing consciousness while sleeping. Examples: lucid dream face masks, placing hard objects on places of the body to reduce comfort during sleep, and call to mind that we should be doing something.

Mantras: such as “I am dreaming”, etc.

In my opinion, these tools are really for beginners to help the mind develop a waking sleep perspective, and may be dropped as soon as the dreamer is able to know when they are dreaming, and act consciously while asleep.

Ok, time to get into the deep stuff!

Many people have asked me to help them understand experiences they have had, where science and logic fail to yield answers. Some have had prophetic dreams, where something they dreamed of occurred next day, or not long after. Some people tell me they had a dream that changed reality, for themselves or universally. I believe them! Why? For me, tonight’s dream will become tomorrow. If there are any exceptions, I don’t know of them. How is this possible? I really can’t explain it, but it’s true non the less.

I will share a personal experience with you, to clarify my observations concerning how dreams directly have a hold on reality. Judge for yourself.

Recently, I received a personal message from someone who visited my site. This was a little unusual, so it stuck in my mind. However, the comment didn’t seem that far out or anything, though I directed her to my personal email to talk about it “less on the grid”. That night, I had a dream where I met a woman at a restaurant- pool joint. She asked directions to the restroom, and I pointed to it. She started to try to open another door, and I said “no, over there, see the sign?” She walked over to me, thanked me, and said “Let’s Go.” We walked to her house, I guess, and she started hugging and kissing me. I noticed that she was much taller than I am. Also realized that she turned me on greatly. We were making out like crazy, but I knew this was a dream. I chose to experience it in full. I also watched her very carefully, as I hoped to find a message in the dream. This woman seemed filled with a very magical love. It wasn’t a selfish sexual thing, nor a possessive “in love” experience. It was like we were merging for a time in the interest of an energy exchange. It was the most positive sex I have ever had!

I heard my phone making noises and woke up. Checking my messages, I saw one from the woman who contacted me. She sent a picture and some commentary. This is the woman I dreamed of! Her features matched those in my dream exactly! [I didn’t bring that up to her. I just responded to her message.]

Things like this happen frequently in the dream world. I venture to say many of you have had an experience somewhat like this. Do you wonder what it means? I will share some thoughts on this, and perhaps give a possible explanation.

Lucid dreams are portals to the spirit world, whatever that means. I am not referring to afterlife experiences, or the like, but rather the hidden force behind reality! One believable explanation is that the mind retains clues or impressions at a deep level, that consciously it forgets. This could be true, but how could it make a realistic image of someone it never saw?

I believe that the mind is merely a radio for the frequency we call reality. Reality is both unity and division, as billions of radios pick up it’s frequency in different ways, and in accordance with individual programming. Never the less, there is only one reality, one awareness, one God. I think that the woman I dreamed of was with me all along, though our awareness merged due to a post and message. It really isn’t a big deal, as we all are part of the same oneness!

Lucid dreaming opens these doors. It removes the separations such as time and space, and will become a great unifying and equalizing force in the future, as more choose to explore and practice it. My father once told me, “One day all we will need to do is think of a place, and we will be there.” He was/is, a wise man.

Lucid dreaming is loaded with sensuality, and the reason why is that we are sensual beings by nature. Only love can compete with our other survival mechanisms such as loyalty, militarism, and hatred. Love can beat them all! Think you have it all going on, the numbers are right, the stealth is good, and you cold heartedly plan the destruction of a whole country, when suddenly you meet one of it’s citizens, and fall in love. All your plans get flushed down the crapper, and why?

Ultimately, we are not designed to destroy each other, because we all are one entity, which lovingly fights for the rights of every individual. We were really designed to capture experience, and come together.

We desire to make love to each other, but hate the competition, though it really doesn’t exist. this is only a construct of the ego. This illusion evolved to help a hunter-gatherer society, of which many of us are still a part.

Times are changing!

Necessity is not only the mother of invention, but the mother of everything! Need welcomes you into her cauldron, and she gives birth to answers, as why and because roll happily in perpetual intercourse.

Sex is the answer, and real sex is love. We are a community of interchanging vulvas and shafts, which means we are constantly having intercourse with each other. We don’t even need to know each other to do this, and we shouldn’t!

Sensuality And Lucid Dreams
Sensuality And Lucid Dreams

There are two people in this world: You and Me. Let’s become One!you and me

There is a road between The dark and light, and there we are, seeking today. That shaft into infinity covers all we are, and nothing is outside it except for that precious way, Our lover and mother supreme! Seeking unity with her, I still my words.Mother 3 30 16

The Practice Of Painting Your Dreams

Greetings everyone. First of all, happy full moon! This is the first full moon of spring, and I wish to begin The Spring Equinox on a creative note. The subject of this post is “the practice of painting your dreams”. There is a wealth of information in the art world regarding landscape painting, figure drawing-painting, abstract art, cubism, psychedelic art, dada, etc. Though it is available, I have viewed few accounts of genuine dream painting. I really wonder why, as dreams are a direct link to the other worlds artists seek!

In dream painting, you may use any medium you wish. You my paint on canvas, or go digital. You may create a movie or sculpture. Collage works just fine. The catch is that you must replicate dream images accurately, making sure not to change or omit a single recalled detail. The reason for this is to collect valuable information from the subconscious mind as it was originally transmitted to you. It will be an exciting and extremely rewarding challenge to try to keep up with you’re higher self, who knows how to paint much better than you do!

It is said that all the scenarios, people, places, and things, all the scenes and dialogue of your dream are created by you. This is true! Have you ever wondered how your brain was able to create such a masterpiece, when in your waking state, you can’t? The answer lies in the lack of closeness many of us have with our “Higher Genius”! We may begin to move closer to our perfection, by practicing the art of painting our dreams. This is an extension of keeping a dream journal.

So how may we best paint our dreams? We need a strategy and practice.

1. First of all, keep a dream journal. I have found that reading entries as far as twenty years ago provided clear recollection of dreams I had forgotten about. The imagery became crisp and clear, like I just had that dream! The dream journal is the first link to your “Higher Genius”.

2. Make sketches in your dream journal whenever possible, after recording your dream. If you didn’t do this, recall the images, and do it now.

3. If you cannot recall dream images, you may practice “dream incubation”, to hopefully bring them back.

Just before going to sleep, read the entry you wish to access. Formulate mental pictures. Recall any dialogue you remember, and focus on that dream. Continue reliving the dream as much as possible, while falling asleep. Should hypnogogic imagery occur, best record it somehow. [voice activated recorder works well, or get up with a flashlight and write/draw.]

4. Focus on capturing the reality and meaning of your dream.

You will need to keep this focus all night long if possible. Be ready to get up and record information! Now you may fear that this will seriously bother your normal sleep pattern, and leave you worn out in the morning. Oddly, It usually doesn’t, and often, quite the opposite happens. After spending many a night in dream work, I have felt more refreshed the next day. Thing is, if you have healthy sleep cycles, you will enter deep sleep each time you go to bed, and it is unaffected by dream work. Now, leaving dreams unresolved, keeping yourself unaware to your “Higher Self”, will cause problems in your waking life, such as never completely waking up! Your practice will not hurt you, but ignoring it could. Further, dream work is essential to dream painting.

 5. Grasp the structures you perceive during your dream, especially during those periods where you are half asleep, yet still somewhat awake.

Let me demonstrate a simple dream painting I am working on now…

I entered the dream on a beach scene. It was early evening, just starting to get purple. The darker areas of the beach were very cold, while sun rays still lighted many places. There, great warmth was felt, and even uncomfortable heat. A very beautiful dark skinned girl walked up, positioning herself between the sun and shade. She was wearing a very skimpy bright pink bikini. She pulled off her top, and her beautiful breasts flopped out. Her nipples were tight, brown on the outside, while blood red in the center. She asked me to pull down her bottom. She had visible pubic hair before I pulled down her bikini. As I lifted the fabric, and let it fall to her feet, large amounts of liquid, I think it was pee, poured out from it’s confines. I drank as much as I could. She was very hairy, and her womanly smell very strong. Being extremely aroused, I began kissing and licking her vulva with passion! She became a large metal bowl, filled with dark water. Floating in that water was an old sailing ship. On the deck of that ship rested two metal bowls on either side of the sail. Within these bowls, dark water, and sailing ships.

I’ll leave the interpretation alone for now. The images were captured. From one dream I may create at least three canvasses, not to mention possible commentary.

What I do need to pay attention to is painting with extreme accuracy. These events need to be recorded exactly as they happened. Mistakes add a new concept!

In this dream I welcomed the “May Queen”, and offered her adoration. By drinking of her fluids, I allowed her to enter me… Drifting on a sea of change, feeling quite alone and encapsulated, yet just beginning, and welcoming the maypole, life begins anew.

Birds chirp loudly, politicians rant, young people age, old people grasp. Tis the season to make wild! My dream is captured, and provide canvasses as documentary. These things will happen!

Under the vulva of a girl, a man will turn inside.  whore will become virgin, and the virgin a saint. Hold these loved ones under the sails of metaphor and simple myth. Let copulation arise in all. If you can not yet feel it, just sniff!

Wake Up America, This Is Not Who We Are!

Many Republican leaders are opposed to Donald Trump. Some of them are preparing a 100 day campaign to deny him the presidential nomination. Good for you guys! I have deep respect for anyone who cares enough about their country, and the good of all, to stand fiercely against popular evil! Trump is using The Republican Party like a hermit crab uses an empty shell. He is not a true Republican, nor does he promote the agenda of Republican politics. He is running on the side he believes it is easiest to promote his hysteria. Republicans who consider him the savior of their party better think again. If Trump wins the presidential election, it will only be a short matter of time before his destructive, and insanely dangerous antics will cause all hell to break loose. If that happens, will you want to be on his team? When Adolf Hitler began his crusade to take over the world, many supported him for similar reasons that people now support Trump. Benito Mussolini decided to ally with him, and I think he did it to some extent in order to save his butt! Remember what happened to him. Hitler just shot himself, which most of the world probably wished he did sooner. Mussolini suffered a terrible death, which I personally don’t believe he deserved. Imagine being hung upside down, until the veins in your head break, while those around you cheer as you die. Things like this happen to people who choose the wrong friends.

Demonstrators shut down an Arizona highway leading to a campaign rally for Donald Trump. More and more people are beginning to see the disaster which could face our country. Trump hates demonstrations, and favors violence toward his fellow Americans who disagree with him.

Utah has been a Republican state for 50+ years. Many voters in Salt Lake City would vote Democrat before voting for Trump. Donald Trump may lose Utah, which would be political death. As of now, both Clinton and Sanders hold a lead over Trump. Why do you think that is? Although horrible anomalies may get public attention, like a gruesome car accident, few people want to live in that world. Donald Trump creates a lodge for hysteria, and that is why he has come as far as he has. After awhile though, many will reflect and see that as long as this guy has been alive, he has done very little for his world. Yes, he gets on tv a lot, but what has he done for you? So Democrats, and Republicans, tell me, what has Donald done for you? With all the money he has, why can so few people claim their lives are better because of him? You’re fired!!! That has been his major contribution, and he lives up to it, even today.

Donald is really a failed businessman, with so much money, that it looks like he is doing something right. He is like the arrogant rich kid back in grade school that everyone hated. Trump had successful parents, and they are his claim to fame. I sometimes think he is playing a game of Russian Roulette, hoping to win at life, or bomb out forever! Why else would he be playing these childish games?

He is nothing more than a book of cynical humor , and angry clichés.

I would not blame him so much, but rather feel sorry for him, except that he has evoked this same retarded and evil spirit in so many Americans. I’m asking them all, “what exactly were you thinking when you decided this form of politics was good?” You run to this nutcase, because you are fed up with Washington? There is something to be said about Washington. Despite the corruption and the chaos, Washington responds to our agendas over time. Our founding fathers designed it that way. Sure payoffs and kickbacks happen, but our agenda as a nation remains, and only gets stronger through bad times, unless we freak out! That is what some emotionally driven people are doing by voting for Trump.

Yes, I believe we need a house cleaning party. Our politicians need to start thinking more about resolutions, and less about paychecks. Still, We’ve done pretty well. People curse Obama for introducing emergency solutions to bring us out of a dangerous recession. His plan worked! I’ve heard great bitching about it ever since he was elected, and the reasons come down to nonsense.

I’ll break it down for you. Big money hated Obama’s ideas because they didn’t profit from them. Many in our country became brainwashed into thinking that they were losing something, or being judged unfairly for having money, though they never had much. Most of these fools fail to understand that they are where they are today, because Obama Crushed a terrible recession, of which he claimed not to have all the answers. I remember many of those people, Trump supporters today. They were so broke before Obama, that they stole ramen noodles from each other. I’m not exaggerating. Now that they have something, they hate the idea of having to give anything back. They hate having their taxes raised. They hate having to help the less fortunate, even though that is what they used to be! There are many people in this country who need to get a grip, and wake up.

We have always been a proud nation, and we should be! Our constitution was inspired by, and put together from the dreams, aspirations, and talents of people from all over the world. Our basic strength has always come from multi cultural aspirations and reasoning. Our enemies have had a hard time finding a way to strike us, because it’s difficult to find a weakness in a place of varied opinions and strengths.

One great citizen is a hog farmer

The next is a banker

One guy sells used cars

Another owns a health food coop

Our nation is filled with people of all races, nationalities, professions, and creeds.

Step to one of us though, and we all step to you!

Until Recently!

I hate terrorists, but have to say that most of them are pretty smart. They understand that it’s seldom wise to perform an above ground assault on a healthy nation. They achieve their victories by picking holes in our shield of unity. They instigate bigotry in order to trick us into turning on each other, and our allies, while deluding ourselves into believing that we almost have them beat. They are waiting and watching for further breakdowns in our unity.

Meanwhile, they are infiltrating our society on two levels. One, by bringing our values down to their level, and two, by strengthening the stranglehold Big Money has on our country. Big Money is one thing these guys have a lot of control over!

Ain’t That Somethin!

We are considering becoming a nation of bigotry and nationalism, due to a few well placed terrorists, a Big Money Pawn, and a host of angry, frightened people. As this goes on, we are turning against our allies and even our own citizens. We are rejecting the cries for help of good people who disagree with the political climate of their homelands, and thereby aiding the forces of terror! Now, being a Muslim is considered bad. Being a Catholic isn’t so good. Mexicans are problems. Demonstrators should be beaten! The press should be regulated!

Wake Up America! This Is Not Who We Are!

First thing we need to do is oust Donald Trump from politics. Let him play his goofy games in his tower, and leave us, and the world alone!

Next, we as a nation must take the time to reconcile with ourselves and our allies. We have to work in the interests of world peace, increasing national security[without nationalist hysteria],  revamping the economy. and following our personal interests to the cause of developing strong world economy, free of Big Money Entities.

We have the technology right now to determine how many times I urinate each day. Why can’t we find and disarm a nutcase making bombs in his bedroom? Why do we need to violate the rights of good citizens who belong to his race or religion, when we have access to the views, actions and lifestyles of almost everyone, all over the world?

Big Brother!

You know the weight of the weed bag in someone’s pocket. Why don’t you know who is about to become a terrorist? Anyone who goes online can see them plain as day! How do you join ISIS? How to make a dirty bomb? How to smuggle uranium past customs? How to fight the government and win? You know you rocket scientists, you want information, why not look for it on line, like nerds like myself? You don’t need to disturb peoples worship services, just listen to their everyday banter and correspondences. Keep the innocent out of this, and let’s work on having friends everywhere! Friends we can profit from, and can profit from us. Friends that will stick by us when things get crucial are one hundred percent necessary to national security! Why are we not investing in technology and human relations?

I will tell you why! You might call me mad, but evaluate what I’m saying, and the truth should be obvious!

1. Like the war on drugs, there is little financial gain on the part of “Big Money” to win the war on terror. Matter of fact, terrorist groups profit “Big Money” in many ways, and vice versa.

2. Did you ever consider that groups like ISIS could be the greatest opponents to Islam ever? They are using Islam like Trump is using America. These terror groups are really little more than unrestricted corporations, using human nature to manipulate the world economy for the betterment of none other than themselves. Yes, they use religion to recruit agents, but what’s so new about that? If we maintained better relations with the Islamic world, we would fireproof it against these manipulative and evil people, and gain the wisdom of a great culture! Such a definite Win/win.

3. Nationalism seeks separation to resolve conflict. Problem is, human psychology, and the laws of the universe, just don’t work that way. We are unified by nature, like it our not. Getting along is the challenge!

So good people, I am no psychic. I’m only telling you things you should already know. Call it a reminder. One day soon, your future will depend on your actions. Please take care of them.

My Apologies, And best Bedbug Treatment: Citizen Of The United States

Dear people, citizens of countries all over the world. Even though I have taken no part in the fascist crap that is going on in my country right now, I feel bad. I feel bad because the nation I love, is undergoing a terrible conflict between the forces of freedom, justice, and acceptance, and those of big money, ignorance, and bigotry. My name is Sam Celia. Three generations ago, my family were Italian immigrants. They were so excited to gain citizenship, and contribute their hard work ethic and culture to the Great Melting Pot. I’m sadly aware, that due to terrorism and paranoia which has risen from it, people such as my family stand a poor chance of becoming citizens today. What I find even worse, is that racism, nationalism, and religious persecution are seen in many circles as justified topics of conversation. “What should we do about the arab problem?” This was a question asked to Donald Trump from a supporter at his rallies. Any presidential candidate worth a damn, would have admonished such bigotry. They would have explained that though they plan to viciously fight terrorism, cultural, racial, and religious slurs are prohibited in their campaign. Donald says little, “Uh, we’ll get to that.” If I were running for president, and found I was inspiring ignorant cockroaches like that commentator, I would quit, and apologize to my country for leading people astray, or else, I would stand to correct their ignorance!

Here’s A Quiz For People Who Claim To Be Americans

1. What Are Arabs? What Are Jews? What Is A Muslim? What Is A Christian? What Is A Buddhist? What Is A Democrat? What Is A Republican? What Is A Mexican? What Is A refugee? What Is A Person Of Any Religion, Political Preference, Sexual Preference, Or Culture?

Tick… Tick… Tick… Uh, do you need help here?

These people are called human beings!

Now, it occurs to me, that our nation was built from them, as well as inhabited by them frequently! Our founding fathers had a great idea. [Whatever you call him, her, it], our individuality, purpose and success is governed by God, and no one but God should judge. Yet judge we do, because when evil comes to our world, it pits each of us against each other, knowing we are too proud to share stupidity with our enemy!

Right wing Christian extremists share more with ISIS than they do with everyday Christian values. Hispanic haters share more with the Mexican drug cartels than do most Hispanics. Black haters and white haters have a lot more in common, than do many black and white people, unfortunately.

So what am I saying? What’s up for the future of The United States?

Largely, you will decide.

Do you think Trump is cool, because he is unafraid to speak his mind? Go beyond that, and listen to what he is saying.

Do you find joy in seeing the handicaps of others made fun of? Would you like to made fun of, made to look stupid? Do you ethically choose to be seen in line with a scumbag like Trump? If so, I’ll cry no tears when he tears your world down, as I will probably be killed before you are, or else removed from the situation.

Would a good leader ever choose to make their people feel abused? No, they would be much wiser. Donald Trump is doing his best to make both his enemies, and his followers feel abused.

Omen based people take heed!

What is something run by evil, provoked by fear, and upheld by ignorance worth?

The correct answer would be, “Much less than nothing, subject to illness, and prone to mistakes”!

Is there anyone here who would like this to replace our constitution, or become our epitaph?

Study history, and you’ll quickly see how people, the likes of Trump really effect all they touch. Hope you’ll think deeply enough to see that in the long run, he campaigns for ruin.

I’m sorry world, I’ve got an aweful bedbug in my bed, sorry it bit you. sorry it bit me! Let’s invest in bug spray!

Do you find his comical approach worth voting for, when there are many people, Republicans and Democrats, who have workable ideas, and not Hitler ideas. If Adolf Hitler were alive, he could rightfully sue Donald Trump for plagiarism, and win! His ideas are not only National Socialist, but Hitler rip offs!

I suggest the skeptical to read “Mein Kamph”, as well as listening to , or reading a few Hitler speeches.

We Do Not Need A Person Like This Running Our Country!

Unfortunately, he, and his ideas already influence too many. The world is asking what our problem is, and we flex, like a roid rage infant!

This is not The United States I know.

I have friends all over the world, and I’m sad that due to our political climate, I am limited to how much contact I have with them. I tell them…

This is not what I’m about, nor is it what my nation is about, God willing!!!

I’m ashamed that this idiocy is going on, and wish for days soon, when we can just “hang out again”, like we used to… Like all are entitled to,…

And Enjoy Life!

Not trying to make much of a philosophical point, but our lives may be well, all we have.

Would you like to spend them ashamed, lonely, insane, abused, ran by big money forces, under the camera at all times, cut off from the world, helpless and absolutely crazy?

If not, put great efforts together, to dump Trump!

I was thinking about time travel lately. Listened to many accounts of people who believe it may, or may not be possible. I really like that we can agree, at least as far as being interested in the same topic.

I think about that story when someone travelled through time, into Nazi Germany. They wanted to change the story, but not create paradox, such as our self negation. Unfortunately, the swastika was allowed to roll. Consider how many died because of this. Think about a land where power was the law, and life becomes, whatever the government wants”. Individuality is the price charged for having a face. This sounds like a psychedelic nightmare!

It Is Imperative That We Dump Trump!

I’d love to hear a billion times, “I’m In!”

Collage Is Frozen Hip Hop: The Used Car Engines Of Surrealism

I had my first experiences with collage art around forty years ago. Back in grade school, my teacher had the class make collages. I was a weird kid back then, very informed and not so open minded. I was reading Nietzsche, The Tibetan Book Of The Dead, The Confessions Of Salvador Dali, The Communist Manifesto, Mein Kampf, books by the Marquis de Sade, and stuff like that. My class was struggling with Dr. Seuss! So when my teacher let out this rant about the beauty of art for the soul, and carefully cut out the beautiful little butterfly, I was like “bubbyshot!” I just couldn’t respect it, as I was too smart:] Today, I wish I read more Dr. Seuss. I’m trying to catch up!

Anyway, collage art is a very interesting subject, and now I feel it to be just as great an art as any. When I just hit puberty, hip hop had just begun to become a respected form of music. It was so spirited, and full of content. Back then it sounded to me like a very talented hundred member band:] Collage art has been going on for a long time, while hip hop is relatively new, due to the technology needed to power it. The wild thing is, hip hop is the art of making musical collage! In a world where the two co exist, collage is frozen hip hop!

Those biased against the idea of sampling need to wake up!

By nature, all life is sampling. We couldn’t grow up if we didn’t sample. This is what the brain does. It records information, stores it, then recombines recordings in the interest of self expression. All this information is stored in our collective consciousness, mixed with new combinations, and put out again.

This is Evolution!

Have you ever sat down and talked to a “so called” mentally challenged person? If so, you’ll probably note that they are not stupid at all. Most are amazingly good at retaining desired information. How they are challenged is usually that, to some degree, they lack border line skills for recombining fields of information. In other words, they are close minded. In the case of one born with a disability, this is not really their fault, but many “so called” normal people are just as close minded, if not worse. The beauty of the deal, is that anyone can increase their IQ, and EQ, by just being willing to learn new skills, and apply past experiences to new endeavors.

If an amoeba can do this, there is no excuse for you and I feeling unable. Collage is a great way to expand the mind, and learn new rules of recombining information every day! Stick with me please, because if you are willing to open your mind, art can fill it!

When making an artwork, I find it wise to consider it as a practice, like religion, meditation, or a sport. You need to immerse yourself in the idea, and for that time, see nothing in the world more important! Meditation is extremely helpful, as are tantric practices, and vision quests. I want you to incubate a concept, idea, principle, visual. Play music to inspire, have sex to inspire, imbibe to inspire, but all in the name of vision and evolution!

I will write my instructions here, as if you are using cut outs from magazines, posters, etc, and gluing to canvas. If you choose different media for your collage, the rules remain the same, but you choose different fastening agents as the project requests. For example, you don’t glue a quilt, you sew it together.

Prep a canvas for painting and allow to dry. While waiting, cut pictures from magazines, newspapers, posters and whatever. Consider how you will assemble them to create a statement. If you have a concept, great! Choose your images to suit your concept. If you don’t have a concept yet, this is truly exciting! You collect images that appeal to you, and along the way, skry a message from the subconscious, unconscious, and spirit worlds. This is very exciting, as you will not know the message your art will announce, but you will feel on autopilot. Just pay attention to pictures and technique!

Cutouts should be glued to the canvas until a scene is revealed. After this, add more cutouts, or paint in desired features, to compliment the scene. Many artists in the past have used egg whites, or white glue to adhere images. I use acrylic matt medium. With this I can glue an image, and cover it as well, helping to prevent elemental corrosion, while hiding the edges of each image. Once I have all images placed, and allowed to dry, I add two more coats of matt medium. When this dries, I can offer touch ups in any way I wish. I frequently paint in details that I visualize. Also, I may add new images. Remember to cover all with some form of varnish. You want the images to sink together, and not just appear as multiple cutouts.

Continue to paint, until you know your vision is captured. Study it carefully. Is anything left out? If so, find a way to bring it in. You will know you are on point if one canvas causes you an immense desire to do another! Inspiration works this way. Do one thing right, and you get a new assignment.

You may also move your work to the digital world. Doing such will bring to play many options unavailable in physical art, at least by most! You may combine canvases, and or offer new images to them. You can add effects, and possibly create a whole new painting this way.

A word of caution about digital art

Like digital music, digital art is very clean. On it’s own, I find it lacks the ability for artistic confusion, cover ups and color melt-blurring that can be accomplished through traditional artist’s media. Digital blurs offer an advantage of their own, but in my experience, can not accomplish a real time rub out, or color mix. This may change, but for now, I believe going totally digital could be a mistake. One just as bad as excluding digital.

True art should take advantage of whatever means it takes to make it happen. Hip hop musicians are our greatest gurus here. Use all the media available to you, to accomplish the transmission of your vision.

Technique wise, learn the value and short comings of all your chosen media, and combine for the vision of ultimate expression, impression, and perceptual evolution! Find the used car engines of surrealism! Begin now!

Kombucha: A Probiotic Drink, A Sour Garnish, An Artist’s Medium

I will begin this post by explaining what kombucha is, how to make it, and then

go into it’s uses as a probiotic, and how artists can use it as a medium for sculpture, and for growing canvasses.

Kombucha is a probiotic beverage made by fermenting sweet tea with a scoby [symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast]. Scobys are biofilms, similar to MOV [mother of vinegar]. To brew kombucha, you may purchase a scoby online from various suppliers of kombucha culture, or you can buy a raw [unpasteurized] kombucha tea, and use it as a starter.

Before I go on, let me stress that I will not go into great detail regarding the science of kombucha brewing, nor will I explain much about it’s health benefits and history in oriental medicine, and the wellness movements. This is due to two concerns:

1. There are quite a few great people, and wonderful companies who earn their living from this subject. I know what I know due to them. They are the experts in this field. At the end of this post, I will give a list of great references, so check em out!

2. I am an artist and a cook. My focus in this post is to share my relationship with kombucha, and not to compete with others who dedicate their lives to this subject. I’m no expert in this field, but I brew a lot of kombucha Sam style, not gospel of the niche.

So for a 16 to 20 fluid oz. bottle of raw kombucha, I make a gallon of sweet tea. I like to use a lot of sugar, because this is what feeds the cuture. I use at least two cups per gallon. Making sure sugar is completely dissolved into the tea, I pour it into a glass or pyrex gallon jug, and allow to cool to about 80 degreesF. To this I add 1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar, and the bottle of kombucha tea. If you buy a scoby instead of a kombucha drink, my directions remain the same. Just add the scoby one minute after adding the apple cider vinegar. Scobys need to breathe, yet leaving the jar open will welcome contamination, which could be dangerous. Some cover the mouth of the jar with cheese cloth, but I don’t trust that. I use a coffee filter secured with a rubber band. Not too shabby, this keeps a lot of mold spores out, but allows adequate air passage. Next step is to wait. Bubbles should begin forming in a day or two, or even sooner, but only in a warm environment. At temperatures under 70F. it will take longer. This is not desirable as the threat of contamination lowers as the ph does. Kombucha culture transforms glucose into vinegar and cellulose, which build the scoby. As acidity increases, the culture dominates the tea, as other micro organisms cannot tolerate the acidity. The bubbles will rise to the top, covered by some film. Soon the film covers the surface of the tea, and then thickens with time, until it exhausts the glucose supply. The film forms in the shape of the container it’s in.  You may drink the tea when it’s right for your taste. Many people like their Kombucha sweet, and for them, it is a natural soda, sugary, bubbly, with probiotic benefits. I like my kombucha sour! I’m diabetic, and don’t like sugar much anyway. My kombucha is really a live vinegar. My dosage is only 2 oz. daily, mixed into a large glass of ice cold water. The scoby should be introduced to a new gallon of sweet tea. It will probably sink to the bottom, but within a week, a new scoby will form on the surface. Ok that is the probiotic tea part. Next I will explain my uses for extra scobys, and if you brew kombucha, you will have extras!

Scobys have the consistency of sturdy jellyfish flesh. Unlike that, they are not salty, but very sour. I like ribbon thin slices of scoby on salads, or as a garnish to fish and meats, just to give a little bite with health benefits. Shredded scoby can be added to sauerkraut, but only prior to eating, as salt will soon kill it, and thereby, it’s beneficial effects. If you wish, you can brew a saltless sauerkraut in kombucha  tea, adding salt to taste before eating, or eliminating it completely.

One day soon, I’m thinking of posting some recipes which include scobys, or kombucha vinegar.

Wrapping things up, Kombucha is a probiotic drink and food with many health benefits. You should not consume too much though, as large amounts of vinegar can induce acidosis, which can be fatal. Kombucha is great in moderate amounts, but like with all brews, you can overdose if you work at it. Don’t! Kombucha can be a part of your personal health and life extension program.

As an artist, I’m really excited about revealing how scobys may be used in art!

If you wish to grow scobys for artistic reasons only, you can toss much caution to the wind. Just cook up a huge amount of sweet tea, put tons of sugar in it, and add a scoby. Cover in a way that’s logical to the situation. For example: making kombucha in 8×8 pool. Doesn’t need to be deep. If the container can hold twenty gallons, it’s probably enough. Three pounds of sugar should do. pour into the pool. Brew enough sweet tea to fill the pool about three or four inches.Add a chopped up scoby. Stir, and cover with a loose fitting tarp. When kombucha biofilm covers the pool, and thickens to at least one inch, remove. This biofilm may be used as a canvas after being secured to a frame, and allowed to dry. Water repellants may be sprayed, or brushed on after canvas is dry, to increase permanence. To begin with, the biofilm will seem too thick for a canvas, but once dried, will be perfect. I suggest treating with water repellants to prevent rehydration from paints and environmental moisture.

In surrealist sculpture, kombucha biofilm may be tied, or confined into shapes, until dry, and then painted. At some point, I will post my kombucha sculptures. Many of my paintings are painted on kombucha canvas. You wouldn’t know if I didn’t tell you. Biofilm makes great canvas, when treated to protect from elements. It costs much less to paint on treated biofilm, than to buy artist’s canvas.

Ok. Are you interested in brewing your own kombucha, or maybe just learning more about it? If so, check out these great websites!

Top of the list!

Kombucha Kamp-  This is my favorite Kombucha website. Extremely informative, well put together site, down to earth and entertaining, yet state of the art. Great forum for kombucha lovers and brewers, top products, easy to follow instructions. I believe you’ll love The Kombucha Mama, an expert, and so cool. She is a wholesome, resourceful, beautiful person who created a lifestyle and dream company for herself, and so many others. Have a question? Ask her. I trust her wisdom!  This is a very good site. Great tutorials, good values and product shipping.

Get Kombucha  Good cultures and continuous brewing supplies. Friendly, knowledgeable, great tutorials!

The Kombucha  Makes really nice kombucha brewing kits. Well packaged orders and good tutorials. Your order will teach you the basics quick. Great customer service.

There are many other great sites out there, at least so I hear from friends, but I am only offering first hand experience. These are the sites I have ordered supplies from, and have always been impressed.

The best to you, and all your endeavors. Happy brewing!

Don’t Let Our Enemies Change Who We Are: Part Two

Some time ago, I wrote a post titled “Don’t Let Our Enemies Change Who We Are”. It was, and still is, my most popular post. I couldn’t be more delighted! When I post, I do so with extreme integrity. I would never consider serving my readers crap. That being said, I believe this post was a divine intervention! I strongly wished to get this message out, and quickly as possible. There was no time to consider political correctness, keywords, or any distractions. I just wrote. Primaries are taking place, and election day is just an earth-spin away. I want to do as much as possible to gather support for the best of human ethics, and national sanity. This is not a partisan issue, but an opportunity of all to invest in a better world, and beat down once again the powers of ignorance, bigotry, and hatred.  So I’m making an update to my previous post. I’m hoping to expose how our enemies have transformed our society, and established a worldwide bond of nationalists, hate mongers and idiots all over the world. For example, I hope to wake people up by letting them consider that Al-Qaeda didn’t beat us by crushing the Twin Towers, but they gained ground in our psyche by causing anti- Islam hysteria, a bigotry that still plagues our nation. What would be the use of defeating an enemy, just to become like them? When people panic, they don’t think. There are haters all over the world, and anywhere else where pain and suffering meet rage and anger. Like prejudice, it is a disease, and not a creed or philosophy! It is like a virus, which by most definitions performs like a life form, but isn’t really alive, like you, me, or a dog or mouse. It is a renegade program that uses life to create more renegade programs!

This, my friends, is the entity that nationalism empowers. It causes anguish in all people, and even animals who are exposed to it. It uses the ethics of every people against them, for the purpose of blood shed, famine, atrocity, and the destruction of individual purpose! Sad thing is, in our country, there are political factions aiding in the destruction of the very goals that we, as a nation, claim to defend. If these factions win control of our country, our nation will lose it’s identity. Some used to hate us because we exposed the flaws of corrupt government, dictatorship, and elitism. So they jumped us in a physically fatal, but spiritually successful move. They killed our rationality, and ability to relate to others!

Sure, citizens of our nation have to live by the laws and ethical codes of our society, and the ultra-right of The United States frequently use this fact to push away elements they mis-understand and fear. Now it’s worse! Our enemies are winning untold converts in our country, by converting our citizens to thinking as they do.

I’m not talking about making religious conversions, they were never an issue. I’m speaking of causing the same hatred and fear in our social psyche that empowered Al-Qaeda, and recently, ISIS! There are more! They just haven’t shown up yet. They will! As long as ignorance, prejudice, and rage prevail in our hearts and votes, The Assholes Will Win!

I tried To elaborate on this in two different posts, but by far, I think most readers missed the point. In my post, ” Explain Your Religion”, I had hoped that readers would use this as an opportunity for self expression, to show other readers, possibly quite different in creeds, how deep down we are so similar. There was one great exception, but most ran on about how they felt religions started wars, etc. They missed the point nearly as bad as those who would never choose to comment! Wake up people, your relationship with life is your religion. If you’re an atheist, say that, and explain how your faith, or lack of it, your tilt or whatever, influences how you treat others and function in society. I was trying to unify perception way more than defining what religion is. Thereby, my best comments came from deeply religious people. That was great, but my mission was for more. So I’m taking a new approach today.

Love it or hate it, elections bring to a head the primary concerns of a people. Those who condone not voting, or profess a gospel of, ” it doesn’t matter”, just dry up and blow away! I would prefer to speak and try to negotiate with ISIS, or any other group, than to waste my time on people who don’t believe in action.

It’s really sad that so many people who live here, take up room, breathe our air, eat our food, yet feel no responsibility to contribute to the nation who serves them! I’ll hear them say, “all politicians are crooks so why should I vote?”, or ” I just want to be left alone to live as I please!”, the list goes on. To me, this reeks of sociopathic laziness. Here’s where it gets interesting. One day these folks may very well wake up to find…

1. after a lifetime of loyal service to their company, they are mysteriously let go just weeks away from retirement! “what happened? This is an outrage! There should be laws against things like this!” Well buddy, there could have been, and you could have been part of making it happen.

2. After incurring a disability, and not being able to work, benefits and even food stamps are suddenly withdrawn. ” This isn’t legal! How am I supposed to live? It’s not fair!” Even if you can’t work, penciling in a small circle on a ballot should be possible. If you can’t even do that, you are entitled to have someone do it for you! You voted to lose your benefits by not voting to keep them!

3. They are no longer entitled to the protection of the constitution, due to our relationship with the country of your ethnicity! This has happened to many good, law abiding citizens , voters and non voters alike. If you didn’t vote, you voted against yourself!

Plain and simple. Social engagement is necessary to a society.

There is a time in the life of every country where it’s very survival hinges on the support and participation of it’s citizens. The United States is in this time period now.

We need people in office that prefer to open doors, over closing them.

We need people in office who desire to make friends and negotiate, over fighting and dominating enemies.

We need people in office who see all humanity as people, and feel the challenge to unify, rather than focusing on differences.

We need people in office who respect the environment, and consider it’s preservation a great matter of national security.

We need people in office that are wise, have plenty of great ideas, but remember our constitution, and value freedom for themselves and all.

So how do we get people in office like That? We vote for them! If they lose the election, we continue to back their efforts and make it impossible for the adversary to legally get any of their evil plans accomplished. We make their stay in office a prison sentence!

This is an effective and workable strategy, but it requires unity, and great social interaction. If your freedom isn’t worth it, I have no better selling point.

The history of The United States has never been completely clean. We have done some awful things, both here and abroad. Where we have usually gone right is that our vision is a human vision. We were never perfect, we were never quite free, but we tried to be so, and supported such ethics worldwide. We gave hope to the multitudes that change, and a better life was possible. We have inspired most of the world to become a better place.

I have many friends from many countries. Some of them live in the U.S. Some of them live here illegally. What I find scary, is that many of these people are now trying to leave, because they fear for their lives, and the well being of their families, if they stay. Many of them are not the spirited folks they once were, because they lost faith in the American Dream.

Hate mongers will always bring up names of immigrants who raped young girls, or bombed in the name of their god, or whatever. Evil exists in the world, and not all immigrants are good. The big question, if we wish to factor, is how many evil deeds are committed by immigrants, versus how many great people are immigrants? Uh, math challenged, most of us are immigrants. Yes, I am! I don’t put explosives in my shoes, or spread hate! There are a huge number of people who are much like me. We call this country our home, and work for ourselves and the betterment of all!

Should we change the conditions of our great country to accommodate the evils of a few? Should we judge a creed by the activities of those who choose to abuse it? Should we judge a skin color or nationality by it’s criminals? My point is that in the world of fascism, we all loose.

Not only is there no creed, race or national origin without evil people, but there are no perfect people, lacking in evil thoughts. That is the real purpose of our coming together. I wonder why this is so hard for even some smart people to see?

It makes me question their humanity, but in doing so, I would fail in my purpose. I want to educate, and promote the funding of education. It’s pretty cool. People who work together learn and lean to get along, and even like each other. Our ability to see our own state in the minds and hearts of others makes it hard to judge their differences, which really amount to nothing. We are the same, but wrapped in different clothes.

Don’t Let Our Enemies Change Who We Are!

Alice In Wonderland Costumes

Tonight I am going all out! This entire post will be a free form poem, embracing no one subject, but hopefully to take the reader down the rabbit hole. Hope you enjoy!

We are not babies anymore, we wear clothes!

The other day I marveled at our works, yours and mine, but today I’m confused. There are no hero’s in this story, nor victims or villains, and mainly a lot of confusion.

Your sweet face brings so many thoughts to mind, so I hope I may leave you with something. What can I say? What underlies this riddle expressed as self and being?

Let’s dig!

One aspect of being coming in, while another leaving, and it sure feels like great sex. The forms change slowly, though the thoughts pass quickly. We are Alice In Wonderland Costumes!

We are three bodies, giving rise to a fourth, multiplied every day by population.

The first is our physical body. We understand it least, but it understands us best. All the complexity of life is stored in this fleshy form. Touch it. Don’t touch it. Stop, continue. Regulations of energy flow.

The second is our emotional body. The hues of longing, the desire to belong, repulsion, fear and gusto, they are live here. When the physical is driven by unknown commands, the emotional rules.

The mental body divides awareness into sections and labels them. If no valid labels are to be found, than “Beyond Logic” becomes a crutch for a huge but timid god I’ll call “IDON’TKNOW”.

So the three rub around in each other, until a fourth body is formed from their love making. If time flowed backward, we could call it “Spirit”. Heck, we could go that regardless, but I choose the term reality!

We have to run! Run where? To there. Hope not to be late! Terrible to be late for an important date!

Where flowers exude mists of sensuality into rain moistened air. Butterflies dance the air currents, completing the lust between plant and animal. They are retired caterpillars, spending their last days worshiping flowers. These days I can greatly relate!

Back to ” The caterpillar”, Monarch Supreme, clutching viciously the tender leaf, consuming wisdom and wrapping in silk. “Who are you?” The question asked through concentric smoke rings. Am I speaking to Mu?

The seeing eye never needs to ask why, coming and going with a grin, this booty will be mine again! The curious ponder the ways of phantasm, and the dream is set for play. The witness of the game holds what task? Is there even a relation between the game and those glowing eyes and crazy smile? I believe only at their source. You are who?

Coming home late from work, she strips off the stained evidence of a difficult day. There in her bed room, no time to waste, she cracks open a cold one, slamming it hard and fast. Thinking about calling a friend, but no, she wants to escape them all! Going out would require a shower, and aside from being tired, is beginning to enjoy her midnight funk. Four beers later, she packs a bowl, drifting into a whirlpool of sound, sight and thought. Flushing downward, then up, with the interplay of bodies and smoke rings, she passes from the land of hard lines and structure.

Her bedroom screams “Come back, we have games to play!” She cries “not now, I gotta go!” Eyes getting heavy, echoed raging cries fading into the background, another soul goes free falling.

After what seems like an eternity of spirals, a now forgotten self contemplates her perceptions. ” This sure isn’t Kansas! Where may I find trip advisory forums?” Spirals continue to engulf her naked form, which begins to lose structure with every turn. This isn’t among the common causes of dizziness to be sure. Something really big is happening!

“Wow, I think I’m flying!”, she exclaims. Reality itself is discovered to be a play of energy between concentric rings of perception.

An echo resonates over waves of transfer, “how to overcome fear of flying?”

” I’m not so afraid, good ones, but I’ve lost land. I can’t remember how it felt to be grounded. Who is afraid? W

Who is speaking? Are you really me?”

Landing on an island, visions of the bardo fade, and everyday life resumes.

Yes, but for who?

Is she real, the young teen of this story, or is she a metaphor for you? Where are you right now? Could you be in fact a metaphor for me?

We are conceptually lost, following trails of becoming. Mind is shown to be an outside force, such as town and country. Who is the source here? Who is this story about?

Imagine now, opening your eyes, as you lay on a flat grassy plane. The grass tickles, and occasional bugs bite or startle, but outside of that, you feel as if floating on a cloud. The sky is a beautiful blue, with puffy white clouds swimming across it now and again. Your awareness drifts from your body, into the vast, beautiful sky, until only your perception remains, without a resting place. Reality loses it’s center, and you are faced with the choice of surrendering identity calmly, or panicking!

There is an extremely weird pressure that develops when no center of perception can be found! [That is probably why we usually have one!]

Now she is nameless, exploding from her insides, as if teleported into deep space! Nothing, and nowhere to hold on to! She grabs her sheets, pulling the moist fabric over her feverish trembling form.

Wonderland is beautiful in many ways, but how long can one remain in motion, as happens when form is depleted? Life itself is a central event. In the world of phenomena, consciousness itself is replaced by collective witnessing, and thus individuality is either abandoned, or anguish prevails.

Once more “The great grin lights up the night sky. Laughter fills the air. An old caterpillar asks again, before seeking his freedom, “Who Are You?”

Light floods the young woman’s eyes still blurry with tears. Many grand thoughts run through her head. “I am the goddess”,” I am the eye asking why”,” I am, not sure who I am, but at least here I have a sound, smell and taste.”

“Here, in the world I was brought into, my being had a definite meaning!”

“My name is Alice, and there’s no place like home!”

Vote For Unity, And Against Nationalism

white houseIn past elections, I have seen many good and skillful people go to combat for the title of “President Of The United States”. It was never a doubt to me that all these candidates were worthy, at least so much as they worked for the good of freedom and the American people. I voted for the ideas I approved of. Beyond that, I respected them all. This has changed! I’ve finally seen a powerful candidate I have no respect for. You guessed It, Donald Trump! Usually, I have full respect for people who appear unafraid to speak their mind, but there are exceptions. Adolf Hitler raged so loud, he really didn’t need a microphone, and I found it quite interesting that so many swallowed up his swill, because he “felt It!” Why did so many decide to support the dreams and goals of a hater? Why didn’t it occur to more that the devil coming for “them”, will soon become the devil coming for “all”. It’s amazing that so many learned people didn’t ever look deep enough into the souls of their brothers and sisters to note, if only selfishly, that when one group, race or creed is held inferior to another, all become inferiors according to the needs of an inferior power!

True power does nothing to bring others down. It offers solutions, yet cringes to throw problems in others faces. True power rallies discussion and unity, while ignoring thoughts of paranoia. It will never run away from the opportunity to beat down a hater, but would much prefer to serve the lovers. True power will never be scared to fight, but seeks logic and the good of all before turning to aggression. True power won’t steal your gun, but struggle really hard to prevent you from having to use it. True power does not belong to Donald Trump! He acts angry and arrogant all of the time, but why? He inherited great riches, and should be one of the most grateful people on earth! Very similar to Adolf, [the failed artist, failed lover, and failed politician], Trump gets by  talking helly shit!piggy boy

Like we don’t have enough bloodshed and conflict to deal with, this garbage bag wants to create more conflict. I would prefer to vote for a bedbug! I am a democrat, but if he was too, I would vote republican. This guy is the worst person I have ever met. He can’t give the excuse that I don’t know his heart, because he claims to put it on the line! What I see is ugly filth. I used to laugh when he talked, because it seemed so absurd to me that anyone was such an idiot to say things like he does in public. After witnessing so many ignorant sheep blubbering to his commands, I just want to get this “litterbox” thrown out of serious national and international details before a lot of people get hurt!

For Example, let me ask you,

Why should Mexico have to pay for their outlaws? Further, why should they have to pay for being a poor nation? The policies of greedy “Born To Gold” arses like Donald, do their best to keep the poor in poverty, then blame them for their crimes when law and justice abandon them.

dali llama Nelson-MandelaTrue power would seek to eliminate the causes of criminal behavior. Will Trump stand for such? Why would he, as he is one of, but worse than most of them. He doesn’t hurt people to serve his out of control drug habits, or to feed his family, he does it for the sake of glory and his sick concept of fun! Just like Hitler!

If you only changed the name of “Mein Kampf’s author to Donald Trump, most would believe he wrote that expensive piece of toilet paper! Most of his words are almost plagiarism.

Please check this out yourself, and don’t take my word for it!!!

This nut case must not become president of our great nation. Like Hitler used the conservative politics of his day, to spread a disease, so does Trump use the Republicans. Left or right is a matter of perception for individuals, and either can be used by monsters who know how to go with their flow.

I’m calling on fellow Americans, left, right, gay, straight, rich and poor, to unify this election day against this lunatic!  “The Bible”, infers that God uses the works of Satan to his glory, so let us use this “manure pile” to resolve our differences and unify for the good of the United States Of America. I believe that together we can find all that our country needs now, and eliminate an inner threat.

If this idiot gains authority, Imagine how your life might change. Think about all the good people who run to us because our founding fathers told them to, and worry that such a fool could bring us down, as we are not used to conceiving! Remember the fall of Berlin. Civilized, cultured people starving to death, barely anyone caring, because the great nation of Germany gave itself over to the “Whore Of Hatred”, and bestowed upon herself the same.

We like to pride ourselves as being invincible, yet the unification of the world against us will bring us down. Why would the world hate us so much? Bring an arrogant nationalist, racist into power, and you will clearly know! Trump is at best, a divider of causes. Does our world really need more reasons to disagree? These reasons all boil down to incentives to kill each other.

It would be wise for us to sacrifice Donald’s dream, before our nightmare begins.

We have many decisions to make, as a world power. Extreme poverty, famine, racism and all forms of horrid injustice occur every day, even in our country. When the left and right unify, we will do many great things together. We can work to make the United States a reality again, and not a stale cartoon.

I hope you will join me in bringing upon the world a new stanza, “Our New Order”.

 Seek for a minute to include all, except for the exclusion of any. Set all laws to the goodness of the earth and ourselves, yet none to the individual, and in that way, the individual rules!

Please, let’s offer the world a surprise, and do something new and important this election day!

Many Democrats and Republicans alike, are showing distain for Trump, and his outrageous ideas. Well they should! This guy would be laughable if he were a crazy old nutcase yelling his message of hatred in the streets. The problem is, he is a well respected and cunning person, peddling his gospel of nationalism and bigotry to confused, angry and scared Americans.

Please think about this clearly. Why would any sane politician attack other human beings according to their race, nationality, or creed? Why would any good leader be endorsed by a racist, and former KKK leader? He resonates well with angry, scared people who refuse to grow up! If he were competent at all, why would he, in his fight against terrorism, instigate feelings of hatred? Can’t he see that terrorism thrives on the bigotry he exudes? Of course he can. He isn’t stupid! Not sure I can say the same for people who support him. This guy has his backing and agenda like any other politician, but the difference is, I have as of yet to see a single productive and positive force behind him. I hear the grumbles of people trying to expose many politicians for their ties to Mafia, Drug traffic, and whatever. Trump is supported by “big money corporations and like monsters” that rival all that most understand as corruption, and the worst part is that at least their public faces are usually legal! Those finding solace in this fact are sadly mistaken. I would prefer to vote for Fat Tony, or even Noriega! Unlike these other nice folks, if Trump comes to power, there will be few if any places to hide from the effects of his evil. He will own your work place, your drinking water, your farms, the clothes you wear, your guns, your churches, your religion. There will be nowhere in this nation you be able to run to if you choose to disagree. Note that Adolf Hitler didn’t have access to drones. In a short amount of time, Trump could if he doesn’t already. He probably does, because he can afford them, and has connections to a lot of entities who can as well.

If all that isn’t bad enough, he will probably lead us to war with every nation on earth, a war that no one will win! Still many folks will hope we are conquered, to remove our enemy within. So this is the bad news.

The good news is that Trump hasn’t won yet, and you can contribute to sending this lunatic back to his tower! Vote! Vote for someone else. Don’t let this jack ass make you ashamed of your country!

When Trump sees this, if he does, he will have something to say that would make me look like an idiot. I’m not a salesman, and have not spent my whole life getting over on others. Aside from this, I try to refrain from mentioning names and specifics, that is what the press is for. If you’re a Trump supporter, you’ve bought in to his seduction, and my words are probably worthless. To those still on the fence, I’m offering my opinion and something to think about. To those in agreement with me, I’m asking for support and prayers. When I say support, what I mean is please do whatever you can, or even think you can to prevent Trump from winning this election.

On a final note: I will name drop only once. Do you know who David Duke is? Trump claims he doesn’t. I will take his word for it, as it doesn’t matter. Not long ago, he was an Imperial Wizard of the KKK. Before that, it was even worse. He was the leader of “The American Nazi Party”, nope, I didn’t forget! He produced quite a fuss, until he was arrested and sentenced to a short prison stay for taking indecent liberties with underage boys. This is a typical example of Trump supporters.

Some of my friends and I attended one of is rallies, about a year after he got out of the pen. Why? We were bored kids wanting to start trouble. We chose to start it with someone we considered bad. About half into the thing, this little goth girl punched him in the face, giving him an aweful shiner! We laughed and left. That was in the early 80’s. Why anyone stayed after that beats me. Remember that David?:]:]:]

Back to the point…

I really hope that anyone reading this will at least question their faith in Trump to lead our nation into safety and prosperity. To conclude, I will leave a list of reasons that I believe should exclude one from office.

1. Are you a racist? You should be forbidden from office because the United States is a multi racial country. As President, you have to support the well being of us all. How can a racist really do this?

2. Do you, in any way, disapprove of religious freedom? As president, you have to support the ethical opinions of us all. Not just those you approve of.

3.Do you in any way desire to change the overall workings of “The Constitution”? If so, you have no business in office, and by winning any election, will charge yourself as a traitor.

Ok. Said all I want to about this. Opinions welcomed!

Creating A Bucket List: How And Why

Let’s get the scary stuff out of the way, and face it now! Since the day you were born, you have come progressively closer to the end of your life. We are born into a circle wherein we make choices, build ourselves and all we can touch in the world, and finally we die. There are many beliefs about what happens to us after we die, but few center on the optimum meaning of our lives. This is unfortunate, because our lives are the only place we have control. Many of us spend years pondering heaven, hell, and reincarnation. Much of this is a waste of time. Why?

Love it, lump it, or just cry, we have no control over such things. You will be who you are, as will I, and we will in some way reap what we sew. We have very little control even over who we are. Trying to make it to heaven, or avoid hell, is simply a waste of valuable time!

What is way more important is for us to define our greatest goals, and dedicate all of our time to them.

Time is extremely limited, and one thing we can’t afford to waste!

Consider yourself as your personal manifestation of God. Your life will be creation and destruction in the only way you will ever know it. I’m sure you have things you feel you have to do, and I do too. As we get older, this becomes increasingly obvious. Sadly, many are so locked into their daily routines that they may miss “Judgment Day”, and pass into whatever is next, before their dream here comes true. This is why I’m writing this post. I’m hoping to give guidelines that anyone may follow when making their bucket list.

When I watched the movie, “Bucket List”, I was greatly moved. This was not only a great movie, but It provoked personal thought, from beginning to end. Anyone who has not seen this movie, trust me, you really need to!

Ok, so let’s start creating a bucket list.

  1. Remember your childhood dreams? Time to think about how many came true. Now is the time to make up for the difference. Don’t worry if your aspirations seem weird now, just manifest them! This is your life, and only you can judge.

    2. What are you doing today? Do you like it? Could you be doing better at it? Do you wish you were doing something else? When the “time out!” call is made, will you be satisfied?

    3. If you are alive today, you have a future. What would you like to do with it? It may only be ten seconds long, but if you’ve placed a decision, that is enough time.

    4. Direct all your remaining efforts into creating a reality you want. You are alone here, but much the better for it! You only need to find yourself, and do something! The meaning of life is that easy.

    Should anyone question this, and state there is a higher meaning to life, I will urge them to do it! Being sincere, just move the mountains you want. If you fail, so what? If you are not dead yet, you have time!

    In business, the same holds true. Doing your best will yield great results, and what more can you ask?

     On another post, I mentioned that some people state that they failed, but at least they tried their best. What bs! If you are still alive, how can you fail to live up to your own goals? To quote the Spartans, come home with your shield, or on it. There is no in between!

    Now, if your goals change, there is no problem with changing strategies. Feel free to change channels. The point is that whatever we want, it will take a lot of hard work, and we only have a little time to accomplish this! Our bucket list is very important. You don’t need to know that you are dying to make one, yet, btw, you are.

    The Bucket List is the best way to make use of the time we have.

    1. Get a notebook. Record your dreams and desires.

    2. Investigate paths to your goals. Take a lot of time here, it is yours!

    3. Begin making changes as soon as you can. Before yesterday isn’t soon enough, but if you are here the day after tomorrow, it isn’t too late.

    What did you really want from life?

    Please answer simply, that is really all there is. Never forget that big things come from the minds of simple people, add your idea into their zone! Complex personalities get little done for the same reason that complex governments get little done. There are just too many check points!

    We are working for unification here, and in the biggest way. In the name and benefit of our world, we are working. I hope you will work with us, as this is all we have.

    Nothing will save us from our end time, it will be ruthless, but success in our own time can be the antidote.  Our goals are cleared.

    One breath never drawn is a simple “Amen”. Back to the source!

    Do you want to see the whole world? Do you wish to take part in the decision making of your nation? Do you seek enlightenment? Would you like to get laid a lot more? What do you really want?

    This will become the foundation of your immortality. I’m not saying you will live forever, the point is alignment with eternal drives. You will become whenever your time is manifest. Your goals pave the road.

    At the top of my bucket list is financial freedom. I wish to have a successful online business doing something I love. My website, The Art Of Sam, is the vehicle of my dream. I work very hard here, because I love what I’m doing. On the other hand, I’m not rushing either. For me, the journey is the goal. As long as I live, my devotion to this site will grow. There are no disappointments here, and every time I’m here, I’m in Heaven! I love to paint, think, explore life, and write. It’s all here. This is my reincarnation. This is my life.

    Entrepreneurship is all the trend these days, as many are tired of wasting their lives passions, and efforts in the corporate world, only to be thrown away when they are deemed too old to carry out their duties. In my opinion, this is a return to the mindset that built our country. Great ideas and products from great people, are what our country needs most today.

    So this is my goal, my passion in life. I don’t need to climb mountains, sky dive or wrestle grizzly bears, but that’s just me. How about you? I’m sure that everyone has something that they really love doing. In this day and age, it’s easier than ever to make a living from a passion. Trying to will solve one question for you real fast! How much love do you have for your goal? If this project is really what you want, you will work on it for the rest of your life. The idea of doing so will be a blessing. Like I said before, the journey will be the goal.

    Your bucket list may be different than mine!

    Perhaps you wish to try a lot of different things, have huge experiences, travel the world. My advice is the same. Do it! Steady as you go, don’t worry about something stopping you, just keep going. Most people live their entire lives without achieving most of their goals. Some, though a smaller segment of the population, achieve few of their goals. After that we have the saddest few who have no goals. If we refine our goals to that one thing, or those few things we really want, we have a much better chance of succeeding. Why? We will succeed every day we work toward our dream, and it will be a labor of love.

    Ok, now I would like to address those who have no goals. Are you really where you love to be? If so, great! You are among the luckiest! If not, I hope you’ll start thinking about the value of your life soon. It’s really all you have, so treat it kindly, help it bear fruit, and do that thing you have to do.