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Princess, Horse, Elephant And Boar : Art Symbolism In A Lucid Dream

From the blackness rose that peculiar vibration. It surged up through my bed, into my back, and spread through my entire body, like a slightly uncomfortable shock. “Here It Goes Again!” Feeling my insides changing shape, being penetrated and contorted, I knew for sure the lucid dream state was upon me. Opening my eyes, it was still dark. The clarity of my thinking concerned me, because I did not wish to wake up yet. Saw a spinning, silverfish ball in the dark, just in front of me, and knew it to be my third eye. It was time to assume “twin Positions.”

Began to spin within the black ectoplasmic soup that surrounded me. I repeated this two more time, then opened my eyes. As if I were awake, my bedroom looked as it usually does, my bed felt as it usually feels. Early morning sun shining through my window seemed to confirm that the dream was over. Checked my cellphone, and the time was 8:15 am. Suddenly the internal vibrations resumed, and closing my eyes, and re opening them, I was once more surrounded by darkness. Mission successful! I am now locked in the dream world, and will need to wake up three times to leave it!

[Though the technique is called  “Twin Positions”, one may actually continue to wake up in as many dreams as they wish, and must wake up in reverse from each one before they ay awake from dream reality. FYI.]

Feeling the need to scream! Don’t know why exactly. Believe it is just my way of releasing internal pressure. It could have been a fart, belch, or giggle. Four screams, and off to work.

Entering the door of a large metal sided building. Although it looked like a warehouse, it was much bigger than any I have seen. It was at least three stories high, and nearly the size of a city block. The inside was quite different, containing many large rooms, many were rooms I had seen before during the course of my life. There were classrooms as well, which were similar to those of my high school days, the genetic cinderblock walls painted with shiny enamel in tacky colors. Much of the floor was paved with off white nylon tiles.

Walking down the hall, I came to a bend. Turning left, I continued to walk until I reached a door. Opening it, I saw it was my father’s bedroom. The floors had dirty old carpet, and his bed was covered in dust. I said “Dad, let’s get out of here!” His hair long and unkempt, much as a man on a long drinking binge, his look sullen but content, I was deeply concerned for him. He shook his head, saying “no, I want to stay here, and I want you to stay here too.” I told him that I did not wish to stay, and hope he will come with me instead. “I will not stay here long, please come with me now. Let’s get out of here!” He shook his head again, so I closed the door and began running away.

Knowing I was within a dream,

it became important for me to test my powers here. Thrusting my arms through a metal wall, I passed into the next room, and was joyously greeted by a good friend, and ex lover. She hugged me firmly, and told me how happy she was to see me. My libido being what it is, I couldn’t resist the temptation to have sex. It was awesome, though it started to turn weird. Going down on her was great! She tasted so wonderful, and I noticed that huge, swollen clit of hers, throbbing to the caresses of my tongue and lips. Suddenly it began to grow larger and larger, until it was almost a foot long! If that proved not to be strange enough, it began to grow bumps and knots, finally looking like an arm of an octopus, complete with suckers. I stroked it gently, and walked away.

Just a little way down the hall, I met another ex girlfriend. She threw her arms around me, and began sucking on my neck, whispering “it’s so great to see you again. I thought I would never be here with you!” Once again, my libido took over, and I licked my finger, and snaked it through her shorts and into her soft warm butt. After getting it in there as deep as possible, I pulled it out and sucked on it. The flavor was intense, delicious, and captivating! Started to feel seminal fluid running down my leg. My head started spinning, and once more, I lay in my bed. Checked the time. 8:15 am.

Time often works differently here. Frequently, it goes through loops. Therefore, the sense of time through experiences, cannot be used to evaluate physical time. At least I’ve found it so.

Suddenly a trumpet sounds. I am now in a completely different building, the Cameron Art Museum.

Sitting in a chair, in the first display room to the right, I listened with excitement to words about the oncoming display. It was said to be colossal! The greatest show ever to be presented! The sound of a girl’s scream broke the air savagely. The doors swung open, and a princess dressed in white rode into the room on a white horse. they proceeded to the back, behind row of chairs and eager viewers. next, an elephant walked into the room, swinging it’s trunk side to side, and walking to the back. After that , a boar came running in, growling at everyone, and following the elephant. I got scared, and ran for the door. More than some ran out as well. Leaving, I saw the horse running for the door, and hid behind it. The boar ran as well. Someone petted it on it’s way out. It sniffed my leg, and ran on.

I felt a little ashamed that I ran out of the room, but my fear of these big animals was strong!

Obviously, those who remained in the room were unharmed. Not one of these animals tried to harm me, though all but the elephant rapidly followed me as I left. Don’t know where the princess went. Think she is still in the room. The boar was the only animal to find me in hiding, but he left me alone.

The vibrations resumed, and three times, I woke up in my bed, my bedroom, and house.

Getting up, I felt a little nausea and stomach grumbling. Probably too much beer and T Day leftovers! Perhaps the effects of intense lucid dreaming. Whatever. From this dream, I have gained a wealth of subject matter for painting, and dream symbolism to investigate!

One more round on the merry go round!

Good night. Sweet dreams!

Artist At The Edge Of Magic

Greetings All!

My last post was very short, while this one may be quite long. I hope you enjoy, and get something from it. You will see a lot of my latest art here. Remember I said I needed to take a break and refresh. This is what it has come to…

Election Day!, Save our country!, “Bad Hurricane, how dare you cost me $90!,

“You want to save our world? Better give me some money, before it’s too late!” By the way, we have the best spaceship to Heaven, and we are offering it for the very low price of $5000,000,000, but we have payment plans available. Don’t let our bad economy stop you from getting it all!

Well, it’s really not we, only me. Hey, make your payments available to


and God willing, Heaven will be yours! :]:]:]

After an unholy butt load of that crap, and seeing that I really have something to say, I retired to my art for inspiration. Unholy summer of un stained panties and swimwear! There is so much more than something to say. I’ve got some things to show. Yes, I have more than one:]:]:]access-and-transcend

So I’m drawing the “Ice Curtains” to politicians right now, this is about me!ice-curtains

I am an artist

to qualify, I am an artist

At the edge of magic!artist-at-the-edge-of-magick

My physical form changes constantly, such as life and reality…

I am not at liberty to play games on you, though I would love to play them with you. Consider me as The Green Man In  contemplation. My world is new, and I’m hoping that your world is too. Otherwise, sail off…the-green-man-in-contemplation

I invoke the power of a great lantern to light my way. Together forming this lantern, we are a god/goddess. We become the holiest of holy, by transformation into the unholy.lucifer

By this I mean, facing reality. There is nothing in this world that can help us get our lives straight, unless it is ourselves! The Gods and Goddesses are merely icons, until we incarnate them! Get it?baphomet-rising

Without pseudo reasoning for a mentor, our focus often turns to “Death.” Are we really not fearing an ending for a greatness not begun? Where was I when I needed help? I’m hoping to instigate answers to these questions.deaths-head-moth

The universe has bestowed us with gifts such as love, which in reality is an embracing of self, and lust, which keeps it all moving. Furthermore, we have everyday life as a reality check. Going back to love, embracing self is embracing all. Just think about it! We are beginning a journey. Hope we are all together.Tantric Reformation

Regardless of style, art is a science of symbolism. It has been used from primordial times and up to the present, to concentrate bands of perception into usable and potent aggregates.point-of-no-return

In a well done painting, the awareness of a million years is condensed, and reincarnated in the present moment! We can see this in every art revolution that’s ever existed. Test this yourself. Observe and contemplate the art of different periods of history. Within each, the unchanging element can be found, and more! The art of every civilization and time period provides a window to that place, both in what it shows, and what it does not.The Weave

My point is that art is the most potent of all magickal tools, as well as the prime tool for social evolution and communication. Tarot decks are perfect examples of all I have inferred, yet it gets so much deeper! Art controls society completely!

The blowout of self-sodomy
The blowout of self-sodomy

You want to buy a home. Where will you wish to live, and what style of house would you wish to live in? Did you determine all you needed to from personal experience? You want to join a religion, list the motivators. The list could go forever, but doesn’t need to. Symbolism creates reality! Artists are architects of symbolism.

The undefined spaced in control
The undefined spaced in control

There are days when it may get difficult to understand these things. It probably would be better to say, that when things get rough, it becomes somewhat difficult to identify with the greatness of “true being”, and our purpose in this amazing continuum. It’s really just our ego’s feeling hurt, but these things will pass in the wake of transpersonal glory.

Every year, and every day of my life, the evidence builds!

I take a humble kind of pride in the knowing that everything is The Great Continuum, and I am doing my part. This Divine Fractal  expands and contracts in sensuous waves within the peaceful stillness of eternity. Jellyfish wisdom?

I have always loved and admired jellyfish. They are so beautiful and delicate. I see them as organic fractals, or individual “bing-bangs” pulsing with the tide. In spite of their great vunerability, the jellyfish is still one of the most successful species on earth, and probably have a great future! Why?

For one, they can be deadly predators without a passion for hate. Even if the jellyfish had a high IQ, I doubt it would make much trouble for anyone who left it alone. It likes to eat, and will consume whatever it can.

Secondly, jellyfish are highly adaptable to most any environment. Pollution may actually aid their success, by creating an environment rich in organic matter and a multitude of protein rich organisms. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could do that?

When a jellyfish washes up on a beach, or gets plowed by a passing boat, the other jellyfish don’t get depressed and whine about the futility of life. They eat, reproduce and die, like everything else, but do so without huge psychological problems. This is another reason they find it so easy to succeed.

In this lowly organism, the meaning of life is completely established, at least for now. Within their physical appearance, and their very nature, profound wisdom abides!

Now, about the “Great Intellectual Jellyfish”…

Several months ago, I had a MRI. Though I was prohibited from photographing my brain, I got to see it, and absolutely fell in love! For the first time, I saw the real me. It was a delicate creature, composed mainly of cholesterol, bathed in an inner ocean housed in a flesh machine. I was, and still am, in complete awe! This creature designed my life. It determined how long my hair should be, what I would eat, drink, or smoke, how I would react to whatever it’s decisions were. It decides how much of it’s awareness it should share with me, and in reality, what my life will be about.

This is the really cool part…

For that moment, I was in complete communion with myself. I could see my brain, looking back at me, and it was able to see it’s creation. It was also able to tell the deep love I had for it. From an MRI, I learned true self love! Get one if you can! They are very expensive, but of all the personal development tools I’ve tried, it was the best so far. By the way, if you do get one, and want the pic, you probably should click your cellphone without asking! I did, and they told me no. [they kinda suck!] Partially joking, as I know they have their rules to protect their business, and that should get some respect. Never the less, this is me, and they should feel the sting of a thousand nettles for holding such a personal picture from me. I still plan to get it!

So in this post, I am sharing with you my most recent art, and the inspiration behind it. Soon I will return to my social and political engagements, as there is a lot to be addressed! As of now, please contemplate the beauty and power of art, and employ it in your life as you see fit.under-the-bridge

 Hope all had a happy Halloween. Autumn blessings to you!autumn-fire


So Great To Be Back!

To all who view my site, I’m sure you’ve noticed that lately I’ve posted very little. This is because I needed some time to rediscover me, and the crazy wonderful world that inspires my posts! Election day is coming soon, and the closer it comes to being here, the less I wish to speak about politics.

This is a site for art, and artistic expression.

I have shared with all of you, my views on politics, and so for now,

It’s time to move to bigger and better things.

All the same, please don’t forget to vote! In this new world, ideas matter more than ever! Voting in my opinion, is less about the candidates than it is what they have to offer you. Please keep this in mind! Let me give you a silly example:

You read “The Philosophy Of Joe Schmow.” Finding it greatly inspiring, you followed his posts and political campaigns, etc. Later, your enthusiasm is dashed against rocks, as you hear that Joe is a complete fraud! Joe is a liar! Joe is a money hungry nutcase! Joe is really Jane:] the list goes on… Now Joe is campaigning for the very things you wish for yourself and your country. Ask yourself if Joe can prevail. Will he? Invest in your future. The faces are just icons. Support the visions closest to your own, and afterward, do your part to bring them to physical reality!

In future posts, I plan to continue with the themes of art and magic. I plan to offer ideas concerning mind expansion, consciousness extension, life extension, personal development, and much more!

I would love your input here. What are your dreams and concerns? What is your vision of the future? Look deep into that eye looking into your deepest being. What is there to say?

Until next time,

Love, Love under will.

Art, Symbolism, Wormholes, And The Shape Of Things To Come


You will see a lot of symbolism in this post. Matter of fact, symbolism is the prime focus here. This is more than the images commonly occurring in art though. These symbols form a language which can be used to describe progressions in a way words would often fail.The Weave

Transformation and reformation are ultimate truths of reality. All things and beings arise and decline by the enabling of energetic configurations. We could call them “grooves”, as they offer a mold of form and passage for all things. The woman or man enabled to mate, will. The mating will become the “groove”, for a new human form. The soil is a “groove”, for raindrops to become a spring, which will surely in time and space become a river.Rites Of Fall

Two examples of arise and decline

There is a third principle here though. What arises is born of a decline. All things exist eternally, but cannot do so in the same time and space. This should be obvious.

The river has a beginning and an end. It arises from and returns to it’s source. This will never change, but the river cannot arise and return from the same time space, except in one way. This has been called “not doing”, or “not happening”. This phenomena truly exists, though only in abstract realms. I believe that they do so in static universes, which in our reality are geometric abstractions. The “law of this land” is “The Perfect Circle”.View of The Cape Fear River from the River Walk

There are many accounts of events that seem to have come full circle, but in “cause and effect reality”, these are really spirals. Energy in motion will follow geometric pattern, as it is magnetized to do so. The thing is, without the incorporation of “static reality” aspects, it’s form will remain unclear. Even then, reality in motion will remain so.Tantric Reformation

The attempt of the artist,

is to create a symbolism wide enough to incorporate sacred geometry, time and space. My father did this in his work, and following his legacy, I do it in mine. My ways are different, but this is me, a spring filled by a mighty rain! Forever, “The Perfect Circle!”A Winmington Night

I feel I live in strange times.sleeptest

The sane are often ignorant, and the wise, often insane! I live in a world that seems too full for an extra thought. Signs of destruction plague my vision. I walk into the night air smelling sulfur and burning plastic. The climate grumbles in successions of atmospheric wars, each promising to bring on a new reality. Thunderstorms intervene.Clown Show

What seems hopeful to me, is that from all historic accounts, this has always been the norm. Not saying I like it, but respect that this is the groove I’m flowing in. It has made me, and summons my actions!worm hole sentinal

I paint a dark green forest, flowing to the right for miles. After awhile, it pales, going from spring green to yellow, finally to red, soon riddled with brown and black. Each of these colors has it’s stories and memories, fantasies as well. I need to fill them all in on multiple canvases.Marshland Along The Alligator River 4 11 16

These are the thought forms, memories and conditions of my life!

All this time, I long for a nice home in an infinite woods, filled with surprises and exciting ways to pass my time. I’m longing for a beautiful and enlightened woman, with neither a care for convention or hygiene, to occupy this endless woods with me. I look forward to days of growing our own food, and playing like children in a magic meadow, and seeking fulfillment outside of “Progress Hell!”

Without time spaces, my dream doesn’t have a chance. Right? Check this out! Symbols have an effect on reality. They produce changes, little by little, within time frames which might seem static. Sooner or later, I will be lead back to a place similar to where I came from, by the spiral.


have earned the fascination of scientists, science fiction fans, and new age philosophers alike. I won’t pretend to know enough about quantum physics and deep space to offer more than thoughts on the amazingly interesting topic of wormholes in relation to space-time travel. What I do know from careful observation and study, is that wormholes do exist, and right here in physical reality! They are not easily seen, as it takes a long time to observe their actions, as well as a healthy knowledge of “cause and effect”. They follow the same basic laws of physical reality that everything else here does. They are portals between reality potentials. The best I think I can simply describe them as, are a form of lightning, which bridges opposites, or polarities. Due to my knowledge of “The Law Of Cause And Effect”, as well as the magickal motto “As Above, So Below”, I hypothesize that:

physical reality, as concrete as we know it, is just a thick place in absolute energy configuration. Therefore, the same laws of reality I’ve observed here, are at work in the “Great Continuum” as a whole.

I know that this is a premise, and respect it as such, but it’s a good one! At least for now.  I somewhat conclude that the way wormholes behave here, in this 9 to 5 world, in the same way they behave everywhere, or at least pretty much so. After all, I learned to see and recognize wormholes due to their scientific description. Before I had any experience with quantum physics, or space science, I had observed the phenomena, but couldn’t find the words to describe it.

What truly amazes me is that so few have observed this phenomena and cared to study it deeply! Why not?

 When you see a wormhole, it probably won’t look like a long tunnel of whirling energy, surrounded by woods and flowers:] What you will more likely see is a place in your life condition that doesn’t seem to match with usual reality. You may enter this wormhole or not, by entering this place of new perception, and cultivating silence there. Very rapidly, everyday phenomena will change, and you will find that life becomes something entirely new! Of course, what has changed the most is your outlook and perception.

 I strongly believe that perception itself is the true portal. When I say this, I am not suggesting that the proverbial “unpercieved fallen tree”, never existed and never fell! To do so would be to underestimate reality outside of one’s ego. We would be doing the same to conclude that what we know about reality, is all there is to it. Even so, it would be sad to dismiss our impact on the great continuum. Every being has perception, and therefore is a conduit of reality. We are wormholes!

 As I say this, I must emphasize that we are not alone in this. Unicellular beings, animals, plants and fungi all possess the ability to be conduits. In the greatest sense, everything is a conduit for everything else. Crystals are great agents for linking perceptions with reality! Though many will “boo boo crazy hippy guru” to that comment, how many of them have tried it? Conduits are everywhere! Those who disagree, yes I’ll say it, are ignorant.

The main way they are ignorant is twofold. First, they disvalue the power of reality to exist in all things. Secondly, they disbelieve in their own power. For those people, I recommend that they, “go home and rethink their lives.”

So lets check out the cracks in our supposed “reality shields”, and locate the conduits that are here, waiting for us to accept our own evolution!

Trapped In A Dream

Most of you, who have read my posts before, know that I’m an avid practitioner of lucid dreaming. Recently, I had a dream that enables me to share two very important concepts of consciousness. The first is the term “Twin Positions”, the name given to a dreaming technique by Carlos Castaneda, and/or, his teachers.

To practice “Twin Positions”, first you imagine or conjure a dream bed. To do this, enter a lucid dream, and decide to go to sleep there. Locate Your home, temple, or whatever, lay in your bed there, and go to sleep. You will wake up in another dream, which, if not lucid, should be turned so. [ Just become aware that you are dreaming]. Now, you will remain in the dream until you wake up twice! Shamans use this technique to prevent themselves from waking before their work is done. One can easily expand how many dream beds they have, and how many times they will need to wake up before leaving the dream!

Remember I said I would share some advanced techniques in later posts? This is a big one! It is not to be tried by beginners, though all may benefit from reading. You have the potential here, to never leave the dream again! That is, as long as you exist. Dreaming can elongate life, but as of yet, no one as I know of has escaped the Reaper.

It has been stated that in this state, you may change shapes at will. This is true! In this state, you may become anything that captivates your mind, as it is lost, though this can be a good thing. You may transform your state of being instantly, into one you prefer, because in this world, the past does not have to matter. In this world, anyone can find empowerment!

Some shamans attempted doing a complete circle here, but if they succeeded, I don’t know about it. They hoped to attain immortality by entering the dream, never coming out, yet visiting the start. Great idea! I’m not convinced, as of yet, that it can work. If it does, it means losing some human privilges. Once again, I guess it is up to you to decide.

 Through “Twin Positions”, you can transform anything I know of. Most likely anything you know.

All that I have been talking about so far, was merely an introduction for this post:

Trapped In A Dream

 Twin Positions is a conscious way to trap oneself in a dream. It is a useful tool for those interested in mind exploration, magick, and the neuro conscious frontier. There is another way to be trapped in a dream, and most, if not all of us are! This is not such good news. Being trapped in a dream, and out of control won’t make you a better person. It won’t teach you anything about who you really are. At best, it can teach you a thing or two about your teachers. The dream we are trapped in, began with our birth, and our conditioning ever since.

“The Matrix”, is a terrific movie. If you haven’t watched it, please do! I mean the first movie really. the sequel, not so much. In a science fiction sort of way, this movie displays in dramatic detail, all that this post is about!

Since birth, we all have been told what life and reality are about. Little of this program was ever taken from direct reality. We are programmed with belief and social systems so impeccably that we don’t see reality, we only see what we were told it is. What this does, is make it easier for you to exist in a society of like pawns. What is even weirder, is that due to the magical nature of our minds, even the failures of your teachers to implant their vision in your mind only serves to cause you to falter, stumble a bit, and re enter the program. This time you return with shattered, or weakened faith in true reality.

Let’s take a trip down “Memory Lane”. It’s such a deceptive and dangerous place, yet here, if you study it, you will find the cracks in your programming! Simply remember something you were told, and hold it up to the light of reality. Try this with your personal beliefs, and see just how many of them reveal themselves as lies in the face of the truth. I recommend making a personal journal of all your recalled life memories, and beliefs. How many of these make sense when compared with a look out your door?

If you don’t believe me, try it with just two beliefs, and memories. If one of these holds false, you can bet you have been deceived. Should two or more do so, you’ve been completely duped! No hard feelings, most of these lies were put on you by people who really love you, but were infected with this program, and so installed their hopes and fears into you, hoping that they would help you be a more successful human being. Their only crime was being wrong.

Let’s start with Santa Claus! Millions, if not billions of people, have lied to their children in a truly miserable manner. It really hurt my feelings that my parents lied to me in this way. So we get older, and folks scoff at our anger. “Get over it, they were just having fun!” Really? At my trust and expense? What were they thinking? Don’t blame them, because they were programmed themselves. They wanted you to have a truly miraculous event in your life, since they couldn’t have one themselves. The problem is, they can’t sustain it, just like any other lie.

Now you are older, and due to a few of these well intended fabrications, you can no longer believe in your parents. You understand the situation, and may love them, but just can’t take them seriously anymore. See how the program so wisely breaks up the truth? You were sold on a false god, and now your parents disappear! Actually, you were probably sold on a lot of false gods.

Millions of people speak on the nature of God, either for profit, or out of their own rendition of reality. How many of these, I wonder, have met God? Maybe a few. These are not the people you hear about though. They are not trying to impress anyone, or spread the good word, but rather making a decision to live their lives in total reality. Am I? Are You?

“The path to paradise is a long, long way. Want to get there? Better leave today!”

Please drop your false beliefs in everything, but find the truth in your teachers. I told my kids, the truest truth I know. “I wanted you to be here, even if at times it seemed I didn’t. You were not a “mistake”, your mother and I intended you. I am delighted to see you, as I am another day”. I am grateful that I can truly say this! Some parents can’t, though the truth is always better than a lie. When you respect another enough to tell the truth, at least you are real, and not just another part of the program.

“Keep it real”, I add into “The law”. Reality is way more amazing than fantasy. Remember as well, that reality is the only place to go for a great steak. Something died for that steak, so eat it in bliss, as not to desecrate what in reality, is keeping you alive! If you are vegan, same thing. Something died for that tempeh or tofu, so eat it with bliss, as not to desecrate in reality, what is keeping you alive!

So what is gained by leaving the program? The first big gain is that we no longer have to rely on fear to get moving. Reality will light the way! We need cry no more sacred names, unless we wish. The secret name of God is secret:] Really, it is of no matter. Reality does not ask for passwords.

Does reality intervene? You bet it does!

Yesterday a tropical storm passed through the Wilmington area. It dumped massive amounts of rain all night long. The ground had no choice but to get wet. I had a choice to make. I could stay inside, or go out and be soaked. I chose to stay in and focus on indoor projects. This is a perfect example of how external reality and free will work together. The directions that consciousness are allowed to evolve within are determined by the structures and motions of this mystical force we call reality. We in turn, become an extension of reality, as our dreams are extensions of our minds.

Stating this may or may not clarify anything for anyone. I hope it does. It really doesn’t even need to be stated though. It will remain with or without any approval. Let’s open our eyes and let in some fresh life. Let’s watch what is going on outside of our heads for awhile. The microcosms will open up and update once our focus changes.

Dreams are great things, and very powerful tools as well. They define our personal reality as form and life define universal reality. It would be wise though, not to “put the cart before the horse” as we explore the inner and outer realms. Dreams can teach us a lot, but they can’t show us anything that we have not already seen. They can only take us to places we know how to reach. Let’s flow along with our dreams, but not become trapped by them.

In The Beginning: Journal of the Art Of Sam Celia

Wow! This image is so beautiful to me. It easily could be my favorite painting! So what is it? It was based on a dream in which this object was the tutorial for “In The Beginning”.

What that means, I’m really not sure, but I see it to apply to so many things! In a nutshell it represents the formation of something new, and yet undefined. I believe my site here is the epitome of this! I’ve often told my commenters that this isn’t just my site, but something we build together. This is how I want it to be!

For now though, I want to take this to another level.

This shape is almost formless, yet threatening to become something. I see it as a possible stage before the evolution of anything. Art is the manipulation of lines, rays, curves, and space. Before this can occur, something must allude that it can.

Within our minds, shapes appear, and from them the generation of universes! Once again, I will state a little acknowledged truth. Whatever we dream about, we should be able to paint, perform, or in some way replicate without flaw. Why? We create all of the dream characters we have. So, we really know what they look like. Our problem is knowing ourselves! If we can’t face what we are doing, or too lazy to try, then of course, we will find it hard to replicate the images in our heads.

Surrealism to the rescue!

This is the purpose of automatic drawing, accidental art, psychedelic art, and exercises such as ” The Exquisite Corpse”. All these are merely an attempt to access our own personal power. It’s a great mystery that we find it so hard to do this, but it’s the case! It appears that our minds are reluctant to being understood, even by themselves.

This is why we imbibe in all the ways we do. Life outside of the “Free Flow”, it painful and basically pointless. Within the “Free Flow”, all things are in reach, and life makes sense. Surrealists look at the initial outflowings of reality, and attempt to stay with them, because we seek maximum reality! Not being dead is far from enough, we wish to experience life first person.

I pay careful attention to my dreams. Even though I seek to find meanings, this is not the ultimate purpose of dream work. Being, in dreaming, conscious, and acting with sobriety will bring the truth to fruition. We really need to understand that we are

dreaming all the time we are alive. What we gain from our dreams, and our entire experience of life, is as much as we are willing to engage in it. Outside of the dream is only birth and death, if even that! The rest depends on our clarity and fluidity. We have to accept life as being a dream to wake up and learn how to live it.

There are some really sharp individuals in the world! They used to intimidate me greatly! What I found is that these people live consciously in their dreams, so they have full access to their own minds. Though we might think so, they probably don’t personally understand us at all, but they respond to images in a way their dream directs.

It is imperative that we all act in such a fashion.

Getting back to my painting: what thoughtforms does it provoke, what is it telling you? This polymorphic form could become something tangible with the slightest hallucination! I’m thinking soon of creating sculptures of images such as this. I would love to feel this image with my hands. Would it be hard and cool, warm and soft, rubbery, slimy, smooth or rough? Just this image alone could yield possibly ten sculptures, all appearing the same, yet feeling different.

A new perspective!

Could this not be a pillow, a chair, a sex toy, a window, a toilet, a vase, a garment? It could be anything! My challenge is to make it into as many things as possible. It would have so many applications in modern living rooms, as wall art, in bed rooms, bathrooms, and offices. It could be a flowerpot.

For those of you dedicated to self sustaining lifestyles, think of it’s awesome potential in an urban vegetable garden layout! See, in many cities, it is actually illegal to grow produce in your front yard. In some places, it’s illegal to grow your food at all!

There is no law I know of against floral art!

This could be a nice vegetable growing container, and even a hydroponic, or aquaponic system.

I’m going on and on about this so much to give value to an idea I have concerning art. Let me call it a theory. By reducing an object to it’s most primal form, we can expand it’s awareness to the upmost potential. What was once a cool concept known mainly by hippies and psychology students, can now become a part of ordinary life for many. The benefit of this is that as long as the form remains truthful to itself, there will be a transmission of awareness to all exposed to it. It really doesn’t need to matter why.

NLP devotees take heed! These images are very powerful. Unlike hand signs and what not, such images translate directly to the mind, and root themselves quickly. Connect an idea to such an image, and it will be lodged in every part of the mind provoked by that image!

As a tool in hypnosis, attaching a suggestion to this image will drive that suggestion to anywhere in the mind the image stimulates!

Now, follow me carefully here…

By increasing the points in the mind the image stimulates, you will increase also the potential of that image to induce massive changes to thinking, and society as a whole. All that needs to be done is to apply the image to as many points of life as possible, and then attach a suggestion to it.

Right now, I won’t even bother to tell you why,

Use the force for the benefit of all!

Please try these techniques out in your art, psychology, NLP or whatever, and let me know how it goes. I would love to collaborate with like minds!


Connect with your dream imagery… Purify by simplifying it… Expand it to the max!

Be Good!

Surrealism, Symbols, And Dream Interpretation

There are thousands of dream dictionaries, dream oracles, and works on dream interpretation. Most of them are influenced by symbols used in psycho analysis, or the studies of collective conscious.  On the lower end, [in my opinion,] are those ” One Million Dreams Revealed!”, kind of books and online programs. That being said, I caution the student of dream interpretation to avoid snubbing any of these, as they each reveal some very interesting things on many levels.

Bias undermines the effort to understand the subconscious language.

Simple dream dictionaries interpret dreams 1. according to authors opinion, 2. the opinions of a peer group/segment of culture, 3. according to myths, folk lore, and allusion. They provide good collections of cultural symbolism. I used to love reading these mainly for the pictures. Still do! I would dwell on the images in the books which frequently entered my dreams. My opinions on the interpretations taught me a lot about where I come from, and relate to the world.

Psychology based dream interpretation systems offer a wealth of rich symbolism and roadmaps into the unconscious, and  often are quite on point! This is proof that careful research often yields great results. These kind of studies require both in, and out of the box thinking. For this reason, I cannot recommend Freud over Jung, just to give a classic example. Though their research lead each into nearly opposing directions, they complimented each other greatly. My perception of their work is that of an illumination of the mind in the micro and macrocosm.

Religious symbolism plays a great role in creating subconscious imagery. These images are culturally constructed versions of collective conscious icons.

Collectively seen objects become collectively viewed pictures.

The origins of these icons being the result of our primal impressions of self and world, they continue to evolve when we do. They are the dream entities of a culture, and the parents of future dream entities. We can reduce these to the conscious and subconscious mind.

In music, there is an interplay between sound, and the spaces between sounds. This interplay gives birth to rhythm. What we have really done in creating music, is to manipulate a phenomena we witnessed in nature to serve our subconscious vision.

Many new creations arose from the music we created. Dancing, concerts, festivals, battle hymns and more filled the air. Music lead to cultural movements and revolutions! Shamanic trances connected dream worlds together, both past and present.

The Conscious And Subconscious Mind!

I recommend that every student of dreams writes their own dream dictionary! They could use all the meanings they find in others work that they feel apply. I say this because definitions of dreams have to be so subjective that your best data will always be your own.

As far as schools of dream research, feel free to choose one that works best for you, and it may be your own. Please check out the writings of, 1. Fredrick Peris, 2. Carl Jung, 3. Calvin S. Hall, Jr, 4. Sigmund Freud, 5. Alfred Adler. These folks have defined the study of dream interpretation for a long time! I think it is fine to choose any school of thought on this matter, as long as it coincides with your thought process. Honesty here is very important!

I have an idea of my own to include here, and it has been my preferred method. This is a method best suited for lucid dreamers. Within the dream world, we have guides, though we have to invoke them. They will guide you to the meaning of your dream. Having your own dream dictionary, as well as journal, will speed up the process. I must say, that this technique is much slower than most. Usually. The accuracy is 100%!

Dream guides are found while dreaming, or in altered states. Once invoked, they will set up a strategy for the meeting. What I like about this, is that you get your dream explained to you, by itself! You will not need further interpretation. All that’s needed is supplied! The drawback is the necessity to have a strong background in lucid dreaming, as well as invocation.

Dream guides come from a place overlooking, but not inside of dream reality. So to speak, they are with the guys who write the script, except that they stand alone. They are interpreters. Dream guides may be invoked in dream states, or in conscious reality. I usually invoke them by painting.

My surrealism almost always begins with hypnagogic imagery. By asking a question, I am soon to be delivered an image, video, etc. By painting, or deeply imagining the image, a dream guide appears. The rest is personal. My paintings are gates to expanded awareness, by which I may access a present state in heightened awareness, and bring it home to reality.

Picture a Charcoaled head, glowing in it’s embers, facing it’s shadow. The sun shines on all, but points specifically to the head. Within the sun, an abstract phoenix symbol, indicating renewal through the process of contemplating the head, which is also a brain, jellyfish, and mushroom cloud. It’s shadow below connects with the waters of the subconscious. lips emerge from the waters, a periscope looking straight into my psyche. To the left, a dock harbors the questions of the waking mind. A figure reaches to the sun.

The whole scene comes across as under water. The periscope emerges from below the scene, “The Eye Asking Why?…” Note the separation of lips above and below.

Can you see the separation of mind states, as well as objects in the painting? If so, you must understand the apex, uniting the duality. It always comes down to the apex, where all contradictions are unified. The sun rises twice, and the head sinks again. Works of the mind continue to go down, seeking rest but finding excitement. Son of above, is sun of below.


Going through a period in my life where I sense a strong division between my conscious and unconscious mind. Recovering from an illness, that division has been somewhat breached. Questions arise, regarding my self concept, and plans for the future. The head appears sleeping, though facing it’s shadow. An abstract phoenix of golden luminosity within the sun, corresponds to the internal glow within the head. There is renewal here! I am trying to “paint” myself back into health, and meanwhile, aspects from my shadow world are observing my intent.  The dock covered in objects of every day life stands over the subconscious and astral, while they are below my conscious perception, yet there to perceive. My gut instinct coaches me to wake up, study and evaluate every day life carefully.

Please try using this model along with your personal dream dictionary. Let me know how it goes!

p.s. Painting will be posted as soon as fully complete:]

A Tribute To The Teachings Of Carlos Castaneda

After myself, Carlos Castaneda was my first guru. Back when I first started reading his books, something like thirty years ago, his works were all the rage in the spiritual and personal development communities. Now he is quite a controversial figure. He is accused of being a con man, a fraud, and many other nasty things. I am quite biased against these accusations.  Don Carlos spent his life in dedication to a reality that few have the mental expansion to understand. They are judging him from their limited view of reality, which is one I can see straight through! They judge the fate of his followers because they found some bones. Guess what, people die. If they didn’t, why would anyone practice anything? The question I would ask these block heads is, do we all have to die by your predicted schemes? Should we lay in hospice, offering our souls to Jesus Christ? How about if we plan our life and death to reach our highest potential? How bad would that be? If we died in a desert, eyes open to “The Spirit”, would that be worse than dying slowly in a hospital, loaded on morphine, or whatever?

We all will die, and will have to live until we do!

I find nothing wrong, but very right, in choosing a “spiritual practice that covers the entire spectrum. According to Carlos, we have to look reality right in the eye for as long as we can. Our death will then not be a giving up, but a fruition of what we personally are. Never heard it stated better! Castaneda describes quite rigorous physical conditioning as a path to taking the great trip. I find it sound and actually easy to follow. ie. Never eat more at one time than you can stuff into your mouth. Eat four times daily. Hmmm. If you eat this way, you will likely remain healthy no matter the diet you are on, though you are encouraged to eat meat, and vegetables, and few processed foods.

Carlos died of cancer, as do many. Somehow, death catches up with us all. There is no shame in this. Still, we should choose to live healthy, not to ward off death, but to live in an ultimate state as long as we can. This will allow us to be consumed by that “Fire Within”.  Choose death as your ultimate guru, and life as the power to face it! Between these, the rest is just your personal business! I find it sad that a man who came so close to truth is seen as a fraud. Maybe this is just a sign of our times. We revere life, but treat it like crap! We feed the notion that death is our enemy, and if you live well enough, you will not die. Most of our laws are based on a lack of logic. Castaneda challenged all these things! Try this… Look at death and life as part of who you are, and pay careful attention to both.  The saddest thing I think can happen to anyone, is to fail to face their ultimate vision, the one where they truly see themselves. Our society encourages this!

Many doubt that Juan Matus, Carlos Castaneda’s mentor, ever existed. I have a few things to say about this. Once again, if ignorance drives the masses, I choose to be alone!

First of all, I’ve heard many separate references to the shaman, Don Matus. He existed right here in physical reality at some time. His teachings demonstrated a new twist to old Toltec practices. Did Carlos know this man, was he this man, we may never know. It doesn’t matter! The teachings of Don Matus work, and are now the teachings of Don Carlos! The message remains the same.

Using specific practices, some physical, others mental, we can become so much more than we are at this time. We can face our entire being, and look at it’s maker! I don’t see any other realistic path to enlightenment. Some paths choose impermanence, or no mind as teachers. They have great points, but let you go in the end. Personally, following another to death, just won’t cut it. I want to see me in my great date with the stars! I know I may cease to exist, or grow into something new, but whatever happens,  will be present for it.

Carlos Castaneda lived his life by these teachings, and I am aligned with him as my brother in “The Great Road Trip”. Call him a fraud, on what grounds? The teachings of Don Carlos work!

Considering lucid dreaming practice, his instructions compare to none! Carlos offered his tuition via stories. By doing so, he engaged an audience which couldn’t be reached without them. In doing so, he conformed with the roots of shamanism, by making the “spiritual” personal. He did the same with stalking techniques. Carlos gave shamanism a great labor of love!

He has been given titles such as the father and founder of New Age. I believe he contributed greatly to this movement, though am reluctant to combine these two. Shamanism is about specific results.

As Carlos cautioned, death could become the result of practice, though true life cannot be realized without it. When one faces their ultimate challenge, no one can intervene. The results could be awful! That is why shamanism teaches so many techniques for surviving your encounter with true reality. Never the less, that encounter will be yours alone. Shouldn’t wish it to be any other way.

Castaneda is author to eleven books of Toltec Sorcery including, 1. The Teachings Of Don Juan, 2. A Separate Reality, 3. Journey To Ixtlan, 4. Tales Of Power, 5. The Second Ring Of Power, 6. The Eagle’s Gift, 7. The Fire From Within, 8. The Power Of Silence, 9. The Art Of Dreaming, 10. Magical Passes, and 11. The Active Side Of Infinity.

In the latter part of his career, Don Carlos dedicated most of his efforts to teaching Tensegrity. This is a large collection of physical exercises developed by the shamans of ancient Mexico, and modernized to suit the people of our times. The point of these exercises is to redeploy energy throughout the body for the purpose of vitality and expanding awareness needed for our evolution. Tensegrity is described in full in his book Magical Passes. In addition, seminars on Tensegrity have and still are offered.

Some people fell off the band wagon, when Carlos began his work shops. I suppose that they wished for him to remain an underground figure. Many mistrust one who makes money from their work. This is odd since almost everyone wants to have money! Why do we wish poverty and obscurity upon those we love and respect? Anyway, Castaneda surely made money, and did so by providing a great and unique service to humanity.

I strongly encourage anyone interested in higher forms of spirituality, New Age, Shamanism, yoga, magick, lucid dreaming and personal development to read all of Castaneda’s books! Even if you just like to read, these works are definitely the best I’ve ever encountered! You don’t need to believe them to benefit from their power. One more thing on this point… Give Tensegrity a try! Yes, it’s a little complex, but any student of yoga, Qi Gong, or Thai Chi can figure it out with no added instruction. Seminars are available for those who love the concept, yet need some help figuring out the details. Read Magical Passes, and you will find a way to Tensegrity training.

To those of you who practice Tensegrity, I implore you to offer workshops for anyone interested. This is a great niche, and would provide so much value for people today, who probably never had the opportunity to experience the phenomena that Castaneda brought to modern life!

Are you having problems with your lucid dreaming practice? Do you feel that you have few to no competent advisers for your practice of dreaming, stalking, or even personal improvement?

You can access so much guidance by just reading the works of Carlos Castaneda. He is referenced by Wayne Dyer, and many more! Carlos can answer many questions for the modern seer for free, or the low cost of some vintage books.

Don Carlos never died, he just expanded from human form! See for yourself. He taught me most of what I needed to expand my lucid dreaming practice, and apply it to both my shamanism, and every day life, if their is a difference:]

Through The Portal: The Magic And Sensuality Of Lucid Dreams

sam 2016

One of the main points of this post is to communicate the true power of lucid dreaming, and reveal why it is as much a practice as meditation, yoga, physical exercise and prayer. Lucid dreaming is a game for some [though I don’t recommend it], a research tool for scientists and psychologists, a part of some spiritual paths, and a spiritual path all it’s own for others. In this day and age, concepts are challenged constantly. The validity of religion is questioned, and scientific findings published, then shattered by the next finding!

By the way, please don’t take this as an anti religion rant. It is not at all. I am in no way trying to criticize or validate anyone’s religion or ethic code. I am simply laying the groundwork for

explaining why lucid dreaming is so important to the world today!

Lucid dream techniques have changed very little from shamanic times, from BC to AD. All the new strategies I have researched and experimented with, have proven themselves spinoffs on the original practices of people who discovered this goldmine thousands, probably millions of years ago!


Lucid dream supplements…are drugs used to promote lucid dreaming. Oracles of the past had huge arsenals of them! Today many use L-Dopa, caffeine, psychedelics, MAO’s, and so much more. Greek oracles hung out in caves of narcotic gasses, earning a living by predicting the future. Old school witches made flying ointments from the narcotic poisons of nightshades and other herbs. Artists have used many of these and added alcohol, especially absinthe to the bag of tricks. I’m wary of these practices to some extent, because drugs can be so dangerous. There is a lot of misinformation on the subject, and mistakes can be fatal. Want to take this route? Better know what you are doing. Mental hospitals are full of people who didn’t!

Sound recordings are sometimes used to induce lucid dreams. For example: Hemi synch, developed by Robert Monroe. These products work well for some people, and these in the past and up to today benefit from shamanic trance music.

All numbers of gadgets to prevent one from completely losing consciousness while sleeping. Examples: lucid dream face masks, placing hard objects on places of the body to reduce comfort during sleep, and call to mind that we should be doing something.

Mantras: such as “I am dreaming”, etc.

In my opinion, these tools are really for beginners to help the mind develop a waking sleep perspective, and may be dropped as soon as the dreamer is able to know when they are dreaming, and act consciously while asleep.

Ok, time to get into the deep stuff!

Many people have asked me to help them understand experiences they have had, where science and logic fail to yield answers. Some have had prophetic dreams, where something they dreamed of occurred next day, or not long after. Some people tell me they had a dream that changed reality, for themselves or universally. I believe them! Why? For me, tonight’s dream will become tomorrow. If there are any exceptions, I don’t know of them. How is this possible? I really can’t explain it, but it’s true non the less.

I will share a personal experience with you, to clarify my observations concerning how dreams directly have a hold on reality. Judge for yourself.

Recently, I received a personal message from someone who visited my site. This was a little unusual, so it stuck in my mind. However, the comment didn’t seem that far out or anything, though I directed her to my personal email to talk about it “less on the grid”. That night, I had a dream where I met a woman at a restaurant- pool joint. She asked directions to the restroom, and I pointed to it. She started to try to open another door, and I said “no, over there, see the sign?” She walked over to me, thanked me, and said “Let’s Go.” We walked to her house, I guess, and she started hugging and kissing me. I noticed that she was much taller than I am. Also realized that she turned me on greatly. We were making out like crazy, but I knew this was a dream. I chose to experience it in full. I also watched her very carefully, as I hoped to find a message in the dream. This woman seemed filled with a very magical love. It wasn’t a selfish sexual thing, nor a possessive “in love” experience. It was like we were merging for a time in the interest of an energy exchange. It was the most positive sex I have ever had!

I heard my phone making noises and woke up. Checking my messages, I saw one from the woman who contacted me. She sent a picture and some commentary. This is the woman I dreamed of! Her features matched those in my dream exactly! [I didn’t bring that up to her. I just responded to her message.]

Things like this happen frequently in the dream world. I venture to say many of you have had an experience somewhat like this. Do you wonder what it means? I will share some thoughts on this, and perhaps give a possible explanation.

Lucid dreams are portals to the spirit world, whatever that means. I am not referring to afterlife experiences, or the like, but rather the hidden force behind reality! One believable explanation is that the mind retains clues or impressions at a deep level, that consciously it forgets. This could be true, but how could it make a realistic image of someone it never saw?

I believe that the mind is merely a radio for the frequency we call reality. Reality is both unity and division, as billions of radios pick up it’s frequency in different ways, and in accordance with individual programming. Never the less, there is only one reality, one awareness, one God. I think that the woman I dreamed of was with me all along, though our awareness merged due to a post and message. It really isn’t a big deal, as we all are part of the same oneness!

Lucid dreaming opens these doors. It removes the separations such as time and space, and will become a great unifying and equalizing force in the future, as more choose to explore and practice it. My father once told me, “One day all we will need to do is think of a place, and we will be there.” He was/is, a wise man.

Lucid dreaming is loaded with sensuality, and the reason why is that we are sensual beings by nature. Only love can compete with our other survival mechanisms such as loyalty, militarism, and hatred. Love can beat them all! Think you have it all going on, the numbers are right, the stealth is good, and you cold heartedly plan the destruction of a whole country, when suddenly you meet one of it’s citizens, and fall in love. All your plans get flushed down the crapper, and why?

Ultimately, we are not designed to destroy each other, because we all are one entity, which lovingly fights for the rights of every individual. We were really designed to capture experience, and come together.

We desire to make love to each other, but hate the competition, though it really doesn’t exist. this is only a construct of the ego. This illusion evolved to help a hunter-gatherer society, of which many of us are still a part.

Times are changing!

Necessity is not only the mother of invention, but the mother of everything! Need welcomes you into her cauldron, and she gives birth to answers, as why and because roll happily in perpetual intercourse.

Sex is the answer, and real sex is love. We are a community of interchanging vulvas and shafts, which means we are constantly having intercourse with each other. We don’t even need to know each other to do this, and we shouldn’t!

Sensuality And Lucid Dreams
Sensuality And Lucid Dreams

There are two people in this world: You and Me. Let’s become One!you and me

There is a road between The dark and light, and there we are, seeking today. That shaft into infinity covers all we are, and nothing is outside it except for that precious way, Our lover and mother supreme! Seeking unity with her, I still my words.Mother 3 30 16

The Practice Of Painting Your Dreams

Greetings everyone. First of all, happy full moon! This is the first full moon of spring, and I wish to begin The Spring Equinox on a creative note. The subject of this post is “the practice of painting your dreams”. There is a wealth of information in the art world regarding landscape painting, figure drawing-painting, abstract art, cubism, psychedelic art, dada, etc. Though it is available, I have viewed few accounts of genuine dream painting. I really wonder why, as dreams are a direct link to the other worlds artists seek!

In dream painting, you may use any medium you wish. You my paint on canvas, or go digital. You may create a movie or sculpture. Collage works just fine. The catch is that you must replicate dream images accurately, making sure not to change or omit a single recalled detail. The reason for this is to collect valuable information from the subconscious mind as it was originally transmitted to you. It will be an exciting and extremely rewarding challenge to try to keep up with you’re higher self, who knows how to paint much better than you do!

It is said that all the scenarios, people, places, and things, all the scenes and dialogue of your dream are created by you. This is true! Have you ever wondered how your brain was able to create such a masterpiece, when in your waking state, you can’t? The answer lies in the lack of closeness many of us have with our “Higher Genius”! We may begin to move closer to our perfection, by practicing the art of painting our dreams. This is an extension of keeping a dream journal.

So how may we best paint our dreams? We need a strategy and practice.

1. First of all, keep a dream journal. I have found that reading entries as far as twenty years ago provided clear recollection of dreams I had forgotten about. The imagery became crisp and clear, like I just had that dream! The dream journal is the first link to your “Higher Genius”.

2. Make sketches in your dream journal whenever possible, after recording your dream. If you didn’t do this, recall the images, and do it now.

3. If you cannot recall dream images, you may practice “dream incubation”, to hopefully bring them back.

Just before going to sleep, read the entry you wish to access. Formulate mental pictures. Recall any dialogue you remember, and focus on that dream. Continue reliving the dream as much as possible, while falling asleep. Should hypnogogic imagery occur, best record it somehow. [voice activated recorder works well, or get up with a flashlight and write/draw.]

4. Focus on capturing the reality and meaning of your dream.

You will need to keep this focus all night long if possible. Be ready to get up and record information! Now you may fear that this will seriously bother your normal sleep pattern, and leave you worn out in the morning. Oddly, It usually doesn’t, and often, quite the opposite happens. After spending many a night in dream work, I have felt more refreshed the next day. Thing is, if you have healthy sleep cycles, you will enter deep sleep each time you go to bed, and it is unaffected by dream work. Now, leaving dreams unresolved, keeping yourself unaware to your “Higher Self”, will cause problems in your waking life, such as never completely waking up! Your practice will not hurt you, but ignoring it could. Further, dream work is essential to dream painting.

 5. Grasp the structures you perceive during your dream, especially during those periods where you are half asleep, yet still somewhat awake.

Let me demonstrate a simple dream painting I am working on now…

I entered the dream on a beach scene. It was early evening, just starting to get purple. The darker areas of the beach were very cold, while sun rays still lighted many places. There, great warmth was felt, and even uncomfortable heat. A very beautiful dark skinned girl walked up, positioning herself between the sun and shade. She was wearing a very skimpy bright pink bikini. She pulled off her top, and her beautiful breasts flopped out. Her nipples were tight, brown on the outside, while blood red in the center. She asked me to pull down her bottom. She had visible pubic hair before I pulled down her bikini. As I lifted the fabric, and let it fall to her feet, large amounts of liquid, I think it was pee, poured out from it’s confines. I drank as much as I could. She was very hairy, and her womanly smell very strong. Being extremely aroused, I began kissing and licking her vulva with passion! She became a large metal bowl, filled with dark water. Floating in that water was an old sailing ship. On the deck of that ship rested two metal bowls on either side of the sail. Within these bowls, dark water, and sailing ships.

I’ll leave the interpretation alone for now. The images were captured. From one dream I may create at least three canvasses, not to mention possible commentary.

What I do need to pay attention to is painting with extreme accuracy. These events need to be recorded exactly as they happened. Mistakes add a new concept!

In this dream I welcomed the “May Queen”, and offered her adoration. By drinking of her fluids, I allowed her to enter me… Drifting on a sea of change, feeling quite alone and encapsulated, yet just beginning, and welcoming the maypole, life begins anew.

Birds chirp loudly, politicians rant, young people age, old people grasp. Tis the season to make wild! My dream is captured, and provide canvasses as documentary. These things will happen!

Under the vulva of a girl, a man will turn inside.  whore will become virgin, and the virgin a saint. Hold these loved ones under the sails of metaphor and simple myth. Let copulation arise in all. If you can not yet feel it, just sniff!