Green Tara

1120150030I completed Green Tara on November 1, 2010. She is one of my older canvases, yet definitely a favorite. The painting started out as a highly abstract Earth Mother study, “vagina of the universe”, but took a turn to the world of religious art as I became fascinated by female deities. Green Tara is an action oriented bodhisattva, representing the Mother Of  The Three Periods – Past, Present, and Future.    As with all my art, “Green Tara” is based on my personal visions of the deity, and should not be taken as an accurate representation of  Tibetan Buddhist art. Note her right arm and leg are not posed in the traditional way, but still remain in potential for action. She presides over the vulva of the Earth Mother, who gives birth to the features and beings of nature, as well as humanity and the works of humanity. Note the four spheres, representing the directions, being manifested through the three periods of time. The world below her is shrouded in clouds, ambiguity and distortion, while she in her realm persists in clarity. She is the whole painting, crystalizing through many levels from the vulgar, into mystic symbolism.