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About Me

Hello to all, and thanks for visiting! I want to tell a little story about myself, hopefully to connect with each of you on a personal level and reveal the mind behind the journey that is this site. All that I am is a dedication to the collective conscious, transformation, beauty, sensuality and all that is Surrealism.

Born December 20, 1966, to Saant and Sophia Celia, I’ve been exposed to the arts from birth. My father Saant, was without doubt one of the greatest artists of this century and the century before. An abstract artist by preference, as well as one of the last classic portrait painters, he was able to live his life as a career artist. This is a dream of most artists, I believe. My mother Sophia was a published poet and writer. Together they built and developed The Saant Celia School Of Art, instructing loyal students in their Wilmington, North Carolina home for over forty years! I guess that’s how I got started:]

My interest in art, both as a means of communication, and a philosophy in and of itself, deepened when my youthful interest in mysticism, music and psychedelics lead me to The Grateful Dead. That whole world, steeped in art, magic and transformation, became the place of my rebirth. It really got a hold of me! Suppose at first art was an attempt to define myself and make a little money doing what I loved. It was also an escape from boredom and mediocrity.

For years I turned out canvasses coated richly in flowing awareness, and stream of conscious images. They were the Wabi-sabi of my psyche. My style progressed into what often appeared a form of Impressionism, as many intricate and brightly colored shapes merged into larger and greater forms.

One thing I missed in my painting at that time was the crystal clear honed techniques of my father. These I set out to find. From him I learned perspective, true perception of color, and much more! My explorations in his world became the backbone of my art practice. He used it for his practice, and I in mine, uniting two great minds. It was a transmission! [This is how the transmission flows through me.]

The goal is to clarify the vision by capturing it’s raw form and over time refining it while vowing neither to lose content or clarity. I state my formula as such : Freeze Frame The Free Flow, And Photograph The Vision. Of course, I am not necessarily referring to photography right now, though it can apply there just as well. I am a surrealist, using both traditional techniques, and some I discovered on my own. My art and personal philosophy is a refusal to lock myself into any one style save that the end serves my surrealism.

You may find in my work many elements of Impressionism, Dada, Tibetan Art, Abstract, Collage, Primitive, Wabi-sabi, etc. My work includes both traditional art and digital. I am also a photographer. Being a work in progress, what’s next is anyone’s guess! Whatever it is will reflect the language of my subconscious in relation to the collective conscious and universal.

To this end, I begin each work with a back ground, a scene, if only in my mind. Next I allow the scene to populate by quick sketching, or using automatic drawing to capture mental images before they manifest. I prefer the latter technique much of the time, as the visions manifest less tainted by the ego’s expectations.

In the following step, the ego is let back into the process. The vision must be edited. Artistic technique presides over the creative explosion, bringing into ordinary perception key concepts, which will need to be refined. My artwork has many levels, so there will be a progression of images, from the subject of the portrait, and regressing by stages into the background, or is it vice-versa?

Something really interesting happens. Viewing my completed painting I find that the background has replaced itself! What an evolution of automatic art! Progression can be seen travelling by a dual path. The fixed and the mutable, the crooked and the straight, darkening and brightening, abstraction to reality, fantastic to mundane, culminate in a peculiar awareness of truth. No polarity comes first or last. They are opposite sides of the apex, and everything is The Apex!

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The Art Of Sam Celia