Population Control : Ten Things We must Consider

The gift of life is a beautiful and sacred thing. Idealistically, we think about young children, filled with hopes and dreams, oh so happy to be alive! We glorify ourselves with the premise that we can make a difference in the lives of our children, and they will succeed in life to degrees that we could only imagine.

Often, our biggest mistakes in life come from our tilt to letting our imaginations run our lives, instead of us running our imaginations. As a result, many glorify what they should humble, and repress that which they should exalt! This is more than a pity, it is extremely cruel and dangerous.

So what am I getting at?

I am beginning a series of posts about Population Control. It is my hope that readers will read these posts carefully, but with open minds. I challenge you to! On the surface, the idea seems repulsive to many, and this is because it has been misrepresented so often by lunatics, dictators, and conspiracy theorists! This sad bunch has brutally scarred a terrific idea!

When I speak of Population Control, I want you to understand that this should have no ties to ideas like genocide, abortion, poisoning water supplies, or any crazy, evil schemes, real or imagined. I am speaking of taking control of our number one base drive, that we may honestly “give the gift of life”, instead of the curse of “slow tortured existence”, to our children! Is that so bad?

This post is an overview, and as such, I don’t want to take up valuable time with loads of statistics. On succeeding posts, I will share more on this. For now, let me share the following:

1. There are over seven billion people in the world

2. Half of these are living at or below the “poverty line”.

While it is important to understand that the “poverty line” was set according to U.S. standards, and that throughout the world, impact varies; It can be understood that half our population will never “make it” financially, or possibly at all! Further, we are a Global Economy, meaning that poverty gets around just like money does. As a result, all will suffer from the disease of poverty, until we cure it. Doing so is necessary!

3. Approximately 40% of those living at or below the poverty line are children. In the U.S. alone, nearly one third of the children live here.

These kids will have to work over twice as hard as their richer counterparts, just to make it in life. The odds are brutally stacked against them! They will, [if lucky], begin their lives on welfare, or else some other form of donation. They will live in unfit, moldy conditions, which will probably leave them with a lifetime of physical and mental illness. School will be hard, and common sense, even harder! Many just don’t get that it takes personal miracles to grow a successful mindset, when such was never provided in the early years. One’s outlook, which is greatly determined by nurture, will automatically be attracted to pre programmed situations and choices.

Jesus was profoundly right when he said that “the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.”

The hell of the poor begins at birth, when their minds are deprived of the scenery of success. Even if they are cared for well, [fat chance, by the way], they will not be exposed to awareness of the reality of success. When they have to care for themselves, what can they base their choices on?

4. Many of these children will never grow up.

The infant mortality rate is much higher for those living at or below the poverty line. Why?

A. Their living conditions are usually terrible. Frequently, poor kids, even in rich nations live in substandard housing. [no climate control, compromised hygiene, mold problems, domestic and or gang violence]

B. Exposure to the outside world is limited to donations. Welfare doctors, welfare education, good intentions, and circumstances.

5. Environment: We are eating up our world!

Should these kids overcome all of these obstacles, as well as many I probably forgot to cover, they still will have great hurdles to jump! For example, where will they live? As our population grows, the need for housing obviously does as well. The problem is that in general, the outlook of humanity has failed to consider that Earth is more than a place to live, it is an organism. Conditions for our survival were placed here long before we were, but we won’t last a second without them. Important as housing is, food and oxygen are much more! As we de forest our world, turn farms into communities, pollute our land and water, we will have less air to breathe, less food to eat, and less resource to anything. Wow! Such a bad time for such problems!

What enrages me, is that with all the politics going on, not one candidate is addressing these issues as a primary concern! It seems to me that the majority of humanity is asleep behind the wheel! Build better fences, stricter gun control, increase minimum wage, get rid of welfare, feed the hungry, teach “Planned Parenthood”, Bomb the fxx4$% world, sit and think about it. What suicidal crap!

6. There are certain oddballs like me in the world, who want to live the realistic life. What does this mean? It is about solving problems in a way that will work. It means that it’s time to reevaluate our outdated notions about reality. For everyone, we will need to leave our comfort zones, if we ever want to return. If we fail to put our planet into our highest list of concerns, we are shooting ourselves, and our kids in the face! Gun control or not:]

7. “Planned Parenthood”, is a great ideal, but a poor practice. It is underfunded, as many important things are. It relies too much on birth control, passing out condoms, and crap like that. Face it! People hate to use condoms. They will accept them, if it fills their need for welfare! Will they use them? Hmmm, statistics say not… No sex before marriage? that might work if anyone gave a fxx547! We don’t:[ Right wing religious, don’t lie. Your kids are knocking each other up at embarrassing levels! Then you throw them out! more lives to welfare! BTW, can we afford this?

8. We have to restructure our concepts of reality, as well as society, in order to save our lives, and those we love!

9.Don’t blame yourself, or your mentors, you have been living n your times. Now, “the times are a changin.” What worked hundreds of years ago, just won’t cut it today. “Saving the world”, isn’t just a nice idea, but an essential practice. Face it!

10. Control over global population is the only way to assure happiness on planet Earth. We are running out of options! In the last part of my post, I will introduce the idea, and give a few solutions. If you have stressed over this issue, please read and comment on my post, and well, donate some ideas. We need them!

Population Control is an essential concept to understand in any growing society. It is so much more significant to life today. Regarding “Planned Parenthood”, I’m so curious about why they spend so little time on this subject. This is what needs to happen.

A. Huge tax cuts for couples who decide to remain “child free” for a given period of time. Possible home ownership for those couples.

B. Great Medicaid bonuses for couples that choose to remain child free.

C. Government grants to anyone who declares not to procreate for a given time.

Make home ownership possible for anyone who chooses not to procreate. Make welfare benefits available to anyone who agrees not to add to the debt.

D. Programs offered from kindergarten to 12th grade, emphasizing the importance of personal growth over procreation. Build Your Life 101 to infinity!

E. Fund thee programs, and any government will save millions!

F. Immediate loss of grants to anyone who abuses them.

Put these practices into effect, and we can truly solve most of the world’s problems. Will you?

Stream Of Consciousness Art: Visual Journal Of The Mind

I have as of lately,  started a few experiments with “Stream Of Conscious Art”. It has been some time since I’ve used this technique, but the time seems right to return. I see this art as a visual journal of the mind. It is a great form of divination and meditation, in ways closely related to dream interpretation.

Automatic art is definitely one of the better known forms of stream of consciousness work, though there are many more. My psychedelic phase, while following The Grateful Dead, yielded some miraculous results! However one reaches a “stream of conscious state”, the results are direct impressions of awareness, yielded from the subconscious and unconscious mind. Every time I get there, I’m loving it!

Sometimes the journey is scary, while at other times erotic, or just very informational. It is always though, extremely enlightening. Beautiful art is the physical benefit.

Stream of consciousness art has a lot in common with the zen practice of zazen. The difference, if there really is one, is that the mental imagery while practicing stream of consciousness art is recorded. In zazen, we acknowledge these images, and then let them pass. I believe these two practices work well together. By painting our mental imagery, we are releasing it from unconscious control. Said another way, we are liberating our thoughts.

One would do well to practice zazen previous to beginning a stream of consciousness painting. It’s relatively safe, and 100% non toxic:]

Digital art opens many great possibilities for this project. Yes, I know it’s not for everyone, but I like it! In art, I respect the speed of media in relation to it’s accuracy. There are drawbacks and benefits to any artist’s medium. Digital art is all about pixels, and this can be a drag to the artist when attempting to travel deeper into a work. It is annoying to see a beautiful image turn into a bunch of colored blocks. Even here though, there is new terrain to work with. It’s benefits are that your “paint” needs no drying time, yet can be removed with a click, if need be.

Digital art is great for getting fast results. In stream of consciousness painting, this can be a very good thing, especially for certain applications.

If you use your art for purposes of divination, speed is usually important. Similar to a tarot card reading, your painting is like a shuffle of the cards. Of course, it will take longer, no matter the medium you use! Oil painting is great for refining images to their highest accuracy, but it dries so slowly, that I’m not sure who’s concerns have time for that. Acrylic is awesome, but still has some drying time. Pen and pencil work well, though often lack ability to create an artwork in full. These are things any artist will need to come to terms with when choosing a medium.

Personally, I prefer acrylic or digital, for creating stream of consciousness art, because I get the speed I need to “catch the spirits”. I can work at it from that point on, adding media as I see fit. I see digital art as the evolution of the pencil. It flows quick and dry, and can be easily erased.

While artists of the past have made many pencil sketches of one subject, digital art can do the same, in less time, and with more advantages. Ultimately, mixed media is the way to go!

Let’s create a painting!

 1. Try to silence your mind. It probably won’t be long before you are immersed in a world of verbal and visual chatter. Catch these images as quickly as possible, kind of like a frog eating flies.

2.Put the images down fast, and reflect on them slow. Each one will likely inspire another great image field.

3.Contemplate each succession of images very carefully, perhaps keeping a journal for notes. You may choose to evolve your images into surreal constructs, or let them remain abstract. Your purpose in painting will determine this.

4.You really don’t need to create a background for your painting yet. This will occur often enough, by it’s own means. The important part is to continuously clarify all images you find. Bring them to life. Let a theme develop from the interactions of the images within.

5.As the theme of the painting comes closer to a conclusion, you may choose to ‘polish it up”. By creating a greater sense of realism, your work will transform from psychedelic or abstract, into surrealism. Let me caution not to rush this process, as the concretion of a reality often closes the doors to further subconscious imagery. Better not to pick the fruit until it’s ripe!

6.Knowing when to say when, is an important skill for any artist to develop. Take pride in your creation when it reaches it’s fruition, and just let it be what it is.

I think that many times, the best art is hard to categorize. Perhaps you wished to paint a surreal painting, but you find it beautiful and complete, a wonderful abstract painting. When you can see the work is done, I say leave as is. Nothing can be gained by trying to change a turkey into an eagle. If it’s a turkey, let it be! After all, it came of truth from your own mind.

Now, I am not saying that you should be lazy, and avoid the challenges your art will offer. If you know the painting is incomplete, continue until it is. If it shows signs of needing greater physical clarity, give it that. Learn the language of your subconscious imagery, and respect it. Love it and develop confidence in it as you should have for yourself, and it will return the love.

Stream Of Consciousness Art is actually an exercise in developing self love, and connecting with your higher being.

Nichiren Buddhists possess a scroll of sorts, called a Gohonzon. Upon it is written “The Mystic Law Of cause And Effect. Devotees keep the Gohonzon on their altar, and use it as a focus in their chants. They are cautioned to treat the Gohonzon with the respect that they would show themselves, as it represents their very being.

I recommend that you treat your art the same way. It is you in the highest sense. It is creation from yourself to the world.

Celebrate your miracle with love!