Self Sodomizing Sunset : Sex In Beach Image

     Meaty chunks erupt from dark clouds on the horizon, are self sodomising sunsetevidence of first time anal sex.

The blown orifice of the unconscious yields to a phallic meditator, sitting on the beach, facing its conquest, covered in blood and feces. Much motion, but little emotion depicted, this study of hard sex reveals itself as a conscious dreamer watching a dream.

                                                            Ok, the vision behind this work having been shared, please allow me to approach it through another perspective. This painting is really the old “serpent eating it’s tail” motif in regard to the Surrealist goal of reconciling the unconscious with the conscious, or the dream world with everyday reality. The number one method of my practice is finding, or creating the APEX. In relation to surrealism, that apex would of course be the surreal world. Within this world, both realities co exist. Consider the Self Sodomizing Sunset a surreal koan.

self sodomising sunset nuclear                                                                                                                           A golden sunset, dark clouds on the horizon, exploding forward from the clouds [brain, and anus] portal toward a meditator,[phallic symbol] sitting on the beach.                       

                                                                                                              Further symbolism:  meditating figure is covered with secretions and excretions from the portal, but this figure also seems to be rising from the sea shore. Test of the apex work: the sea[unconscious], and the sky-sunset[intellect] are one, unified by the clouds.