Art, Symbolism, Wormholes, And The Shape Of Things To Come


You will see a lot of symbolism in this post. Matter of fact, symbolism is the prime focus here. This is more than the images commonly occurring in art though. These symbols form a language which can be used to describe progressions in a way words would often fail.The Weave

Transformation and reformation are ultimate truths of reality. All things and beings arise and decline by the enabling of energetic configurations. We could call them “grooves”, as they offer a mold of form and passage for all things. The woman or man enabled to mate, will. The mating will become the “groove”, for a new human form. The soil is a “groove”, for raindrops to become a spring, which will surely in time and space become a river.Rites Of Fall

Two examples of arise and decline

There is a third principle here though. What arises is born of a decline. All things exist eternally, but cannot do so in the same time and space. This should be obvious.

The river has a beginning and an end. It arises from and returns to it’s source. This will never change, but the river cannot arise and return from the same time space, except in one way. This has been called “not doing”, or “not happening”. This phenomena truly exists, though only in abstract realms. I believe that they do so in static universes, which in our reality are geometric abstractions. The “law of this land” is “The Perfect Circle”.View of The Cape Fear River from the River Walk

There are many accounts of events that seem to have come full circle, but in “cause and effect reality”, these are really spirals. Energy in motion will follow geometric pattern, as it is magnetized to do so. The thing is, without the incorporation of “static reality” aspects, it’s form will remain unclear. Even then, reality in motion will remain so.Tantric Reformation

The attempt of the artist,

is to create a symbolism wide enough to incorporate sacred geometry, time and space. My father did this in his work, and following his legacy, I do it in mine. My ways are different, but this is me, a spring filled by a mighty rain! Forever, “The Perfect Circle!”A Winmington Night

I feel I live in strange times.sleeptest

The sane are often ignorant, and the wise, often insane! I live in a world that seems too full for an extra thought. Signs of destruction plague my vision. I walk into the night air smelling sulfur and burning plastic. The climate grumbles in successions of atmospheric wars, each promising to bring on a new reality. Thunderstorms intervene.Clown Show

What seems hopeful to me, is that from all historic accounts, this has always been the norm. Not saying I like it, but respect that this is the groove I’m flowing in. It has made me, and summons my actions!worm hole sentinal

I paint a dark green forest, flowing to the right for miles. After awhile, it pales, going from spring green to yellow, finally to red, soon riddled with brown and black. Each of these colors has it’s stories and memories, fantasies as well. I need to fill them all in on multiple canvases.Marshland Along The Alligator River 4 11 16

These are the thought forms, memories and conditions of my life!

All this time, I long for a nice home in an infinite woods, filled with surprises and exciting ways to pass my time. I’m longing for a beautiful and enlightened woman, with neither a care for convention or hygiene, to occupy this endless woods with me. I look forward to days of growing our own food, and playing like children in a magic meadow, and seeking fulfillment outside of “Progress Hell!”

Without time spaces, my dream doesn’t have a chance. Right? Check this out! Symbols have an effect on reality. They produce changes, little by little, within time frames which might seem static. Sooner or later, I will be lead back to a place similar to where I came from, by the spiral.


have earned the fascination of scientists, science fiction fans, and new age philosophers alike. I won’t pretend to know enough about quantum physics and deep space to offer more than thoughts on the amazingly interesting topic of wormholes in relation to space-time travel. What I do know from careful observation and study, is that wormholes do exist, and right here in physical reality! They are not easily seen, as it takes a long time to observe their actions, as well as a healthy knowledge of “cause and effect”. They follow the same basic laws of physical reality that everything else here does. They are portals between reality potentials. The best I think I can simply describe them as, are a form of lightning, which bridges opposites, or polarities. Due to my knowledge of “The Law Of Cause And Effect”, as well as the magickal motto “As Above, So Below”, I hypothesize that:

physical reality, as concrete as we know it, is just a thick place in absolute energy configuration. Therefore, the same laws of reality I’ve observed here, are at work in the “Great Continuum” as a whole.

I know that this is a premise, and respect it as such, but it’s a good one! At least for now.  I somewhat conclude that the way wormholes behave here, in this 9 to 5 world, in the same way they behave everywhere, or at least pretty much so. After all, I learned to see and recognize wormholes due to their scientific description. Before I had any experience with quantum physics, or space science, I had observed the phenomena, but couldn’t find the words to describe it.

What truly amazes me is that so few have observed this phenomena and cared to study it deeply! Why not?

 When you see a wormhole, it probably won’t look like a long tunnel of whirling energy, surrounded by woods and flowers:] What you will more likely see is a place in your life condition that doesn’t seem to match with usual reality. You may enter this wormhole or not, by entering this place of new perception, and cultivating silence there. Very rapidly, everyday phenomena will change, and you will find that life becomes something entirely new! Of course, what has changed the most is your outlook and perception.

 I strongly believe that perception itself is the true portal. When I say this, I am not suggesting that the proverbial “unpercieved fallen tree”, never existed and never fell! To do so would be to underestimate reality outside of one’s ego. We would be doing the same to conclude that what we know about reality, is all there is to it. Even so, it would be sad to dismiss our impact on the great continuum. Every being has perception, and therefore is a conduit of reality. We are wormholes!

 As I say this, I must emphasize that we are not alone in this. Unicellular beings, animals, plants and fungi all possess the ability to be conduits. In the greatest sense, everything is a conduit for everything else. Crystals are great agents for linking perceptions with reality! Though many will “boo boo crazy hippy guru” to that comment, how many of them have tried it? Conduits are everywhere! Those who disagree, yes I’ll say it, are ignorant.

The main way they are ignorant is twofold. First, they disvalue the power of reality to exist in all things. Secondly, they disbelieve in their own power. For those people, I recommend that they, “go home and rethink their lives.”

So lets check out the cracks in our supposed “reality shields”, and locate the conduits that are here, waiting for us to accept our own evolution!

Facing The Illuminator

Before all else,

open your mind to understand that all of your nightmares originate inside, and not your physical life. Once you free your mind, you are completely free! The Illuminator challenges us to display our nightmares up front, even to the point of wearing their gore for all to see, and then going beyond them.

When we take a good look inside, many will notice a strange and terrifying place, inhabited by legions of intelligences in constant conversation and display, horrifying visuals and ominous landscapes. Of course, we are likely to find great beauty and angelic beings as well.

Some will believe that these voices are coming from the outside everyday world, and they will likely be deemed insane. Sadly for them, they will probably not reap the benefits of their illumination, due to a slight but serious misunderstanding. In a certain way, they are right, as the “dream of the universe” feeds our inner reality. Their problem is that they take the voices at face value, instead of interpreting their messages as guides to discovering higher reality.

For example, it is very easy to dream of a dead relative or friend, and then begin taking their advice to multiple questions on the basis that you believe they “are in Heaven now”, so must know the answers to everything! It is true that they existed, and so not only were, but are, a part of the world. It is also true that you receive their energy vibration because they are a part of you! If they were not, than without extreme rituals or heightened awareness, you would not recognize their voice.

In any case, they are, and always will be their part of the universal plan, but cannot speak for the entire universe! Neither can you. What you can do is spend your life gathering awareness, which is what we all do, like it or not, and extend this awareness forward through time. This is also why you have voices in your head:]

Now, by rectifying the pains of the so called “infernal voices” within, so may you purify your life of past errors which held you back from experiencing the joy and wonder of being alive. Now, this is not an easy job, and I’m not sure that anyone has completed it, though some come very close. I make it an everyday practice, which is one reason why I carefully study my dreams.

Facing The Illuminator

Keep looking within, past your life experiences, beyond the physical, astral and spirit worlds. Take reverent tuition in each before you pass them by. Leave gifts for all who you pass, but don’t stop until you reach a place of silence. Look at the world now from this place. Study the patterns of existence, and study yourself. I will not discuss what illumination you will find, lest I forge a lie from truth. I also will not speak the name of The Illuminator. I hope you won’t either!

“The Illuminator” is a description of a great and beautiful force and being, the nature of which is shrouded in amazing displays of phenomena. To some, this being is pure evil, [the sadly misinformed], to others, a god or beautiful angel, but the mystery of The Illuminator cannot be solved by words. To witness is the only way to know.

How to witness The Illuminator?

The outline is formed by “the shrouds of phenomena.” Look at it this way… The place where reality is no longer spoken of, or matched by description. Even the self melts away. All becomes a deep and personal love, without a focal point. Noone to think, to place or take praise or blame. Life goes on as usual, though nothing will ever be the same again. Spirits speak, bills come in, holocausts and romantic nights happen, but they are just part of the shroud of an eternal light, guiding the beloved, and this is you!

When you meet The Illuminator, present your perfect offering!

Offer no sacrifices, except for one, that being yourself! By this I mean to promise to keep the name silent, and to live a life “under the lamp”. You will live a normal, humble, but guided life, beyond the agencies of thought, emotion, and reason. You will follow your bliss as all do, yet better, as you offer it all to the light that guides  phenomena and pattern.

To end this post, I offer a poem!

“Gone are the days of wondering what to do. Where I will go is where I will go. My anthems are simple and humorous, for what need is there of rationalization? My food is delicious, just as my bed feels great, and all between are just a slide. As for passions, there are many, underneath that wonderful tree, a chorus of “Merry Christmas!”. Pleasures of the flesh are my obvious miracles, though I seek to be a saint, offering myself to the light in all I do. Keeping a little secret in all I do. Becoming aware that I am a miracle! Spirits clothe, and rub me to orgasm, now I am the zero before one!”

Best Spaghetti Sauce Recipe : July 2016

Cooking is one of my passions. Sometimes, I feel the need to take a break from my usual agenda, and write a post about one of my latest culinary experiments. Recently, I created a spaghetti sauce that is crazy good, and completely different from other pasta sauces I’ve made, or even tried! This is not a tomato based sauce, nor does it contain the standard Italian Seasoning herbs, such as oregano, basil, and pepper. It is made from three simple ingredients found easily in most supermarkets.

Unlike many of my sauces, it is not extremely spicy, though one of it’s ingredients gives it a little “bite”. That being said, it is bursting with flavor, and will add a delicious culinary “shock” to spaghetti. I prefer it with spaghetti and meatballs.

What is really cool about this sauce, is that it can be applied to so many dishes besides pasta!

I’ve used it as a wing sauce, in burritos and tacos, as a sauce for pig feet, chitterlings and tripe! It has a great way of giving delicious flavor to many foods, while bringing out their natural taste. It excels as a pasta sauce, for bring a creamy richness to every dish! It works well as a base for mac n cheese, a great substitute for “conventional” spaghetti sauce in lasagna, and the perfect ingredient for adding boost to bean sauces. It imparts somewhat of a tex-mex flavor, but with something else…

So I’m naming this spaghetti sauce July 2016, just the time frame I made it.

Here’s the recipe.

1. One cup enchilada sauce

2. One cup cheese sauce

3. One tablespoon jerk seasoning

Mix these three ingredients well, in a suitable container, cover, refrigerate. Set for one week.

If you are in a hurry, you can use the sauce without curing, though some flavor may be lost. It’s no big deal, as it will still taste great!

Yes, this is a very simple recipe, but so… good.  I’m thinking soon of adding my bean sauce recipe, of which this is a key ingredient.

Have fun with this recipe! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!


Bathroom Wall Art

To many people, the bathroom is one of the most neglected rooms. Some may see it as the ugly room, where “yucky” stuff happens. My opinion differs. The bathroom is in many ways the most intimate room of the entire house. Bathroom wall art, and art in the bathroom anywhere, allows for a deep communication between chosen symbolisms, and the self. Hiring an artist to add their magic to your bathroom, or doing so yourself will provide a great service to your state of mind, and home environment.

Here are some Ideas I have for bathroom wall art and bathroom design.

  1. Use of mirrors

Mirrors are extremely potent tools for developing nuance in a bathroom. One of my favorite concepts in the creation of a surreal bathroom, is to mount mirrors on opposing walls. Full length mirrors work best. The results can be quite awe inspiring! For the few who may not have ever seen the effect of two mirrors reflecting into each other, check it out! I prefer the walls on which the mirrors are hung to be plain white, or for a more exciting effect, white, and the mirrors bordered in black lines formed by geometric shapes, or even entwined dragons. If you really want to add some wild to the scene, have one white wall with black designs, and the other wall black, with white designs. This will cause a wild vortex of reflection!

Mirrors add visual space to a room. This is most important as a design feature in small bathrooms. You want to create a space of intimacy, sensuality, and fantasy. So of course, you won’t want your bathroom to look like a closet. If your bathroom is well mirrored, the next step is to add decoration or furniture to areas you wish to decrease in expanse. Objects placed near the mirror will add desired confines.

2. Bathroom Furniture

If your bathroom is fairly large, consider placing an artistic bench or chair in an area you wish to decrease in visual space, and add a place to sit and contemplate as well as dress.

In a small bathroom, your toilet will probably also be your dressing chair, so choose well, or build your own. I’m not a fan of white toilets, especially the standard kind. Your toilet should be very easy to clean, low maintenance, and somewhat erotic! In color, black and flesh tones work best. They should be a pleasure to sit on.

In large bathrooms, dark wood, or black iron towel racks would be another useful item to “shrink space” in a functional way. In smaller bathrooms, hand towel racks should be placed near the sink, and a hanger for a full body towel, near the tub. Preferably easy to reach, and out of plain view. In any case, a towel chest would be nice to have. It should be out of plain view, yet beautiful. Looking into it should provoke a sense of curiosity.

3. The Bathroom Floor

Bathroom floors are an important consideration. Hard wood floors are a bad idea! Floor your bathroom with ornamental tile. It’s nicer to look at in a bathroom, easy to clean, and will not be damaged by moisture. Black and white checkerboard works well. Opulent patterns are superb! Some bathrooms may look great with solid white or black floors. I discourage color here, as it gets too organic. The ideal bathroom should appear somewhat sensuous, yet sterile, making you it’s organic compliment. Get it?

Ok, back to wall art

There are many considerations for fine bathroom wall art. Please note that any art in a bathroom should be well insulated from moisture, and easy to clean. Failing to do so will result in moldy, cracking paint. Use a good polyurethane, or other waterproofing agent to richly coat all bathroom art, even if the effect is to look rustic. Here are some ideas…

1. Angelic, and or cupid like scenes

2.Nudes. I love the sensual approach in all things, but that’s me.

3.Graffiti- This is a good, low cost solution for those who like some vulgarity in their bathrooms. You can easily do it yourself, and there are no rules!

4. Abstract designs- especially if you know what you are doing, and trying to say, are excellent!

5. Simplicity- vintage dolls, fruit baskets, cartoons, puzzle pieces, land or waterscapes. That kind of stuff:]

6. Religious Art- works well for those who want it to…

I’ll say it again!

All bathroom wall art must be insulated from moisture. Bathroom walls can get moldy. We have to clean them often. After a while, the paint begins cracking, and we have to repaint our bathroom. It’s much worse to replace a piece of fine art. Take heed! You should be able to towel wash it with bleach water weekly, with no harm to the art. It can be done, and easily, but we have to take the correct steps to insulate our art.

Remember opulence.

Bathrooms should not be “poop closets.” If they are, sooner or later, all of your house will become the same. I’m speaking from experience! Make your bathroom a sacred space for you, just as you should your bedroom. If need be, make a journal regarding your desires for an ideal bathroom, and implement them.

Lets take an honest look at what you will be doing in your bathroom.

You will bathe. This will probably be one of your best contemplation spaces, so make the most of it. You will relieve yourself here, and should be able to do so in full sensuality. You will probably have sex here, once or many times. Most will masturbate and fantasize in this sacred room. Design well, as some of your peak experiences will happen right in your bathroom.

Please don’t neglect your bathroom on your artistic path to illumination. It is one of those places where the important things happen. The shape of your bathroom will be deeply reflected into your everyday life. It will affect your love life, career, social well being, and so many other aspects of your journey. Take it seriously, but in fun. Build a bathroom you will love to visit!

No Outflowings

In practice, it is wise to encourage inflowings over outflowings. These are terms of perceptions. To simplify, in ordinary life, we perceive something, and generate many thoughts about it. This is important to the daily functions of an individual. In practice, we must reverse this scenario in order to invoke the powers that support change and transformation.

Let’s consider the word “invoke.” In Voke. This being the opposite of Out Voke. Cite or appeal to [someone or something] as an authority for action or in support of an argument. This is the Google definition of invoke. Can you see the truth of this definition? It infers using your power to delegate authority to another. Right? Very right!

In magic and art, we strive to create a flow as to bring awareness to it’s highest place. Personally, our minds are filled with great power, but the awareness we seek flows down. Therefore, outflowings cannot normally reach the places of higher awareness. When sorcerers state that a certain magic can only teach you what you really already know, but forgot, this is what they mean.

Inflowings are different. They come from somewhere outside of us, obviously and just by definition! In this way, the higher descends into the lower. Previously invisible awareness becomes our own. Therefore, when we have outflowings, they will be greatly advanced from those we have had before. We may even seem like new beings, and this may not be far from the truth, as new awareness has filled the vessels that we are.

According to a definition of “old sorcerers”, we are containers of awareness, gourds for gathering energy. What our individuality is, is only the skin of the gourd. Inside is empty, but constantly being filled. Wow I love those guys! They got the idea before the bicycle was invented! Please allow me to refer to us as containers, or gourds:]

Look deep inside yourself, and perceive your emptiness. Tell us if you can what remains when conditions change. Invite The Illuminator into your life, and beckon to be searched deep inside. Pease tell us what you find:]

We can look at universal consciousness as both legion and unity. There is definitely an infinite interplay between multiple consciousnesses, which unify into nations that we can call an individual. Now, try to pin down the essential nature of the individual. If you remove just one part, will the individual remain as previously defined? No, they will transform into someone/something else.

Have you ever seen a person who has had a stroke, or other trauma, resulting in specific brain damage? It is sad, scary, yet very interesting. See, our brain is the radio and recording device for consciousness to be transmitted to. We are programmed from birth and until our death, by something undefinable. By this force, forms are recorded and replayed constantly, by the manner that they were delivered. When something in this recording is broken, consciousness within that area is modified or deleted. The result is that the person becomes someone else, from who they used to be. Although these transformations are often for the worse, they are not always. Once in a while, one is improved by brain damage!

What I am getting at, is that individuality is the result of unified inflowings. What are inflowings, and where do they come from? It is undefinable, but we could label it as “The Great Spirit”, God, The Goddess. All these would be correct, but only if they are understood as labels. All that we can really comprehend fully, is that this flow exists in everything, and everything is this flow. So we should know that…

1. Our personal identity is a precious gift, and a miracle!

2. That what we call personal identity is a container of sorts, which holds specific aspects of the undefinable flow.

3. That in death, all that is lost is the container, but what made it possible to begin with, will never die!

4. Outflowings are the result of personal identity, and our interpretations of our inflowings. So our outflowings will become inflowings somewhere, but they never will be truth for us, as we invented them, and we do not know!

Let me suggest a program called “No More Outflowings.” It is simply zen meditation, performed to a certain extreme.

Let yourself surrender to not knowing. Hey, you really don’t have a choice. Right? Now just sit, and watch for thoughts, especially conversations and explanations. You will find them, just drop them, again and again. Invoke the rising tide of the nourishing and eternal darkness. This is the “Lamp Of The Hermit.” When a color flashes, view it but let it go. Take no phenomena seriously. React to it only if need be, but in any case, release it. Return to the peace of “Eternal Void.” This is where all the phenomena come from, and return to. Decide that you will return to it too. You will, like it or not. The cool part is that when inside the flow, nothing is wrong, and everything is happy.

What more can we ask for? We can experience this for the rest of our lives!we should seek to create places devoted to meditation, and find friends to practice with. We can definitely help each other, especially when we hit the transpersonal levels. Discussions are good, among friends. We can talk to each other about our experiences, and offer solutions to keep those inflowings coming!

Please set at least a month of meditation practice, in which you will abstain from outflowings. Seek inflowings, but offer no definitions to yourself or others. At the end of that period, document results if you wish, or just continue.

Seek no consultation during this period with gods and goddesses, just invoke the darkness. What is being sought right now is ultimate purity, after that, the choice is yours! Just let it all stop, and bask in the stillness.

Let us begin now!

Catching Souls In Bottles : Art And Voodoo

Let me tell you right now, that all great art is voodoo! It is a practice of assembling material symbols to the construction of spiritual goals, and the transformation of the physical, through reality manipulation.

Today I am writing about a specific form of ritual art. This is the art of making spirit catchers. So first, let me define what a spirit catcher is…Egyptian Vase

Spirit catchers are often made from jugs, bottles and other containers. These are the sort that the public know most about, but are far from the whole concept. Spirit catchers can be made from any physical material and form that captures a piece of individual consciousness, and transforms it to the desire of it’s architect. At this very moment, millions of spirit catchers are orbiting virtual space, like planktonic spider webs!

You can use spirit catchers to transform your reality in many ways including:

1. Improving your mental and physical health

The first step to improving health is de patterning behavior. Behavior patterns grow in time so rigid as to prevent energy flow to the mind and body. Because of this constriction, life shrinks, and finally ends. Spirit catchers are ideal tools for cracking open suffocating shells.

2. overcoming addictions

use some spirit catchers to drain habit energy, and others to draw vitality and stamina. Elemental bottles are great for this.

3. Finding new friends and lovers, or reinforcing bonds with old ones

In addition to elemental bottles, I suggest using spirit catchers specific to certain nuances. This is fun work for an artist

4. Defeating enemies

One example… Keep a ventilated jar containing a black widow spider. Feed her live bugs representing your adversaries and problems. Make the jar a beautiful home she will be happy in. I recommend plastic, as it is shatterproof. This is safer for all involved!

5. Transforming the state of the world you live in!Astral Surfer

As I’ve mentioned before, many forms of spirit catchers transform social consciousness constantly. This has been true since the “wall art” in caves, to wild feats of cyber technology. That being said, a great painting is just as potent as any of these. This is why I said that all great art is voodoo!

To many, this whole thing will sound like mumbo-jumbo, but are they thinking clearly about this art? Have they tried it to the ends they desire? For the more spiritual, I guarantee you that spirit catchers work, and not only for selfish purposes. Anyone can use this transformational art, to produce physical changes, and usually fast!

Perhaps some strict adherents to the Voodoo religion might be disturbed by my non traditional reference to, and perspective of the creed. I truly wish to offend no one. This post is mainly for those who find art to be their spiritual practice, and use their skills to adapt what awareness the world has accumulated, to that goal. My wish is for all who read this post to find something, or many things to take from it.

How Do you make spirit catchers?SPIDER GOD

There are many ways, though they all include the same strategy. First, an object either created or recycled must be designated as a vessel. Simple spirit catchers are often made from glass or plastic bottles and jugs, suspended on tree branches, railings, window sills, etc. This kind of spirit catcher is usually used for protection of property, surveillance, and to harvest desired energy patterns of passers. Spirit catchers create vacuums, somewhat like contained black holes, designed to attract specific energy outflowings. More complex spirit catchers are created just for harvesting a single energy frequency. Many of these are quite beautiful artworks! Some examples of these are of course voodoo dolls, elemental vials, paintings and sculpture. Each of these require different skills and materials. Now spirit catchers can even be made as programs in the cyber world, using music, images, NLP, and hypnosis. I will not discuss the making of voodoo dolls, as this knowledge is already widespread, at least on a superficial level, and there are experts on this craft who could provide the specifics.

I use hand made or recycled containers, adorning  them with art and symbols of of the energy I wish to harvest. Often, I make the containers from materials shared by that particular energy form and object, and myself. For example, if I were working for someone who bakes, I could make a spirit catcher from dough. [Dough can be used as a clay substitute, except it cracks when drying, so is an inferior in some ways. Needs more work, such as painting and varnish.]

Anyway, the main point is to choose your art to match your need. High voodoo and hermetic magic have complete languages to help with this. I suggest that everyone interested adopt or invent some terms and imagery.

Paintings and sculpture make excellent spirit catchers! The challenge is for the artist to provide the correct spiritual imagery. There are many great books to gain reference, but I will endorse none at this point. You should be able to gather all you need from your life, should your magic be sound! Think hard about the situation, and decide what you feel needs capture. Begin a painting with stream of conscious imagery. Flesh it in later with potent facts, and psychological information. Cover it with relevant detail and beauty. Perform your rituals. Let your baby eat:]

In reference to making a decline in things, Aleister Crowley said it best as, “killing the babes before they are born.” This means to kill the idea before it can bear fruit. In reference to creating an incline, I say “set a plate of bread, and cup of wine, for the newborn king!” Think of this as pouring gasoline down a path, close to a small but growing fire.

We all should know this implies a great blaze, and anyway, a historic progression. We are creating microcosmic elements potent enough to induce great changes in the macrocosm!

This post is a primer for many activities and posts I will bring on later. It may seem simple, even perhaps lacking instruction, but really it’s all here. I can’t wait to see some feedback from those who get it! Those who don’t, that is also ok. Pursue your art with passion, and soon you will. To all, Light In Extension!