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Making America Great Again : Ten Questions For Our President – Elect

Hello to you, all you interesting, adventurous and wonderful people who made it here to my site! Hope the Autumn season is treating you well, your silos are stocked full, and your hearts ready to engage a new year.

I surely have had my share of hardships this past year, and am willing to bet that many of you have as well. Our world is undergoing a period of extreme transformation. Basic concepts of what life and liberty are really about are being challenged. Upon the descent of the “Sun God” into the “Abyss”, I am finding much of what we take for granted, now up in the air!

Religious freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of love, rights of citizens/ and non citizens, world trade, social security, freedom to demonstrate, freedom online, climate change, affordable healthcare, and so much more, are rolling across a gridded sky, leaving little but questions, when most of us are praying for answers!

Once more, election day passes on, leaving us with the promise of a great future, new beginnings and the like, and it becomes a passing wave for us to surf or drown in.

I want to make it clear that I did not vote for Donald Trump! The reason why, is that he has never as much as insinuated that my freedom, and the freedoms of all others, will be held sacred, and kept off the chopping block. He has appealed to the fears of a much abused world! This does not sway me, as I refuse to let fear run my life. I will stand for freedom above all else. That is something that can’t be bought, sold, or killed.

Now that Mr. Trump is president-elect of the United States Of America, I would love to make clear to him what I will, and won’t tolerate in my world. I’m asking all of you to do the same.

1. Freedom Of Religion- un-negotiable! Americans not only are entitled, but will be entitled, to worship as they wish, or even not at all. If not on board, leave America!

2. Freedom Of Speech- Americans not only are entitled, but will be entitled, to speak their minds. If not onboard, leave America!

3. Freedom Of Love- No book or set of boundaries should incline or probate love.

4. Freedom Of Choice

Ideally, unwanted pregnancies will not exist. It should not be a choice of the irresponsible to bear children, in an ideal world. It will happen, and when it does, we have some serious considerations to make. Firstly, our world is dangerously over populated. Many of these unwanted children will become slaves to dire, and life long hardship. Is this a gift we wish to leave future generations?

Let me state that I stress rigid responsibility over abortion any day, but stand for a woman’s choice to terminate unwanted pregnancy.

Even more do I stand for huge life benefits to couples and singles who refuse to bear children.

We are entering a new experience of what it means to be alive today!

As is always the case, there are wonderful places to go, and terrific people to be. We have to understand though, that our scenario is different from that of previous centuries. The world has changed, and we are changing too. Overpopulation is killing the environment that humanity needs to survive. What are we thinking about that? What can we do? Personally, I do not approve of abortion, but do support pro-choice.

On a final note to this last thought, I challenge all Americans to prevent unwanted pregnancies! The ultimate being to end the need to end life, and make it profitable!

People who choose to dedicate their lives to the refinement of their professions for the greater good of society, and refrain from procreation, should be entitled to lifelong free housing and medical care. This investment would cut millions of dollars from welfare, and place that remaining, where it is most needed and deserved.

5. Respect for the environment

Planet Earth is our home. I will accept no leader as my Commander In Chief, who fails to recognize the importance of preserving our environment! If this is less than a top concern for them, I can give them no respect!

It’s really quite simple. If our house is falling down, it really doesn’t matter if we close the windows and lock the doors! Denial won’t cut it either. If our environment becomes unlivable, it won’t matter what we believe to be the case. Truth will speak through our failing health and lifestyles. This is not what I wish for the country I love, or myself.

6. What’s up with your choice of friends, Mr. Trump?

You will appoint a white supremacist as your top White House strategist , and a racist in charge of enforcing the Voting Rights Act? Is this true Donald? If so, expect no love from me! I will never accept anyone as my president who has ties to the Nazi party, or the KKK! Simple enough for you?

It is my view that the best way to evaluate the heart of an individual is to watch what comes out of the woodwork around them. Words can be deceptive, and promises easily broken, but the company of the speaker tells few lies.

Just a year ago, talking with a friend of mine about a recent KKK rally, I told him that the only reason it doesn’t enrage me more, is I don’t fear it. I thought of the KKK as a once very powerful and evil organization that has become a pitiful anachronism loved by ignorant goofballs and nutcases. I sort of felt sorry for them and their backward ways. Today, my feeling has changed. I believe them to be a dangerous terrorist threat right within our country, and would love it, Mr. Trump, if you would build a wall around them!

Bigotry is not an American value! With you, or without you, it never will be. I would like to see you, Mr. President Elect, begin building that wall now!

Today’s political landscape easily mirrors our current bedbug epidemic. Creepy, hostile, weird stuff is emerging from the woodwork everywhere! Do they belong to you Mr. Trump?

7. As President of the United States Of America, you are not a king, nor a dictator, but rather the representative of the American people. Show me who you represent.

8.What do you claim to offer the world in general, I mean, we all live in it. Right?

9. How do you plan to direct foreign policy in a way that brings light and freedom to all it touches? Do you care about our allies and the civilians in supposed hostile lands?

10. Now, the biggest thing on my mind is this……….

Your campaign slogan is, “Make America Great Again”. I ask you when we stopped being great? Yes, we have our problems, but all the same, I believe we are great right now! Don’t point fingers, Mr. trump, just offer your integrity, and know that because you are being heard at all, your country is great. Can you make it better? I hope so.

Just the day after election, a friend of mine showed me a quite interesting post. I can’t remember the exact wording, so I will paraphrase. ” Will Donald Trump be a good president? I hope so! People who wish him to fail are like passengers of a plane hoping the pilot will crash it!”

I hope you will be a good president,

and I hope that everyone in this country, who loves it and respects freedom over all, will be benefited by your election. Honestly, I have my doubts, but would love to be proven wrong.

Do you stand with U.S., Mr. Trump?

So Great To Be Back!

To all who view my site, I’m sure you’ve noticed that lately I’ve posted very little. This is because I needed some time to rediscover me, and the crazy wonderful world that inspires my posts! Election day is coming soon, and the closer it comes to being here, the less I wish to speak about politics.

This is a site for art, and artistic expression.

I have shared with all of you, my views on politics, and so for now,

It’s time to move to bigger and better things.

All the same, please don’t forget to vote! In this new world, ideas matter more than ever! Voting in my opinion, is less about the candidates than it is what they have to offer you. Please keep this in mind! Let me give you a silly example:

You read “The Philosophy Of Joe Schmow.” Finding it greatly inspiring, you followed his posts and political campaigns, etc. Later, your enthusiasm is dashed against rocks, as you hear that Joe is a complete fraud! Joe is a liar! Joe is a money hungry nutcase! Joe is really Jane:] the list goes on… Now Joe is campaigning for the very things you wish for yourself and your country. Ask yourself if Joe can prevail. Will he? Invest in your future. The faces are just icons. Support the visions closest to your own, and afterward, do your part to bring them to physical reality!

In future posts, I plan to continue with the themes of art and magic. I plan to offer ideas concerning mind expansion, consciousness extension, life extension, personal development, and much more!

I would love your input here. What are your dreams and concerns? What is your vision of the future? Look deep into that eye looking into your deepest being. What is there to say?

Until next time,

Love, Love under will.

The Self Centered Vision For A Free Life

We frequently question what life is all about, while sadly ignoring ourselves and our personal reality. This is why we tend to feel so trapped and used. We seek the external world, and have done a good job of finding it. What has happened is that we have discovered a way to “make the car drive us, instead of us driving the car”. The result of this folly is that although very busy, and apparently engaged in life, we are just running around unconscious.

While in this state of mind, we are dominated by our external circumstances, and our primal drives. This puts us in a bad place for addressing the needs of the future. Our ability to develop new perspectives is greatly compromised. We are living in a dream which evolved thousands of years ago, and whose time has passed. Although it was highly effective for establishing order, and keeping the human species from extinction, the game has changed. It’s time for something new.

Over the world, population is rising out of control. We are running out of food and land to support this increasing population. Despite this global emergency, our teens are adhering faithfully to their instinct to replicate at all cost. They are out of control. The reason for this is that creating children is still one of our leading focuses in life. Lead by antiquated drives, we are securing the basis for our much feared extinction.

Why are we not coming up with educational programs designed to instill a sense of self value in our youth? Why are we not trying harder to create a state of selfishness in our young, that might lead them to building themselves instead of replicating. When will we call for a generation to offer quality over quantity?

Oh, perhaps I can explain:]

Maybe it is because we live under a divine law, “Be fruitful and multiply.”

I would love to hear a comment from the author of this command that would explain how we should do so, and feed these offspring now that their numbers are greater than our recourses to care for them? What’s even worse is that we are doing very little to develop the recourses needed to even try to satisfy this great task. Every second, babies are born, cigars are passed, a forest dies, a debt increases, and life goes on!

For how long?

I’m not sure!

How long can we extend a welfare program to an increasing population fighting for a limited job demand? How long before our natural recourses are depleted by our “out of control species?” Where will we go when we run out of standing space? Someone tell me!

The thing is, that is only a small part of what I want to talk about. My concern here is a long term solution to the problem, or should I more fairly say… Disbalance!

These days, many folks are throwing out potential solutions, especially since we are so close to election time! I believe I have a long term solution to this problem, and I’m giving it for free, even though I’m running for no office.

Take it or leave it, the intelligent have nothing to lose by trying it on! The movement began over two hundred years ago, though it’s only started to catch. The primary goal is to teach to the living of all ages that their life and purpose are of greatest importance, and so it’s cultivation is one’s only true consideration.

By refining your life from a chunk of coal, into a diamond, you will be doing much better than if you created huge amounts of coal. If you refine yourself into one capable of finding solutions, you will have achieved more than ten generations only able to repeat a pattern! If you solve your problems with dependence, your wisdom may end a need for welfare. Should you take the time to love yourself, you will never need another for self validation. You will be a miracle you rejoice in!

Now for many, extreme debt, screaming babies, job concerns, social obligations and more, will prevent the necessary evolution to enter this brave new world. Many will be afraid, or feel their urges are morally wrong.

It is much easier to comply than to really evaluate and create. These days, compliance will solve no problem, as the authorities know less than the common masses they used to dominate!

Every age comes with it’s mottos and laws. I wish to state of the two which have yet to be fulfilled, and very likely, will address the questions of our day.

I paraphrase both of these… Think you’ll get the point.

On his death bed, Buddha responded to the question on which precept was most important. He responded, “be a lamp unto yourself.” In like condition, Aleister Crowley announced, “Do what thy wilst will be the whole of the law, love under will.”

Should one not understand the language of those days, it would appear a riddle or nonsense delivered by both.  Looking closer, it can be seen that they both are delivering the same ultimate command. See, to do what you will is not the same as doing anything you want, it implies introspection, strategy and practice. It directly demands that one ” be a lamp unto themselves.”

It involves changing the scenario from being one looking outward to the world, to a world looking inward toward you. It puts full authority in your hands, while removing excuses for failure. When you know who you are, there is no failure.

I hope to inspire a generation of people

1. To question the ethics of their past

2. To live for themselves and forsake all others!

3. To consider pleasures of the flesh as beautiful rituals between lovers, and not just a tool of procreation.

4.Indulge fully in the pleasures of self and flesh, yet leave nothing to be unintentionally carried over.

5. To see the world as their ultimate lover, and protect her from all threats, even ourselves!

6. To bring life into the world when more is needed, and refrain from doing so when it is not.

7. In all cases and matters, be the change you want to see.

8. Follow your bliss!

The big day is coming up… Election day! I encourage everyone to get out and vote! Just do it! Do your best to show your candidate what you need!

Now, a special message to our candidates:

I’ve heard what you are saying, and have varying views to both of you. I would love to believe that you both really love and wish to serve your nation. If this is the case, please drop the campaigning, get together in private, and come up with a good plan for your country! Both of you, together, could do something really incredible! Will you, or just take care of business as usual? I think you both have it in you to bring about great things!

a special message to anyone reading this:


Population Control And The American Dream

As an introduction to this post, I want to offer a dictionary definition of “The American Dream”. It is a beautiful one, and most accurate! I found this definition while doing some late night book browsing. I hope it reaches you as it did me.

“The American Dream is the ideal that every United States citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative.”

So true! What I really love about this definition is two-fold. First, it clarifies that the dream is really that there can be a place and government where hard work and initiative pay off. Secondly, that in this place, we have an equal opportunity to make our dreams come true, if we are willing to work for them!

Sadly, these days,

“Work” is a four letter word!

Yes, it is a four letter word, but far from a bad one. Work is simply the way things get accomplished. Accomplishment is good… Right? Here is another most wonderful definition by James Truslow Adams, the writer and historian who coined the concept.

“The American Dream is that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.”

I recommend that everyone create a plaque with these words on it to view in a special place in their homes.  If they did so, perhaps they would approach their dreams with more reverence, and a realistic world outlook. I fear that as of now, we are breeding a new race of lazy, hopeless, and stupid beings who believe that their lives and country are worthless, and therefore exist only to satisfy their empty whims.

I hate to say it but it’s so obvious, that a great percentage of the U.S. population hate working for anything at all, and consider their country at best to be the evolution of their mom’s tits. If this outlook is catching, we are, as a nation, doomed! If I offend anyone, I’m not sorry. I love my country because I took the time to research and explore the dreams of those who handed this great nation down to us. They did not intend for our country to be a huge daycare unit for the mentally impaired. They were women and men who lived through extremely hard times, and wished for everyone a chance to be able to work hard to make their dreams become reality.

There are many places where one may work hard all day long, and still come home with little or nothing to eat. Many prosper in lands like these, they are the elite! The blood, sweat and tears of the common man put dinner on their plates. These disposable masses live in anger and resentment sometimes, but usually have to accept their place as pawns, or become outlaws.

In the United States, it is amazing how spoiled many of us are, yet more resentful and lifeless than a starvation victim in a third world country! Something is going awfully wrong!!!

It is a blessing that should you lose your job, you probably can collect unemployment. It is a blessing that if you become disabled, or were born that way, there are programs to assist your survival. I see these as beautiful gifts from good, hard working people who didn’t want to see others fail due to tragedy or dis opportunity. I support these programs, because I know that bad things can happen to anyone, good people are not exempt. If one day I find that I can no longer work, I will be most thankful for public assistance.  but

It enrages me to see a huge number of people on welfare campaigning against our country, and throwing up gang signs, when most of them would starve to death if they were living anywhere else, because they are lazy, depressed, devoid of dreams, and are just fine with that. Eventually, they will sink into the abyss of a hell they created for themselves, and most will wish they were never born.

This brings me to the main point of my post!

Our biggest problems come from a far and distant world. This place has long passed, but our genetics have not caught up yet. We still have “Hunter/Gathers” in our society. These people oddly, are gaining new ground due to our charity, but their place in evolution has been filled. On another level, but just as bad, if not worse, are those who live their entire lives, just for their children. They hope for them, a better life, and transmit their sickness to them, so they will do the same!

These people may seem kind on the surface, but careful observation reveals them as “lost souls”, who attempt to live the lives they wanted, through their children. Of course, this never happens, they die bitter, and their children usually repeat the cycle. So what happened to “The American Dream”?

It is not dead,

it just has of yet to reach the masses!

Think about this…

We are cranking out babies at an ungodly rate, before we create ourselves, and our personal mission statement. When we decide to become adults before we are, this will happen. Sometimes I really can’t blame the “Welfare Nation” for existing, because it was so enabled. We have kids cranking out more kids, yet there are very few guidelines for these kids to live by.

When one really understands the concept of “The American Dream”, they will most likely find it unavoidable to start working on some project they see as very important. It will overtake their apathy, and they will protect their ideas from failure.

How will they protect their ideas from failure? They will work hard. They will develop passion for their own lives, and think twice about procreating before, and if ever, this challenge will further their cause. They will get it together” before they pass their genetics. They will understand that their lives, their future, and reason for being, are theirs alone. So solitude will be relished as an opportunity for personal growth.

Remember the dreams you had as a child, the great things you planned to do to prosper and make your world a better place? Make these your children before you decide to make babies. Bringing another into an aimless world is sentencing them to suffering, and uncertain hells. Would you wish this for your kids? Procreate yourself, before others.

The wilderness and oceans are the lungs of the world. Everyday, we are polluting the seas, and destroying the forests to make more homes for our babies. When we run out of these resources, we will all die! We are now scared of eating healthy fish, such as salmon, mackerel, and tuna, because we have poisoned our world with mercury. We are running off cattle ranchers for new developments to house our growing population. The price of beef and dairy is skyrocketing!

So tell me, when is a better time to get our priorities right than now? The old school rednecks advice” not to breed, what you can’t feed”, is actually great wisdom. It is time for those in the world who want a future, to build one for themselves, and just enjoy it!

In summary

1. Love your world! Thank it for the gift of identity by contributing to it’s evolution, which begins with you.

2. Avoid sexual partners whose aim is to have babies. If they are not about their own dreams, and supportive of yours, move on.

3. Do not rely on any form of welfare unless you honesty have to. Save it for those who do. Become a conduit for prosperity by creating dreams, and destroying inadequacy. Create prosperity in your own special way!

4. Understand that your life is the most important aspect of your reality, and work constantly to build it. Be selfish! You will help others  more in this way than if you gave charity to them. You will also be much more likely to find fulfillment and happiness.

Population Control : Ten Things We must Consider

The gift of life is a beautiful and sacred thing. Idealistically, we think about young children, filled with hopes and dreams, oh so happy to be alive! We glorify ourselves with the premise that we can make a difference in the lives of our children, and they will succeed in life to degrees that we could only imagine.

Often, our biggest mistakes in life come from our tilt to letting our imaginations run our lives, instead of us running our imaginations. As a result, many glorify what they should humble, and repress that which they should exalt! This is more than a pity, it is extremely cruel and dangerous.

So what am I getting at?

I am beginning a series of posts about Population Control. It is my hope that readers will read these posts carefully, but with open minds. I challenge you to! On the surface, the idea seems repulsive to many, and this is because it has been misrepresented so often by lunatics, dictators, and conspiracy theorists! This sad bunch has brutally scarred a terrific idea!

When I speak of Population Control, I want you to understand that this should have no ties to ideas like genocide, abortion, poisoning water supplies, or any crazy, evil schemes, real or imagined. I am speaking of taking control of our number one base drive, that we may honestly “give the gift of life”, instead of the curse of “slow tortured existence”, to our children! Is that so bad?

This post is an overview, and as such, I don’t want to take up valuable time with loads of statistics. On succeeding posts, I will share more on this. For now, let me share the following:

1. There are over seven billion people in the world

2. Half of these are living at or below the “poverty line”.

While it is important to understand that the “poverty line” was set according to U.S. standards, and that throughout the world, impact varies; It can be understood that half our population will never “make it” financially, or possibly at all! Further, we are a Global Economy, meaning that poverty gets around just like money does. As a result, all will suffer from the disease of poverty, until we cure it. Doing so is necessary!

3. Approximately 40% of those living at or below the poverty line are children. In the U.S. alone, nearly one third of the children live here.

These kids will have to work over twice as hard as their richer counterparts, just to make it in life. The odds are brutally stacked against them! They will, [if lucky], begin their lives on welfare, or else some other form of donation. They will live in unfit, moldy conditions, which will probably leave them with a lifetime of physical and mental illness. School will be hard, and common sense, even harder! Many just don’t get that it takes personal miracles to grow a successful mindset, when such was never provided in the early years. One’s outlook, which is greatly determined by nurture, will automatically be attracted to pre programmed situations and choices.

Jesus was profoundly right when he said that “the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.”

The hell of the poor begins at birth, when their minds are deprived of the scenery of success. Even if they are cared for well, [fat chance, by the way], they will not be exposed to awareness of the reality of success. When they have to care for themselves, what can they base their choices on?

4. Many of these children will never grow up.

The infant mortality rate is much higher for those living at or below the poverty line. Why?

A. Their living conditions are usually terrible. Frequently, poor kids, even in rich nations live in substandard housing. [no climate control, compromised hygiene, mold problems, domestic and or gang violence]

B. Exposure to the outside world is limited to donations. Welfare doctors, welfare education, good intentions, and circumstances.

5. Environment: We are eating up our world!

Should these kids overcome all of these obstacles, as well as many I probably forgot to cover, they still will have great hurdles to jump! For example, where will they live? As our population grows, the need for housing obviously does as well. The problem is that in general, the outlook of humanity has failed to consider that Earth is more than a place to live, it is an organism. Conditions for our survival were placed here long before we were, but we won’t last a second without them. Important as housing is, food and oxygen are much more! As we de forest our world, turn farms into communities, pollute our land and water, we will have less air to breathe, less food to eat, and less resource to anything. Wow! Such a bad time for such problems!

What enrages me, is that with all the politics going on, not one candidate is addressing these issues as a primary concern! It seems to me that the majority of humanity is asleep behind the wheel! Build better fences, stricter gun control, increase minimum wage, get rid of welfare, feed the hungry, teach “Planned Parenthood”, Bomb the fxx4$% world, sit and think about it. What suicidal crap!

6. There are certain oddballs like me in the world, who want to live the realistic life. What does this mean? It is about solving problems in a way that will work. It means that it’s time to reevaluate our outdated notions about reality. For everyone, we will need to leave our comfort zones, if we ever want to return. If we fail to put our planet into our highest list of concerns, we are shooting ourselves, and our kids in the face! Gun control or not:]

7. “Planned Parenthood”, is a great ideal, but a poor practice. It is underfunded, as many important things are. It relies too much on birth control, passing out condoms, and crap like that. Face it! People hate to use condoms. They will accept them, if it fills their need for welfare! Will they use them? Hmmm, statistics say not… No sex before marriage? that might work if anyone gave a fxx547! We don’t:[ Right wing religious, don’t lie. Your kids are knocking each other up at embarrassing levels! Then you throw them out! more lives to welfare! BTW, can we afford this?

8. We have to restructure our concepts of reality, as well as society, in order to save our lives, and those we love!

9.Don’t blame yourself, or your mentors, you have been living n your times. Now, “the times are a changin.” What worked hundreds of years ago, just won’t cut it today. “Saving the world”, isn’t just a nice idea, but an essential practice. Face it!

10. Control over global population is the only way to assure happiness on planet Earth. We are running out of options! In the last part of my post, I will introduce the idea, and give a few solutions. If you have stressed over this issue, please read and comment on my post, and well, donate some ideas. We need them!

Population Control is an essential concept to understand in any growing society. It is so much more significant to life today. Regarding “Planned Parenthood”, I’m so curious about why they spend so little time on this subject. This is what needs to happen.

A. Huge tax cuts for couples who decide to remain “child free” for a given period of time. Possible home ownership for those couples.

B. Great Medicaid bonuses for couples that choose to remain child free.

C. Government grants to anyone who declares not to procreate for a given time.

Make home ownership possible for anyone who chooses not to procreate. Make welfare benefits available to anyone who agrees not to add to the debt.

D. Programs offered from kindergarten to 12th grade, emphasizing the importance of personal growth over procreation. Build Your Life 101 to infinity!

E. Fund thee programs, and any government will save millions!

F. Immediate loss of grants to anyone who abuses them.

Put these practices into effect, and we can truly solve most of the world’s problems. Will you?

My Apologies, And best Bedbug Treatment: Citizen Of The United States

Dear people, citizens of countries all over the world. Even though I have taken no part in the fascist crap that is going on in my country right now, I feel bad. I feel bad because the nation I love, is undergoing a terrible conflict between the forces of freedom, justice, and acceptance, and those of big money, ignorance, and bigotry. My name is Sam Celia. Three generations ago, my family were Italian immigrants. They were so excited to gain citizenship, and contribute their hard work ethic and culture to the Great Melting Pot. I’m sadly aware, that due to terrorism and paranoia which has risen from it, people such as my family stand a poor chance of becoming citizens today. What I find even worse, is that racism, nationalism, and religious persecution are seen in many circles as justified topics of conversation. “What should we do about the arab problem?” This was a question asked to Donald Trump from a supporter at his rallies. Any presidential candidate worth a damn, would have admonished such bigotry. They would have explained that though they plan to viciously fight terrorism, cultural, racial, and religious slurs are prohibited in their campaign. Donald says little, “Uh, we’ll get to that.” If I were running for president, and found I was inspiring ignorant cockroaches like that commentator, I would quit, and apologize to my country for leading people astray, or else, I would stand to correct their ignorance!

Here’s A Quiz For People Who Claim To Be Americans

1. What Are Arabs? What Are Jews? What Is A Muslim? What Is A Christian? What Is A Buddhist? What Is A Democrat? What Is A Republican? What Is A Mexican? What Is A refugee? What Is A Person Of Any Religion, Political Preference, Sexual Preference, Or Culture?

Tick… Tick… Tick… Uh, do you need help here?

These people are called human beings!

Now, it occurs to me, that our nation was built from them, as well as inhabited by them frequently! Our founding fathers had a great idea. [Whatever you call him, her, it], our individuality, purpose and success is governed by God, and no one but God should judge. Yet judge we do, because when evil comes to our world, it pits each of us against each other, knowing we are too proud to share stupidity with our enemy!

Right wing Christian extremists share more with ISIS than they do with everyday Christian values. Hispanic haters share more with the Mexican drug cartels than do most Hispanics. Black haters and white haters have a lot more in common, than do many black and white people, unfortunately.

So what am I saying? What’s up for the future of The United States?

Largely, you will decide.

Do you think Trump is cool, because he is unafraid to speak his mind? Go beyond that, and listen to what he is saying.

Do you find joy in seeing the handicaps of others made fun of? Would you like to made fun of, made to look stupid? Do you ethically choose to be seen in line with a scumbag like Trump? If so, I’ll cry no tears when he tears your world down, as I will probably be killed before you are, or else removed from the situation.

Would a good leader ever choose to make their people feel abused? No, they would be much wiser. Donald Trump is doing his best to make both his enemies, and his followers feel abused.

Omen based people take heed!

What is something run by evil, provoked by fear, and upheld by ignorance worth?

The correct answer would be, “Much less than nothing, subject to illness, and prone to mistakes”!

Is there anyone here who would like this to replace our constitution, or become our epitaph?

Study history, and you’ll quickly see how people, the likes of Trump really effect all they touch. Hope you’ll think deeply enough to see that in the long run, he campaigns for ruin.

I’m sorry world, I’ve got an aweful bedbug in my bed, sorry it bit you. sorry it bit me! Let’s invest in bug spray!

Do you find his comical approach worth voting for, when there are many people, Republicans and Democrats, who have workable ideas, and not Hitler ideas. If Adolf Hitler were alive, he could rightfully sue Donald Trump for plagiarism, and win! His ideas are not only National Socialist, but Hitler rip offs!

I suggest the skeptical to read “Mein Kamph”, as well as listening to , or reading a few Hitler speeches.

We Do Not Need A Person Like This Running Our Country!

Unfortunately, he, and his ideas already influence too many. The world is asking what our problem is, and we flex, like a roid rage infant!

This is not The United States I know.

I have friends all over the world, and I’m sad that due to our political climate, I am limited to how much contact I have with them. I tell them…

This is not what I’m about, nor is it what my nation is about, God willing!!!

I’m ashamed that this idiocy is going on, and wish for days soon, when we can just “hang out again”, like we used to… Like all are entitled to,…

And Enjoy Life!

Not trying to make much of a philosophical point, but our lives may be well, all we have.

Would you like to spend them ashamed, lonely, insane, abused, ran by big money forces, under the camera at all times, cut off from the world, helpless and absolutely crazy?

If not, put great efforts together, to dump Trump!

I was thinking about time travel lately. Listened to many accounts of people who believe it may, or may not be possible. I really like that we can agree, at least as far as being interested in the same topic.

I think about that story when someone travelled through time, into Nazi Germany. They wanted to change the story, but not create paradox, such as our self negation. Unfortunately, the swastika was allowed to roll. Consider how many died because of this. Think about a land where power was the law, and life becomes, whatever the government wants”. Individuality is the price charged for having a face. This sounds like a psychedelic nightmare!

It Is Imperative That We Dump Trump!

I’d love to hear a billion times, “I’m In!”

Don’t Let Our Enemies Change Who We Are: Part Two

Some time ago, I wrote a post titled “Don’t Let Our Enemies Change Who We Are”. It was, and still is, my most popular post. I couldn’t be more delighted! When I post, I do so with extreme integrity. I would never consider serving my readers crap. That being said, I believe this post was a divine intervention! I strongly wished to get this message out, and quickly as possible. There was no time to consider political correctness, keywords, or any distractions. I just wrote. Primaries are taking place, and election day is just an earth-spin away. I want to do as much as possible to gather support for the best of human ethics, and national sanity. This is not a partisan issue, but an opportunity of all to invest in a better world, and beat down once again the powers of ignorance, bigotry, and hatred.  So I’m making an update to my previous post. I’m hoping to expose how our enemies have transformed our society, and established a worldwide bond of nationalists, hate mongers and idiots all over the world. For example, I hope to wake people up by letting them consider that Al-Qaeda didn’t beat us by crushing the Twin Towers, but they gained ground in our psyche by causing anti- Islam hysteria, a bigotry that still plagues our nation. What would be the use of defeating an enemy, just to become like them? When people panic, they don’t think. There are haters all over the world, and anywhere else where pain and suffering meet rage and anger. Like prejudice, it is a disease, and not a creed or philosophy! It is like a virus, which by most definitions performs like a life form, but isn’t really alive, like you, me, or a dog or mouse. It is a renegade program that uses life to create more renegade programs!

This, my friends, is the entity that nationalism empowers. It causes anguish in all people, and even animals who are exposed to it. It uses the ethics of every people against them, for the purpose of blood shed, famine, atrocity, and the destruction of individual purpose! Sad thing is, in our country, there are political factions aiding in the destruction of the very goals that we, as a nation, claim to defend. If these factions win control of our country, our nation will lose it’s identity. Some used to hate us because we exposed the flaws of corrupt government, dictatorship, and elitism. So they jumped us in a physically fatal, but spiritually successful move. They killed our rationality, and ability to relate to others!

Sure, citizens of our nation have to live by the laws and ethical codes of our society, and the ultra-right of The United States frequently use this fact to push away elements they mis-understand and fear. Now it’s worse! Our enemies are winning untold converts in our country, by converting our citizens to thinking as they do.

I’m not talking about making religious conversions, they were never an issue. I’m speaking of causing the same hatred and fear in our social psyche that empowered Al-Qaeda, and recently, ISIS! There are more! They just haven’t shown up yet. They will! As long as ignorance, prejudice, and rage prevail in our hearts and votes, The Assholes Will Win!

I tried To elaborate on this in two different posts, but by far, I think most readers missed the point. In my post, ” Explain Your Religion”, I had hoped that readers would use this as an opportunity for self expression, to show other readers, possibly quite different in creeds, how deep down we are so similar. There was one great exception, but most ran on about how they felt religions started wars, etc. They missed the point nearly as bad as those who would never choose to comment! Wake up people, your relationship with life is your religion. If you’re an atheist, say that, and explain how your faith, or lack of it, your tilt or whatever, influences how you treat others and function in society. I was trying to unify perception way more than defining what religion is. Thereby, my best comments came from deeply religious people. That was great, but my mission was for more. So I’m taking a new approach today.

Love it or hate it, elections bring to a head the primary concerns of a people. Those who condone not voting, or profess a gospel of, ” it doesn’t matter”, just dry up and blow away! I would prefer to speak and try to negotiate with ISIS, or any other group, than to waste my time on people who don’t believe in action.

It’s really sad that so many people who live here, take up room, breathe our air, eat our food, yet feel no responsibility to contribute to the nation who serves them! I’ll hear them say, “all politicians are crooks so why should I vote?”, or ” I just want to be left alone to live as I please!”, the list goes on. To me, this reeks of sociopathic laziness. Here’s where it gets interesting. One day these folks may very well wake up to find…

1. after a lifetime of loyal service to their company, they are mysteriously let go just weeks away from retirement! “what happened? This is an outrage! There should be laws against things like this!” Well buddy, there could have been, and you could have been part of making it happen.

2. After incurring a disability, and not being able to work, benefits and even food stamps are suddenly withdrawn. ” This isn’t legal! How am I supposed to live? It’s not fair!” Even if you can’t work, penciling in a small circle on a ballot should be possible. If you can’t even do that, you are entitled to have someone do it for you! You voted to lose your benefits by not voting to keep them!

3. They are no longer entitled to the protection of the constitution, due to our relationship with the country of your ethnicity! This has happened to many good, law abiding citizens , voters and non voters alike. If you didn’t vote, you voted against yourself!

Plain and simple. Social engagement is necessary to a society.

There is a time in the life of every country where it’s very survival hinges on the support and participation of it’s citizens. The United States is in this time period now.

We need people in office that prefer to open doors, over closing them.

We need people in office who desire to make friends and negotiate, over fighting and dominating enemies.

We need people in office who see all humanity as people, and feel the challenge to unify, rather than focusing on differences.

We need people in office who respect the environment, and consider it’s preservation a great matter of national security.

We need people in office that are wise, have plenty of great ideas, but remember our constitution, and value freedom for themselves and all.

So how do we get people in office like That? We vote for them! If they lose the election, we continue to back their efforts and make it impossible for the adversary to legally get any of their evil plans accomplished. We make their stay in office a prison sentence!

This is an effective and workable strategy, but it requires unity, and great social interaction. If your freedom isn’t worth it, I have no better selling point.

The history of The United States has never been completely clean. We have done some awful things, both here and abroad. Where we have usually gone right is that our vision is a human vision. We were never perfect, we were never quite free, but we tried to be so, and supported such ethics worldwide. We gave hope to the multitudes that change, and a better life was possible. We have inspired most of the world to become a better place.

I have many friends from many countries. Some of them live in the U.S. Some of them live here illegally. What I find scary, is that many of these people are now trying to leave, because they fear for their lives, and the well being of their families, if they stay. Many of them are not the spirited folks they once were, because they lost faith in the American Dream.

Hate mongers will always bring up names of immigrants who raped young girls, or bombed in the name of their god, or whatever. Evil exists in the world, and not all immigrants are good. The big question, if we wish to factor, is how many evil deeds are committed by immigrants, versus how many great people are immigrants? Uh, math challenged, most of us are immigrants. Yes, I am! I don’t put explosives in my shoes, or spread hate! There are a huge number of people who are much like me. We call this country our home, and work for ourselves and the betterment of all!

Should we change the conditions of our great country to accommodate the evils of a few? Should we judge a creed by the activities of those who choose to abuse it? Should we judge a skin color or nationality by it’s criminals? My point is that in the world of fascism, we all loose.

Not only is there no creed, race or national origin without evil people, but there are no perfect people, lacking in evil thoughts. That is the real purpose of our coming together. I wonder why this is so hard for even some smart people to see?

It makes me question their humanity, but in doing so, I would fail in my purpose. I want to educate, and promote the funding of education. It’s pretty cool. People who work together learn and lean to get along, and even like each other. Our ability to see our own state in the minds and hearts of others makes it hard to judge their differences, which really amount to nothing. We are the same, but wrapped in different clothes.

Don’t Let Our Enemies Change Who We Are!

Vote For Unity, And Against Nationalism

white houseIn past elections, I have seen many good and skillful people go to combat for the title of “President Of The United States”. It was never a doubt to me that all these candidates were worthy, at least so much as they worked for the good of freedom and the American people. I voted for the ideas I approved of. Beyond that, I respected them all. This has changed! I’ve finally seen a powerful candidate I have no respect for. You guessed It, Donald Trump! Usually, I have full respect for people who appear unafraid to speak their mind, but there are exceptions. Adolf Hitler raged so loud, he really didn’t need a microphone, and I found it quite interesting that so many swallowed up his swill, because he “felt It!” Why did so many decide to support the dreams and goals of a hater? Why didn’t it occur to more that the devil coming for “them”, will soon become the devil coming for “all”. It’s amazing that so many learned people didn’t ever look deep enough into the souls of their brothers and sisters to note, if only selfishly, that when one group, race or creed is held inferior to another, all become inferiors according to the needs of an inferior power!

True power does nothing to bring others down. It offers solutions, yet cringes to throw problems in others faces. True power rallies discussion and unity, while ignoring thoughts of paranoia. It will never run away from the opportunity to beat down a hater, but would much prefer to serve the lovers. True power will never be scared to fight, but seeks logic and the good of all before turning to aggression. True power won’t steal your gun, but struggle really hard to prevent you from having to use it. True power does not belong to Donald Trump! He acts angry and arrogant all of the time, but why? He inherited great riches, and should be one of the most grateful people on earth! Very similar to Adolf, [the failed artist, failed lover, and failed politician], Trump gets by  talking helly shit!piggy boy

Like we don’t have enough bloodshed and conflict to deal with, this garbage bag wants to create more conflict. I would prefer to vote for a bedbug! I am a democrat, but if he was too, I would vote republican. This guy is the worst person I have ever met. He can’t give the excuse that I don’t know his heart, because he claims to put it on the line! What I see is ugly filth. I used to laugh when he talked, because it seemed so absurd to me that anyone was such an idiot to say things like he does in public. After witnessing so many ignorant sheep blubbering to his commands, I just want to get this “litterbox” thrown out of serious national and international details before a lot of people get hurt!

For Example, let me ask you,

Why should Mexico have to pay for their outlaws? Further, why should they have to pay for being a poor nation? The policies of greedy “Born To Gold” arses like Donald, do their best to keep the poor in poverty, then blame them for their crimes when law and justice abandon them.

dali llama Nelson-MandelaTrue power would seek to eliminate the causes of criminal behavior. Will Trump stand for such? Why would he, as he is one of, but worse than most of them. He doesn’t hurt people to serve his out of control drug habits, or to feed his family, he does it for the sake of glory and his sick concept of fun! Just like Hitler!

If you only changed the name of “Mein Kampf’s author to Donald Trump, most would believe he wrote that expensive piece of toilet paper! Most of his words are almost plagiarism.

Please check this out yourself, and don’t take my word for it!!!

This nut case must not become president of our great nation. Like Hitler used the conservative politics of his day, to spread a disease, so does Trump use the Republicans. Left or right is a matter of perception for individuals, and either can be used by monsters who know how to go with their flow.

I’m calling on fellow Americans, left, right, gay, straight, rich and poor, to unify this election day against this lunatic!  “The Bible”, infers that God uses the works of Satan to his glory, so let us use this “manure pile” to resolve our differences and unify for the good of the United States Of America. I believe that together we can find all that our country needs now, and eliminate an inner threat.

If this idiot gains authority, Imagine how your life might change. Think about all the good people who run to us because our founding fathers told them to, and worry that such a fool could bring us down, as we are not used to conceiving! Remember the fall of Berlin. Civilized, cultured people starving to death, barely anyone caring, because the great nation of Germany gave itself over to the “Whore Of Hatred”, and bestowed upon herself the same.

We like to pride ourselves as being invincible, yet the unification of the world against us will bring us down. Why would the world hate us so much? Bring an arrogant nationalist, racist into power, and you will clearly know! Trump is at best, a divider of causes. Does our world really need more reasons to disagree? These reasons all boil down to incentives to kill each other.

It would be wise for us to sacrifice Donald’s dream, before our nightmare begins.

We have many decisions to make, as a world power. Extreme poverty, famine, racism and all forms of horrid injustice occur every day, even in our country. When the left and right unify, we will do many great things together. We can work to make the United States a reality again, and not a stale cartoon.

I hope you will join me in bringing upon the world a new stanza, “Our New Order”.

 Seek for a minute to include all, except for the exclusion of any. Set all laws to the goodness of the earth and ourselves, yet none to the individual, and in that way, the individual rules!

Please, let’s offer the world a surprise, and do something new and important this election day!

Many Democrats and Republicans alike, are showing distain for Trump, and his outrageous ideas. Well they should! This guy would be laughable if he were a crazy old nutcase yelling his message of hatred in the streets. The problem is, he is a well respected and cunning person, peddling his gospel of nationalism and bigotry to confused, angry and scared Americans.

Please think about this clearly. Why would any sane politician attack other human beings according to their race, nationality, or creed? Why would any good leader be endorsed by a racist, and former KKK leader? He resonates well with angry, scared people who refuse to grow up! If he were competent at all, why would he, in his fight against terrorism, instigate feelings of hatred? Can’t he see that terrorism thrives on the bigotry he exudes? Of course he can. He isn’t stupid! Not sure I can say the same for people who support him. This guy has his backing and agenda like any other politician, but the difference is, I have as of yet to see a single productive and positive force behind him. I hear the grumbles of people trying to expose many politicians for their ties to Mafia, Drug traffic, and whatever. Trump is supported by “big money corporations and like monsters” that rival all that most understand as corruption, and the worst part is that at least their public faces are usually legal! Those finding solace in this fact are sadly mistaken. I would prefer to vote for Fat Tony, or even Noriega! Unlike these other nice folks, if Trump comes to power, there will be few if any places to hide from the effects of his evil. He will own your work place, your drinking water, your farms, the clothes you wear, your guns, your churches, your religion. There will be nowhere in this nation you be able to run to if you choose to disagree. Note that Adolf Hitler didn’t have access to drones. In a short amount of time, Trump could if he doesn’t already. He probably does, because he can afford them, and has connections to a lot of entities who can as well.

If all that isn’t bad enough, he will probably lead us to war with every nation on earth, a war that no one will win! Still many folks will hope we are conquered, to remove our enemy within. So this is the bad news.

The good news is that Trump hasn’t won yet, and you can contribute to sending this lunatic back to his tower! Vote! Vote for someone else. Don’t let this jack ass make you ashamed of your country!

When Trump sees this, if he does, he will have something to say that would make me look like an idiot. I’m not a salesman, and have not spent my whole life getting over on others. Aside from this, I try to refrain from mentioning names and specifics, that is what the press is for. If you’re a Trump supporter, you’ve bought in to his seduction, and my words are probably worthless. To those still on the fence, I’m offering my opinion and something to think about. To those in agreement with me, I’m asking for support and prayers. When I say support, what I mean is please do whatever you can, or even think you can to prevent Trump from winning this election.

On a final note: I will name drop only once. Do you know who David Duke is? Trump claims he doesn’t. I will take his word for it, as it doesn’t matter. Not long ago, he was an Imperial Wizard of the KKK. Before that, it was even worse. He was the leader of “The American Nazi Party”, nope, I didn’t forget! He produced quite a fuss, until he was arrested and sentenced to a short prison stay for taking indecent liberties with underage boys. This is a typical example of Trump supporters.

Some of my friends and I attended one of is rallies, about a year after he got out of the pen. Why? We were bored kids wanting to start trouble. We chose to start it with someone we considered bad. About half into the thing, this little goth girl punched him in the face, giving him an aweful shiner! We laughed and left. That was in the early 80’s. Why anyone stayed after that beats me. Remember that David?:]:]:]

Back to the point…

I really hope that anyone reading this will at least question their faith in Trump to lead our nation into safety and prosperity. To conclude, I will leave a list of reasons that I believe should exclude one from office.

1. Are you a racist? You should be forbidden from office because the United States is a multi racial country. As President, you have to support the well being of us all. How can a racist really do this?

2. Do you, in any way, disapprove of religious freedom? As president, you have to support the ethical opinions of us all. Not just those you approve of.

3.Do you in any way desire to change the overall workings of “The Constitution”? If so, you have no business in office, and by winning any election, will charge yourself as a traitor.

Ok. Said all I want to about this. Opinions welcomed!