The Story Of The Hang Man : The Intro

We all love a story with a happy ending,… Right? Especially those tales that start with a cruel and twisted scenario, and end with a beautiful, balanced utopia where all characters are paired with their essential counterparts, delivering a message of hope to all humanity. “Yes, bad things happen, but in time, all works out for the best, and we will live happily, ever after.What a wonderful World!”

It pains me to say, that I have seen no such evidence of such a world, and thereby, cannot possibly write about it. I would love to! What I have observed, is that life is seldom as hard and cruel as it can possibly be, so there is a slight hope for romantics. Often, once we study the ratio between joy and tragedy, it comes out about 50/50 in the lives of most.

I write this story according to this ratio

The hero of our story is really a simpleton by most definitions. He lives his life and dies his death by his own design though, which makes him an interesting icon for parables. His great strength allowed him to hold on in the face of dire adversity, even to the point of living a compelling, and close to normal life.

Yet just what caused him to hold on so tightly, for so long? What caused him to never ask for help, and why did no one see that he was in danger? I’m not sure. Perhaps he, and we, never considered it. Perhaps he was afraid that if he vocalized the terrible state of danger he was in, it would be automatically summoned.

I think it was probably a little of both. Further, I think that we left him alone to be who he was, both out of fear, as well as our deep need to experience such a hero in our lives.

What do you think? 

Here’s the twist!

I will write this entire story in first person, and my intro here will be the only explanation for it! Hope you enjoy, and please leave a comment if this resonates, or for any other reason:]

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