The Future Of Humanity

I would have loved to call this post, “The future of existence”. This would have been so much more to the point, but in being so, I’m willing to bet that many would disown it. Think about this though!

1. Our physical lives are quite limited

Few of us, if any, will be alive 50 years from now.

We will probably, as we always have done before, try to trust our personal accomplishments to our children and our government.

The problem is, and deep inside we know this, is that our children and government are external to us, and all we are. The idea of carrying on your name is a misunderstanding of genetics. Face it! What is to be carried on will be, like it or not! You have little choice in these things.

2. There is one approach I recommend trying,

and that is to build a stack of achievements as soon as possible, that can weigh the course of future reality. We can see such happenings occur every day. Consider the day that the “Berlin Wall” fell.

Remember the lyrics from Pink Floyd, “Tear down the wall!”

History has broken these walls consistently, and I trust that it will do the same in the future. After all, it is obvious that.

Madmen build walls to isolate themselves.

When we pray, we are asking for unification and acknowledgement. There is no good in the psychology of one who wishes to build walls, even if there seem to be good reasons. They are never an answer to our prayers.

3. Our desire to provide knowledge, wealth and value to the future,

is a great give away as to what we really are! We are not solitary organisms, struggling for survival, but members of a collective soul.

Now, if what I just said was untrue, than history, progress, err…, evolution, would never occur! We would remain trapped on our personal islands, which would sink when we die. Therefore, no progress would ever come to the human race, and we would be gone by now!

Luckily, we are members of a higher consciousness, and because of this, we remain. We are not completely locked in our time period. There is an inoculation of the future by the events we set up in life. Therefore, each of us becomes a permanent member of “The Great Continuum. Fair enough?

4. In order for us to survive, we will have to transcend or time-space models and be willing to embrace change.

What this will likely mean for us relatively soon, is that we will have to become more open to space exploration, and all that will entail. There will come a time when our sun, will likely nuke planet Earth, and then begin to burn out. If we are stuck here when this happens, we will  die, and with that, all our accomplishments fall to naught.

Best case scenario would be that the entire phenomena would begin again, somewhere else! I am not satisfied with that scenario. Unfortunately, history proves that though we have continued to grow in complexity, the human race has repeated it’s patterns over and over. So our communal IQ has progressed greatly, our EQ has changed very little.

To elaborate…

A. During our tribal period, we established the root of National Socialism. This system served our needs well, in a period of time when the Earth was huge, and human life was small.

B. Society quickly turned from N.S., and it’s feudalism, to embrace democracy.  Democracy always embraced large and glorious periods, such as the Roman Empire, only to fall into an abyss of petty dictators and religious movements.

C. Nero began the end of Rome, and The United States is likely possessing his reincarnation. We can test this easily in the future years. Will this administration become the source of terrible persecutions, and national insanity, or will we jump to a new way of seeing things, and governing?

D. If we repeat the previous cycle, than by the current ways failing, we will live in darkness for a long time, but something beautiful will emerge. That is, if we have the time left to play these games!

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