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For All Those Suffering With Suicidal Thoughts : 6 Pieces Of Wisdom


is a subject I seldom think of, or care to contemplate. I am writing this post today, because I am dedicated to offering value to all those my style of thinking can reach.

It is quite troubling to me that so many people I know, are at least somewhat considering suicide! Often, these appear to be otherwise brilliant people! So where did this toe-gem of a bad idea come from?

Granted, the stress level of modern society is off the hook! It seems to be becoming harder and harder to find a space to center oneself. Also, many personal expectations of life have been challenged by the changing times. We cannot expect to fulfill all, or even most of our vintage comprehensions of who we should be.

I suppose that some just want to clock out while they are ahead:]

There is another category of people considering suicide, because they are so tormented by physical or mental illness, that they find life unbearable. My heart goes out to these people. I can get that there is some point when suffering can overcome the will to live.

Regardless of the reasons,

I am asking that anyone who wishes to end their life do their very freakin’ best to find a calm spot, and think about this matter very carefully!

Now, get this….

I am in no way trying to preach to anyone about what’s wrong or right. It’s just that suicide is a decision you can not take back!

As a young kid, I was big into drama. Once, when I couldn’t get my way, I told my dad that if he would not let me do whatever, [I forgot what], I would kill myself!

I’m still shocked at my father’s wisdom in his response!

He didn’t even blink. Sitting wordless for a moment, he broke that silence with a haunting piece of wisdom.

“I learned a very important thing back when I was in the navy. See, when I was off duty, my friends and I liked to party, and we partied hard! We would get so drunk, that we were really insane. Despite that insanity, I never forgot the most important rule of my training, that it is unwise to enter any building with only one way out. If you must do so, always stand or sit facing the door, so you can see what’s going on, and who is coming in.

This has saved my life many times. I don’t want you to have to go to war in order to learn this. The worst thing about killing yourself, is that it is the ultimate room with no escape!

Once you enter that place,

it no longer matters if you change your mind. The time for choices will be over!”

That was all he told me about that, and reverted to small talk. Such wisdom!

After that, the thought of suicide became off limits to me, in any serious sense. Sure, I went through a punk phase where I wrote “suicide” on my jacket, but that was just rebel flexing, if you get my meaning. Making decisions that cannot be recalled, are very scary, and usually stupid!

I hope that sharing my father’s words will help someone!

Mistake not that I don’t have my own take. This is far from over! So now I will speak my thoughts about this subject.

1. For all the religious,

what does your faith believe about suicide?

Most religions speak loudly against it, and a majority claim that it is a damnable sin. This means, you will go to hell!

Other religions state that it is an obstacle to enlightenment, which is about the same as the previous, except there is no penalty, only loss.

There obviously are exceptions to my statements, but these can be clearly seen as a political movements adoption, adaption of a religion. I will mention no names!

That’s all I will flex from religion!

What’s really important to remember, is that

2. You,

will only exist, as you are now, in one time and space. I am not refuting reincarnation, just that you will never be

here again! As you are.

When you die, you are gone. No more to feel the sufferings of life, but equally unable to feel the relief.

3. What I find way more important,

is that I know that every being has a place in the “Great Scheme Of Things”, though I really could care less how they play it! I do hate to see anyone cheated, screwed, and lost to themselves.

4. I see reports on the state of humanity, and our planet, everyday. Seriously, I study this shit!

Every day, lives go down the crapper for various reasons, and so many of these souls are crying for

“One More Day!”

Just one more chance to perceive, and be a part of this phenomenal world,

“One More Day!”

To be with family, to work on a trade, to find oneself, or to be alone. “Please God,

Give Me One More Day!”

So you are truly tired of life? You just want it to end? You want to suck the barrel of a shotgun?

Not sure what more needs to be said.

I would recommend that if this is really how you feel, that you spend your life in the service of others. That way, you will be ending yourself, but in a good way. You could make a difference to those who do love life, and want more. Maybe your calling is here.

5. Are You Sure That Ending Your life Is A Good Idea?

See, no matter how wise or stupid you are, someone will follow your lead! Would you advocate this path? Would you tell your kids, “don’t worry if life gets tough, if it does, just kill yourself.”

6. Now, on to the deep stuff!

unconvinced, want it all to end!

Once again, I must remind you,

that this life is your one chance to claim your space. You have a mission to accomplish, and a world to build! Who for, you may ask? For you! You were brought here, possibly without choice! Building your kingdom probably involves getting the most out of this world you were brought into. You may not like where you are, and if so, how great would be your joy to change that!

I am convinced that this is a world built for warriors!

To me, failure to arise to the occasion is repugnant, if it is self made. Death will find us all soon enough, but we have work to do, and an immortality to achieve!

There is no room for losers in this world, but only you, can make yourself one! To die in your service is to achieve your island, your point in time, and a kingdom of your very own! So you have to have enough guts to keep going for as long as you can. It could be a very long ride, but well worth it. You, are all you will ever have.

Almost a year ago, I had an MRI of my brain. See, as with all, aging causes health problems, and my doctor recommended I get one. This was the most enlightening thing that ever happened to me. You might need to experience it to get it, I don’t know. I will try to tell you what happened to me that day.

The procedure was drummed up to seem quite scary. My doctor prescribed a valium to prevent possible panic. I was inserted into a “metal cave”, and heard crazy techno music blasting into me. Scary? Only a little bit. It was mainly fun! After getting out of the chamber, I saw the technicians processing the data on my brain. The coolest part was that I saw my brain live, and fell in love!

From that image, I saw what I really was. Funny to think about or say, but seeing the real me released me of the need for anyone else! That doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy social gatherings, making love, or the communion with family and friends. It’s like I know now who really loves me, and I love them too. They are such a wonder, and miracle beyond measure. They are me!

I encourage you to find yourself,

the rewards are great!

Your choices are, and well they should, be yours, and yours alone! I don’t report people with suicidal thoughts. If you want to die, go for it! Please make your decision consciously!

As for me,

I love this world, and all her good, and all her evil, because I love myself, and I am of her.

Love and blessings to all!

Is Digital Painting Killing Art? : My thoughts

I saw this question on Quora, “Is digital painting killing art?” I have quite strong feelings to this question, because I have lived in the art world all my life, and generally have loved it. One thing I really hate about it though, is the arrogance and bigotry that seem to follow most artists, and their movements. Many beloved artists have shown their share of ignorance when it comes to defining what art is. This is a shame! I wish my profession was free from the back stabbing, ankle biting ways of other trades, but it is not!

What do most artists argue about? Technique!

“Her technique is inferior to mine”, “his art is wrongly motivated”, “he just copies and pastes”, “oil painting is an anachronism”, “watercolor is for kids”, “acrylic is an inferior medium”, and the list of crying just goes on!

Wah, wah, wah! Are we talking art or mush?

All art mediums are just that, a mode to accomplish art. Each have their sets of advantages and drawbacks. There is not a one, in past, present, or future, which is superior, or inferior. Art technique, is simply the way an artist chooses to represent their art!

Digital art is no exception. It does not give anyone the ability to produce better art, nor does it lessen the accomplishments of a master. All it does is covers space in an artist’s vision. How that space is covered is the only concern.

So, in digital art, we can capture an image, and merge it with another. Is the same not true for collage, or photo montage? I strongly believe that digital art is capable of fulfilling the dreams of painters such as Salvador Dali, and many other surrealists, myself included!

There are drawbacks!

One good example is that the images in digital art are formed by pixels, and not solid sheets of color. Therefore, enlarging the image beyond a certain point reveals that it is composed of many little squares of color. Not always a bad thing, though it could present problems for some. Another potential problem is that since digital art is not physical, artists would be wise to create a number of backups, to insure the safety of their work.

Furthermore, much of the art world is still a little backward. Artists used to rely on art dealers to market them, much as musicians are marketed by record labels. Many art dealers would prefer to work with expensive physical property, so digital artists might do best to market themselves, or hire a website manager.

This being what it is,

I still strongly believe that digital offers a great future to artists who enjoy presenting their work in cyberspace. The tools are out there to produce quality art equal to the talent of the artist.

there are definite advantages!

1. Ever heard the term starving artist? It is very hard to make good money being an artist. Using physical media, one very expensive piece must be sold at a time, ad someone has to both want, and be able to afford it. This greatly narrows one’s clientele. Digital art may be sold as downloads, so one piece of art can be sold over and over. This opens an opportunity for an artist to pocket a steady income, if they have talent. Sure, downloads are cheap, but in quantity, they add up! I will venture to say that a good artist could make more money on one piece using digital, than a traditional master was ever able to! Van Gogh more than likely would have established great success…um…, before he died, if he was willing and able to market his works in cyberspace.

Just telling it like it is!

2. Art is about much more than money! It is “a relationship to life”, “A science and religion”, “A calling from God”, “A conduit for evolution, physical, cultural, emotional and physical”, “A great psychological therapy, without the need for prescription.” To all this and more, I greatly agree.

What I do have problem with,

is that so many dismiss the importance of getting paid for our services, since we really need to! To have a profession is to offer value to others. In order to stay alive long enough to do so, one must get paid! [not too crazy a concept, huh?] I believe the artists of today stand a beautiful chance of being able to communicate their vision to the entire world, at a price that even a rough economy can afford.

By doing so, they may offer value to billions of people, who really need what they have to offer, but until now, could not afford it! This is a win/win for all. The catch is, artists will have to evolve along with the rest of the world, or have problems. We already do, so what’s to lose? :]:]:]

3. Paints take time to dry, and eventually deteriorate. True statement. Digital is dry immediately, and a finished work will remain as long as the device it is housed in. Say you put your art on a flash drive several times. Unless all copies are destroyed, your work will remain alive, untainted, and potentially viral! Ain’t that great news?!!!

My father, Saant Celia, definitely one of the greatest artists who ever lived, painted in oil. He was very concerned over atmospheric conditions, such as extreme humidity, heat or cold. These could ruin what he spent months to build! I see some of his work today, and it brings tears to my eyes to see it has changed somewhat, due to age. Everything changes, that’s fct, but digital stands a good chance of lasting a very long time, at least as long as cave art. Drives and cd’s will likely be able to be read hundreds of years from now, and be converted to the latest technology, as time demands. Just a thought.

4. One of my favorite perts concerning digital art, is that it opens my sphere of communication to anywhere the internet can. Right now this means Planet Earth. I have so much to say, and so little time to do so. It’s wise to embrace what extends your life!


digital art is not for everyone, and that’s fine. It does offer some great advantages to artists.

All I really ask is that those who wish to judge an art form become well acquainted with it, before they speak a word. It is common of humans to abuse what they don’t understand and therefore dismiss what discomforts them. We artists are not common people. Accept all and think for yourself!

Artist At The Edge Of Magic

Greetings All!

My last post was very short, while this one may be quite long. I hope you enjoy, and get something from it. You will see a lot of my latest art here. Remember I said I needed to take a break and refresh. This is what it has come to…

Election Day!, Save our country!, “Bad Hurricane, how dare you cost me $90!,

“You want to save our world? Better give me some money, before it’s too late!” By the way, we have the best spaceship to Heaven, and we are offering it for the very low price of $5000,000,000, but we have payment plans available. Don’t let our bad economy stop you from getting it all!

Well, it’s really not we, only me. Hey, make your payments available to


and God willing, Heaven will be yours! :]:]:]

After an unholy butt load of that crap, and seeing that I really have something to say, I retired to my art for inspiration. Unholy summer of un stained panties and swimwear! There is so much more than something to say. I’ve got some things to show. Yes, I have more than one:]:]:]access-and-transcend

So I’m drawing the “Ice Curtains” to politicians right now, this is about me!ice-curtains

I am an artist

to qualify, I am an artist

At the edge of magic!artist-at-the-edge-of-magick

My physical form changes constantly, such as life and reality…

I am not at liberty to play games on you, though I would love to play them with you. Consider me as The Green Man In  contemplation. My world is new, and I’m hoping that your world is too. Otherwise, sail off…the-green-man-in-contemplation

I invoke the power of a great lantern to light my way. Together forming this lantern, we are a god/goddess. We become the holiest of holy, by transformation into the unholy.lucifer

By this I mean, facing reality. There is nothing in this world that can help us get our lives straight, unless it is ourselves! The Gods and Goddesses are merely icons, until we incarnate them! Get it?baphomet-rising

Without pseudo reasoning for a mentor, our focus often turns to “Death.” Are we really not fearing an ending for a greatness not begun? Where was I when I needed help? I’m hoping to instigate answers to these questions.deaths-head-moth

The universe has bestowed us with gifts such as love, which in reality is an embracing of self, and lust, which keeps it all moving. Furthermore, we have everyday life as a reality check. Going back to love, embracing self is embracing all. Just think about it! We are beginning a journey. Hope we are all together.Tantric Reformation

Regardless of style, art is a science of symbolism. It has been used from primordial times and up to the present, to concentrate bands of perception into usable and potent aggregates.point-of-no-return

In a well done painting, the awareness of a million years is condensed, and reincarnated in the present moment! We can see this in every art revolution that’s ever existed. Test this yourself. Observe and contemplate the art of different periods of history. Within each, the unchanging element can be found, and more! The art of every civilization and time period provides a window to that place, both in what it shows, and what it does not.The Weave

My point is that art is the most potent of all magickal tools, as well as the prime tool for social evolution and communication. Tarot decks are perfect examples of all I have inferred, yet it gets so much deeper! Art controls society completely!

The blowout of self-sodomy
The blowout of self-sodomy

You want to buy a home. Where will you wish to live, and what style of house would you wish to live in? Did you determine all you needed to from personal experience? You want to join a religion, list the motivators. The list could go forever, but doesn’t need to. Symbolism creates reality! Artists are architects of symbolism.

The undefined spaced in control
The undefined spaced in control

There are days when it may get difficult to understand these things. It probably would be better to say, that when things get rough, it becomes somewhat difficult to identify with the greatness of “true being”, and our purpose in this amazing continuum. It’s really just our ego’s feeling hurt, but these things will pass in the wake of transpersonal glory.

Every year, and every day of my life, the evidence builds!

I take a humble kind of pride in the knowing that everything is The Great Continuum, and I am doing my part. This Divine Fractal  expands and contracts in sensuous waves within the peaceful stillness of eternity. Jellyfish wisdom?

I have always loved and admired jellyfish. They are so beautiful and delicate. I see them as organic fractals, or individual “bing-bangs” pulsing with the tide. In spite of their great vunerability, the jellyfish is still one of the most successful species on earth, and probably have a great future! Why?

For one, they can be deadly predators without a passion for hate. Even if the jellyfish had a high IQ, I doubt it would make much trouble for anyone who left it alone. It likes to eat, and will consume whatever it can.

Secondly, jellyfish are highly adaptable to most any environment. Pollution may actually aid their success, by creating an environment rich in organic matter and a multitude of protein rich organisms. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could do that?

When a jellyfish washes up on a beach, or gets plowed by a passing boat, the other jellyfish don’t get depressed and whine about the futility of life. They eat, reproduce and die, like everything else, but do so without huge psychological problems. This is another reason they find it so easy to succeed.

In this lowly organism, the meaning of life is completely established, at least for now. Within their physical appearance, and their very nature, profound wisdom abides!

Now, about the “Great Intellectual Jellyfish”…

Several months ago, I had a MRI. Though I was prohibited from photographing my brain, I got to see it, and absolutely fell in love! For the first time, I saw the real me. It was a delicate creature, composed mainly of cholesterol, bathed in an inner ocean housed in a flesh machine. I was, and still am, in complete awe! This creature designed my life. It determined how long my hair should be, what I would eat, drink, or smoke, how I would react to whatever it’s decisions were. It decides how much of it’s awareness it should share with me, and in reality, what my life will be about.

This is the really cool part…

For that moment, I was in complete communion with myself. I could see my brain, looking back at me, and it was able to see it’s creation. It was also able to tell the deep love I had for it. From an MRI, I learned true self love! Get one if you can! They are very expensive, but of all the personal development tools I’ve tried, it was the best so far. By the way, if you do get one, and want the pic, you probably should click your cellphone without asking! I did, and they told me no. [they kinda suck!] Partially joking, as I know they have their rules to protect their business, and that should get some respect. Never the less, this is me, and they should feel the sting of a thousand nettles for holding such a personal picture from me. I still plan to get it!

So in this post, I am sharing with you my most recent art, and the inspiration behind it. Soon I will return to my social and political engagements, as there is a lot to be addressed! As of now, please contemplate the beauty and power of art, and employ it in your life as you see fit.under-the-bridge

 Hope all had a happy Halloween. Autumn blessings to you!autumn-fire


So Great To Be Back!

To all who view my site, I’m sure you’ve noticed that lately I’ve posted very little. This is because I needed some time to rediscover me, and the crazy wonderful world that inspires my posts! Election day is coming soon, and the closer it comes to being here, the less I wish to speak about politics.

This is a site for art, and artistic expression.

I have shared with all of you, my views on politics, and so for now,

It’s time to move to bigger and better things.

All the same, please don’t forget to vote! In this new world, ideas matter more than ever! Voting in my opinion, is less about the candidates than it is what they have to offer you. Please keep this in mind! Let me give you a silly example:

You read “The Philosophy Of Joe Schmow.” Finding it greatly inspiring, you followed his posts and political campaigns, etc. Later, your enthusiasm is dashed against rocks, as you hear that Joe is a complete fraud! Joe is a liar! Joe is a money hungry nutcase! Joe is really Jane:] the list goes on… Now Joe is campaigning for the very things you wish for yourself and your country. Ask yourself if Joe can prevail. Will he? Invest in your future. The faces are just icons. Support the visions closest to your own, and afterward, do your part to bring them to physical reality!

In future posts, I plan to continue with the themes of art and magic. I plan to offer ideas concerning mind expansion, consciousness extension, life extension, personal development, and much more!

I would love your input here. What are your dreams and concerns? What is your vision of the future? Look deep into that eye looking into your deepest being. What is there to say?

Until next time,

Love, Love under will.

Facing The Illuminator

Before all else,

open your mind to understand that all of your nightmares originate inside, and not your physical life. Once you free your mind, you are completely free! The Illuminator challenges us to display our nightmares up front, even to the point of wearing their gore for all to see, and then going beyond them.

When we take a good look inside, many will notice a strange and terrifying place, inhabited by legions of intelligences in constant conversation and display, horrifying visuals and ominous landscapes. Of course, we are likely to find great beauty and angelic beings as well.

Some will believe that these voices are coming from the outside everyday world, and they will likely be deemed insane. Sadly for them, they will probably not reap the benefits of their illumination, due to a slight but serious misunderstanding. In a certain way, they are right, as the “dream of the universe” feeds our inner reality. Their problem is that they take the voices at face value, instead of interpreting their messages as guides to discovering higher reality.

For example, it is very easy to dream of a dead relative or friend, and then begin taking their advice to multiple questions on the basis that you believe they “are in Heaven now”, so must know the answers to everything! It is true that they existed, and so not only were, but are, a part of the world. It is also true that you receive their energy vibration because they are a part of you! If they were not, than without extreme rituals or heightened awareness, you would not recognize their voice.

In any case, they are, and always will be their part of the universal plan, but cannot speak for the entire universe! Neither can you. What you can do is spend your life gathering awareness, which is what we all do, like it or not, and extend this awareness forward through time. This is also why you have voices in your head:]

Now, by rectifying the pains of the so called “infernal voices” within, so may you purify your life of past errors which held you back from experiencing the joy and wonder of being alive. Now, this is not an easy job, and I’m not sure that anyone has completed it, though some come very close. I make it an everyday practice, which is one reason why I carefully study my dreams.

Facing The Illuminator

Keep looking within, past your life experiences, beyond the physical, astral and spirit worlds. Take reverent tuition in each before you pass them by. Leave gifts for all who you pass, but don’t stop until you reach a place of silence. Look at the world now from this place. Study the patterns of existence, and study yourself. I will not discuss what illumination you will find, lest I forge a lie from truth. I also will not speak the name of The Illuminator. I hope you won’t either!

“The Illuminator” is a description of a great and beautiful force and being, the nature of which is shrouded in amazing displays of phenomena. To some, this being is pure evil, [the sadly misinformed], to others, a god or beautiful angel, but the mystery of The Illuminator cannot be solved by words. To witness is the only way to know.

How to witness The Illuminator?

The outline is formed by “the shrouds of phenomena.” Look at it this way… The place where reality is no longer spoken of, or matched by description. Even the self melts away. All becomes a deep and personal love, without a focal point. Noone to think, to place or take praise or blame. Life goes on as usual, though nothing will ever be the same again. Spirits speak, bills come in, holocausts and romantic nights happen, but they are just part of the shroud of an eternal light, guiding the beloved, and this is you!

When you meet The Illuminator, present your perfect offering!

Offer no sacrifices, except for one, that being yourself! By this I mean to promise to keep the name silent, and to live a life “under the lamp”. You will live a normal, humble, but guided life, beyond the agencies of thought, emotion, and reason. You will follow your bliss as all do, yet better, as you offer it all to the light that guides  phenomena and pattern.

To end this post, I offer a poem!

“Gone are the days of wondering what to do. Where I will go is where I will go. My anthems are simple and humorous, for what need is there of rationalization? My food is delicious, just as my bed feels great, and all between are just a slide. As for passions, there are many, underneath that wonderful tree, a chorus of “Merry Christmas!”. Pleasures of the flesh are my obvious miracles, though I seek to be a saint, offering myself to the light in all I do. Keeping a little secret in all I do. Becoming aware that I am a miracle! Spirits clothe, and rub me to orgasm, now I am the zero before one!”

No Outflowings

In practice, it is wise to encourage inflowings over outflowings. These are terms of perceptions. To simplify, in ordinary life, we perceive something, and generate many thoughts about it. This is important to the daily functions of an individual. In practice, we must reverse this scenario in order to invoke the powers that support change and transformation.

Let’s consider the word “invoke.” In Voke. This being the opposite of Out Voke. Cite or appeal to [someone or something] as an authority for action or in support of an argument. This is the Google definition of invoke. Can you see the truth of this definition? It infers using your power to delegate authority to another. Right? Very right!

In magic and art, we strive to create a flow as to bring awareness to it’s highest place. Personally, our minds are filled with great power, but the awareness we seek flows down. Therefore, outflowings cannot normally reach the places of higher awareness. When sorcerers state that a certain magic can only teach you what you really already know, but forgot, this is what they mean.

Inflowings are different. They come from somewhere outside of us, obviously and just by definition! In this way, the higher descends into the lower. Previously invisible awareness becomes our own. Therefore, when we have outflowings, they will be greatly advanced from those we have had before. We may even seem like new beings, and this may not be far from the truth, as new awareness has filled the vessels that we are.

According to a definition of “old sorcerers”, we are containers of awareness, gourds for gathering energy. What our individuality is, is only the skin of the gourd. Inside is empty, but constantly being filled. Wow I love those guys! They got the idea before the bicycle was invented! Please allow me to refer to us as containers, or gourds:]

Look deep inside yourself, and perceive your emptiness. Tell us if you can what remains when conditions change. Invite The Illuminator into your life, and beckon to be searched deep inside. Pease tell us what you find:]

We can look at universal consciousness as both legion and unity. There is definitely an infinite interplay between multiple consciousnesses, which unify into nations that we can call an individual. Now, try to pin down the essential nature of the individual. If you remove just one part, will the individual remain as previously defined? No, they will transform into someone/something else.

Have you ever seen a person who has had a stroke, or other trauma, resulting in specific brain damage? It is sad, scary, yet very interesting. See, our brain is the radio and recording device for consciousness to be transmitted to. We are programmed from birth and until our death, by something undefinable. By this force, forms are recorded and replayed constantly, by the manner that they were delivered. When something in this recording is broken, consciousness within that area is modified or deleted. The result is that the person becomes someone else, from who they used to be. Although these transformations are often for the worse, they are not always. Once in a while, one is improved by brain damage!

What I am getting at, is that individuality is the result of unified inflowings. What are inflowings, and where do they come from? It is undefinable, but we could label it as “The Great Spirit”, God, The Goddess. All these would be correct, but only if they are understood as labels. All that we can really comprehend fully, is that this flow exists in everything, and everything is this flow. So we should know that…

1. Our personal identity is a precious gift, and a miracle!

2. That what we call personal identity is a container of sorts, which holds specific aspects of the undefinable flow.

3. That in death, all that is lost is the container, but what made it possible to begin with, will never die!

4. Outflowings are the result of personal identity, and our interpretations of our inflowings. So our outflowings will become inflowings somewhere, but they never will be truth for us, as we invented them, and we do not know!

Let me suggest a program called “No More Outflowings.” It is simply zen meditation, performed to a certain extreme.

Let yourself surrender to not knowing. Hey, you really don’t have a choice. Right? Now just sit, and watch for thoughts, especially conversations and explanations. You will find them, just drop them, again and again. Invoke the rising tide of the nourishing and eternal darkness. This is the “Lamp Of The Hermit.” When a color flashes, view it but let it go. Take no phenomena seriously. React to it only if need be, but in any case, release it. Return to the peace of “Eternal Void.” This is where all the phenomena come from, and return to. Decide that you will return to it too. You will, like it or not. The cool part is that when inside the flow, nothing is wrong, and everything is happy.

What more can we ask for? We can experience this for the rest of our lives!we should seek to create places devoted to meditation, and find friends to practice with. We can definitely help each other, especially when we hit the transpersonal levels. Discussions are good, among friends. We can talk to each other about our experiences, and offer solutions to keep those inflowings coming!

Please set at least a month of meditation practice, in which you will abstain from outflowings. Seek inflowings, but offer no definitions to yourself or others. At the end of that period, document results if you wish, or just continue.

Seek no consultation during this period with gods and goddesses, just invoke the darkness. What is being sought right now is ultimate purity, after that, the choice is yours! Just let it all stop, and bask in the stillness.

Let us begin now!

Trapped In A Dream

Most of you, who have read my posts before, know that I’m an avid practitioner of lucid dreaming. Recently, I had a dream that enables me to share two very important concepts of consciousness. The first is the term “Twin Positions”, the name given to a dreaming technique by Carlos Castaneda, and/or, his teachers.

To practice “Twin Positions”, first you imagine or conjure a dream bed. To do this, enter a lucid dream, and decide to go to sleep there. Locate Your home, temple, or whatever, lay in your bed there, and go to sleep. You will wake up in another dream, which, if not lucid, should be turned so. [ Just become aware that you are dreaming]. Now, you will remain in the dream until you wake up twice! Shamans use this technique to prevent themselves from waking before their work is done. One can easily expand how many dream beds they have, and how many times they will need to wake up before leaving the dream!

Remember I said I would share some advanced techniques in later posts? This is a big one! It is not to be tried by beginners, though all may benefit from reading. You have the potential here, to never leave the dream again! That is, as long as you exist. Dreaming can elongate life, but as of yet, no one as I know of has escaped the Reaper.

It has been stated that in this state, you may change shapes at will. This is true! In this state, you may become anything that captivates your mind, as it is lost, though this can be a good thing. You may transform your state of being instantly, into one you prefer, because in this world, the past does not have to matter. In this world, anyone can find empowerment!

Some shamans attempted doing a complete circle here, but if they succeeded, I don’t know about it. They hoped to attain immortality by entering the dream, never coming out, yet visiting the start. Great idea! I’m not convinced, as of yet, that it can work. If it does, it means losing some human privilges. Once again, I guess it is up to you to decide.

 Through “Twin Positions”, you can transform anything I know of. Most likely anything you know.

All that I have been talking about so far, was merely an introduction for this post:

Trapped In A Dream

 Twin Positions is a conscious way to trap oneself in a dream. It is a useful tool for those interested in mind exploration, magick, and the neuro conscious frontier. There is another way to be trapped in a dream, and most, if not all of us are! This is not such good news. Being trapped in a dream, and out of control won’t make you a better person. It won’t teach you anything about who you really are. At best, it can teach you a thing or two about your teachers. The dream we are trapped in, began with our birth, and our conditioning ever since.

“The Matrix”, is a terrific movie. If you haven’t watched it, please do! I mean the first movie really. the sequel, not so much. In a science fiction sort of way, this movie displays in dramatic detail, all that this post is about!

Since birth, we all have been told what life and reality are about. Little of this program was ever taken from direct reality. We are programmed with belief and social systems so impeccably that we don’t see reality, we only see what we were told it is. What this does, is make it easier for you to exist in a society of like pawns. What is even weirder, is that due to the magical nature of our minds, even the failures of your teachers to implant their vision in your mind only serves to cause you to falter, stumble a bit, and re enter the program. This time you return with shattered, or weakened faith in true reality.

Let’s take a trip down “Memory Lane”. It’s such a deceptive and dangerous place, yet here, if you study it, you will find the cracks in your programming! Simply remember something you were told, and hold it up to the light of reality. Try this with your personal beliefs, and see just how many of them reveal themselves as lies in the face of the truth. I recommend making a personal journal of all your recalled life memories, and beliefs. How many of these make sense when compared with a look out your door?

If you don’t believe me, try it with just two beliefs, and memories. If one of these holds false, you can bet you have been deceived. Should two or more do so, you’ve been completely duped! No hard feelings, most of these lies were put on you by people who really love you, but were infected with this program, and so installed their hopes and fears into you, hoping that they would help you be a more successful human being. Their only crime was being wrong.

Let’s start with Santa Claus! Millions, if not billions of people, have lied to their children in a truly miserable manner. It really hurt my feelings that my parents lied to me in this way. So we get older, and folks scoff at our anger. “Get over it, they were just having fun!” Really? At my trust and expense? What were they thinking? Don’t blame them, because they were programmed themselves. They wanted you to have a truly miraculous event in your life, since they couldn’t have one themselves. The problem is, they can’t sustain it, just like any other lie.

Now you are older, and due to a few of these well intended fabrications, you can no longer believe in your parents. You understand the situation, and may love them, but just can’t take them seriously anymore. See how the program so wisely breaks up the truth? You were sold on a false god, and now your parents disappear! Actually, you were probably sold on a lot of false gods.

Millions of people speak on the nature of God, either for profit, or out of their own rendition of reality. How many of these, I wonder, have met God? Maybe a few. These are not the people you hear about though. They are not trying to impress anyone, or spread the good word, but rather making a decision to live their lives in total reality. Am I? Are You?

“The path to paradise is a long, long way. Want to get there? Better leave today!”

Please drop your false beliefs in everything, but find the truth in your teachers. I told my kids, the truest truth I know. “I wanted you to be here, even if at times it seemed I didn’t. You were not a “mistake”, your mother and I intended you. I am delighted to see you, as I am another day”. I am grateful that I can truly say this! Some parents can’t, though the truth is always better than a lie. When you respect another enough to tell the truth, at least you are real, and not just another part of the program.

“Keep it real”, I add into “The law”. Reality is way more amazing than fantasy. Remember as well, that reality is the only place to go for a great steak. Something died for that steak, so eat it in bliss, as not to desecrate what in reality, is keeping you alive! If you are vegan, same thing. Something died for that tempeh or tofu, so eat it with bliss, as not to desecrate in reality, what is keeping you alive!

So what is gained by leaving the program? The first big gain is that we no longer have to rely on fear to get moving. Reality will light the way! We need cry no more sacred names, unless we wish. The secret name of God is secret:] Really, it is of no matter. Reality does not ask for passwords.

Does reality intervene? You bet it does!

Yesterday a tropical storm passed through the Wilmington area. It dumped massive amounts of rain all night long. The ground had no choice but to get wet. I had a choice to make. I could stay inside, or go out and be soaked. I chose to stay in and focus on indoor projects. This is a perfect example of how external reality and free will work together. The directions that consciousness are allowed to evolve within are determined by the structures and motions of this mystical force we call reality. We in turn, become an extension of reality, as our dreams are extensions of our minds.

Stating this may or may not clarify anything for anyone. I hope it does. It really doesn’t even need to be stated though. It will remain with or without any approval. Let’s open our eyes and let in some fresh life. Let’s watch what is going on outside of our heads for awhile. The microcosms will open up and update once our focus changes.

Dreams are great things, and very powerful tools as well. They define our personal reality as form and life define universal reality. It would be wise though, not to “put the cart before the horse” as we explore the inner and outer realms. Dreams can teach us a lot, but they can’t show us anything that we have not already seen. They can only take us to places we know how to reach. Let’s flow along with our dreams, but not become trapped by them.

Best Fitness Exercises For Lucid Dreamers: The Mechanics Of Dream Incubation

There are quite a few fine works of literature on the practice of lucid dreaming. Many focus on the psychology of the practice, some on it’s entertainment value, and a beautiful few on it’s spiritual value. I choose to embrace them all, though I personally treat dream practice as religion. I write this post for those who feel as I do, that although this I interesting and fun, it’s also imperative!

Lucid dreaming takes a great deal of energy, believe it or not. Best results are obtained when the body and mind are in tip top shape! Not saying that I am, but I try:]

Best Fitness Exercises For Lucid Dreamers,

Is a collection of techniques for dream incubation, incorporating the dream body into the physical body, and keeping it all strong, healthy and balanced.

First of all, let me introduce the Four Fold Breath. This is a technique of breathing to the count of four, and it’s purpose is to allow thoughts, motions, and points of stillness in our respiration, so we can carry out a technique in time, like we would a piece of music, or drawing on graph paper. Inhale:1234, Hold:1234, Exhale:1234, Hold1234, then repeat. Pretty simple, right. You will understand better as we go along.

  Incorporate the Four Fold Breath into as many activities as possible, if only to learn how and why to use it.

Do you lift weights? If so, awesome. Follow this. Let’s do a dumbbell curl. Standing, let the weight fall to it’s lowest point. Inhale while doing so. Hold your breath for the count of four. Curl the weight upward, exhaling to the count of four. Hold to the count of four. Release to the count of four, inhaling as you do so. Hold to the count of four, and repeat.

You should consider tantric exercise. Apply the Four Fold Breath there. Whatever you are doing, apply this breath technique as much as possible! Why?

You are laying down, getting ready to sleep. All the same, your body and mind are still tense. Lucid dreaming will seldom happen under these conditions. Usually, you will stay up almost all night, fall asleep by morning, and feel hung over when you wake up. Not sexy at all! Try this!

Laying in bed, prepare for sleep with a mantra. It could be as simple as snoring, [this works!], but I will choose the mantra, “I am Dreaming.” Good enough? Think it captures it all. Ok. Rest your body. Let your eyelids drop. Relax as much as possible. Tense your muscles, and relax them in stages, to the count of four, and this mantra, repeated mentally. Toes tighten on an exhale, [I Am Dreaming.] Toes relax on an inhale, [I Am Dreaming.] Work every muscle in your body, up to the crown of your head this way. This really builds dream muscle. What happens, is that sooner or later, performing this exercise, saying “I am dreaming”, you will find that you are! Like using keywords in posting, you do not need to use the Four Fold Breath all the time. Use it to mechanically change your state of consciousness, then, just flow!

When dreaming, seek vessels!

Find ways to store dream information while dreaming. For example, create a dream journal in your dreams. You probably will not recall it all, but it will be there next time! Create containers to hold information while dreaming. Re creating these in waking life will provide you with a power tool for gaining and expanding that awareness. Quite cool, huh! Paint paintings of your dreams. Much later, or perhaps sooner, paint while you are dreaming. When you can do that, paint in physical reality while you are dreaming! It is very possible. I’ve done it! I’m just a nobody, and if I can, so can you!

Are you ready to know what this is all about? Is it Satan, Jehovah, or the Holy Ghost? It’s all that stuff, but not even close! This is new world order before there was one, yet it inspired all the acts of humanity. I will disclose what it really is, and blast away all towers in the process. All that stuff is just imagery in the game. So what is the game? Who does it serve? Why should I do it?

The game is Shamanism!

The devils and gods are our buddies in the dream. All of you are beautiful imagery in my dreams. You are real, and I know it, but dreams are reality for me! Why should you do it too? It is the only real thing left for you. Hmmm. You know it!

By the way, what would you like to know? Would you really like to know? Why not come down to earth with us folks and work on what you want to do!

All I’m saying will not solve the mystery of life. I don’t know! I think it is useless to explain the role of a toaster. Still, isn’t your toast worth it?

So here, the fundamentals of dream work and shamanism!

Your physical body and mind is a radio.  The complexity of your form is necessary to picking up the frequency. Our practice makes it our own. The story has been old many times, though injected into vessels of individualism.

What we are looking for is ourselves, and we are here, now!

Back to technique

Create your own aerobic exercises, making sure to add outward thrusts and contractions, which will be greatly amplified by adding rhythm. 1234! Add shape to these exercises, expressing circles, left, right, behind and in front.

Work your joints well to avoid collecting fluid. Check out, “Magical Passes”, by Carlos Castaneda.

This work will give you broad advice into the exercise part of dreaming and shamanism.

 Now, to dream incubation…,…,…

Before going to sleep, ask for advice to your questions. Do this simply by thinking about your question, and leaving it all to the beautiful darkness of sleep. Let your consciousness melt into that place. While going there, ask for omens. The spirit will receive all that is truly aspired. The spirit and the game are one. Fall asleep dear one, seek your bed within the dream and awake for real!

Fall asleep dear one, seek your bed within the dream, and awake for real!

Give me omens, and vessels for intent. Give me a cup that I may fill!

Discover the shape in dream world, and create it in physical reality.

This post ends now, but will be continued. Please follow!

Don’t Let Our Enemies Change Who We Are

adolf hitlerused automobile partsOur country, and the world in general, is going through a very difficult period. In many ways, we are getting a taste of what pre-Hitler Germany was going through. First of all, we have reached a point in time where our old concepts of personal liberty will be greatly challenged. The right to own weapons is being reconsidered. Our attitude toward immigrants has largely changed. Many now are eagerly willing to sacrifice our civil liberties for a vague concept of national security. More than ever, the corporate world is tightening it’s grip on the balls of the individual. Behind the scene, our country, and even you, are being bought up by Big Money!

Call this “crazy talk”, yea, well go ahead, if you honestly believe that the direction our nation is going will serve you. Corrupt government, and big money interest has tried to bring us to this point long ago, but now the actions of obscure fascist groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS have given new life and power to our devils here. I understand why conspiracy theorists believe that all these elements are one entity, whose sole purpose is to enslave the world. They have a good point. The game appears to be, to start some trouble, and let your friends abroad finish what they never could, due to distance and cultural difference.

We, The United States, have always been a nation who thrived, and acquired our strength through cultural diversity, and the collective ambition for personal freedom. Ask our enemies how they feel about these concepts. They are revolted by our values, but that should be no surprise. What should come as a shocker is that the factions here, who swear that they will defend us from these evil terrorists, have more in common with them, than they have with The American Dream!

I will mention no names, at least not right now. If you don’t get it, you wouldn’t even if I name dropped. I don’t care to. The name of a Nazi, the location of a Nazi, and the clothes of a Nazi, vary according to time period and social custom. The words of all these creeps, and their ultimate agenda, has never changed, and always will remain the same. These things accurately define them.

Here are my suggestions for getting to know your current Adolf’s. 1. Our country was founded by immigrants. How do the politicians of today feel about this? 2. We embrace the right of religious freedom, once again………3. We embrace the right to bear arms, hmmm….4. We are a country built from all races, nationalities, and creeds. How does your current hero value these things? 5. What do they have to say about gay marriage, and the rights of those who embrace alternative life styles? Do they embrace big money interest groups, or democracy?

I hope I’ve given you enough to think about for now. Surrealism is a fire which can’t help but burn brighter in the darkest of places. The evil of our time will eventually fund the process of it’s own death. The yin-yang principle in it’s basic form. Do I fear though, yes I do. I fear for the lifestyle I have come to feel protected by law. I fear for those whose lives could be turned upside down by the panicked words of idiots. I fear that lovers of slavery will steal our freedom, and claim it as necessity for the safety of all in the “Free World”. Lastly, I fear that freedom will be given a price.

The only price of Freedom is personal responsibility!

So ISIS, my scary brothers, and whoever else, here or abroad, who threaten the American Dream, You creeps that create bias instead of unification, you Nazis everywhere, go home and rethink your lives. Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Wicca,… etc. We come from the same source, and can exist in harmony with each other. If one should remember moments of injustice, we have the power to reconcile. We really don’t even need to understand each other, to see the value of all consciousness. What is enabled in one is so enabled in all. Strike the chord of prejudice, and we all are dis-favored.