A Tribute To The Teachings Of Carlos Castaneda

After myself, Carlos Castaneda was my first guru. Back when I first started reading his books, something like thirty years ago, his works were all the rage in the spiritual and personal development communities. Now he is quite a controversial figure. He is accused of being a con man, a fraud, and many other nasty things. I am quite biased against these accusations.  Don Carlos spent his life in dedication to a reality that few have the mental expansion to understand. They are judging him from their limited view of reality, which is one I can see straight through! They judge the fate of his followers because they found some bones. Guess what, people die. If they didn’t, why would anyone practice anything? The question I would ask these block heads is, do we all have to die by your predicted schemes? Should we lay in hospice, offering our souls to Jesus Christ? How about if we plan our life and death to reach our highest potential? How bad would that be? If we died in a desert, eyes open to “The Spirit”, would that be worse than dying slowly in a hospital, loaded on morphine, or whatever?

We all will die, and will have to live until we do!

I find nothing wrong, but very right, in choosing a “spiritual practice that covers the entire spectrum. According to Carlos, we have to look reality right in the eye for as long as we can. Our death will then not be a giving up, but a fruition of what we personally are. Never heard it stated better! Castaneda describes quite rigorous physical conditioning as a path to taking the great trip. I find it sound and actually easy to follow. ie. Never eat more at one time than you can stuff into your mouth. Eat four times daily. Hmmm. If you eat this way, you will likely remain healthy no matter the diet you are on, though you are encouraged to eat meat, and vegetables, and few processed foods.

Carlos died of cancer, as do many. Somehow, death catches up with us all. There is no shame in this. Still, we should choose to live healthy, not to ward off death, but to live in an ultimate state as long as we can. This will allow us to be consumed by that “Fire Within”.  Choose death as your ultimate guru, and life as the power to face it! Between these, the rest is just your personal business! I find it sad that a man who came so close to truth is seen as a fraud. Maybe this is just a sign of our times. We revere life, but treat it like crap! We feed the notion that death is our enemy, and if you live well enough, you will not die. Most of our laws are based on a lack of logic. Castaneda challenged all these things! Try this… Look at death and life as part of who you are, and pay careful attention to both.  The saddest thing I think can happen to anyone, is to fail to face their ultimate vision, the one where they truly see themselves. Our society encourages this!

Many doubt that Juan Matus, Carlos Castaneda’s mentor, ever existed. I have a few things to say about this. Once again, if ignorance drives the masses, I choose to be alone!

First of all, I’ve heard many separate references to the shaman, Don Matus. He existed right here in physical reality at some time. His teachings demonstrated a new twist to old Toltec practices. Did Carlos know this man, was he this man, we may never know. It doesn’t matter! The teachings of Don Matus work, and are now the teachings of Don Carlos! The message remains the same.

Using specific practices, some physical, others mental, we can become so much more than we are at this time. We can face our entire being, and look at it’s maker! I don’t see any other realistic path to enlightenment. Some paths choose impermanence, or no mind as teachers. They have great points, but let you go in the end. Personally, following another to death, just won’t cut it. I want to see me in my great date with the stars! I know I may cease to exist, or grow into something new, but whatever happens,  will be present for it.

Carlos Castaneda lived his life by these teachings, and I am aligned with him as my brother in “The Great Road Trip”. Call him a fraud, on what grounds? The teachings of Don Carlos work!

Considering lucid dreaming practice, his instructions compare to none! Carlos offered his tuition via stories. By doing so, he engaged an audience which couldn’t be reached without them. In doing so, he conformed with the roots of shamanism, by making the “spiritual” personal. He did the same with stalking techniques. Carlos gave shamanism a great labor of love!

He has been given titles such as the father and founder of New Age. I believe he contributed greatly to this movement, though am reluctant to combine these two. Shamanism is about specific results.

As Carlos cautioned, death could become the result of practice, though true life cannot be realized without it. When one faces their ultimate challenge, no one can intervene. The results could be awful! That is why shamanism teaches so many techniques for surviving your encounter with true reality. Never the less, that encounter will be yours alone. Shouldn’t wish it to be any other way.

Castaneda is author to eleven books of Toltec Sorcery including, 1. The Teachings Of Don Juan, 2. A Separate Reality, 3. Journey To Ixtlan, 4. Tales Of Power, 5. The Second Ring Of Power, 6. The Eagle’s Gift, 7. The Fire From Within, 8. The Power Of Silence, 9. The Art Of Dreaming, 10. Magical Passes, and 11. The Active Side Of Infinity.

In the latter part of his career, Don Carlos dedicated most of his efforts to teaching Tensegrity. This is a large collection of physical exercises developed by the shamans of ancient Mexico, and modernized to suit the people of our times. The point of these exercises is to redeploy energy throughout the body for the purpose of vitality and expanding awareness needed for our evolution. Tensegrity is described in full in his book Magical Passes. In addition, seminars on Tensegrity have and still are offered.

Some people fell off the band wagon, when Carlos began his work shops. I suppose that they wished for him to remain an underground figure. Many mistrust one who makes money from their work. This is odd since almost everyone wants to have money! Why do we wish poverty and obscurity upon those we love and respect? Anyway, Castaneda surely made money, and did so by providing a great and unique service to humanity.

I strongly encourage anyone interested in higher forms of spirituality, New Age, Shamanism, yoga, magick, lucid dreaming and personal development to read all of Castaneda’s books! Even if you just like to read, these works are definitely the best I’ve ever encountered! You don’t need to believe them to benefit from their power. One more thing on this point… Give Tensegrity a try! Yes, it’s a little complex, but any student of yoga, Qi Gong, or Thai Chi can figure it out with no added instruction. Seminars are available for those who love the concept, yet need some help figuring out the details. Read Magical Passes, and you will find a way to Tensegrity training.

To those of you who practice Tensegrity, I implore you to offer workshops for anyone interested. This is a great niche, and would provide so much value for people today, who probably never had the opportunity to experience the phenomena that Castaneda brought to modern life!

Are you having problems with your lucid dreaming practice? Do you feel that you have few to no competent advisers for your practice of dreaming, stalking, or even personal improvement?

You can access so much guidance by just reading the works of Carlos Castaneda. He is referenced by Wayne Dyer, and many more! Carlos can answer many questions for the modern seer for free, or the low cost of some vintage books.

Don Carlos never died, he just expanded from human form! See for yourself. He taught me most of what I needed to expand my lucid dreaming practice, and apply it to both my shamanism, and every day life, if their is a difference:]

Art Deco: In The Hands Of A Surrealist

When I first publish this post, it probably will have few to no images. Sorry. The reason why is that most of these works are still on the drawing board, so to speak, but soon there will be plenty of imagery on this post, and in my 2016 Gallery.

“Art Deco” has it’s origins in the French Art exposition at Le Musee des Arts Decoratifs,1925. This was a display of nouveau design which sought to encompass works from around the world. It focuses on geometry, machinery, and color. “An architecture of ornament, geometry, energy, retrospection, optimism, color, texture, light and at times even symbolism.” Patricia Bayer 1966

It is not my intent to give a rich history and discussion of Art Deco, especially as soon it will be going under the scalpel of Surrealism! Save to say, it is an art form, and often a form of architecture, seeking the glorification of the modern age. It ranges from great buildings constructed to symbolize what they are about, to furniture, jewelry, kitchenware and so much more. I see great potential in Art Deco, though I used to find it quite unappealing, and this is why. The Industrial Age, though extremely important to our evolution, is pretty ugly to me. Big clanky machinery, railroads, tractors, even nuclear reactors are bland, boring, and at best scary. The nationalism boasted by old Art Deco is another of my least favorite subjects. The good news is that things have changed. Yes, we had to lay power lines, or our computers wouldn’t work. I see in it’s evolution that Art Deco will become a new force in the glorification of surrealism. Big machinery is being replaced with a subtle population of almost living machines. Mind is directly yielding form to architecture. We are in the Digital Age, of which I am sure will herald The Age Of Dreams, where envisioning, thinking, and multi level communication will become the new attributes for creating the machinery of change.

The new Art Deco will create buildings that discourage the gathering of clutter, beds that will afford better rest, more ambient dreams, chairs that enable good posture, while upholding relaxation, couches that yield high comfort rest, without “sucking you in”, tableware that encourages better eating habits. Let’s say you are a young person who just moved from your family home. You will seek furniture that compliments your new life. Need a sex bed, a dreamer’s bed, or whatever, and soon, you will be able to find it, at a good price! Right now it might cost a fortune, because so few are working on these ideas, but as this changes, technology for specific living will become the new norm in homes and offices. Many great companies now provide day care for employees with children. Imagine how Art Deco could contribute to happy children and parents! Most people spend more time at work than they do at home. Sometimes they work split, or double shifts. As of now, these people often just have to find a way to fill in dead space. This is neither healthy, nor productive! Imagine a beautiful break room, giving employees the ability to nap on beautiful, artistic, and comfortable structures, spaces to encourage meditation and prayer, access to internet, massage and entertainment facilities. The list goes on!


many of you, especially employers, will say, “this is ridiculous! Why would I spend so much money to the catering of those who need to do their jobs, or go away?” Well, the idea is to keep the employees who do the best work at all costs! They are the muscle for your future, so keeping them in top shape is a good idea! Remember, the difference between success and failure lies in the mental and physical health of an agency. This isn’t a one sided world anymore. Thank all our revolutions for that!

Back to the art.

The technology to do all these things is here already. It isn’t apparent because the demand is still low. In five or more years, the demand will be overwhelming! Technology for specific living will become one of the greatest niches for all marketers. This is, and was, what Art Deco is about.

Many of us are living in the “New Stone Age!” This is the punch a clock slavery to a paycheck. All the indications are here, that this way of life is coming to an end! The new paradigm will be closer to the tribal constructs of ages past. The architecture of this era is now in the making.

It will come to our work places, our hospitals, grocery stores, and everything else. It will stand as the hardware for a new patriotism based on mutual give and take, and powered by mental imagery. Life itself will be encoded in art, and this art will define our lives!

Let’s consider some common themes:

  1. The creation of specific living conditions for your home

    2. The creation of specific living conditions for your office/workplace

    3. Specific living conditions for behavior control

    4. Specific living conditions to counter depression

    5. Specific living conditions catering to the rehabilitation of people in hospitals,  detention facilities, and mental institutes

    6. Specific living conditions for children, teens and elderly

    7. Specific living conditions as a niche market

    I am certain that Art Deco, by conforming to the present age, will provide the world with all it needs to make it until the next eon! Let’s invest in this now!

    Potential Concerns:

    1. Mental stability for the world’s work force

    2. Ability of all to manage specific living needs

    3. The avoidance and correction of substance abuse

    4. Comfortable, and productive living

    5. Assisted living

    6. A great meeting between art and industry.

    I, Sam Celia, support art in the interest of specific living. I hope you will as well. Please leave comments as this is really new terrain here. I hope to see how all of you feel about this. Glad to answer questions to the best of my ability, and hoping to progress in creating functional art pieces to suit the needs of todays world.


Agoraphobia : The Snare Of Introversion

Agoraphobia, the fear of crowded places, enclosed public spaces, and even open areas, is a growing mental health concern of the modern world. It begins to control one’s activities and behavior by limiting where it’s victim is able to interact with others. In it’s advanced stages, it can prevent one from being able to leave their home. Because of this, it would appear that agoraphobics prefer the confines of small spaces, but looking deeper into the matter, it can be found that the opposite is true. Agoraphobia is an evolved form of claustrophobia! Naturally, if claustrophobic, you become stressed by the thought of being confined and deprived of the power to leave a particular area. You probably hate elevators, airplanes, and any enclosure you cannot leave immediately if so desired. Modern society has provided for the evolution of this phobia, by making it difficult, or not socially acceptable, to walk away from uncomfortable places. If you are flying, you can’t just say, “I’m tired of this flight, let me off!” You are stuck for the whole flight, and what you would prefer is irrelevant. Waiting in line at a busy store, you are in a similar situation. Sure, you could leave your groceries and run, but you would lose all you came for. Also it would look very strange! Most phobias equip themselves with the defense mechanism of self consciousness, which is what keeps them alive. Further, no one really wants their phobias known and understood, as it displays vulnerability. Vulnerability is one of the ultimate enclosures, a form of coffin.

It is very interesting to me, that the sources of all behaviors appear to be a duet. Two contending forces, one constantly flowing into the other, telling us what is right and wrong, appealing or repulsive. These two make the puppets dance!

There is a part of ourselves that compels us to this dance party: The Ego. It forces the mind into unconscious action, designed to prevent obvious destruction. Let it be known then, that the ego is a fear based self construct against mortality. Quite a lofty role to play, though ego isn’t very smart. Due to it’s great strength to the psyche of most, it has never been challenged to evolve at all, and so sadly, has become more of a disease than a friend. Most of us will fail through our own decisions, and not physical circumstances. Some say that all failures, or successes are self induced. I don’t have the knowledge to confirm this, and not really sure I agree. I do know that our futures are almost one hundred percent the results of our actions, and ego calls all the shots here for most.

So who are the members of this duet, and what do they hope to accomplish? Are they part of us, or independent to our self interest? Who do they serve, and from where do they come?

This duet is the classical Eros, and Thanatos. These are the polarities of arousal and decline,  God and Satan to Christians, Jews and Muslims, yin and yang to others. They are the light and the dark, and all of the ways these two are perceived by consciousness. They have no hope for accomplishment, because they are perfect in every way. They are part of us, yet independent to our self interest. They serve themselves through us, and in the end are two sides of the same coin, each bringing us back to the undefinable Source Of All.

I believe that all phobias break down to our revulsion of our own mortality, and it’s many icons scattered throughout reality. For example, my mother was very scared of caterpillars and cockroaches. For the longest, she couldn’t figure out why. One time we had a long talk where we shared our lists of phobias. I was a little boy then, but I remembered all she told me during our interesting conversation.

Suddenly she told me what caused her phobia of these bugs. “You know, I used not to be scared of caterpillars and roaches. Actually, I found them kind of interesting, until I found them squashed. It was disgusting, internal organs hanging out everywhere. It wasn’t quite dead yet, and I knew it was in pain. The whole thing was so revolting! The worst part was knowing that it was healthy and alive just a few minutes ago, but now this!”

Obviously, the root cause of the phobia was not those creatures themselves, but what they came to represent. I wonder how many psychologists have studied this matter? Many psychotherapists practice on others what we often do to cope with our fears. They medicate. I know I have many times drank heavily in order to face something that scares me. It works, sort of. It provides immediate relief, but no cure at all. Doing things like this when very necessary is sometimes a good idea, but in the long run exacts a huge toll on our mental and physical health. What’s worse is that our phobias often evolve in the space between alternating mind states, making them stronger, and much more difficult to resolve.

Back to the topic: Agoraphobia!

Almost everyone has heard the expression “opposites attract.” They most certainly do! Why? Opposites are polarities of the same subject. Think about this in relation to agoraphobia and claustrophobia. One exists in the plane of the unlimited. Agoraphobics can run anywhere, yet their terror remains. There is no center, or focal point, save for a huge emptiness within. Claustrophobics have limited or no access to escape. No matter where they wish they could be, they cannot leave their enclosure immediately. There is once again no center, or focal point, save for a huge emptiness without. The obvious trigger is a sense of restriction of mobility and action, which returns many a consciousness to it’s greatest of all fears,


We cannot escape it, bargain with it, or even understand it really. When our lives end, what will happen next? I would have to die to answer that:]

Some people are not at all afraid of death, and these people will live much happier lives than most of us! Most of these, both good and terrible people, believe deeply that their death is only a portal to a much better place. These folks see death as a matter of relocation for the better. Others choose to focus on their life and state of being, instead of looking to the future. Once again, their lives will become their preoccupation, so they will take care of them! Very few just don’t care at all, and even though this appears weird, these folks suffer less, and walk their path without a lot of unresolved conflict.

Where am I going with this?

I am saying that the real root of any phobia is an intellectual preoccupation with questions that our reality cannot answer. I’m not saying we should dispose of these questions, because they are very interesting, and in the future, answers may come. The thing is, that by dwelling on such questions, and giving them emotional input, we are shrinking and restricting our lives. To help shed light on this point, please allow me to give my personal opinion on the biblical story of Adam and Eve, and how they lost “The Garden Of Eden!”

I’ve looked for them, but found very little sources of information for what original sin really is. I’ve heard somewhat silly accounts such as murder, worshipping Satan, disobeying, or not believing in God. I think these are limited at best, and really hog wash explanations. Original sin, is the intellectual process of unthinking reality. “The Garden”, never left us, but we left it. We lived in a paradise world once, but by opening ourselves to the wrong information, we lost it all:[

We became plagued by a world of fears and potential defilements. We lost the ability to see the beauty of life. We lost our ability to see God. Why? We locked ourselves into the phenomenal world, where all things begin and end. It is a highly logical world, and hard to come back from, though often so ugly! Isn’t this the trip of Agoraphobia?

I recommend spiritual disciplines and faith as the ultimate antidote to phobia! We cannot resolve our fears intellectually, though I’ve studied many who say you can. This isn’t about intellect. Using intellect for this process is like using your cell phone to drive in nails! There is a good reason why all the great gurus of all time stressed a physical, intellectual,  emotional and spiritual world. Of course, this is one world, but it is accessed in hermetic levels. This is not a human construct, it’s just how everything works! Please, find a path outside of intellect, and make it yours!

Many have said it before, but I will say it again, that religion, spirituality and belief are not for the dead, but the living. Let the dead take care of themselves, and focus on yourself, and all you know right now, to take care of the living!

The source of all will align and rectify all points. All you have to do is be, and practice now!

To anyone who would like to share their phobia, please do. Give a fake name if you don’t want anyone to know it’s you. I understand! Hey, cmon, do it!

Where The Wild Things Are


"Happy", Enjoying Her Field Trip

Landscapes of the Cape Fear River Basin
Landscapes of the Cape Fear River Basin

I am an avid nature lover! Since my young days, I loved field trips to wooded areas, lakes, rivers,marshes, and of course, the beach! The life of these wonderful places intrigued me. It seems that in places like these, creation unveils itself in full! Somehow, the secrets of life explain themselves. Look in the mud of a salt marsh, and what do you find? Just about anything:] To be more specific, probably more than a few small crabs. Polychaetes [marine annelid worms] are very common. They comically resemble the dragons of a Chinese New Year parade. Not pretty at all, but very interesting. All sorts of clams, mussels and bottom dwelling fish may be found. Sea cucumbers, starfish, and ribbon worms make frequent appearances. If you have saltwater aquarium experience, starting a salt marsh aquarium from your local flora and fauna can be every bit as rewarding, as a reef tank!Reef Tank 2013

I live in Wilmington, North Carolina. My favorite collecting grounds are: the Cape Fear River, Greenfield Lake, the salt marshes of Wrightsville Beach, Snow’s Cut, and the jetties of Fort Fisher. The diversity of life here is amazing. For example, when fishing the Cape Fear River, close to the PPD building, I have caught catfish, eels, sharks, mullet, blue fish, flounder, sting rays, spot, gar, white fish, jack mackerel, blue crab, rock crab, and an occasional weird looking lobster! Sounds like a fish story, doesn’t it? Well, it is, but it’s true. How these creatures of different environments and salinities are able to co exist, I don’t know. In the Cape Fear River, Burnt Mill Creek, and Greenfield Lake, they do!Marshland Along The Alligator River 4 11 16Brunswick River 4 11 16Corals In The Cape Fear River Downtown Wilmington 2016

Ten years ago, I started an aquarium dedicated to creatures of the Cape Fear River. Spending all my free time collecting plants and animals to stock my tank with became my obsession! The tank was a homemade 200 gallon. During that time, I stocked it with corals,[ collected in under ten feet of water at the foot of Nun Street], marine worms, eel grass, sea horses, clams, mussels, a few baby flounder, sea cucumbers, a toad fish [which I soon returned, for being too destructive], cabbage head jellyfish, hydroids, an eel, many polychaete worms, and flame scallops! How? In the Cape fear River, creatures like these can be found. That is what I love about this place! Over time, I returned things that didn’t belong in my tank. The eel and flounders became too much. They dug up the mud-sand medium I used in this tank, so I freed them. Jellyfish, some of the most difficult of marine animals to keep, did quite well. Eventually, they grew too big, and began to injure themselves, so back to the river they went. The horses and eel grass did extremely well! They reproduced for years until I had to move, so I returned them. Also I returned the corals, attaching them to the pilings near Elijah’s, a popular restaurant on the riverfront. During the time they spent in my aquarium, they grew over four inches!Jellyfish On Eel Grass Bed 2016

Five years ago, I set up a Greenfield Lake aquarium, and this one didn’t do as well. The creatures I collected there were even less apt to co exist, yet they did. The problem was, that obviously there was something in the water that enabled such diverse life forms to thrive, but I don’t know what it is! I collected shrimp, mullet, flounder, catfish, eels, hydroids, jellyfish, [especially nettles], mussels, clams, limpets and chitons. Testing the salinity of the water, many of these creatures should not have been able to thrive. In my aquarium, many didn’t. The miracle is in the water. I don’t know what it is, but I will try again.

Once at the Greenfield Lake spillway, I saw a man catch the biggest mullet I have ever seen! It was about five feet long. He asked me if I knew what this fish was. I looked carefully, and yes, jealously! “It’s a mullet, but I’ve never seen one this big!” He said that he had, fishing in salt water, but was surprised to catch one in Greenfield Lake! Maybe I’m ignorant, but I’ve never seen such a huge mullet, until then!

The Cape Fear River Basin, is one of those miracle places, where logic and reality don’t apply. I love places like this!

Landscapes of the Cape Fear River Basin
Landscapes of the Cape Fear River Basin

I’m proud to confess that I am a wild card!Road To The WildInto The Woods 2016

The Cape Fear River basin, home to the Venus Flytrap, is my home, and though I’ve travelled, I can say there is nothing like this place in the whole United States!

The water seems dirty, but it houses many delicate life forms. Anytime my aquariums started failing, adding a gallon or two of river[for salt], or lake water[fresh] revived everything! Try it for yourself!

In the wilder places of the Cape Fear, I have met some big cats! Carolina Cougars. Googling them, It says they are almost extinct, if they ever existed. Well, I met these cats face to face. Very dangerous? Possibly. They eat careless dogs for sure. They are big cats. Funny thing is, from my experience, they act much as domestic cats, though much bigger. On Eagles Island, I hung out with a few, over twenty years ago. They were not mean. They caught fish, dug clams, and ate possums, coons, and birds. You could pet one if it came to you, and it would purr, and give a little sharp love. They are not menacing beasts. However, since we have developed their land, I’ve known of dogs to go missing. They will dig through trash as well.Eagles Island Camp, Wilmington,N.C. 1986

Hey, another miracle of the Cape Fear!

Fort Fisher, the Civil War stronghold of the Confederacy, is another amazing place! If you are a history buff, there is plenty here for you. As for me, I’m much more interested in the awesome diversity of plant and animal life thriving there. Fort Fisher is located at the mouth of the Cape Fear River, at the end of Pleasure Island. Interestingly, it is one of the few coastal areas in North Carolina to have natural rock outcrops. These are composed of sandstone, and give shelter and growth space for a number of plants and animals that could not thrive without them. Among these are sea grasses, [real grass that grows from the rock formations], octopi, [which seek shelter in reef like environments], sea hares, [common in the rocky tidal pools], sea anemones of many varieties, [some of which are huge], starfish, corals, sea pansies, horseshoe crabs, [one of the most interesting animals I have ever kept in an aquarium], sea spiders, sea roaches, and many a tropical invader, such as lionfish, and upside down jellyfish. On a few occasions, I have seen sea wasps, the worlds most intelligent and dangerous jellyfish. On the river side, flounder, sharks, spot, bluefish, stingrays and skates are very common. Huge mussels grow along the shores, some up to seven inches or more!

Shores of fresh water pools and wetlands of Pleasure Island are home to the Venus Flytrap, pitcher plants, and sundews, all of which are insectivorous, or carnivorous plants! The pools themselves are often filled with salamanders such as newts. The high grounds are sand hills, blanketed with pines and prickly pear cactus. Many people don’t associate coastal areas with bats, but from Fort Fisher, all the way into down town Wilmington, they are quite common. Little Brown Bats fill the night skies along the Cape Fear, and most of Wilmington. In addition, I have seen Fisher Bats, scooping fish from all our sounds and estuaries. These are big bats, about the size of a seagull. Once again I’ll mention the beautiful Carolina Cougar. This I one amazing and beautiful cat. I’m concerned for it’s welfare, as it’s native grounds are developed. I really hate it! Many see these cats as a bad thing, but I’ve met them face to face.

Landscapes of the Cape Fear River Basin
Landscapes of the Cape Fear River Basin

The first time I met a Carolina Cougar, I was scared as hell! Suddenly it was there, while I was digging clams on the Cape Fear. I was digging a hole, grabbing clams, and it just walked up to me, and started digging too. I knew that running from a cat is an invitation to be chased, so I just sat there shaking. It meowed at me! Came up and rubbed up like a house cat. After playing around the marsh, and catching little critters, it walked off. After ten or more exposures to this majestic cat, I lost some fear. I’ve petted one that came up to me. It purred. If I moved, and one hissed, I knew to lose eye contact, and do something interesting, like dig in mud, or strip leaves from trees. I’m not saying that anyone should assume safety around these cats, as they are big and dangerous, if they choose to be. Thing is, they are much easier to befriend than an alligator, also common to this area. These huge cats will dig through garbage, and will kill domestic animals, when humans develop their native grounds. I love these cats, and think they should be allowed wild spaces to live! I hope soon to be able to photograph, video and paint a Carolina Cougar.

Throughout this post,

Landscapes of the Cape Fear River Basin
Landscapes of the Cape Fear River Basin

My ultimate message is that the Wilderness must be saved at all cost! Our evolution relies on it! Without these wild places, we will soon stew in the misery of our progress. Nothing to see, nowhere to run, nothing to believe in, just numbers and bills. Until terrorism became the new heads up, we thought we could be secure in our nice dream houses, eating up the life force of the world. We were wrong then, and we have as of yet to declare war on the destruction of our world! Quite ironic:] It seems like the culture of planet Earth is plotting against itself, and mainly, I don’t care. These people are shells of potential humanity, and I would not shed a tear if they bring themselves down. I love my world though. I don’t want to live in a land of fixed outcomes! Give me a little weed, good beer, and my home in it’s wild entirety, Planet Earth!

Landscapes of the Cape Fear River Basin
Landscapes of the Cape Fear River Basin
Landscapes of the Cape Fear River Basin
Landscapes of the Cape Fear River Basin

I am a wild thing, and I want to live where the wild things are!

P.S:[   I am hearing from many people that the big cats are now extinct in North Carolina. No one has spotted one recently. They point out to me that twenty plus years changes a lot! I hope they are wrong! I’m afraid of the rage that would grow in me to find these big cats gone!

Anyway, I intend to find out for myself. Doing so with worry, as much of their habitat in the Wilmington area has been developed. Mansions for celebrities have replaced many of these beautiful wild places I roamed in my youth. Soon will add some paintings, and hopefully pictures of these cats!

Best Fitness Exercises For Lucid Dreamers: The Mechanics Of Dream Incubation

There are quite a few fine works of literature on the practice of lucid dreaming. Many focus on the psychology of the practice, some on it’s entertainment value, and a beautiful few on it’s spiritual value. I choose to embrace them all, though I personally treat dream practice as religion. I write this post for those who feel as I do, that although this I interesting and fun, it’s also imperative!

Lucid dreaming takes a great deal of energy, believe it or not. Best results are obtained when the body and mind are in tip top shape! Not saying that I am, but I try:]

Best Fitness Exercises For Lucid Dreamers,

Is a collection of techniques for dream incubation, incorporating the dream body into the physical body, and keeping it all strong, healthy and balanced.

First of all, let me introduce the Four Fold Breath. This is a technique of breathing to the count of four, and it’s purpose is to allow thoughts, motions, and points of stillness in our respiration, so we can carry out a technique in time, like we would a piece of music, or drawing on graph paper. Inhale:1234, Hold:1234, Exhale:1234, Hold1234, then repeat. Pretty simple, right. You will understand better as we go along.

  Incorporate the Four Fold Breath into as many activities as possible, if only to learn how and why to use it.

Do you lift weights? If so, awesome. Follow this. Let’s do a dumbbell curl. Standing, let the weight fall to it’s lowest point. Inhale while doing so. Hold your breath for the count of four. Curl the weight upward, exhaling to the count of four. Hold to the count of four. Release to the count of four, inhaling as you do so. Hold to the count of four, and repeat.

You should consider tantric exercise. Apply the Four Fold Breath there. Whatever you are doing, apply this breath technique as much as possible! Why?

You are laying down, getting ready to sleep. All the same, your body and mind are still tense. Lucid dreaming will seldom happen under these conditions. Usually, you will stay up almost all night, fall asleep by morning, and feel hung over when you wake up. Not sexy at all! Try this!

Laying in bed, prepare for sleep with a mantra. It could be as simple as snoring, [this works!], but I will choose the mantra, “I am Dreaming.” Good enough? Think it captures it all. Ok. Rest your body. Let your eyelids drop. Relax as much as possible. Tense your muscles, and relax them in stages, to the count of four, and this mantra, repeated mentally. Toes tighten on an exhale, [I Am Dreaming.] Toes relax on an inhale, [I Am Dreaming.] Work every muscle in your body, up to the crown of your head this way. This really builds dream muscle. What happens, is that sooner or later, performing this exercise, saying “I am dreaming”, you will find that you are! Like using keywords in posting, you do not need to use the Four Fold Breath all the time. Use it to mechanically change your state of consciousness, then, just flow!

When dreaming, seek vessels!

Find ways to store dream information while dreaming. For example, create a dream journal in your dreams. You probably will not recall it all, but it will be there next time! Create containers to hold information while dreaming. Re creating these in waking life will provide you with a power tool for gaining and expanding that awareness. Quite cool, huh! Paint paintings of your dreams. Much later, or perhaps sooner, paint while you are dreaming. When you can do that, paint in physical reality while you are dreaming! It is very possible. I’ve done it! I’m just a nobody, and if I can, so can you!

Are you ready to know what this is all about? Is it Satan, Jehovah, or the Holy Ghost? It’s all that stuff, but not even close! This is new world order before there was one, yet it inspired all the acts of humanity. I will disclose what it really is, and blast away all towers in the process. All that stuff is just imagery in the game. So what is the game? Who does it serve? Why should I do it?

The game is Shamanism!

The devils and gods are our buddies in the dream. All of you are beautiful imagery in my dreams. You are real, and I know it, but dreams are reality for me! Why should you do it too? It is the only real thing left for you. Hmmm. You know it!

By the way, what would you like to know? Would you really like to know? Why not come down to earth with us folks and work on what you want to do!

All I’m saying will not solve the mystery of life. I don’t know! I think it is useless to explain the role of a toaster. Still, isn’t your toast worth it?

So here, the fundamentals of dream work and shamanism!

Your physical body and mind is a radio.  The complexity of your form is necessary to picking up the frequency. Our practice makes it our own. The story has been old many times, though injected into vessels of individualism.

What we are looking for is ourselves, and we are here, now!

Back to technique

Create your own aerobic exercises, making sure to add outward thrusts and contractions, which will be greatly amplified by adding rhythm. 1234! Add shape to these exercises, expressing circles, left, right, behind and in front.

Work your joints well to avoid collecting fluid. Check out, “Magical Passes”, by Carlos Castaneda.

This work will give you broad advice into the exercise part of dreaming and shamanism.

 Now, to dream incubation…,…,…

Before going to sleep, ask for advice to your questions. Do this simply by thinking about your question, and leaving it all to the beautiful darkness of sleep. Let your consciousness melt into that place. While going there, ask for omens. The spirit will receive all that is truly aspired. The spirit and the game are one. Fall asleep dear one, seek your bed within the dream and awake for real!

Fall asleep dear one, seek your bed within the dream, and awake for real!

Give me omens, and vessels for intent. Give me a cup that I may fill!

Discover the shape in dream world, and create it in physical reality.

This post ends now, but will be continued. Please follow!

Best Mac N Cheese Recipe

Mac n cheese is a comfort food, and likely the most comforting one. Though I would personally not recommend eating this every day, it is a memorable and delightful dish when prepared right. Box mac n cheese just isn’t worth all the calories, as it isn’t half as good as my recipe!

This is no run of the mill mac n cheese. I contains four cheeses: sharp cheddar, feta, parmesan, and velveeta.

It contains real butter, onion, bacon bits, paprika, beef broth, and crushed pork skins. Ingredients may be omitted if you dislike them, but I don’t think you should. Try it!

To begin with, we will not cook the pasta in water, but beef broth. [approx. one part pasta to three parts liquid. In this recipe , we will cook one pound of pasta. Two quarts beef broth should work, but depends on the pasta you use. You may add a little water if pasta soaks up the broth too quick, but it won’t.

Pasta should be cooked al dente. I mean, almost crunchy! It will be subjected to further cooking, and mushy mac just won’t do.

Notes on cooking pasta!

  1. Always salt pasta water for flavor. Saltless pasta is disturbing to me, and just plain weird. I can taste the lack of something. Yes, some people need to limit their salt intake, I get that. Flavor is compromised though. That’s life! You can reduce the salt content and add other flavors such as herbs and spices. My suggestion is 2 tablespoons of salt to one gallon of water. This recipe contains no added salt, as the broth has enough.

    2. Different kinds of pasta cook at different speeds. Read the pasta box directions if you have questions. For example, ordinary elbow pasta is usually done in under 7 minutes al dente, and a  maximum of 10, well done. Ramen noodles, and many Asian noodles cook in a little over 1 minute al dente!

    3. It is a good idea to wait until water hits a rolling boil before you add pasta. Many pastas don’t cook right in under temp water. They often become gummy, before water begins to boil. I have found this not to be true though, of ramen noodles.

While the macaroni is cooking, the sauce should be cooking too. The more time space  we can optimize the better! Keep this in mind as crushing the pork skins, measuring ingredients, are best done before you begin. Good mac n cheese really needs good timing. That’s why the boxed versions are so popular. My take is that if you wish to do something, do it right!

The pork skins and bacon bits are the topping, replacing bread crumbs, and garbage like that. This is a full flavor dish!


1. Pour beef broth into a four quart pot, heat until it comes to a rolling boil. Add one pound pasta and cook al dente. Drain, and reserve in strainer.

2. Meanwhile, add four tablespoons of butter to a pot capable of holding four quarts, on a high heat.  When butter melts, add two cups finely chopped onion. Saute until translucent.

3. Pour the one and a half quarts of heavy cream into pot, stirring well, until it begins to bubble. Turn to low heat and add all cheeses. Stir well until a sauce is made. Remove from heat.

Preheat oven to 350F.

4. Pour macaroni into a casserole dish capable of holding a gallon. Pour the sauce on top, but using a large spoon or spatula poke lightly into contents to spread the sauce.

5. Top first with bacon bits, and then crushed pork skins. Put into oven and cook until surface bubbles. Remove from heat, letting surface skin.

6. Top with paprika.

This is definitely the best mac n cheese I have ever made, and probably the best there is! When finished, the macaroni will be creamy soft, but not gummy or mushy. The crust on top is both crisp and bursting with flavor. This is a dish to impress people with, if only yourself.

Outside of the macaroni, there are few carbs to this dish. If you use the sauce for zucchini pasta, chitterlings, tripe, or shredded pork skin, this could be a low carb dish.

I think about things like this when writing recipes…

I want to make a dish good for anyone interested in following it. Low carb, just omit the pasta, and use something else. You don’t do pork? Use turkey bacon and fried chicken skin, or whatever does it for you.

Yet many a person of a varied diet will love this as it is, and find that although this is not a health food, it is healthier than it’s alternatives.

Yes, it’s a little more complicated than buying boxed mac n cheese. Some people don’t enjoy cooking, and this recipe is not for them.

Please allow me to compare 1. boxed mac n cheese, 2. leading mac n cheese recipes, and 3. my mac n cheese recipe.

Store bought mac n cheese varies in quality according to price. Most contain only one cheese, and often that cheese isn’t even real cheese. They are fortified with vitamins you may or may not need. Most contain corn starch, which puts on pounds quick, and is bad news on blood sugar. Many contain flour as well. I can taste it, can’t you? These products almost always contain much more additives than one would be lead to believe. The taste is simple, but not bad. If this is your mac n cheese preference, please read the box, and seek high end product. These are usually healthier, taste better, and less likely to contain hydrogenated oils. Watch out for these!

I have seen and tasted some very good home made mac n cheese.  Love to taste other peoples culinary masterpieces both for pleasure, and inspiration! In addition, I’ve come across some really good recipes. Most of these contain at least two cheeses, real butter or other healthy fat/oil, some form of topping[bread crumbs, etc], usually contain some degree of flavorful vegetable such as onions, do not rely on flour and corn starch to thicken product. Creaminess should come from the cheeses and fats used. Contain milk, and or heavy cream. Most use bacon, ham, or some other meat to give flavor. Much better than boxed for health and taste.

My recipe contains pasta, milk and milk products, four cheeses, real butter, beef broth, paprika and pork. The fourth cheese, Velveeta, contains some additives and preservatives. Usually, I make my own, omitting these. Still, store bought Velveeta is a good product, and greatly adds to the creaminess of my recipe. This dish is amazingly delicious and very satisfying. Just what I intended

This recipe is for people who love to make good food, and are not looking for less!

Try it, and please let me know what you think!