Surreal Visions On Water Damaged Sheetrock

Water damage is one of the most hated of home problems. It will ruin your home quickly, unless the problem is repaired promptly. I once lived in a home with severe water damage, due to a leaky roof. We tried many times to have it repaired, but the leaks just came back by the next season! I was told we would have to replace the entire roof, to fix the problem. Living in a historic town has it’s benefits, but good prices on home repair is not one of them. Only certain roofers are approved by the historic society to work in historic downtown. These folks are extremely expensive. No joke! Repairing our roof would likely cost around $500,000! Sadly, the leaks prevailed.

With the passage of time, nature left the old family home with some strange and beautiful wall and ceiling art. They were masterpieces! Ornate dragons began crawling up and down the walls. They were so detailed as to have faces, teeth, tongues, legs, tail, and claws on their eagle-like feet. An old, fat faced man hung out on the ceiling, over the bathtub, blowing smoke rings, and a cigar in his hand. Mushroom like forms sprang up on my bed room ceiling, getting larger and more detailed with every storm. Eventually, many turned into nuclear mushroom clouds, and penises of assorted shapes and sizes. It didn’t take a great imagination to see these things! They were there, plain as day, or a Jackson Pollack. Anyone who has not experienced such a thing will probably find what I’m saying hard to believe. I know! I found it hard to believe.

Water damage sucks! Finally, I had to sell my home and get out fast. Molds began growing fast! I sprayed everything with bleach in order to survive before I moved. Next rain, more great art, and molds. These conditions are un-livable, yet to an artist, they can be a goldmine! These haunting watermarks have inspired many of my works, and aided greatly in lucid dream imagery.

You don’t want to live in a place like this, but if you find yourself in one, please bring a respirator and more importantly, a good camera. The visions you can collect this way, are some of the best possible! The magic that exists in this strange wabi-sabi is definitely worth the effort it takes to capture them.

If I can find my old camera, I will post photographs of these “sheetrock phantoms” here. Meanwhile, I’m on a quest for more. Luckily, I won’t find this inspiration in my current apartment!

I have this idea though, and it fits in with the movement of art from recycled items. Sheetrock such painted by nature could be removed, and carefully coated with polyurethane and anti-fungals, until it is in effect plasticized. At this point, it could be colored in, or just left as it is, to return to a home as wall or ceiling art. It could truly make some great wall art for the living room. How wonderful would it be in a meditation, or prayer room as well? They would be preserved examples of the transience of all things, and how divinity is real and alive in the world. Nice idea huh? It could easily be done.

I’m extremely impressed with how Jackson Pollack created the art he did. How did he throw paint, and direct where it goes? The same is true with this phenomena. These forms have to come from somewhere, don’t you think? There is a hidden artist at work in everything, and I wish to learn from them, and be their apprentice.

I’ve also witnessed this phenomena manifest itself on cloth. In this way, it becomes similar to a tie-dye, except accidental. Cotton is best. Obviously, what is happening is that a liquid passing through an absorbent substance lodges it’s pigments into spaces in the fiber. As the water evaporates, it leaves patterns of concentrated pigment along the places of it’s greatest concentration before it dries up.

This explains the physical phenomena in part, though it barely touches the topic of how such intricate and obvious images are born. If it truly is explainable, it will take one heck of a long explanation! I don’t really think it needs one. Understanding reality is the process of coming to terms with the truth that reality is it’s own reason. Chop it down to so many particles, and still little will be known. Existence has a reason, and it exposes us to this in infinite ways, all of the time. We have to take care to notice.

Those familiar with the wabi-sabi movement know that it is a meditation on the transcient nature of all things. This is not only to say that phenomena only last for a short time, but more so that they change and evolve constantly. Therefore, everything we see, feel, touch or taste becomes something new and evolved, leaving a stream of births and deaths, with no ultimate conclusion.

As can be said of the chilling fall, with it’s golden light silvering, and it’s stream of brightly colored leaves…

Or the frost of winter, reflecting in it’s prisms, the light of ages to come…

The pale green of spring, bringing life from the ground, buzzing bugs, and singing birds…

Summer’s blazing gold, coaxing us from our clothes and to the water, where life dances with us and nibbles at our toes…

Do you remember yesterday?

It’s gone.

See, I make all things new!

An artist, any artist, in their own way, contributes to the documentation of reality. They bathe in the impermanence of all things, while residing in the “Great Night” of no-thing. They paint a message again and again. Hello-Goodbye. To the beauty, the terror, and the ambience they bow. You my beloved, hello and goodbye. Pain courses through, above and below them, as a fatal brush stroke reinvents the world. The artist once bled now flushes upon a growing canvas. Ideas begin anew.

Visions of love and passion fill these eyes. This will be the big theme! This will be different! This will be my life! Knowing that all things are passing, the brush is clutched. Parades of “My will be done!”, bleeding reason scratches strokes into a sullen pool. We are passing… We are waning from sight.

Anguished tears, heaven collapsed,

ego resolved,

Hello, Goodbye.

Good morning molded walls, I speak to my garden one last time. I’m powdered in blue dust, and have lived this dream through to it’s end. Perhaps tomorrow we’ll share love at the beach.

My face is melting. Forsake resolve, I will live in love. The unseen and untimed, all that remain.

Dragons! Goodbye and hello.

Going In For A Sleep Study

Greetings everyone. Tomorrow I am going for a sleep study, reason being that I have sleep apnea. I will be spending the night at the Wilmington Sleep Disorder Center. Why am I telling you this? It’s all a part of my art. This, as well as all my life experiences, will yield great art and awareness.

I’ve had to make a sacrifice!

Because I will have electrodes attached to my scalp, I have had to shave my dreads! That part hurt, but I can grow them back.  What does this sound like? Hmmm. It sounds like an awesome trip, and learning experience, as well as a motion to fix one of my problems. Does it feel weird? Sure does. My best trips all feel that way!

So around 8:30, tomorrow night, I will be fitted with electrodes, devices to check my oxygen levels, and how I’m breathing. All I have to do is fall asleep. This sounds a little difficult now, as I’m an easily disturbed sleeper, but I’m sure I can ace it.

I will let you know how it goes! I plan to bring back some cool photography, and paintings to follow.  At any rate, this is my post for tonight, and I’ll be back by the beginning of the week, if not sooner. Sweet dreams.


Today is the day! I’m feeling excited. Since I work nights, I usually sleep until about 5pm, but woke up at 1pm today so I will be able to go to sleep early tonight. Hope it works. I’m so used to the nocturnal life lately. Feeling foggy, but still want to enjoy my day off. It’s extremely hot outdoors, and buggy as well. Took care of my plants and went back inside. I’m leaving home in two hours, so guess I should get ready:]

Arrival at the sleep clinic

I was planning on taking a pic of the building, but honestly, it looked so drab that I didn’t care to. I had to ring the door bell to get in. Honestly, it appeared to me like a warehouse. Looks can be deceiving. They sure were here!

Getting settled

When the door opened, I was greeted by an outstanding staff, who quickly made me feel at home, and processed my paperwork in a quick and casual way. They showed me to my room, and gave me time to unpack my things, and get settled.

What I found noteworthy was that the staff was so cool! Two very beautiful, kind, and infinitely knowledgeable people.  They were professionals I could feel comfortable with! this was not the drab science lab environment I expected. The procedures were explained to me in detail, and they invited me to ask questions. I asked many, because I was, and am, so interested in sleep study.

In my room

This was my room. I had tv, radio, and a very comfortable bed. I felt very sweet room

Preparing for bed

Before the sleep study could begin, I had to be fitted with electrodes. Most were on my head, though others on my chest, arms, and legs.  I guess that could sound creepy, it wasn’t. It was more like getting a massage, plus a little glue and tape:] Hey, I’m always game for something new!my bed

My experience of the sleep study

What it all boiled down to, was going to sleep while being monitored. The hardest part was for me, going to sleep. That is because It’s not very easy for me to fall asleep. Every little detail has to be right!

Crazy thing is, despite my worries, I fell asleep, without even knowing for how long I did, and was awakened with a kind “Good Morning”, to which I was both shocked and grateful!

My head was fitted with electrodes likewise:

Think this will be the next hot look on the club scene:]

my faceMy legs were hooked up legs

All those wires plugged into this thing:my plugins

Need a better look?



I wish to share with you a dream I had during my sleep study…

My daughter and I, along with some of her friends, took a walk downtown. I went to take some pictures of an opening to an underground stream,but left quickly as a security guard on the property told me to. He was nice about it though, explaining that they have had frequent trouble with sight seers. After that I walked to the riverfront. It was almost dark, except for luminous clouds reflected into the water. I tried to take a picture, but couldn’t find my phone. Suddenly, my daughter ran up to me and gave me my phone, saying that a friend of hers stole it. I told her that I didn’t want her hanging out with that girl anymore. The girls name was Christina. Christina told me, “I didn’t know the phone was yours, and I never meant you any trouble.” I said it was beside the point as she stole my phone. Suddenly I heard people cheering. They were gathered at the river, facing the sky. Descending quite rapidly, a breathtaking U.F.O. lit the riverfront. It glowed with bright colorful lights, and landed right in the river. There it stayed half way immersed, for a few minutes. It looked like a sphere of concentric circles, and the whole craft appeared to be made of a similar metal to that of airplanes. A walk, containing a guard rail, circled the entire craft. Some of the crew came out, standing at the rails, and waving to the onlookers. They looked like regular people from what I could tell. It was dark, so I couldn’t see much of them. The crew went back inside, and the craft rose into the sky, slowly at first, heading north. Then in a streak, it sped away.

Aside from this interesting and memorable dream, it seemed as if I just fell asleep, and woke up. It will probably be a few weeks before I know the results of my sleep study. They will be sent to my doctor. Should I have to return, I will look forward to it!

I will post my results when I get them, as well as any follow ups that may occur.

To all a wonderful sleep, and sweet dreams!

Black And White Art

I discovered black and white art in the late 1980’s, somewhat by accident. Although this art form was quite popular then, I never really paid much attention to what other artists were doing. Most of my art was wildly psychedelic, flaming almost! 1988 was a bad year for me financially. My job just didn’t pay enough, and my art didn’t sell well. I was too busy painting to look for exhibits, and my “word of mouth” strategy for marketing yielded poor results. Every once in a while, I would get an exhibit, or make a sale. Definitely not often enough to pay the bills.

Me being who I am, I decided to take a week off from work, to travel into the badlands and paint night and day! Wow, it was fun! I gained some very valuable insights then as well. My biggest learning experience came half way through the week. I was running out of paint. Though I had plenty of beer and other tools of creative instigation, plus a few days worth of cigarettes, I was flat broke. I mean I literally had no money! Well, maybe a nickel and some pennies, but less than a dollar. It took all I had not to seriously panic.

So I decided to make due with what I had, get as wasted as possible, and paint more. Somehow, I had faith that something would come through. Luckily, I had plenty of canvasses to work with. As well, I had a good amount of black, white, brown, and green paint. I added the brown and green to the black, along with all bottles of extra paint I saved up over the past year, giving me a quite beautiful shade of black:] I knew that some artists painted in black and white, and knew this was the perfect time to give it a try.

Working as I always had, using automatic painting and capturing visions from dreams, crystals, and life in general, I cranked out four beautiful paintings in two days! It was really shocking to me to see such professional work, and know I did it!

Luckily, a few friends took me out for drinks, at The Barbary Coast. After a lot of talking, I ended up with around ten people in my bedroom, viewing my art. They loved it, and so we all went back downtown, for more drinks, and to talk to people in the art world. Before Monday, all my black and white paintings were sold, and I had close to $1000!

Some artists would have seen this as a pitiful return, but I was astounded! What I learned, is that black and white art speaks to the consciousness in a unique way. Do it well, and it will be well rewarded. To date, I have never had a full color painting match the financial returns of a “black and white!”

I make no apologies for wishing to make money for my art, and considering financial returns as I paint. I want my art to be a career. However I paint, my work will always be uniquely mine. Over the years, what I’ve discovered, are new and better ways to represent my vision.

Black and white art

captures something that resonates with many people. It seems to give “extra color” to my visions. I wouldn’t say so if I didn’t see it myself. Though I have not chosen to paint only black and whites, I’m always delighted with the results when I do so. That is not about money, but me!

Sometimes, excluding color creates a space, sacred to the artist’s design. It’s like the troubles of the world are lifted from the image, and pure sensuality remains. It transmits all kinds of color to the emotional body, while pleasing the eyes.

Perhaps this style allows the viewer to “color” the painting as they see fit. I really don’t know, but it does something special. Such canvasses cast a spell over the room they live in. There will be many that visit that room, to capture the nuance, and take it home.

Who remembers black and white tv?

I sure do! Any of you who like to watch old movies probably will know where I am going with this. At least for me, these movies captured reality better for me than movies of today. Perhaps they worked harder to create a great movie, but I don’t think that’s it. There is a magical quality to “black and white”, that nothing has been able to replace. Remember “Heck Ramsey?’ It’s a must see! “The Cat Jumped Over The Moon”, check it out.

There are two ways to paint a good “Black And White.”

Paint a canvas black, and paint the image in white, or paint a canvas white, and paint the image in black. Between the two, I think the first is best, but this is strictly up to the artist. I love to have a black canvas, and begin adding imagery in white. The results are completely different from an ink drawing. Black images on a white canvas are great too. They offer the richness of a great drawing.

Decolorized images

often turn out great, though there are more than a few exceptions. Digital artists need to investigate the limits of this territory. My results have varied. Paintings that rely on specific color shades may not fare well in “black and white.” Paintings of food, or cooking shows do poorly in this technique.

Color tv was invented to give clarity to programming, and in technical ways, it does. I remember watching surgeries in black and white. These never prepared me for the later color versions. [Yes, I used to want to be a doctor:]]]

I seldom watch tv anymore, I just don’t really care for either the programming, or the presentation. Usually. Give me an Andy Griffith show, Little Rascals, Heck Ramsey, and I’ll be there. Still love “The Beverley Hillbillies”, without color! These were great shows, and expanded within the mind for years! It’s little wonder that black and white art is so popular.

Crystals For Lucid Dreaming: Dreaming While Awake

I frequently make posts on lucid dreaming, and I do so because dream work is the foundation of my art. I wish to clarify that my style of dream work is mainly for manifestation. Though dreaming is a learning process, and divinatory skill, ultimately the goal is to expand levels of awareness and reality. So I discussed some of the most potent techniques I know, and now am offering another.

Crystals For Lucid Dreaming

I am writing this post while dreaming,

and will explain this in another post.

For now, please understand that I am speaking from the dream.

Crystals are amazing entities!  They are a conglomeration of realities, tied together by a common bond, such as a chemical bond. Awareness can be instantly found by studying a crystal very carefully. That awareness can be increased four-fold, by dreaming with that crystal! There are many methods of doing so, and I will list those that I have practiced.

It all comes down to fulfilling gravity, on your personal level.

Talk to me about reality. What is it? Who does it benefit, if anyone. What are you standing on, while I’m leaning against? Reality melts when dreaming begins. This is because dreaming does not apply to contrived conscious states, and therefore eats away timelines that support the illusion of one world being real, while another not. Though what I’m saying could not make sense to one who views reality as their consistent perception,  it is true, and ultimately provable!

Crystals can be used to empower dream work to great degrees. Though knowledge of “Crystal Magic”, can help, It is not necessary. Focusing on what a particular crystal is, will lead to illumination, and the breakdown of known reality.

Look deep into the crystal. Note the visions that come to you, and try to mentally communicate with them. Do you see landscapes? Enter them. Is someone speaking to you, talk to them!

The “Magical world” is just as real as the contrived world that we often take for “reality”. the difference is that it will remain here even after or delusions pass, and it is interactive and empowering!

My people, the sun is coming up now! When we face it’s rising, what will we do today? Work with a crystal, if just to see how it can change your reality. Strengthen your dream, and move forward!


The Art Of Photography

Quietude, Nuance, And PhantasmElectric Blue Morning

Some people reading this now may ask, “is photography really an art?” I mean, cameras are machines, so are they not doing the work for you? What really is the purpose of photography outside of capturing visual images? What is a photographer?The Dreamer

Yes, photography really is an art! Cameras are the medium by which photographers paint their art. Photographers are artists that collect and process visual images instead of painting them. heavy rainPhotographers can communicate everything a painting artist can, if not more! They are not cheating art, but adding new realms to it.Dream Stars

How so? Can’t most anyone click a picture?VIEW WITHOUT A ROOM-1

You bet! Now, how many will click a good picture to offer a vision they have to others? above the restHow many photographers are there? Photography, just like painting or music, is ultimately communication. I seldom use cameras in my photography. My phone does a great job of processing and recording images. What’s so great about it, is that it’s always with me, so I don’t lose a chance to communicate my vision!Eagles Island Woods

Painting is not all about pushing paint on a canvas, and photography is not about pushing a button! It is your mind that makes art, and not your media! I have argued this point with many visual artists, and not one has provided a good reason why their art is superior. I wish that they would not try! Art is a spiritual journey, so one-upping is pointless. Practice your art, and you will be successful. Practice social media, and you will make money. Just don’t confuse dedication with payback.Garden At First Presbyterian Church

Think about it!sam 2016

You will not make money from a product that you don’t sell. You really don’t have to! Some artists pursue their art for their own gratification only. There is nothing wrong with doing so. Thing is, if you wish to make money from your art, It has to be exposed and marketed.the artofsamcelia2

What I’m more concerned with,Electric Stonehenge

right now,Beyond The Waiting Room

 is that I make clear that photography is a fine art! Photographers who think less, are the only poor photographers. It is not really about the quality of your camera, as much as what you take pictures of, and why.Egyptian Vase You are providing a means of communication through images. This is your world!

Landscapes of the Cape Fear River Basin
Landscapes of the Cape Fear River Basin

There was once, a famous zen master, John Daido Loori, who also was a master photographer. I find his photography stunning in it’s ability to capture multiple images in one photo. His work exposes the great universal mind we call nature, as the same as our minds, creating successions of images and concepts pouring into the cauldron of eternity. Seldom have I seen photography this great. Why? His vision as an artist was not to fabricate an experience, near as much as to reveal one. His works speak for themselves, and to the viewer in a personal way. They need no explanation. This is the kind of art that touches me.  I don’t want to see a translation between idea and image. I want the idea and image to be the same!

Landscapes of the Cape Fear River Basin
Landscapes of the Cape Fear River Basin

I hope you can get from that how photography is fine art. In photography, if you can’t find it, it will be hard to communicate! Finding it is essential! Changing a photograph is inferior to having the perfect one.

Landscapes of the Cape Fear River Basin
Landscapes of the Cape Fear River Basin

It takes meditation, field study, and a vision worth pursuing. Else it can happen by illumination. Something may come your way that excels your goals. That would be great!

Landscapes of the Cape Fear River Basin
Landscapes of the Cape Fear River Basin

Marshland Along The Alligator River 4 11 16

In my photography, I think very carefully about how to capture forms, and what they are. I seek great pride in capturing what is going on. Next, I choose what I should see! What  catches my eye may quickly change my preference:]A Wilmington Night

Most at home with nature,

Landscapes of the Cape Fear River Basin
Landscapes of the Cape Fear River Basin

I turn to her frequently for inspiration. Just leaving the beaten path has provided me with some of the best shots I’ve ever seen.riverfront park 2016 Many props to Brunswick County! This is a beautiful place, in spite of the recent developments there. I hope it’s residents will take care not to let greed spoil this wonderful place.

The Cape Fear River, and all it’s many tidal creeks and marshes, are very inspiring.View of The Cape Fear River from the River WalkUntamed Shores On The Cape Fear River I love to take a shot of things that seem to be impossible, yet are quite real. For example, during a severe drought back in the late 1980’s, I noticed oysters growing from rocks in Burnt Mill Creek. This is a tidal creek, sometimes explored by salt water fish tolerant of low salinity, yet oysters? I tasted the water, and sure enough, it was salty. Strange thing was that fresh water plants were still quite healthy. What a picture!

Of great interest to me is the Wilmington underground. Literally. Many of the old creeks running into the Cape Fear were cased in tunnels as the city developed.mouth of an underground stream there are many underground streams, and even potential bunkers in downtown Wilmington. Most are un accessible. Entry to many can be dangerous or unlawful. That being said, there are great pics to be found, underground.

One cup of pond water can reveal an amazing life dance! It’s a little difficult, but very rewarding. Microscopic, and nearly microscopic life forms are extremely beautiful. They often seem to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality. Microscopes or powerful hand lenses are needed, though I’ve found that a camera can quite easily peer into these. This removes the need for expensive equipment.Corals In The Cape Fear River Downtown Wilmington 2016

I advise that all artists at least experiment with photography. Even one with no interest except for painting can catch a multitude of valuable scenes this way. Wild animals, for example, are terrible models! Don’t try to tell an alligator, “Hold that fish up, don’t swallow it yet!” Even birds just don’t have time to model. Photography changes all that. You can snap a photo of a cougar catching a deer, and they both will hang out long enough for you to paint them.

Photography is a terrific pause button for viewing life!Brunswick River 4 11 16

It is also much more than this. It is an artist’s media alone, by which feeling, imagination, and physical information may be expressed, simultaneously!

Glow In The Dark Paint, Black Light Paint In Fine Art

You might just call me silly, but glow in the dark paints, and black light paints can be great tools in the creation of fine art, if applied correctly. The art world tends to get more than a little snobby toward special effects in art, and I blame some of this on the multiple, and less than creative uses of these products. It will be up to the users of these to refine their skills, and transform such products into tools of higher potential. I hope this post will help.

Glow in the dark posters of rock stars and raves, cute little alien octopus looking things on a black background, and stuff like that, sorry, it’s done! My application of glow in the dark paint and such is:

1. to enable the creation of two or more paintings from one source, and canvas.

2. Applicable for Art Deco, Futurist, and Functional Art to allow for two purposes, or more, from one creation!

Explaining these two applications will be the bulk of this post. Techniques will be shared within.

Creating a work of fine art, incorporating such paints may be thought of as creating links within your painting. First and foremost, design should be laid out, and considerations for “alternate viewing” accommodated. What I mean is, know exactly what you are intending to paint, and be prepared to make it happen!

For example, in my painting “The Green Tara”, in ordinary light you will see a complete painting. It would be complete as is, without glow in the dark paint, but turn the lights off, and another painting appears. This reveals the astral revelation which inspired the painting.

Another technique is to fully cover a canvas with a “special effects paint”, and allow to dry. Apply at least a few coats to insure coverage. Next, draw whatever, using pencil, paint, or even permanent marker, to cover the canvas, the spaces between the lines will glow, or demonstrate other colors.

Paintings may be made in full using conventional means, and afterward carefully touched up so the S.E.P., is almost un noticeable. Perhaps a star in the sky “seems” to glow once the lights are turned off. Here we use these paints as a subtle way to haunt the mind of the viewer. Of course, they will figure it out, but if the skill level is good, the viewer will be compelled to wonder, “What is this About?”

We can use these in photography as well, just to accent certain points in the picture. We must be careful and strategic! Just a little goes a long way, and sloppy application looks goofy. Imagine a few tiny points of glow on a bright full moon. Something remains when the lights go out, but what? That is up to you!

Yes, S.E.P.=Somebody else’s problem. Not here. I’m using it to abbreviate special effects paints. Using these correctly will be your responsibility, and failing to do so, your problem. I wish to remove the stigma against these valuable tools.

Thus far, I’ve offered more than a few suggestions that I hope will become inspiration. Try these ideas, and see if they work for you. The market for such works is great, and in the future may increase, but only for those who master the art.


Time for a change of focus. While I was communicating about the use of glow in the dark, and black light paint for fine art applications, I wish to take it to another level. Imagine the possibilities of use for Art Deco, Futurism, functional Art, abstract art, and more! I will leave most of these to your imagination, but will discuss a few.

Art Deco!

Las Vegas is a perfect example, though I will narrow it down. Glowing chairs ornate with beautiful art, cutlery with glowing handles, [great for the barbeque, right?] Glowing guitars, and other instruments, glowing paths on a floor, star spangled nightwear, illuminating light switches, sheets and comforters, bed slippers, jewelry, body ornaments, door frames, door knobs, bottle holders. I could go on in any direction! The point being here to make it beautiful, of excellent craftsmanship, and able to be utilized and/or marketed.

Wabi Sabi

Huh? What?! How does glowing paint mix with the concept of wabi sabi? Well, actually, it does, in two ways. Wabi sabi is based on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. Beauty is imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. Imagine watching glow paint go out in the late hours, and how crafty use of this paint could orchestrate this to profound levels! You can watch the sun go down again, just before sunrise. That’s just one point.

The other is that wabi sabi objects could be coated in glow, or black light paint, so that usually the special effects are not seen. How interesting would this be in tea houses? During special events, the lights could go out, or black lighting provided, and the scene would change completely! This would be a terrific wabi sabi experience! It could also be used in meditation gardens,etc. This would bridge wabi sabi with Modernism, and Art Deco. So, a slab of old wood finding its place in a wall, could become a nightlight by dark. Stepping stones could illuminate a night path, becoming fainter with age. The possibilities are incredible!

Homes could be painted with glow paint in strategic places in the interest of safety. For example, a glowing house exterior would reveal any figures walking around it. Like keeping your porch light on, this could discourage break ins. Within the home, illuminated door frames and such could prevent falls and injuries for people who have difficulty walking through a dark house. Late night trips to the bathroom would become much easier! I think it is just plain cool that we have the ability to conserve light for later use.

Although most glow, and black light paints are acrylic, it is possible to find them in other media, even oils, and spray paint. Though the acrylic versions are a little more expensive than most other acrylic colors, they are still highly affordable. I have found that more expensive is not always better! Back in the day, I used to buy the “recommended best paint” always. They usually came in small bottles and tubes, and cost up to five times as much as the “lower end paints.” After experimenting with some really cheap paint I bought at Walmart, I fell in love. These paints gave terrific coverage, never separated, and last just as well as any paint I’ve used. Though I would never recommend using inferior paint, I do think that painters should try to lose the artistic snobbery often infecting the field, and experiment with paints in their price range. Choose the brands that work well for your style, and never fear running out! Should be nothing that a ten dollar bill can’t cure, at most.

Love to artists everywhere!

How To Texture Paint

In keeping with my recent experiments in tactile art, I’m writing a post about how to texture paint. I will discuss:

1. Why texture paint? “How will doing so contribute to my art?”

Texture painting can greatly contribute to your art in many ways. Of course, the way it will work best for you is case determined. After all, this is your world. I’ll offer some suggestions here.

Making a poster? Raised letters and images will draw audience attention to the topic, and flat sections to the specifics.  Using Gestalt Advertising technique, create textured text and or images in the upper left hand side of your poster, and the lower right hand side. Use flat text and images first to the lower left hand corner, for most important specifics, then the upper right hand corner, for important details, and the middle for whatever else you need to say.

In a surrealist painting: You can use a raised image to incorporate two concepts into one part of the painting. For example, make a raised image of a brain, shaped to conform with a painting of a head, and carefully paint it as a cauliflower.

As an art project for kids: Texture adds an interesting dimension to their concepts. I think they will be most captivated!

In many fine arts, adding even a tiny textured image, perhaps even your own signature, offers a shocking or curious edge to your art.

If you wish to paint completely using texture, your art will be visible to the blind.

These are just some reasons why artists will do themselves right by experimenting with this technique!

2. What kind of brushes should one use for texture painting?

O.k. Most art and craft stores sell texture brushes, and I encourage you to experiment with any that feel right to you. Personally, all I care about is that the brush is firm enough to hold up to thick paint, and the correct size/ shape, for the application of that paint. I use the same kinds of brushes for texture painting that I use for any canvas, but I don’t interchange them between techniques. Try investing in cheaper brushes, and save that camel hair brush for a time you really need it. I suggest “Folk Art” brushes, one pack of large brushes, a large, medium, and small fan brush, and a pack of fine detail brushes.

3. Where can I buy texture paint, and can I make my own?

You can buy texture paints almost anywhere you can buy art supplies. Walmart has some pretty good texture paint! I recommend that the serious artist make their own! Many artists add sand, ashes, powdered clay, flour or almost anything else to produce a texture right for their work. I would not use flour, salt or sugar, as these products are prone to absorb moisture from the air, remain soggy, and as of flour, attract bugs and rodents unless coated with a terrific sealant. I use wood ashes, and or clay powder to the paint. That way I can make it thick or thin, and store it without deterioration.

4. Texture painting for children?

This is a great craft project for kids! From experience, adding dimension to children’s art projects adds that “magical mud pie feel” to their creative energy! Most kids love to sculpture and paint. Texture painting allows them to do both.

5. When did texture painting begin?

It probably was one of our oldest art forms. Prehistoric humans carved their art work into caves. Chalk formations became a source of many beautiful works of primal art. Mud and plaster replaced most cave art, and still have their place in the art world. Texture has been considered in artwork from the start, and always will.

6. What kind of canvas is best for texture painting?

Any canvas loves added texture. Though many use wood planks, hard cardboard, or even plastic and glass, a regular stretched canvas works just fine. An added plus is that paint and mediums adhere to them very well.

7. Oils, acrylic, or what?

Artists worldwide argue over the supremacy of oil, or acrylic. Some artists refuse both, making their own paints as they see fit. From experience, I’ve found that more expensive oils, and cheaper acrylics are your best choices. Of course, making your own paint to suit your needs is a great idea! You will need to research it though, and prepare to suffer a few disappointments before achieving success. Unless you are very lucky! I don’t get involved with the oil vs. acrylic argument. What works best for you is the perfect choice!

8. What kind of medium or varnish should be used?

It depends. For oils, there are many commercial products available, though I prefer linseed oil mixed with turpentine. I mix this with the paints themselves, and give a thin glaze to the painting after it has dried. For acrylics, I use a descent matt medium such as Daler Rowney. They are all pretty much the same thing. I can also mix acrylic medium with paints as I do oil and turpentine to oils. Sometimes I’ve used polyurethane sprays to canvasses. They work well, but I hate the toxic fumes! Bad for the environment is not good for me. Elmer’s Glue is actually pretty good for some projects. Kids can use it safely, even if they have a taste:]

9. Can one actually make brail paintings?

Yes! I’m working on this now for a project, “Art For The Blind.” You can make an entire canvas visible to the fingers, and I hope you will! Really want to “go out there”, blindfold yourself and sculpture a painting. Why not?

10. What materials can I use to make my own texture paints?

Well, first of all, you have to have pigment. Secondly, you need to understand the pigment you choose. Artists throughout the ages have used blood, wine, berry juice, ground minerals, and specific oxides. Many of these are beautiful pigments, though they change color over time. For this reason, I suggest that unless you are really into primal art, you stick with the known, store bought paints. To these I advise using an appropriate medium, and your choices will generally be oil or acrylic based. This will allow the paint to stick better to the canvas, as well as the filer you add to thicken the paint. For young children’s projects, poster paint mixed with white glue and flour are fine. I use ashes, powdered clay and sometimes sand to my paints. I prefer acrylic, though I often paint in both. What I try to achieve is to make a very soft mud to carefully place on a canvas, and it has to dry very hard. Without varnish or other glue like substance, your texture paint may fall off. Paint alone may not be enough to give concretion to your powder. I also coat the dried painting with ample coatings of varnish.

11. Creating texture on a canvas to later be painted.

Such as when creating a brail canvas, I use tissue paper, paper bags, and like materials to give body to shapes I wish to create. So I soak the paper fiber, cloth, or whatever in acrylic medium, and then mold the resulting product into shapes, sticking them to the canvas. For example, I wanted to create a tactile flower, so I tore a paper bag into long shreds. I soaked these shreds into acrylic medium, twisted each into a rope shape, and rolled them into a spiral. I had to contort this to the shape of the flower I wished to portray. After that, I stuck it to my canvas, added more acrylic medium, and let it dry. It takes a day or two, or even more in humid climates. Medium is key here. I added more later to fill in some gaps. Again let dry. Finally, I carefully painted the form.

12. The role of floating medium in texture painting.

Consider the beauty of adding, for example, a lotus flower to a pond. First, I would paint the land descending into the pond. I would paint the bottom of the pond before water filled it in. Next, I would add floating medium, allow it to dry, and on top of it, paint the submerged vegetation, and other phenomena. After this dried, I would add more floating medium, this time with careful brushstrokes of water and sunlight. Again more medium. Paint the lotus. Add more medium, let dry, and paint again translucently more ripples of water, and reflections of sunlight right into the flower, but only to show what parts of it are slightly submerged.

Textured painting have been made in mud, wet plaster, organic canvasses such as kombucha biofilm, and more. Where will you take it?

Thanks for reading my post. Please comment and address your questions.

Trapped In A Dream

Most of you, who have read my posts before, know that I’m an avid practitioner of lucid dreaming. Recently, I had a dream that enables me to share two very important concepts of consciousness. The first is the term “Twin Positions”, the name given to a dreaming technique by Carlos Castaneda, and/or, his teachers.

To practice “Twin Positions”, first you imagine or conjure a dream bed. To do this, enter a lucid dream, and decide to go to sleep there. Locate Your home, temple, or whatever, lay in your bed there, and go to sleep. You will wake up in another dream, which, if not lucid, should be turned so. [ Just become aware that you are dreaming]. Now, you will remain in the dream until you wake up twice! Shamans use this technique to prevent themselves from waking before their work is done. One can easily expand how many dream beds they have, and how many times they will need to wake up before leaving the dream!

Remember I said I would share some advanced techniques in later posts? This is a big one! It is not to be tried by beginners, though all may benefit from reading. You have the potential here, to never leave the dream again! That is, as long as you exist. Dreaming can elongate life, but as of yet, no one as I know of has escaped the Reaper.

It has been stated that in this state, you may change shapes at will. This is true! In this state, you may become anything that captivates your mind, as it is lost, though this can be a good thing. You may transform your state of being instantly, into one you prefer, because in this world, the past does not have to matter. In this world, anyone can find empowerment!

Some shamans attempted doing a complete circle here, but if they succeeded, I don’t know about it. They hoped to attain immortality by entering the dream, never coming out, yet visiting the start. Great idea! I’m not convinced, as of yet, that it can work. If it does, it means losing some human privilges. Once again, I guess it is up to you to decide.

 Through “Twin Positions”, you can transform anything I know of. Most likely anything you know.

All that I have been talking about so far, was merely an introduction for this post:

Trapped In A Dream

 Twin Positions is a conscious way to trap oneself in a dream. It is a useful tool for those interested in mind exploration, magick, and the neuro conscious frontier. There is another way to be trapped in a dream, and most, if not all of us are! This is not such good news. Being trapped in a dream, and out of control won’t make you a better person. It won’t teach you anything about who you really are. At best, it can teach you a thing or two about your teachers. The dream we are trapped in, began with our birth, and our conditioning ever since.

“The Matrix”, is a terrific movie. If you haven’t watched it, please do! I mean the first movie really. the sequel, not so much. In a science fiction sort of way, this movie displays in dramatic detail, all that this post is about!

Since birth, we all have been told what life and reality are about. Little of this program was ever taken from direct reality. We are programmed with belief and social systems so impeccably that we don’t see reality, we only see what we were told it is. What this does, is make it easier for you to exist in a society of like pawns. What is even weirder, is that due to the magical nature of our minds, even the failures of your teachers to implant their vision in your mind only serves to cause you to falter, stumble a bit, and re enter the program. This time you return with shattered, or weakened faith in true reality.

Let’s take a trip down “Memory Lane”. It’s such a deceptive and dangerous place, yet here, if you study it, you will find the cracks in your programming! Simply remember something you were told, and hold it up to the light of reality. Try this with your personal beliefs, and see just how many of them reveal themselves as lies in the face of the truth. I recommend making a personal journal of all your recalled life memories, and beliefs. How many of these make sense when compared with a look out your door?

If you don’t believe me, try it with just two beliefs, and memories. If one of these holds false, you can bet you have been deceived. Should two or more do so, you’ve been completely duped! No hard feelings, most of these lies were put on you by people who really love you, but were infected with this program, and so installed their hopes and fears into you, hoping that they would help you be a more successful human being. Their only crime was being wrong.

Let’s start with Santa Claus! Millions, if not billions of people, have lied to their children in a truly miserable manner. It really hurt my feelings that my parents lied to me in this way. So we get older, and folks scoff at our anger. “Get over it, they were just having fun!” Really? At my trust and expense? What were they thinking? Don’t blame them, because they were programmed themselves. They wanted you to have a truly miraculous event in your life, since they couldn’t have one themselves. The problem is, they can’t sustain it, just like any other lie.

Now you are older, and due to a few of these well intended fabrications, you can no longer believe in your parents. You understand the situation, and may love them, but just can’t take them seriously anymore. See how the program so wisely breaks up the truth? You were sold on a false god, and now your parents disappear! Actually, you were probably sold on a lot of false gods.

Millions of people speak on the nature of God, either for profit, or out of their own rendition of reality. How many of these, I wonder, have met God? Maybe a few. These are not the people you hear about though. They are not trying to impress anyone, or spread the good word, but rather making a decision to live their lives in total reality. Am I? Are You?

“The path to paradise is a long, long way. Want to get there? Better leave today!”

Please drop your false beliefs in everything, but find the truth in your teachers. I told my kids, the truest truth I know. “I wanted you to be here, even if at times it seemed I didn’t. You were not a “mistake”, your mother and I intended you. I am delighted to see you, as I am another day”. I am grateful that I can truly say this! Some parents can’t, though the truth is always better than a lie. When you respect another enough to tell the truth, at least you are real, and not just another part of the program.

“Keep it real”, I add into “The law”. Reality is way more amazing than fantasy. Remember as well, that reality is the only place to go for a great steak. Something died for that steak, so eat it in bliss, as not to desecrate what in reality, is keeping you alive! If you are vegan, same thing. Something died for that tempeh or tofu, so eat it with bliss, as not to desecrate in reality, what is keeping you alive!

So what is gained by leaving the program? The first big gain is that we no longer have to rely on fear to get moving. Reality will light the way! We need cry no more sacred names, unless we wish. The secret name of God is secret:] Really, it is of no matter. Reality does not ask for passwords.

Does reality intervene? You bet it does!

Yesterday a tropical storm passed through the Wilmington area. It dumped massive amounts of rain all night long. The ground had no choice but to get wet. I had a choice to make. I could stay inside, or go out and be soaked. I chose to stay in and focus on indoor projects. This is a perfect example of how external reality and free will work together. The directions that consciousness are allowed to evolve within are determined by the structures and motions of this mystical force we call reality. We in turn, become an extension of reality, as our dreams are extensions of our minds.

Stating this may or may not clarify anything for anyone. I hope it does. It really doesn’t even need to be stated though. It will remain with or without any approval. Let’s open our eyes and let in some fresh life. Let’s watch what is going on outside of our heads for awhile. The microcosms will open up and update once our focus changes.

Dreams are great things, and very powerful tools as well. They define our personal reality as form and life define universal reality. It would be wise though, not to “put the cart before the horse” as we explore the inner and outer realms. Dreams can teach us a lot, but they can’t show us anything that we have not already seen. They can only take us to places we know how to reach. Let’s flow along with our dreams, but not become trapped by them.

Art For the Blind: A Study Of Tactile Sensation In Painting And Sculpture

Hello. I am about to begin a new line of artwork titled “Art for the blind”. I’m sure there are many programs with this title, but I assure you that what I am doing is at least somewhat different. I am not blind. When this idea first came to me, I wished to utilize the benefits of site less ness, to expand my art. So I’m creating a line of works blindfolded, and not to be touched up or edited. Since sight is omitted, color will occur as an accidental incidence. My interest is to see what senses turn up, perhaps some I am unaware of. I hope so! Expanding perception is one of my great passions in life.

I greatly hope that what I am doing will stand as an inspiration to many people, and demonstrate the power of the senses and creativity. Along the way, it will be interesting to see how art like this will affect my dreams! I have had a blind lucid dream before, only one. In this dream, I could not see at all, but all other senses were the same. Bumped around a lot, because I had no experience in moving through space without site. What induced this, is unknown, but I discovered much from it, including that lucid dreamscapes are still there, even when they can’t be seen. Wonder how my dream body would look without sight?


art is the vehicle by which I open doors in the astral world, and I’m trying it a new way.  This art is intended to appeal to all the senses, excluding sight. Touch, temperature, smell, texture, firmness and softness, will all be employed. Sound! Yes sound has many tales to tell! Rhythm sculptures would be great, both physical and digital.  Also, objects are either wet or dry. Moisture fits good in this study. Edible art would be wild! It would be great to utilize taste!

To begin with, I will construct some clay sculptures. Furthermore, there should be numerous texture paintings, but not like the ones I’ve done in the past. I will be blindfolded while working on any of these pieces. Metal sculpture sounds good as well, if I can work out the kinks. Picture me blindfolded with a welding torch! Yea, not so much! We’ll see:] In a previous post, I mentioned the use of kombucha biofilm as an art medium, and canvas. This would be safe, fun, and doable.

Of all my posts, I am asking for participation here more than ever! It would be great to hear, see and experience this project through numerous perspectives. If you ever thought of sending videos, now is the perfect time! I’m thinking of making a few. This post is active as of now, for comments, questions, and contributions. [not talking about money]. I will begin to import my work here July1. Hope to have some cool and novel participation on the part of my readers! Anything goes, well almost. See ya here!