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So Great To Be Back!

To all who view my site, I’m sure you’ve noticed that lately I’ve posted very little. This is because I needed some time to rediscover me, and the crazy wonderful world that inspires my posts! Election day is coming soon, and the closer it comes to being here, the less I wish to speak about politics.

This is a site for art, and artistic expression.

I have shared with all of you, my views on politics, and so for now,

It’s time to move to bigger and better things.

All the same, please don’t forget to vote! In this new world, ideas matter more than ever! Voting in my opinion, is less about the candidates than it is what they have to offer you. Please keep this in mind! Let me give you a silly example:

You read “The Philosophy Of Joe Schmow.” Finding it greatly inspiring, you followed his posts and political campaigns, etc. Later, your enthusiasm is dashed against rocks, as you hear that Joe is a complete fraud! Joe is a liar! Joe is a money hungry nutcase! Joe is really Jane:] the list goes on… Now Joe is campaigning for the very things you wish for yourself and your country. Ask yourself if Joe can prevail. Will he? Invest in your future. The faces are just icons. Support the visions closest to your own, and afterward, do your part to bring them to physical reality!

In future posts, I plan to continue with the themes of art and magic. I plan to offer ideas concerning mind expansion, consciousness extension, life extension, personal development, and much more!

I would love your input here. What are your dreams and concerns? What is your vision of the future? Look deep into that eye looking into your deepest being. What is there to say?

Until next time,

Love, Love under will.

The Self Centered Vision For A Free Life

We frequently question what life is all about, while sadly ignoring ourselves and our personal reality. This is why we tend to feel so trapped and used. We seek the external world, and have done a good job of finding it. What has happened is that we have discovered a way to “make the car drive us, instead of us driving the car”. The result of this folly is that although very busy, and apparently engaged in life, we are just running around unconscious.

While in this state of mind, we are dominated by our external circumstances, and our primal drives. This puts us in a bad place for addressing the needs of the future. Our ability to develop new perspectives is greatly compromised. We are living in a dream which evolved thousands of years ago, and whose time has passed. Although it was highly effective for establishing order, and keeping the human species from extinction, the game has changed. It’s time for something new.

Over the world, population is rising out of control. We are running out of food and land to support this increasing population. Despite this global emergency, our teens are adhering faithfully to their instinct to replicate at all cost. They are out of control. The reason for this is that creating children is still one of our leading focuses in life. Lead by antiquated drives, we are securing the basis for our much feared extinction.

Why are we not coming up with educational programs designed to instill a sense of self value in our youth? Why are we not trying harder to create a state of selfishness in our young, that might lead them to building themselves instead of replicating. When will we call for a generation to offer quality over quantity?

Oh, perhaps I can explain:]

Maybe it is because we live under a divine law, “Be fruitful and multiply.”

I would love to hear a comment from the author of this command that would explain how we should do so, and feed these offspring now that their numbers are greater than our recourses to care for them? What’s even worse is that we are doing very little to develop the recourses needed to even try to satisfy this great task. Every second, babies are born, cigars are passed, a forest dies, a debt increases, and life goes on!

For how long?

I’m not sure!

How long can we extend a welfare program to an increasing population fighting for a limited job demand? How long before our natural recourses are depleted by our “out of control species?” Where will we go when we run out of standing space? Someone tell me!

The thing is, that is only a small part of what I want to talk about. My concern here is a long term solution to the problem, or should I more fairly say… Disbalance!

These days, many folks are throwing out potential solutions, especially since we are so close to election time! I believe I have a long term solution to this problem, and I’m giving it for free, even though I’m running for no office.

Take it or leave it, the intelligent have nothing to lose by trying it on! The movement began over two hundred years ago, though it’s only started to catch. The primary goal is to teach to the living of all ages that their life and purpose are of greatest importance, and so it’s cultivation is one’s only true consideration.

By refining your life from a chunk of coal, into a diamond, you will be doing much better than if you created huge amounts of coal. If you refine yourself into one capable of finding solutions, you will have achieved more than ten generations only able to repeat a pattern! If you solve your problems with dependence, your wisdom may end a need for welfare. Should you take the time to love yourself, you will never need another for self validation. You will be a miracle you rejoice in!

Now for many, extreme debt, screaming babies, job concerns, social obligations and more, will prevent the necessary evolution to enter this brave new world. Many will be afraid, or feel their urges are morally wrong.

It is much easier to comply than to really evaluate and create. These days, compliance will solve no problem, as the authorities know less than the common masses they used to dominate!

Every age comes with it’s mottos and laws. I wish to state of the two which have yet to be fulfilled, and very likely, will address the questions of our day.

I paraphrase both of these… Think you’ll get the point.

On his death bed, Buddha responded to the question on which precept was most important. He responded, “be a lamp unto yourself.” In like condition, Aleister Crowley announced, “Do what thy wilst will be the whole of the law, love under will.”

Should one not understand the language of those days, it would appear a riddle or nonsense delivered by both.  Looking closer, it can be seen that they both are delivering the same ultimate command. See, to do what you will is not the same as doing anything you want, it implies introspection, strategy and practice. It directly demands that one ” be a lamp unto themselves.”

It involves changing the scenario from being one looking outward to the world, to a world looking inward toward you. It puts full authority in your hands, while removing excuses for failure. When you know who you are, there is no failure.

I hope to inspire a generation of people

1. To question the ethics of their past

2. To live for themselves and forsake all others!

3. To consider pleasures of the flesh as beautiful rituals between lovers, and not just a tool of procreation.

4.Indulge fully in the pleasures of self and flesh, yet leave nothing to be unintentionally carried over.

5. To see the world as their ultimate lover, and protect her from all threats, even ourselves!

6. To bring life into the world when more is needed, and refrain from doing so when it is not.

7. In all cases and matters, be the change you want to see.

8. Follow your bliss!

The big day is coming up… Election day! I encourage everyone to get out and vote! Just do it! Do your best to show your candidate what you need!

Now, a special message to our candidates:

I’ve heard what you are saying, and have varying views to both of you. I would love to believe that you both really love and wish to serve your nation. If this is the case, please drop the campaigning, get together in private, and come up with a good plan for your country! Both of you, together, could do something really incredible! Will you, or just take care of business as usual? I think you both have it in you to bring about great things!

a special message to anyone reading this:


Through The Portal: The Magic And Sensuality Of Lucid Dreams

sam 2016

One of the main points of this post is to communicate the true power of lucid dreaming, and reveal why it is as much a practice as meditation, yoga, physical exercise and prayer. Lucid dreaming is a game for some [though I don’t recommend it], a research tool for scientists and psychologists, a part of some spiritual paths, and a spiritual path all it’s own for others. In this day and age, concepts are challenged constantly. The validity of religion is questioned, and scientific findings published, then shattered by the next finding!

By the way, please don’t take this as an anti religion rant. It is not at all. I am in no way trying to criticize or validate anyone’s religion or ethic code. I am simply laying the groundwork for

explaining why lucid dreaming is so important to the world today!

Lucid dream techniques have changed very little from shamanic times, from BC to AD. All the new strategies I have researched and experimented with, have proven themselves spinoffs on the original practices of people who discovered this goldmine thousands, probably millions of years ago!


Lucid dream supplements…are drugs used to promote lucid dreaming. Oracles of the past had huge arsenals of them! Today many use L-Dopa, caffeine, psychedelics, MAO’s, and so much more. Greek oracles hung out in caves of narcotic gasses, earning a living by predicting the future. Old school witches made flying ointments from the narcotic poisons of nightshades and other herbs. Artists have used many of these and added alcohol, especially absinthe to the bag of tricks. I’m wary of these practices to some extent, because drugs can be so dangerous. There is a lot of misinformation on the subject, and mistakes can be fatal. Want to take this route? Better know what you are doing. Mental hospitals are full of people who didn’t!

Sound recordings are sometimes used to induce lucid dreams. For example: Hemi synch, developed by Robert Monroe. These products work well for some people, and these in the past and up to today benefit from shamanic trance music.

All numbers of gadgets to prevent one from completely losing consciousness while sleeping. Examples: lucid dream face masks, placing hard objects on places of the body to reduce comfort during sleep, and call to mind that we should be doing something.

Mantras: such as “I am dreaming”, etc.

In my opinion, these tools are really for beginners to help the mind develop a waking sleep perspective, and may be dropped as soon as the dreamer is able to know when they are dreaming, and act consciously while asleep.

Ok, time to get into the deep stuff!

Many people have asked me to help them understand experiences they have had, where science and logic fail to yield answers. Some have had prophetic dreams, where something they dreamed of occurred next day, or not long after. Some people tell me they had a dream that changed reality, for themselves or universally. I believe them! Why? For me, tonight’s dream will become tomorrow. If there are any exceptions, I don’t know of them. How is this possible? I really can’t explain it, but it’s true non the less.

I will share a personal experience with you, to clarify my observations concerning how dreams directly have a hold on reality. Judge for yourself.

Recently, I received a personal message from someone who visited my site. This was a little unusual, so it stuck in my mind. However, the comment didn’t seem that far out or anything, though I directed her to my personal email to talk about it “less on the grid”. That night, I had a dream where I met a woman at a restaurant- pool joint. She asked directions to the restroom, and I pointed to it. She started to try to open another door, and I said “no, over there, see the sign?” She walked over to me, thanked me, and said “Let’s Go.” We walked to her house, I guess, and she started hugging and kissing me. I noticed that she was much taller than I am. Also realized that she turned me on greatly. We were making out like crazy, but I knew this was a dream. I chose to experience it in full. I also watched her very carefully, as I hoped to find a message in the dream. This woman seemed filled with a very magical love. It wasn’t a selfish sexual thing, nor a possessive “in love” experience. It was like we were merging for a time in the interest of an energy exchange. It was the most positive sex I have ever had!

I heard my phone making noises and woke up. Checking my messages, I saw one from the woman who contacted me. She sent a picture and some commentary. This is the woman I dreamed of! Her features matched those in my dream exactly! [I didn’t bring that up to her. I just responded to her message.]

Things like this happen frequently in the dream world. I venture to say many of you have had an experience somewhat like this. Do you wonder what it means? I will share some thoughts on this, and perhaps give a possible explanation.

Lucid dreams are portals to the spirit world, whatever that means. I am not referring to afterlife experiences, or the like, but rather the hidden force behind reality! One believable explanation is that the mind retains clues or impressions at a deep level, that consciously it forgets. This could be true, but how could it make a realistic image of someone it never saw?

I believe that the mind is merely a radio for the frequency we call reality. Reality is both unity and division, as billions of radios pick up it’s frequency in different ways, and in accordance with individual programming. Never the less, there is only one reality, one awareness, one God. I think that the woman I dreamed of was with me all along, though our awareness merged due to a post and message. It really isn’t a big deal, as we all are part of the same oneness!

Lucid dreaming opens these doors. It removes the separations such as time and space, and will become a great unifying and equalizing force in the future, as more choose to explore and practice it. My father once told me, “One day all we will need to do is think of a place, and we will be there.” He was/is, a wise man.

Lucid dreaming is loaded with sensuality, and the reason why is that we are sensual beings by nature. Only love can compete with our other survival mechanisms such as loyalty, militarism, and hatred. Love can beat them all! Think you have it all going on, the numbers are right, the stealth is good, and you cold heartedly plan the destruction of a whole country, when suddenly you meet one of it’s citizens, and fall in love. All your plans get flushed down the crapper, and why?

Ultimately, we are not designed to destroy each other, because we all are one entity, which lovingly fights for the rights of every individual. We were really designed to capture experience, and come together.

We desire to make love to each other, but hate the competition, though it really doesn’t exist. this is only a construct of the ego. This illusion evolved to help a hunter-gatherer society, of which many of us are still a part.

Times are changing!

Necessity is not only the mother of invention, but the mother of everything! Need welcomes you into her cauldron, and she gives birth to answers, as why and because roll happily in perpetual intercourse.

Sex is the answer, and real sex is love. We are a community of interchanging vulvas and shafts, which means we are constantly having intercourse with each other. We don’t even need to know each other to do this, and we shouldn’t!

Sensuality And Lucid Dreams
Sensuality And Lucid Dreams

There are two people in this world: You and Me. Let’s become One!you and me

There is a road between The dark and light, and there we are, seeking today. That shaft into infinity covers all we are, and nothing is outside it except for that precious way, Our lover and mother supreme! Seeking unity with her, I still my words.Mother 3 30 16